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How You Can Prevent Recurring Mold Problems

2/4/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall due to humidity Mold damage in Boulder, CO

One of the most frustrating things about commercial property ownership is discovering you have water issues in your building. Whether it’s coming from something obvious like a leak or hidden sources, water can lead to structural damage and mold growth if it’s not addressed properly. If you’re noticing that mold keeps growing back in the same area, it’s worth investigating the cause and asking these two questions:

Have You Checked Your Moisture Levels Lately?

High humidity provides an ideal climate for mold, especially in warmer climates and when the temperature is between 60-80 degrees indoors — a common range for most buildings. You can buy an inexpensive moisture meter called a hygrometer to test the area in question. Place the meter three feet above the ground and in as little as three minutes, it will give you a readout of your humidity levels. Any reading above 60% indicates there is too much moisture in the air and that there is a water source somewhere responsible for the elevated levels.

Has Your Space Been Professionally Evaluated?

Mold remediation specialists in Boulder, CO, can inspect and evaluate the area for several different criteria:

  • Moisture and humidity levels
  • Primary or secondary water damage
  • The presence of hyphal fragments — essentially, microscopic “roots” of mold — that cause it to grow quickly and indicate a colony of mold growth in the area

Once they’ve determined what they’re dealing with, technicians can begin the process of remediation, which includes addressing the source of water, removing any damaged and mold-ridden materials, scrubbing and filtering the air, and helping you prevent further issues.
Most property owners have to deal with mold growth at some time or another, but it doesn’t have to be a recurring problem for you. Understanding the conditions under which it grows and taking steps to remedy the environment will help prevent future encounters with mold in your property.

Fire Restoration in 5 Steps

1/8/2021 (Permalink)

Man using a thermal fogger Smoke cleanup in a Louisville, CO business

Fire Restoration Process

If your Louisville, CO, business suffers fire damage, there will be a lot to do: water cleanup, repairs, smoke cleaning, etc. It can be difficult to know where to begin. The following steps outline the fire restoration process.

1. Report and Document Damage
Before beginning a fire cleanup, call your insurance agent and report the damage. Make sure you follow all directions that you are given. Take photos or video of the damage before you start repairs.

2. Secure Property
If there are broken windows or other openings, use a tarp or plywood to seal them off. This prevents vandals, wildlife, and rain from entering and causing further damage.

3. Dry Property
Whether you have a sprinkler system installed or had to call the fire department, your building will need to be dried thoroughly to prevent mold growth. You can use buckets, wet/dry vacuums, or pumps for water cleanup. After the standing water has been removed, there will still be moisture trapped in porous surfaces. Fans or dehumidifiers can be used to finish drying out these items.

4. Soot and Smoke Cleaning
Soot can be corrosive so it is important to act quickly. There are several varieties of soot, and they require different cleaning products and methods. If necessary, a certified restoration expert can help you determine the best approach.
There are several smoke cleaning methods available on the market, including ozone treatment, air purification, and thermal fogging. A professional can help you choose the best smoke cleanup method for your unique situation.

5. Repair and Replace
After a fire, you will likely have items that have been burned, lost their structural integrity, or are otherwise damaged. Depending on your skill level, you may be able to do some of these repairs yourself. Others will likely require professional assistance, but some things may irreparably be damaged and have to be replaced.
From water cleanup to soot removal, it is important to act quickly after a fire. Otherwise, your property may suffer further damage. The restoration process can seem overwhelming, but going step-by-step can help you stay focused.

How Plumbing Maintenance Prevents Pipe Breaks

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Plumber fixing pipe with wrench Broken pipe in Gunbarrel, CO

Commercial property owners often only think of calling a plumber in the event of an emergency. Getting the fastest response to a request for service typically means paying premiums for parts and labor. Regular maintenance is more affordable and may get around the need to make a business claim for damage to a property in Gunbarrel, CO.

Identify Damaged or Worn Pipes

Property owners should replace old pipes to reduce risks of leaching or bursts. Any of the following factors could indicate the need to replace one or more pipes:

  • Damp or stained walls
  • Low water pressure
  • Screeching sounds at faucets

Licensed plumbers know about warning signs to look for with each type of pipe. Rely on their professional expertise when picking replacement pipes and for completing major plumbing work.

Insulate Exposed Pipes
Pipes exposed to outdoor temperatures with insufficient insulation can develop frozen blockages. Installing foam insulation or other warming fixes is much more affordable than paying out-of-pocket or making a business claim for Category One damage.

Replace Old Pipes
Every plumbing material has an expected lifespan. A pipe break is the most clear-cut opportunity to replace old pipes, but the costs of emergency repairs and water damage cleanup can add up. A commercial property owner should try to plan ahead to replace pipes before burst signals that the operational life of these components has drawn to a close.
Maintaining the condition of pipes can help to reduce the risk of a break or leak. Plumbers can identify old pipes that are in need of replacement, and taking a proactive approach to plumbing upkeep is more affordable than urgent repairs and a business claim after water damage has occurred. Repairing damage involves more expenses than maintenance, making it necessary for commercial property owners to pay for emergency plumbing followed by the cleanup and restoration of a building in Gunbarrel, CO.

What Causes Category 1 Water Damage?

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

Wet carpet in office building Water damage in a Valmont, CO office

Discover The Causes Of Category 1 Water Damage

Restoration professionals categorize damage caused by a broken supply line as Category One water damage. Clean water is initially free of contaminants, but its condition can deteriorate within a matter of hours. Discover the causes of Category One water damage and how to prevent these incidents from affecting a commercial facility in Valmont, CO.

A Broken Supply Line
When a pipe breaks, a commercial building may rapidly begin filling with water. All of the following measures can limit damage:

  • Turn off the building water supply
  • Collect as much water as possible
  • Try to prevent damage from intensifying

Water released by a broken line is clean and treated, its condition begins to degrade as soon as it is released into a structure. Water working its way between floors downgrades damage from Category One to Category Two. Water left standing for longer than 24 to 48 hours becomes Category Three damage.

A Pipe With a Leak
A leaky pipe can be a more insidious problem than a broken line, particularly in terms of the potential for major secondary damage. Clean water that drips from a pipe can sustain hidden mold growth and require a combination of water damage restoration and mold remediation.

A Leaky Appliance
Any appliance that has faulty or worn plumbing hardware or connection components may leak water. Repairing connections is essential for appliances to continue functioning properly and to reduce the risk of water damage.
Clean water from a broken pipe is the most common source of Category One water damage. Depending on the condition of the line, water may be either spraying or dripping. The flow rate or a timely shut off will determine the degree of damage to a structure. Turning off the water supply and taking measures to contain a leak can also limit how far water damage spreads through a commercial building in Valmont, CO.

