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Our Experts Can Remove Foul Odors From Your Louisville Home After A Fire

5/14/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Experts Can Remove Foul Odors From Your Louisville Home After A Fire We can make the damage appear “Like it never even happened.”

Get Effective Odor Removal After Fire Damage To Your Louisville Home

One of the most complex aspects of cleaning up smoke damage after a fire in a home is removing the odors. Few products can eliminate odors completely. Most products just mask the scent for brief periods, and it can remain in the walls, upholstery, and fabric.

The odors can reoccur, especially during damp periods. To get effective odor removal after your Louisville home has sustained fire damage, it is advisable to call the professionals at SERVPRO. Our fire damage restoration experts have the experience and equipment to remove smoke odors effectively. We can assess your home and create a restoration plan based on the type of fire. Cooking-related fires can cause odors which are problematic to deal with, but we have access to specialized cleaning supplies that can eliminate the scents.

When deodorizing a structure, we consider if the odors are light, moderate or heavy. If the odor is light, our technicians begin by removing sources of the scent followed by ventilating the area. We can then use deodorant or detergent solutions to clean the surfaces that have smoke residues. Our technicians then re-ventilate the area and determine if the scents are still present. If so, we distribute the deodorizers in several phases of odor control. We thermal fog the affected areas and check for pockets of odor in wall cavities, crawl spaces and places above ceilings.

If the odors are moderate, our SERVPRO technicians can remove most of the charred debris. If it is impossible to remove the odor-causing materials, we wrap them with polythene to prevent scents from escaping into the air. We can then use a ULV fogger to saturate the remaining charred materials with odor control, water-based cinnamon to contain the odor particles. We can also clean and seal the HVAC system to remove odors. We also use these procedures to deal with severe smoke odors, but longer periods of deodorizing activity and extra steps are often necessary. We use industry-leading technology to guarantee a hundred percent odor removal.

After a fire has damaged your home, dealing with smoke odor can be challenging. Contact SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 to help you eliminate the odors. We can make the damage appear “Like it never even happened.”

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How Appliance Failures Cause Water Damage in Louisville

5/7/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage How Appliance Failures Cause Water Damage in Louisville SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville has the equipment to dry your floors. We are available 24/7 for all of your water loss incident needs.

After Appliance Failures, Dampened Homes Need Water Removal in Louisville

The washing machine, dishwasher, or water line to your refrigerator's ice maker can all drench your home in Louisville CO. Calling an appliance repair technician only solves the issues related to the appliance's situation, either through repair or disposal and possible replacement. The water lost into your dwelling area stays left behind, as technicians only work on the cause and not the effects such appliances create.  

When SERVPRO receives a call from a customer about a lost water incident in their Louisville home, we can arrive quickly and begin within only a few hours after the initial call. Because we are Always Faster To Any Size Disaster, this makes us more efficient while significantly decreasing the amount of damage your family's house sustains and keeping unpleasant experiences to a minimum.  

We look at many different variables that help us choose the best route to restoring your home. Depending on your flooring where the accident took place, we might need to pull up carpeting to dry it thoroughly. The underlay can also become saturated and lead to microbial problems later, as well as begin deteriorating or producing foul, unwanted odors. Other types of flooring can trap moisture under them, preventing us from getting things as dry as required.  

For minor spills or small-sized areas that received substantial amounts of water, we can use a weighted extraction unit. This piece of equipment uses pressure (from the weight of the unit) to help squeeze water out of wet carpeting and padding. It works quickly and can provide excellent results. On tile or other types of less-porous flooring, the same amount of water may still exist, requiring the use of small, hand-operated extraction wands that we attach to our pump truck's smaller extraction connections. SERVPRO technicians know how to use the many different types of equipment, and which ones to use for your specific needs.  

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville also covers services to residences in Valmont, Boulder, and Gooding when they need water removal technicians and other specialists who know how to protect their property. Whenever you have an emergency affecting your home, call us at (303) 604-6607. We are always here and ready to help by answering questions, providing information, and eliminating the problem for you.

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Your Louisville Business Can Be Restored After A Water Damage Disaster

4/25/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Your Louisville Business Can Be Restored After A Water Damage Disaster Call our experts at (303) 604-6607 anytime you need us so we can get to you quickly to help.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration For Your Louisville Business

When your computer repair shop in Louisville experiences any water mishap, you may need to close to restore the damage if it is bad enough, which in the end leads to lost revenue for you. Plus, if the repairs are not taken care of right away, it can lead to even more damage and more money lost.

You want to act quickly when your business in Louisville suffers from water damage so that it can be mitigated. Hiring a professional remediation company is the way to go since they have the knowledge, training, and tools needed to fix the issues in a timely fashion. At SERVPRO, we completely understand that any disruption to your business is terrible for you, so we work to have everything dry, so it looks as though nothing ever happened as quickly as possible.

To protect your business, you should take all the precautions you can to help avoid water damage emergencies. You should first inspect your gutters and drainage systems. Debris and fallen leaves in your downspouts and gutters can lead to clogging and water leaking into the interior walls of your building. Any debris you find should be removed. Gutters should be cleaned professionally regularly to make sure the water is properly draining away from your structure.

SERVPRO techs may need to remove your equipment to another location that is safe and dry while we work to restore your building. If there is a high humidity from the water damage, this is an especially important step, as computers and other electronic equipment can get damaged from the extra moisture in the air.

Once your equipment is safe, we can then remove any standing water and proceed with the drying process. To speed things up, we use industrial fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers to return the building and the air as well to their normal state. These machines are monitored by our staff each day to ensure we get the fastest drying time.

You can protect your structure from water damage by having your roof regularly inspected for any damage or missing shingles where water could enter the building. Also, know where your shut-off valves are in case of a pipe break or a leak so you can stop the water until the issue can be fixed. Any holes, cracks, or gaps around the building's foundation also should be sealed to keep out moisture, keep the structure more energy efficient, and prevent freezing pipes in the colder months.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville wants to assist you with your water damage emergency in your commercial building in Niwot, Erie, or Superior. Call our experts at (303) 604-6607 anytime you need us so we can get to you quickly to help.

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How SERVPRO Performs Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Louisville

4/17/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial How SERVPRO Performs Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Louisville SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville is equipped and ready to tackle your commercial water damage needs.

Commercial Flood Damage in Your Louisville, CO Business

Groundwater is an excellent asset in Louisville, CO. It originates from snowfall and rain that works its way into rock and soil, supporting ecosystems and meets the needs of water for millions. However, it can pose a potential flood risk as well. Groundwater flooding happens when the water table rises past ground level and starts to affect cellars, basements, and subsurface infrastructure. So, what happens when these waters invade your art studio?

Many times, compromised sewage plants and the like contaminate groundwater floods in Louisville, CO. You need help cleaning up the mess in your studio, even when the waters are not very deep. Not only can clean water do damage to your building, artwork, and supplies, but contaminated floodwaters can be dangerous. Having professional remediation specialists, such as SERVPRO, handle the cleanup for you is essential.  

Since the floodwaters can have biohazards in them, SERVPRO techs ensure to take all the safety precautions while performing restoration that we need to. To begin with, we wear personal protective equipment at all times and make sure that you remain outside the building until we have it clean and safe again.  

To protect your artwork, we can move it to a safe location while we work on your structure. Moving your paintings not only protects them from the water and mud but also helps the restoration process go faster. The quicker we can make your building look as if nothing happened, the quicker you can reopen for business and get back to painting.  

Once everything is safe, we can then remove the standing water, using powerful, truck-mounted pumps if the water has a depth of more than a few inches. While we are drying your studio, we also check for hidden moisture with specialized moisture sensors, which is an essential step to the restoration process to avoid additional damage such as mold. Dehumidifiers and industrial fans dry your structure out faster, and these devices are monitored by us daily to ensure the quickest drying time possible.  

SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville understands that flooding in your business in Superior, Niwot, or Valmont is a stressful event. When you give us a call at (303) 604-6607, we want to help you get back to normal as soon as possible and ease your worries.