Coping with Commercial Fire Damage

9/24/2020 (Permalink)

fire department building Your Colorado FD to the Rescue

Commercial Fire Relies on SERVPRO for Restoration

Once a commercial property has incurred fire damage, it can be challenging for a full recovery. A natural disaster typically forces the business owner to shut temporarily down or work from an alternate office. This will impact production or retail, depending on the business.

Immediately contact your insurance agent to determine how much coverage can be allowed for the restoration and repair processes. However, business owners who learn more about fires and fire damage restoration services and hire SERVPRO can limit the emotional upheavals and structural property issues that these natural disasters or accidents tend to cause. SERVPRO coordinates with hundreds of insurance companies and adjusters to assess technical plans for fire damage restoration in Lafayette. Please refer to the brief yet informative overview provided below to obtain the knowledge necessary to grapple effectively with the commercial fire aftermath.

Fire Damage: A Brief Overview

Fire damage can result from numerous sources. One prevalent example is a natural disaster such as a wildfire. Additionally, electrical fires, lightning strikes, and careless working conditions triggered at a nearby business property could all result in substantive commercial fire damage at your site. If this happens, the consequences can be devastating. In some cases, the structural damage created by fire and water damage (from firefighting) result in losses from which the business may not fully recover. In most cases, fires can be extinguished before massive destruction occurs.

The Importance of Business Recovery Insurance

Business interruption insurance can aid in overcoming the difficulties that the commercial fire presented. Although companies that have insurance will experience significant challenges throughout the restoration process, it is easier for them to recover. In general, business interruption insurance costs around 10% to 20% more than the owner's current premium. Because no company is completely immune to fire damage, it is prudent for every commercial property owner to consider the value of purchasing this insurance.

Preventing Commercial Fire Damage

Business owners can implement numerous prevention strategies that decrease the property's susceptibility to commercial fire damage. By being diligent, commercial fire damage can also be greatly mitigated, thereby limiting downtime. Some of these strategies include:

  • Avoiding the storage of flammable materials
  • Checking smoke alarms and fire extinguishers to ensure that they work properly
  • Devising and implementing a fire evacuation plan
  • Ensuring that your appliances are off when no one is present
  • Verifying that your machinery is in working order
  • Ensuring that all backup drives are stored in a fireproof safe

Trust The Trained Technicians Of SERVPRO

No property is immune from the impact and consequences of a commercial fire. Since this is so, knowing which commercial fire damage restoration company to call in the event of a fire is important. The team to call is SERVPRO. Our skilled technicians are IICRC certified in drying and cleaning office furniture and equipment and document drying. We offer comprehensive services, with thorough follow-up strategies, to ensure we get you back to work.

Why You Shouldn't Clean Puffback Soot Yourself

4/16/2020 (Permalink)

Background of puffback, with the phrase Avoid Puff back Puffback damage occurs when an oil furnace misfires

Puffback damage can leave a mess that extends far beyond your heating unit. In extreme cases, it can be found throughout many rooms and even inside small crevices like drawers. Although it may look like a fine, powdery substance that can easily be wiped away, it is actually quite difficult to remove. As a business owner in Boulder, CO, you will need to hire the help of professionals to get the debris cleaned and your HVAC system running smoothly again.

Why You Shouldn't Clean It Yourself

Puffback damage occurs when an oil furnace misfires. The resulting black material that is left behind contains oil, making it extremely difficult to remove from surfaces. During small explosions, it may be contained to the furnace itself, but larger events may result in the black, gooey substance covering a variety of surfaces:

  • Walls
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Furniture
  • Carpet
  • Artwork

Trying to clean these materials after a furnace puffback can result in further damage. By using the wrong cleaning agent or technique, you could actually make the damage worse by causing it to go deeper into the material.

Steps To Take

The best way to get the process going is to assess the damage to your building. Since soot can travel throughout the ventilation system, you will need to check each room that is connected to the system. Look for black soot around vent openings. If found, search throughout the room for additional damage. Remember to check inside closets and drawers, while being careful not to rub the soot further into the surfaces.
Once you have an idea of the severity of the puffback damage, call your insurance agent, a trained HVAC technician, and a professional restoration company to clean, deodorize, and restore your property to its original condition. Experts have the skills and knowledge to effectively clean each type of surface material while avoiding further damage to your belongings.

Complete These Steps After a Storm

3/6/2020 (Permalink)

As the rain came down, the waters rose in Edit, CO, pushing the overflow into your establishment. Now, you have drenched baseboards, leaking ceilings, and so many questions. Where do you begin the tear out? How much loss have you really incurred? It's a crazy time, for sure. Over the next few weeks or months, focus on fixing the chaos, getting your place back up and running. As you work with specialists and insurance, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Look for Common Issues

Water damage can impact multiple areas of the building, developing expensive and time-consuming complications. Act swiftly and safely, working with field experts. You'll need to have a water and mold restoration company inspect the premises for any of the following problems:

  • Inventory loss
  • Bacterial hazards
  • Mold growth
  • Roof leaks
  • Electrical danger
  • Structural trouble
  • Plumbing issues

First Steps

If working with insurance, file a claim and have the restoration company work with the agency to determine the time frame and payment. In addition, your remediation team should test the premises, evaluating the need for clean up and repair. They may take air samples as well as pieces of the walls and ceiling, looking for microbial infestations. Furthermore, during this time, staff members decide which wet, porous items bear high contamination, requiring tear out procedures. This often impacts carpeting, upholstery, and building materials. Then, they'll begin drying, sanitizing and salvaging whatever else they can.

Final Process

Once the rooms are aired out, preventing unnecessary mold development, the storm restoration employees finish wiping everything down and replace anything that was lost. New flooring is often installed as well as patching and replacing drywall. A fresh coat of paint is probably needed, and the area is put back together.
In the midst of a disaster, you can see a future. You may lose something now from the tear out, but you'll get something new in return. Eliminate contamination, scrub the sections and get back to work.

5 Tips for Preventing Mold in Your Business

1/22/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold on corner of a wall Black mold growth in Ninemile Corner, CO

5 Tips for Preventing Mold in Your Business

Having to remove mold from company property could mean shutting down while the area is quarantined to prevent spore spreading as the problem is taken care of. But when it comes to your Ninemile Corner, CO, business mold prevention before the problem occurs can be an important step to keeping everything up and running. Here are five steps to consider.

1. Know Your Weather

Knowing what weather you can expect in your area can allow you to stay up to date on maintenance. For example if a storm is coming in and you know an area of the property is undergoing repair work, you can take steps to cover over the space and protect it from potential water damage.

2. Know At Risk Locations

Most mold growth prefers dim and damp conditions. This means you can seek these areas out on the company property in order to check them for possible mold first. In most cases these may be spaces where these is plumbing, or areas which experience frequent weather. Also check areas where water damage has occurred.

3. Use Regular Maintenance

Another mold prevention step includes regularly maintaining the property. This will allow you to know what conditions are normal so you can spot any potential problems and take care of them before larger issues arise.

4. Make Repairs Quickly

When it comes to water damage, it's important to make repairs as quickly as possible. Letting water sit can create the habitat mold prefers to grow in. Be sure to dry the area thoroughly if water problems occur.

5. Contact a Professional

When it comes to mold it’s always best to contact a local mold remediation professional if you believe you have a problem. Not only can they test for mold, but if any is found they can have it removed. Remember, the sooner you contact them the quicker the process may take as when left alone mold may spread.
These five mold prevention tips could help you save valuable time by mitigating the problem before it starts. Know your local weather, understand where mold grows, regularly maintain the property, make quick repairs, and don’t hesitate to talk to a professional.

Should You Throw Away Everything After a Flood?

12/17/2019 (Permalink)

Inside of a flooded building Flooded building in Erie, CO

Should You Throw Away Everything After a Flood?

When water invades your business in Erie, CO, it could cause several problems: Valuables become ruined, mold could grow and structures might deteriorate. Faced with such financial devastation can be emotionally difficult, leading owners to wonder what can be salvaged and what should be tossed. Fortunately, water restoration companies have content cleaning specialists. These professionals provide guidance, helping to save items you may think are goners. Consider the following points as you deal with your store's flooding.

1) Why Is Water Problematic?

When a flood invades your building, it often brings with it contamination. For example, water from sewer pipes, rivers or toilets can host bacteria and viruses. All of these are hazards to your establishment. If left alone, they simply create more work and hassle. Using basic supplies or simply drying them out does not eliminate the pollutants.

2) What Is Recoverable?

Before you put everything in the dumpster, discuss content cleaning with the remediation team. They may be able to save you money by restoring some materials. One of the first considerations is whether the article absorbs liquid. For example, porous things such as carpeting, pads and drywall need immediate removal. Don't take a chance on allowing microbes to fester. Non-porous equipment, however, may receive specialized treatment. Restoration crews now have techniques to rescue documents, paintings, and electronics.

3) What Are the Procedures?

The companies do more than wipe objects down. With high tech capabilities, they eradicate the germs from black water. Gamma irradiation, for instance, can be used to sterilize the documents. Then, their employees can digitize them, preventing the issue from happening down the road. Computers and servers need specific attention. Have it sanitized outside, and get their electricians to evaluate and fix the internal components. Vacuum freezing is also available, working to keep the paper's integrity.
All is not necessarily lost when flooding occurs. It's possible, with specialized assistance, that you can save valuables. Simply ask content cleaning technicians what resources are available.

Some Warning Signs of Commercial Water Damage at Your Louisville Facility

11/11/2019 (Permalink)

Conveyor belt carrying cardboard boxes Water damage at your factory can negatively impact production. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

The city of Louisville is home to many industrial parks and factories manufacturing products that reach a global market. The production of each of these facilities meets certain quota regulations and expectations, which makes it challenging to perform as expected when disasters impact the facility. For even smaller scale cleanup needs, your maintenance department might not have the skills and expertise to handle the situation as efficiently as your production deadlines require.

For water cleanup requirements in your Louisville factory, you need fast and professional restorers to extract the excess and dry the affected area as promptly as possible. Cleanup situations like this pose injury risks to the high volume of foot traffic throughout the facility from the employees and management. With slips, falls, and other hazards that could result from inadequately cleaned damages, insurance rates, and worker’s compensation claims could strike your profit margin directly.

Our SERVPRO technicians can respond quickly to the cleaning and restoration needs of local businesses to ensure that they can continue to serve their customers without delays. With isolated incidents in low trafficked areas of your facility, our team can even offer cleaning services and restoration practices after hours for a lessened impact on the work that you do throughout the day.

The technicians that arrive at your facility appreciate that you need the job done efficiently and correctly. We rely on industry-leading equipment to extract excess water quickly from the affected area and can get to work right away on drying out the damaged elements with the use of specialized equipment like air movers. We have premier cleaning options to make the situation “Like it never even happened.”

Your factory has expectations and quotas to reach. A water loss incident, regardless of its size, can affect your staff and these anticipated numbers directly. You can count on the rapid response and professional efficiency of our SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville water restoration technicians. You can reach our team anytime by calling (303) 604-6607.
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3 Ways To Reduce Water Damage During Construction

9/28/2019 (Permalink)

Bursting pipe Consider hiring a water removal company to repair your broken pipes.

When managing a construction site in Lafayette, CO, paying for water damage can be an expensive cost associated with building. Whether the outside elements get in through the unfinished structure, or you need to pay for water pipe repair, following these three basic tips may help you reduce water damage during the construction process.

1. Start With Proper Drainage

As you set up a new construction site, start with a good foundation to prevent water damage. Slope the landscape downwards and away from your project to prevent a flooded site. In the early days of building, good drainage will be helpful if unmarked plumbing is bumped and water pipe repair is needed.

2. Schedule Construction in Sequence

As you go through the building process, work from the outside in. Never begin interior jobs until the following can be verified:

  • Windows are installed and sealed
  • Doors are installed and sealed
  • Walls are fully insulated and enclosed
  • Roofing is complete

While scheduling issues may arise, don't compromise the integrity of the structure for timing concerns. Following the proper building sequence will not only reduce water damage during the construction process but will also help you maintain a high standard of quality in your work.

3. Store Building Materials Properly

If delays in the building schedule occur, and they often do, make sure you have a safe and dry location for storing building materials. If the materials are going to be stored on-site, train employees on proper storage techniques, including the following:

Raising materials off of the ground using pallets
Completely covering using tarps
Wrapping in plastic sheeting
Safely storing in an enclosed area away from potential water concerns

With careful planning and preparation, you can significantly reduce the amount of loss your construction project undergoes from water exposure. If you do experience the need for water pipe repair from a broken pipe, consider hiring a water removal company to help reduce the amount of damage that occurs.

Lafayette Commercial Enterprises Rely on SERVPRO for a Safe Restoration after a Biohazardous Incident

7/8/2019 (Permalink)

Biohazards Contaminating Your Lafayette Commercial Property? Call SERVPRO for Abatement

Addressing Sewage Backup in Your Lafayette Office Building

Bio-threats can present unique dangers to employees and management of your Lafayette office building. Situations like sewage backup can happen without warning when the system becomes compromised, and in extreme cases can siphon volumes of raw sewage from the main lines into the building. With many facilities like yours open 24 hours a day to offer a stable response and dedicated customer service to your patrons and clients, a biohazardous threat can quickly compromise your availability.

As much as your custodial and management staff can do, biohazard cleanup in Lafayette office buildings should proceed with trained and qualified professionals like our SERVPRO team. We have extensive experience in all facets of bio-threats and can address the situation safely and efficiently. We know how important it is to get the facility running at full capacity again, and so our technicians can work around the clock and isolate the affected area so that your business can continue to function when possible.