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Your Louisville Home Can Be Restored To Pre-Damage Condition After A Flood

4/5/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Your Louisville Home Can Be Restored To Pre-Damage Condition After A Flood Our (303) 604-6607 is answered 24/7 to assist you in your emergency and leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

Your Home In Louisville Is Vulnerable To Flood Damage

Flood damage is not unheard of in Colorado, even if it is not the most top of mind natural disaster in the region. In 2013 the damage was significant, and homeowners should prepare to handle this threat should the need arise. Protecting your home from a flood involves more than securing shelter and supplies; it also entails preparing for the restoration process. Identifying a professional team to help you overcome the devastation caused to your home is the first step towards returning your home to normal.

Expert knowledge of water damage and restoration is essential when there is flood damage to your home in Louisville. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC-certified to handle the toughest situations, even when large geographic areas are affected. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to make effective decisions to mitigate your losses, which is vital when timeliness is of the essence.

When you look at the damage caused to your home, you may wonder how our SERVPRO team will be able to restore it. Our truck mounted pumps are especially helpful in extracting a large volume of water, as are submersible pumps. At the same time, we are removing water; we are also disposing of contaminated materials such as upholstery and carpets which have been contaminated by bacteria and organisms carried by flood water. Rest assured that our team is well-versed on the regulatory concerns surrounding the disposal of these materials, so you don't need to worry about it.

Disinfection is as essential as drying your property. Not all disinfecting solutions are the same, and a one-size-fits-all approach is not an industry best practice. Our SERVPRO crew is formally trained on the different cleaning solutions available in the industry, and their application and this knowledge help us optimize the cleaning process.

Flooding is not trivial, but SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is ready to help. Our (303) 604-6607 is answered 24/7 to assist you in your emergency and leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

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Can You Believe SERVPRO Can Get Rid Fire Damage Odor?

3/29/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Can You Believe SERVPRO Can Get Rid Fire Damage Odor? Our SERVPRO team is equipped with state-of-the-art tools to eliminate fire odor.

Odor Removal for Your Fire-Damaged Boulder Home

Many effects can come with a fire disaster in your Boulder home. Not surprisingly, many owners tend to fixate on damages like structural compromise or soot residues. While these both can prove challenging for even skilled technicians like ours to overcome at times, they are not the most widespread effects that can occur in your house. Smoke damage odors are a common effect from fires, and within a brief period, can spread far beyond the immediately affected areas to damage new areas of your home.

While you cannot see fire damage like odors throughout your Boulder home, you can easily tell where these effects have reached. It can be easy to fixate on the structural repairs, and the pressing visual damage to your property after a fire has occurred, but addressing the widespread harsh odor should also be a priority. Our SERVPRO professionals arrive with a variety of helpful equipment to begin addressing both indoor air quality concerns and odor effects throughout your damaged home.

From the time that our professionals first arrive at your home, we can get to work immediately on addressing pressing concerns like structural damages, debris removal, and indoor air quality concerns. Along with addressing IAQ threats, many of our units can also simultaneously work to begin removing present harsh odors from the environment while filtering out debris, contaminants, and particulates. This combined effort can help to make later deodorization efforts more effective and efficient.

The common selection by our SERVPRO team for addressing both the potential contaminants and debris in the environment as well as the lingering harsh odors is our hydroxyl generator. A single unit can treat over a thousand cubic feet, filtering out soot and smoke residue, dust and debris, and even mold spores from the environment. Additionally, the machine can work to begin reducing the presence of smoke odors throughout affected areas noticeably.

While you cannot anticipate the severity or spread of odor effects throughout your property after a fire, our SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville can help you address all of the obstacles your home faces after a disaster. Give us a call anytime at (303) 604-6607.

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After A Water Damage Incident In Your Louisville Home, Call The Professionals At SERVPRO For Help!

3/21/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage After A Water Damage Incident In Your Louisville Home, Call The Professionals At SERVPRO For Help! If you ever notice excessive moisture inside your home, call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 24/7.