Sewage immediately puts those exposed at risk for substantial health conditions, and bacteria exist everywhere in an exposed environment. Our professionals have full body personal protective equipment (PPE) that can keep them safe throughout the mitigation portions of this process. We can begin with extraction and drying before we assess all of the exposed materials and contents that must get removed and replaced.

We have environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection agents that can work to make remaining elements and fixtures safe to use again. Odors are another primary concern of our biohazard team, including the bacterial content that could still exist in this environment. We utilize advanced filtering machines like our air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators to contend with both the odors and particulates circulating in the air.

We know that your business can lose money and even customers being unavailable for too long, so our SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville team works to establish physical barriers between the affected areas and work zones to allow your business to continue operating despite the restoration happening. Give our professionals a call at (303) 604-6607 to make any biohazard “Like it never even happened.”

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Your Louisville Business Can Be Restored After A Water Damage Disaster

4/25/2019 (Permalink)

Call our experts at (303) 604-6607 anytime you need us so we can get to you quickly to help.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration For Your Louisville Business

When your computer repair shop in Louisville experiences any water mishap, you may need to close to restore the damage if it is bad enough, which in the end leads to lost revenue for you. Plus, if the repairs are not taken care of right away, it can lead to even more damage and more money lost.

You want to act quickly when your business in Louisville suffers from water damage so that it can be mitigated. Hiring a professional remediation company is the way to go since they have the knowledge, training, and tools needed to fix the issues in a timely fashion. At SERVPRO, we completely understand that any disruption to your business is terrible for you, so we work to have everything dry, so it looks as though nothing ever happened as quickly as possible.

To protect your business, you should take all the precautions you can to help avoid water damage emergencies. You should first inspect your gutters and drainage systems. Debris and fallen leaves in your downspouts and gutters can lead to clogging and water leaking into the interior walls of your building. Any debris you find should be removed. Gutters should be cleaned professionally regularly to make sure the water is properly draining away from your structure.

SERVPRO techs may need to remove your equipment to another location that is safe and dry while we work to restore your building. If there is a high humidity from the water damage, this is an especially important step, as computers and other electronic equipment can get damaged from the extra moisture in the air.

Once your equipment is safe, we can then remove any standing water and proceed with the drying process. To speed things up, we use industrial fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers to return the building and the air as well to their normal state. These machines are monitored by our staff each day to ensure we get the fastest drying time.

You can protect your structure from water damage by having your roof regularly inspected for any damage or missing shingles where water could enter the building. Also, know where your shut-off valves are in case of a pipe break or a leak so you can stop the water until the issue can be fixed. Any holes, cracks, or gaps around the building's foundation also should be sealed to keep out moisture, keep the structure more energy efficient, and prevent freezing pipes in the colder months.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville wants to assist you with your water damage emergency in your commercial building in Niwot, Erie, or Superior. Call our experts at (303) 604-6607 anytime you need us so we can get to you quickly to help.

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How SERVPRO Performs Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Louisville

4/17/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville is equipped and ready to tackle your commercial water damage needs.

Commercial Flood Damage in Your Louisville, CO Business

Groundwater is an excellent asset in Louisville, CO. It originates from snowfall and rain that works its way into rock and soil, supporting ecosystems and meets the needs of water for millions. However, it can pose a potential flood risk as well. Groundwater flooding happens when the water table rises past ground level and starts to affect cellars, basements, and subsurface infrastructure. So, what happens when these waters invade your art studio?

Many times, compromised sewage plants and the like contaminate groundwater floods in Louisville, CO. You need help cleaning up the mess in your studio, even when the waters are not very deep. Not only can clean water do damage to your building, artwork, and supplies, but contaminated floodwaters can be dangerous. Having professional remediation specialists, such as SERVPRO, handle the cleanup for you is essential.  

Since the floodwaters can have biohazards in them, SERVPRO techs ensure to take all the safety precautions while performing restoration that we need to. To begin with, we wear personal protective equipment at all times and make sure that you remain outside the building until we have it clean and safe again.  

To protect your artwork, we can move it to a safe location while we work on your structure. Moving your paintings not only protects them from the water and mud but also helps the restoration process go faster. The quicker we can make your building look as if nothing happened, the quicker you can reopen for business and get back to painting.  

Once everything is safe, we can then remove the standing water, using powerful, truck-mounted pumps if the water has a depth of more than a few inches. While we are drying your studio, we also check for hidden moisture with specialized moisture sensors, which is an essential step to the restoration process to avoid additional damage such as mold. Dehumidifiers and industrial fans dry your structure out faster, and these devices are monitored by us daily to ensure the quickest drying time possible.  

SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville understands that flooding in your business in Superior, Niwot, or Valmont is a stressful event. When you give us a call at (303) 604-6607, we want to help you get back to normal as soon as possible and ease your worries.

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No Need To Panic After Mold Is Discovered In Your Boulder Property, Our Crew Can Help!

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

Call us at (303) 604-6607 for industry-leading mold abatement in your commercial building.

Mold Damage Remediation Protects Boulder Businesses

Do not let worry about mold infestation paralyze the operations of your Boulder business. Our certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians have both the training and the experience to manage colonies spreading in your commercial building. Find the help you need to get your business back on track after mildew or mold spreads in your store, warehouse, hotel, restaurant, or other location.

Customers and employees share concerns when you discover mold damage in your Boulder commercial space. The media is rife with warnings about the dangers of mold growth. Although there is no proven correlation between the presence of mold and general adverse reactions, susceptible individuals can experience symptoms when exposed. ?Mold spores need moisture to germinate and multiply. When the SERVPRO remediation team arrives, we search for the source of water and help arrange for its elimination. If moisture remains, a problem mold recurs. Even high relative humidity can fuel mold growth, so we recommend strategies to keep readings below 55 to 60 percent.

We then contain the moldy area, including any spread to hidden spaces.  SERVPRO uses physical barriers and innovative technology like negative pressure air scrubbers to keep the moldy debris from moving into unaffected spaces in your business. Our crew also wears personal protective equipment (PPE) to limit exposure to the rest of your building. Removal of the mold follows our crew using mechanical means to scrape the colonies off non-porous surfaces. Controlled agitation and the use of abrasive strategies like soda blasting remove mold from porous materials.

Treatment with an EPA-registered antimicrobial inhibits mold regrowth. SERVPRO crew members apply appropriate disinfectant products using a spray bottle or electrostatic broadcast method. Throughout the mold remediation process, we are thorough yet discrete, working with you and your management team to keep unaffected spaces in your commercial space open for business.