Water Cleanup In Louisville Varies Depending Upon The Source

Every building in Louisville has very many water and sewage pipes running in and out of it for your various appliance. If your plumbing or one of your appliances fails, then you could have to call in a professional water cleanup company such as SERVPRO. A small leak in parts of your plumbing system like pipes or valves can expose your building materials to excessive moisture. If a valve running to or from one of your appliances fails, then a slow leak that goes unnoticed could develop. Whenever moisture comes into contact with the interior of your home, it is wise to conduct water cleanup promptly before other issues arise.

Whenever moisture leaks into your living area, the methods taken to mitigate the problems vary depending on the source. Every scenario dealing with water cleanup in Louisville is different. Our SERVPRO technicians know that the first thing to do when assessing a situation where moisture caused damage is to figure out where the water leaked from or the source. Once we figure out where the moisture is coming from we can figure out if the source is contaminated or not, and determine how to stop the leak. First, we take steps to prevent more of your building materials from getting wet then we design a mitigation plan based on what category the leak's source is, meaning whether or not there is a chance of contamination.

Every type of water damage scenario is classified as either category one, two, or three. The levels start at the cleanest of the three or fresh water which is considered category one or white water. Category one issues include a pipe breaking running to your kitchen sink or the lines running to an outdoor hose.

Category two damage is called grey water, and it includes moisture coming from sources that could be contaminated with harmful bacteria or parasites. Grey water includes moisture coming from your washing machine export hose or your shower drain.

The worst type of water damage to suffer from is category three or black water damage. Blackwater affects your house when ground water rises, or your sewage drains back up. If you ever notice excessive moisture inside your home, call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 24/7.

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When Your Boulder Home Experiences A Flood Damage Disaster, Our Crew Is Here To Help!

3/18/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage When Your Boulder Home Experiences A Flood Damage Disaster, Our Crew Is Here To Help! Call us right away at (303) 604-6607 once the storms subside so we can make it like the floodwaters never entered your home in the first place.

Flood Preparation And Flood Damage In Your Boulder Home

Disasters are a part of life, and residents in Boulder are at risk for flooding just like anyone else. Even if you don't live in an area prone to heavy rains, changing weather patterns can be surprising, so it is best to be prepared ahead of time instead of assuming it won’t ever affect you and your home.

If flooding has happened in your area already and you are facing flood damage in your Boulder home, you need the help of a professional restoration service as quickly as possible. The longer you let the water sit in your home, the more chance for additional damage. Therefore, contact SERVPRO as soon as the storms subside so we can get the water out of your home and return it to the safe, dry residence you are accustomed to having.

In flood-prone areas, you can consider raising the level of your home. However, doing so can be quite costly, so if you do not have that in your budget, you might consider covering the interior walls with a waterproof sealant. They are used most often on basement walls and are surprisingly effective.

Making sure you also have adequate rain gutters and that you keep them maintained is also essential. Adding splash pads and downspouts also increase the efficiency of gutters and channels water flow further from your foundation.

In a flood situation, SERVPRO techs first set out to pull all the excess water from your home with truck-mounted pumps. The more water we can extract, the better. Once this is done, we can proceed to dry your home again with industrial fans and dehumidifiers. Sometimes during the restoration process, we remove some of your possessions from the home to an offsite location so we can restore them there, then return them when we are finished.

Sandbags are also good to have on hand in case of a flood threat. The purpose is to divert the water flow, not be a barricade around your home. If they are set up incorrectly, sandbags could have unintended results, like keeping water close to your home’s foundation. Check the grading of your home before you place the sandbags and put them where they’ll divert the water away from your structure.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville wants to help you if your home in Erie, Niwot, or Valmont has experienced flooding. Call us right away at (303) 604-6607 once the storms subside so we can make it like the floodwaters never entered your home in the first place.

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Mold Damage Remediation Services Available For Boulder Area Residents

3/7/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Mold Damage Remediation Services Available For Boulder Area Residents When mold damage strikes, our SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville team strikes back.