Your reputation as an employer and provider of goods and services depends on an appropriate response to a mold infestation. SERVPRO partners with you to keep the confidence of the public and your workforce as we complete your mold remediation project.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville provides highly-qualified mold remediation technicians and cutting edge equipment when we respond to your mold emergency. Call us at (303) 604-6607 for industry-leading mold abatement in your commercial building.

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Why SERVPRO Should be in Your Recipe Box for Water Removal From Your Louisville Restaurant

11/12/2018 (Permalink)

Keep your restaurant cooking by calling SERVPRO to remove water.

Fast Water Cleanup for Your Louisville Restaurant

Your Louisville restaurant is in constant competition with other eateries throughout the area. When a water loss incident occurs on the property, getting the situation resolved immediately should be a top priority. The longer that damage persists in your business, the more of an impact it can have on your ability to serve your customers or to provide a quality experience for their dining. Even incidents that do not close your doors still require attention from professional restoration technicians like ours to adequately clean up the mess.

The chief concern for water cleanup situations at your Louisville restaurant is the customer. With so many situations that could affect your reputation for the worse, including the atmosphere and environment of the dining experience for your customers, water damages require an immediate response. Our SERVPRO team can help you to assess the full scope of the damage and work quickly to remove the excess water from the affected area with our effective extraction tools like gas-powered pumps or portable electric pumps.

Removing the water and drying the area thoroughly not only preserves flooring material throughout your dining area and kitchen, but it can also help to prevent secondary effects like mold growth from taking hold. While our SERVPRO professionals have the industry-leading equipment to overcome moisture present throughout materials and the environment, we also strive to provide a complete and effective result for every customer we serve.

We double check the efforts of our air movers and dehumidifiers with thermal imagery cameras. This technology can show our team moisture pockets that signal more drying attention is necessary for some regions of the affected building. This mobile device can easily navigate throughout the entirety of the damaged portions of the business to verify moisture levels are below acceptable parameters.

Water cleanup for your restaurant from trained professionals like ours ensures that the job gets done quickly and that all of the moisture threats get resolved so secondary effects like mold growth cannot occur. Give our SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville emergency response team a call 24/7 at (303) 604-6607.

The Miners’ Memorial Statue stands at Louisville City Hall in honor of the people who founded Louisville.  Click here for more information.

Your Commercial Dishwasher Can Malfunction And Leak Water Into Your Louisville Restaurant Kitchen

9/4/2018 (Permalink)

Calling for professional water cleanup services for your Louisville restaurant can help prevent water damage from occurring inside of your kitchen.

Your Commercial Dishwasher Can Malfunction And Leak

Owning a large scale commercial dishwasher is a necessity when running a restaurant, but it can be more trouble than it's worth when the appliance malfunctions and leaves you in urgent need of water cleanup services. A problem with the connection between the plumbing and your appliance caused it to leak water onto the floor of your kitchen throughout the night. In order to operate your business, as usual, it is wise to call for professional help.

Calling for professional water cleanup services for your Louisville restaurant can help prevent water damage from occurring inside of your kitchen. If the standing puddles of water are seen to quickly, it is less likely that they can sink between the cracks in your tile flooring and cause damage to the base underneath. If the water is allowed to do this, it can cause the tiles to crack when the base underneath expands from absorbing the excess moisture.

When you call SERVPRO, we always try to arrive at your business as fast as possible. We understand that your kitchen cannot correctly operate until the water is cleaned up, as it can create a dangerous work environment. We can work around the clock, if it is required, to get your kitchen back to a state where your employees can work uninterrupted.

SERVPRO can use professional and advanced equipment to tackle the excess water around your business. To handle the puddles of stagnant water, our IICRC-certified technicians can use wet/dry vacuums. In extreme cases where the flood is severe, we can also employ the use of submersible pumps to remove the water as swiftly as possible.

SERVPRO can use a combination of moisture meters and thermal imaging technology to check and make sure that no pockets of water have slipped our detection. Once we are sure that your restaurant's moisture levels are acceptable, our job is done.

When unexpected leaks happen on your property, never hesitate. Get in contact with SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville by dialing (303) 604-6607. Day or night, we're here to help you.

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Prompt Mitigation of Commercial Water Damage in Your Boulder Auto Shop Keeps You and Customers Happy

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

Your customers depend on your auto shop for their car needs. Make sure that your doors stay open after a water damage event by calling SERVPRO.

Team SERVPRO Understands That Quick Arrival on the Scene Means Your Business May Not Have to Close Its Doors

Bringing people's vehicles back from those disturbing noises, ticking sounds, and other odd problems in your Boulder auto shop means having a dry place to store spare parts. Keeping essential parts in stock keeps repair work running smoothly and mostly interruption-free.
When your shop ends up with commercial water damage in Boulder, things can start to rust and corrode, even when these items are still in their boxes. Motor parts need to remain in perfect factory condition to please your customers. Removing the moisture that caused the water damage can help immensely. SERVPRO technicians remove water through different types of equipment, depending on the situation. Moisture-laden walls become dry quickly when we use our Injectidry equipment, and overall humidity dramatically plummets with our desiccant machines running.
Because water damage often goes hand-in-hand with mold colonization of an area, we also use air scrubbers with our air blowers. We know that spores become airborne whenever disturbances, such as increased air flow, occur, so using these together helps collect spores so they cannot start new populations in new locations.
Only when we see no other viable options do we engage in removing damaged materials that show crumbling or other signs of deterioration such as bubbling, warping, or cracking, instead of repairing them. Drywall and wood can sustain exposure to water for short periods without damaging effects occurring, but after a while, the damage becomes permanent. Restoration typically costs considerably less than replacing the same materials costs, and we like to save our customers money while we work on saving their business' building.
So we can ensure protection against future events, we always locate the source of the water. We do this through the use of water detection equipment. We can find moisture through the changes in temperature with our infrared imaging devices, even when water or moisture exists in the interior cavities of walls.
SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville can help you keep your auto shop in the Erie, Ninemile Corner, of Gunbarrel areas up and running. Just contact us with your concerns about water damage that might affect your business operations or inventory by calling our 24-hour service line number at (303) 604-6607.
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Louisville's Commercial Water Damage Technicians Discuss Drying Equipment

5/23/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage in any area of your store could potentially turn into mold if not remediated right away. Contact SERVPRO quickly for service.

Team SERVPRO Arrives Quickly to Tackle the Water Damage in Your Store

Any time a pipe breaks, water can leak into your Louisville gardening store. Excessive moisture can ruin some of your products or equipment. If structural materials in your shop stay wet for too long, they can lose their structural integrity.
If moisture stays inside organic building materials for too long mold growth can occur. During any commercial water damage restoration in Louisville removing moisture within 48 hours is the primary goal. If a fungus develops, it can spread to other areas of the building and cause secondary damage.
During the mitigation process, our SERVPRO technicians first extract as much water as they can, then dry out the remainder of the moisture. If there are more than two inches of standing water, it gets pumped into a sewer drain with a submersible pump. Any remaining moisture inside upholstery or carpet inside your store gets extracted using specialized extraction equipment.
After extracting, we begin the drying process by setting up air moving and dehumidification systems. The air movers create circulation, and the dehumidifiers remove water vapor from the air reducing the relative humidity. The air movers need to get set up in the correct formation for them to work as best as possible.
The purpose of the air movers is for them to push the wet air evaporating from the surfaces and replace it with warm, dry air. The air movers get set up so that they create a counterclockwise airflow within the affected room. The air movers are aligned so that the air coming from them hits wet surfaces at a 45-degree angle so that it pushes the damp air evaporating off of the material away from it. If air movers hit walls directly at a 90-degree angle, then they can drive moisture into the wall cavity possibly creating more issues.
During the drying process, the equipment gets set up in ways that do not negatively affect any of your products. Items that can get damaged by increased humidity or airflow get removed from the area. If needed we can complete the drying process when your store is closed or a small section at a time so that your business stays functioning.
Specific techniques can help speed up the natural evaporation and drying process so that microbial growth is not an issue. For professional help with problems at your business, call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 any time of the day.

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Commercial Mold Damage Restoration Work In Boulder

4/8/2018 (Permalink)

Mold damage can spread quickly if the environment is not contained. Contact SERVPRO for mitigation services.

SERVPRO Technicians Efficiently Remediate a Mold Infestation at Your Office Location

If an appliance or water pipe develops a slow leak inside your Boulder office complex, damage to building materials and contents likely occurs. If water stays inside and goes unnoticed for too long of a time, fungi possibly develop. The presence of a fungus sometimes causes health effects with certain people.
If fungal growth has already taken place due to a water problem, then it must get mitigated in a way that prevents future problems. SERVPRO's commercial mold damage technicians in Boulder know that time is essential when it comes to mitigation projects. The longer a fungus remains inside a building, the more likely its' spores travel to and affect other areas of your office complex.
When dealing with water-related problems, we take all of the possible measures to ensure that mold growth does not take place in the future. However, if a problem goes unattended, then a fungus possibly forms. Once there is already a presence of mold we follow IICRC regulations regarding the removal of fungi.
The mold must get removed inside a structure so that restoration work does not cause the fungus to spread and create issues elsewhere. The first step to any mold mitigation process is to contain the affected area. Our SERVPRO restoration technicians use heavy-duty plastic to seal off the affected area so that mold spores inside the dust created by restoration work does not leave the contaminated region.
We then attach an air scrubber to a hole on the outside of the containment chamber. The air scrubber creates negative air pressure that sucks up any dust stirred up during the restoration process. The air gets pulled into a HEPA filter, removing any mold spores out of the air before exhausting it back into the environment.
All of the work completed gets done in a way that causes as little harm to your company's operations as possible. Before containing the area, we move any contents out and put them in a place inside the office where they do not inhibit business operations. Signs get posted outside the containment area so that all occupants know to avoid the area.
If mold exists inside your office building, its removal is vital to ensure the good health of all of your occupants. For help dealing with a fungus inside your office, call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 any time of the day.

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SERVPRO Remediating Commercial Water Damage in Boulder

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Your unique boutique would be missed by your customers in the event of water damage. Contact SERVPRO right away for remediation services.

SERVPRO's Quick Response is the KEY to Your Business' Success After Water Damage

For a business in Boulder, the losses due to a broken pipe or other failed plumbing are often double than a private home or even more. Each day the doors are closed is a loss of income. For a small business, a closure of several days may impact the ability of the owner to meet his payroll that next week.
That is why Boulder commercial water damage has to be quickly removed and remediated. As a locally owned franchise, SERVPRO knows what it means to make payroll each week and take care of our employees as they do their best to take care of our customers. That is why we work to help our fellow business owners keep the costs reasonable and reopen their doors as soon as possible.
A clothing boutique is particularly vulnerable to damage like spotting and colors running on certain types of fabrics. Although we usually try to remove any standing water first, a situation like this makes it extremely important to dry the inventory first or at least as quickly as we clear the floor and dry any part of the structure.
Part of our equipment inventory is large storage racks. We use these more often for curtains, but they are also excellent to hang clothing. SERVPRO restoration specialists hang everything and then proceed to dry the items. We set up dehumidifiers next to and between the racks to draw moisture from the clothing. This method is especially useful for delicate fabrics.
For other clothing, we also set up a combination of air movers and fans. The air movers generate warm air that our technicians carefully direct to blow across the items. We can adjust both the speed and temperature to ensure the process is accomplished quickly without accidentally causing further damage.
If there is a risk that the water is contaminated, SERVPRO keeps an extensive shelf of cleaners for every type of fabric. Technicians bring the clothing to our office where we maintain commercial grade washers and dryers to clean and disinfect every sock, blouse, or a pair of slacks that need attention.
Keeping the doors open for any business is vital. Cash flow and customer loyalty can both disappear in as short a time as a week. SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville understands this and does everything we can to assist our community merchants and other business owners. If you need our services, call us today at (303) 604-6607. We are here for you.

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EasyDECON -- A Powerful Decontamination Option In Our SERVPRO Toolbox

12/24/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Technicians applying the EasyDECON decontaminant with the Macaw Backpack rapid dispensing system

Commercial and Biohazardous Cleanup Teams up SERVPRO with EasyDECON

Customers in the Lafayette and Louisville area facing the devastation of chemical or biological property contamination have struggled to access a solution that augments environmental cleanup with an effective decontamination system. We researched extensively to find a state of the art methodology that quickly and thoroughly treats spaces and objects compromised with a wide array of chemical, bacterial, viral, and other agents. Our search led to EasyDECON by Intelagard, a full-spectrum answer for these catastrophic circumstances.
SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is proud to be an authorized applicator of this leading-edge decontamination system. We are confident this exciting enhancement to our biohazard remediation service is the key to returning afflicted properties to their healthy preloss condition entirely and quickly. Regardless of the scale of the contamination, EasyDECON offers a straightforward and highly efficient process that speedily and efficiently restores the most tainted areas.
Crews from SERVPRO used the product with great success in healthcare centers such as nursing homes and hospitals when we assisted in response to the devastation done in Texas by Hurricane Harvey. The positive outcomes our technicians observed despite overwhelming odds convinced us that this system is essential to a comprehensive response to biohazard cleanup and disinfection.
The clear benefits of the EasyDECON system recently supported the work of our SERVPRO biohazard crew in Boulder when responding to a hoarding scenario complicated with the presence of considerable quantities of animal feces and other debris. We assisted the local family after this situation turned tragic with the unattended death of the homeowner. These events are always distressing, and our ability to offer a new and superior approach to the decontamination process was a transformative service for the client and also for our technicians.
Because of our employees’ training in biohazard abatement, augmented by the acquisition of the EasyDECON technology and products, we remediated the damage much faster than other firms’ timelines. The property was ready for a market listing at least a month sooner than it would have been using conventional cleaning and disinfection approaches, swiftly restoring the customer’s peace of mind and saving both time and money.
If a contamination cataclysm strikes your property call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville, knowing we respond with the most up to date technology available today. Our phones are answered at (303) 604-6607 24/7, every day of the year.