Our SERVPRO Team Is Here For you When Mold Damage Strikes

It can be hard to tell whether you have a mold problem on your Boulder property. Some growth hides in hard to reach areas, growing large colonies inside of your walls, attic, or crawlspaces that you never tend to visit. However, when you understand what to look for, you can still identify if your home has a mold problem.

Remember, contacting a company with IICRC-industry certified specialists provide you with the best opportunity to control mold damage in your Boulder area home. Many homeowners that attempt remediation on their property end up calling for help after discovering additional problems or running into something they are not equipped to handle themselves.

Discovering a strong, musty odor anywhere in your home may serve as a signal of hidden mold growth. Even if you remain uncertain, contact SERVPRO for help. We can help you locate mold hidden behind wallpaper, in your carpeting, under your cabinets and many other areas of your home. Never hesitate to call us, the longer you wait, the worse the problem gets.

Some areas of your home with high levels of humidity can produce clearly-visible signs of mold growth. Your bathroom, basement, and attic all produce mold patterns easily distinguishable from other problems. You may notice black, gray, brown, green, or even while textured patterns around your shower stall, windows, vents, or openly growing on your walls and ceiling.

Any amount or species of mold can cause health effects, which makes it even more important to seek professional services to correct the problem as soon as possible. Protect your family by controlling mold found in your home the right way. SERVPRO helps you discover at-risk areas, where high humidity or an abundance of condensation causes problems you should have repaired.

SERVPRO technicians respond 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, providing local community members with fast, efficient solutions to mold problems found in your home. If you have recently had a significant water problem or found mold anywhere on your property, we can help.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources
SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville services the entire Erie, Gooding, Superior area with remediation teams ready to answer your call for help, immediately. (303) 604-6607

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Reversing Fire Damage Caused By Grease Fires In Boulder Homes

3/7/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Reversing Fire Damage Caused By Grease Fires In Boulder Homes Accidents are unavoidable and can lead to a huge fire incident with tremendous consequences.

Fire Damage Caused By Grease

If you are a homeowner in Boulder, safety is an important thing to keep in mind when working with the grill. Over the years, there has been an advancement to improve the grilling experience. Proper maintenance can go a long way towards keeping your grill in top-notch working condition. However, accidents are unavoidable and can lead to a huge fire incident with tremendous consequences.

When it happens, you need to contact the fire department and a fire damage restoration company in Boulder to remedy the situation. As soon as the firefighters leave, SERVPRO fire damage technicians can come in and begin the cleanup process. We use IICRC guidelines in every restoration job, meaning that our techniques are up to par with industry standards.

Damages escalate, and restoration costs increase when you delay the cleanup process. By hastening the hiring process, SERVPRO technicians can arrive promptly and stop the damage to pave the way for repairs. Immediately after a fire, smoke and soot residue settles onto various surfaces and items. Porous materials become permanently discolored, but it is possible to remove the discoloration from other surfaces. After some time, acidic soot starts staining other surfaces if not attended to quickly.

Most cases of grease fire damage involve a quick and very intense flash of heat. Putting out the fire quickly improves the chances of repairing most of the kitchen. At SERVPRO, we emphasize quick cleanup of the grease and soot to prevent contamination on other parts of the house and to ensure complete deodorization.

Smoke particles travel through air ducts and can make their way onto anything fibrous, including clothes, bedding, and furniture. Our main priority is to replace the air filter in the furnace and then thoroughly clean up every inch of the house as quickly as possible. We wipe down the inside and outside of every cabinet in the kitchen, and then use special deodorization products to get rid of the smoke odor. In some cases, we may have to remove the cabinets to access the back, where the soot residue may have penetrated.

Our technicians can also help you reverse any fire damage sustained on your fridge. The gasket seal on the doors is the primary concern. If these are damaged, we may need to replace the seals or even the entire refrigerator. If not, we can clean the fans, filters, and the back of the fridge, which may likely be covered in soot and risk infecting the food inside.

If a grease fire interrupts your activities, SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is here to help. Our technicians are highly skilled and highly experienced in fire damage restoration, and we can restore your property in no time. Call us anytime at (303) 604-6607.

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