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Drying Documents After Commercial Water Damage in a Boulder Store

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

There are some options to consider when dealing with wet paperwork or books. Contact SERVPRO to come out and assess the situation after damage.

Our Technicians Offer Choices for Drying Damaged Items in Your Store

Drying documents after commercial water damage in Boulder is a tricky process. Proper document storage is essential to the success of a business, but such events as flooding can compromise the authenticity of these papers. These types of losses can cause you to lose important clients and even risk closing down your store. The best way to deal with this situation is to contact a reputable water damage restoration expert.
At SERVPRO, we have a team of highly trained, highly experienced commercial water damage restoration experts providing 24/7 emergency services for Boulder business owners. We follow IICRC guidelines in every project to ensure a smooth and seamless cleanup process, and our tools and products are up to par with industry standards.
Finding the best method for saving water damaged documents and electronics takes some consideration. It is essential to communicate with the owner in order to make quick decisions and minimize the severity of the damage. SERVPRO technicians can prevent additional damage, which may go a long way towards saving important business documents.
Commercial water damage restoration for books and electronics is designed to return the items to preloss conditions as best as possible. From this end, SERVPRO technicians use five methods: vacuum thermal drying, vacuum freeze drying, freezer drying, dehumidification, and air drying. In the event that the water damage on the books is the result of clean water, we proceed to freeze or dry them within 48 hours after damage.
Our water damage restoration experts often rely on the process of sublimation (changing a solid into vapor directly) when drying documents. This process involves several considerations, including the type of water involved (gray, black, or clean), the value of the documents, time of exposure to moisture, the extent of the damage, and funds available for restoration. Given how expensive this step can be, we make a point to discuss the cost of every drying method with you before making any further advances.
If you have a commercial water damage situation, you can count on SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville to restore your documents and other items. We are available 24/7, every day of the week. Call us today at (303) 604-6607.

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Apartment Building Owners in Boulder Survive Fire Damage With the Right Kind of Help

8/1/2017 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO when your property has fire damage. We will investigate and put together a plan of action to remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Handle the Entire Fire Damage Restoration Process Including Dealing With Your Property's Insurance Carrier

Far too many people dismiss what an apartment owner goes through on a daily basis. They have to keep a manager in place or run the establishment themselves, keep occupancy at maximum, handle everyday needs of each tenant, specialty problems, and deal with maintenance, collections, or unexpected move outs.
With everything involved in your normal routine for your apartment building in Boulder, dealing with commercial fire damage is the furthest thing from your mind. You may have onsite maintenance crews that deal with installing new sinks, toilets, flooring, doors, or other general issues. However, when a fire occurs, restoration and repairs go beyond available resources.
SERVPRO can give you access to all of the equipment, personnel, and resources necessary to return any size problem to normal. We have water extractors with connectors of all shapes and sizes to help remove every drop of water left behind by firefighters while also having air movers, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and hygrometers to provide you with a fast drying process.
A tenant fire can easily reach surrounding units within minutes. Even with a fast response, you might face multiple units being damaged all at once. Your days, already filled with a variety of issues, make it necessary to locate a qualified restoration company, like SERVPRO to get things headed in the right direction.  
SERPVRO technicians move each tenant's property to a safe, dry location, ensuring documentation and proper handling. Then, concentrating on the larger job at hand, we tackle direct property damage, removing any unrestorable objects or material. Our cleaning technicians use advanced cleaning methods to provide you with fantastic results.  
You never need to contact several companies to perform work on specific projects again. We manage the entire restoration process, performing any installs, repairs, or finishing touches necessary to return apartments to a quality pre-fire damage condition.
Contact SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville to begin your road to recovery, today. Our IICRC certified technicians stand ready 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.  

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Smoke Sets Off Sprinklers Causing Significant Damage to Boulder Restaurant

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Sprinkler systems are effective if fire is involved. But if they are accidentally set off, the water damage can overwhelm your business. Call SERVPRO.

Water Damage can Quickly Affect Your Business After an Event

Smoke alarms and sprinkler systems without a doubt save commercial businesses from fire damage. Smoke without fire trips the sprinklers in some cases, resulting in water damage unrelated to an actual fire. This unintended water damage causes a range of problems SERVPRO is ready to help the business owner solve.
An overly sensitive sensor triggers your restaurant's sprinkler system due to smoke or steam, but not because of flames. Commercial sprinklers discharge at least 300 gallons per minute, quickly inundating kitchen and dining areas with a considerable amount of water. Commercial water damage spreads throughout your Boulder bistro, and simply turning off the spray resolves few issues. We offer the professional response needed to remove the water and ensure no secondary damage occurs.
Our team arrives ready to extract the water fast. If the power is off or gas line involvement is a concern SERVPRO uses truck mounted pumps and extractors, so we get to work immediately. We search for water infiltration in unexpected spaces under and behind ovens, grills, and stovetops, as well as drywall, insulation, and subflooring. Your staff does not have the training our technicians receive, so deciding to do the cleanup with an in-house team risks failure to contain and remove all pockets of water. Missing any hidden water is a huge error, and allowing that concealed moisture to damage structures, rust or rot fixtures, and contribute to mold growth causes greater expenses and possible temporary or permanent closure of your restaurant down the line.
After extraction of the majority of the water, visible and concealed, SERVPRO staff assesses the moisture content of building materials and sets drying goals. Our crew positions air movers to hasten the reduction of moisture in the structure and structural components. Meanwhile, a general cleanup of the premises is completed, allowing a speedy reopening. We understand that a restaurant loses both money and its reputation as a reliable eating destination if it must close for a period, so our mission is to restore your premises as soon as it is safe and possible.
When sprinkler systems malfunction and fill your restaurant with water, call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville for a rapid and efficient response. A call to our dispatchers at (303) 604-6607 schedules the crew and equipment needed to minimize this disaster.

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Get Your Paint Store Open For Business Again After Flood Damage in Boulder

4/24/2017 (Permalink)

Boulder Flooded Paint Store Calls on SERVPRO to Extract the Water

For Boulder Businesses, SERVPRO Expedites Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup

Many residents of Boulder remember the 2013 floods. This area is not immune to flooding, and store owners know the importance of being careful where floods are concerned. A burst river or torrential rain can cause a flood, and there is also a risk from a burst pipe, a broken appliance, or seepage from outside.
Paint store owners have a lot to worry about in the event of flood damage in Boulder. Paint cans and tools that get wet quickly become susceptible to rust, and that means facing the cost of replacing your inventory. The store itself may become unfit for business purposes, raising concerns about business survival and effects on profits.
The key to saving as much inventory as possible and getting your store back up and running is getting professional help swiftly. We recommend putting in a call to our SERVPRO experts at once - We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.
Upon arrival, our IICRC-certified experts start by extracting as much water as possible from your paint store. Extraction works in conjunction with dehumidification when it comes to drying out a flood damaged premises. We use powerful truck mounted pumps and also have access to free-standing pumps and wet-vacs for hard to reach areas.
In some cases, extraction and drying can be done with your inventory more or less in situ. In other situations, a full pack out is the better option. We carefully remove your tools, paints, office furniture and other items to a secure location. Our teams can work on drying and restoring your store belongings while other team members continue to extract and dry out at your premises.
After thorough water extraction, the next stage is to dry out your paint store. Our technicians accomplish this through careful use of dehumidifiers and air movers to lower the humidity and dry out everything from the walls to the carpets. We carefully monitor drying at every stage. Our monitoring equipment includes thermo-hygrometers that accurately measure the humidity in your store. We also use moisture meters to test out the moisture content of every kind of material and structure, from drywall to carpet. Our expertly calibrated meters let us know when drying is completed to standard levels.
Our aim is to get your store back to its pre-flood condition so you can resume business and life can get back to normal as quickly as possible.
If your commercial enterprise suffers flood damage, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 at once.

Why Should You Hire an EPA Lead Safe Certified Restoration Company in Boulder

1/25/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm

Trust SERVPRO for a Safe Lead-Based Restoration Service

When water, fire or mold restoration must be performed in a home, apartment, school, or daycare facility built after 1978, you should not have to worry about exposure to lead paint because it was banned in '78.  However, prior to 1978, chances are lead can be present, and the EPA has a rule in place for any restoration company you hire. The company has to be EPA Lead-Safe Certified and follow some specific steps to keep you and your family safe.

So when SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville removes lead painted materials from older homes, such as drywall or plaster that is damaged beyond repair, they take precautions to protect not only the occupants but also their crew.

The problem is that the lead dust that can be produced during jobs that require saw-cutting, sanding, and scraping can trigger serious health issues; this is especially true for children, who can develop high blood lead levels and suffer permanent harm. The lead particles are so small that you cannot see them, and they can get trapped in your HVAC system and circulated throughout the entire structure.  

Exposure to lead dust can be prevented with some very simple steps. That is why the EPA established the Renovation, Repair and Painting rule for Lead-based Paint. All restoration contractors that disturb paint inside a home, apartment, school, or daycare facility built before 1978, are required to have supervisors certified by the EPA, by taking an EPA-approved training course on the proper ways to contain lead dust in the work area.  The RRRP - Lead-Based Paint Activities and Renovation program stresses mitigation of lead dust generated during the restoration, and a thorough post-treatment clean-up. 

There are substantial fines for non-certified restoration companies working on homes with exposure to lead paint. If your older home suffers fire, water or mold damage, make sure you hire a restoration company that is EPA Lead Certified, like SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville. SERVPRO can and will provide you with our EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm number (see below the EPA logo at right).

What are the proper procedures for restoring homes built before 1978?  First, determine if the lead is present. For that, your restoration company needs to be EPA Lead Certified. Only certified companies are allowed to perform the test for lead. Alternatively, you could just assume that lead is present and follow Lead Safe Work Practices. Even if we do not discover lead present with pre-1978 structures, we follow the lead-safe work practices. We inspect for lead on painted surfaces: the walls, the ceiling, painted brick, and particularly painted wood surfaces. Interior wood trim and exterior walls (when affected) are also checked. If we find lead, we have to sit down with the building owner and have a discussion. We go through a series of documents that explain what the potential risks are to them and any other occupants of the building, especially children. We explain the procedures we are going to follow to manage the lead during the restoration process. Once we go over the information and the process, answer any questions, and the owner signs the lead disclosure documents, we are ready to begin work.

Our SERVPRO supervisor and technicians construct a work area containment system, which includes sealing off the HVAC system and maintaining negative air pressure with HEPA filtration. All materials that are demolished must be bagged and sealed before exiting the containment area. When the demolition has been completed all surfaces in the containment area are thoroughly HEPA- vacuumed and wet-wiped from the top down to remove any potential residue from the treatment. We document our RRRP service with the EPA cleaning verification procedure using an EPA verification card.  

Play it safe, contact the EPA for information and then call SERVPRO of Layafette/Louisville to restore your home to a safe environment professionally. (303) 604-6607

Businesses Affected By Water Damage In Erie

1/5/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's ERP Mobile App Can Reduce the Damage to Your Business in Erie

Let SERVPRO Work for Your Business to Keep the Doors Open

The stock rooms, office areas, and the entire checkout area were all doused with several gallons of water as the fire suppressant system malfunctioned over the holiday break. Our local grocery store experienced a faulty suppressant system failure that caused disastrous damage to inventory, really starting the owners year off poorly. Closing the doors until clean up procedures could commence, the proprietor first thought was that he might lose his store. Replacing the inventory isn't that hard, but the costs related to cleaning up and restocking the shelves were going to set him back, luckily he was insured.

Prepare your business to respond to water damage in Erie. Anything can happen, and we'd be proud to be your choice when things do. We can provide you with 24-hour emergency service, fast, professional technicians and assistance in handling the paperwork involved in a claim for your insurance company. Call us today to gain access to the services you deserve. We are the preferred vendor of over 315 insurance agencies, management companies, and Federal and Municipal entities.
SERVPRO provides you with access to technicians that are expertly trained with the latest IICRC and Corporate techniques and protocols. They are fully qualified to perform any repairs necessary to restore your business to a quality pre-damage condition. Our restoration process begins when you contact our offices. Using the information you provide, we'll send enough personnel and equipment to handle your job properly and provide you with the services that match your unique situation. If you are a client with our ERP Mobile App, water damages have already been mitigated.
As soon as our SERVPRO technicians arrive, we begin addressing the situation. We preinspect each of the damaged areas for any possible hazards that may exist. Once it's safe to enter, we start off with eliminating the source of water, if it is still a problem. We'll then pump out any standing water using the appropriate pumps and check every area for moisture, including floors, walls and crawl spaces that may be hard to see.
SERVPRO's service continues with using moisture meters to determine the extent of water penetration into the surrounding areas. We'll also move all of your belongings to a safe, dry location so that they can dry properly and reduce the possibility of secondary damage. We detach (float) your carpet and remove any water from the pad or flooring underneath; thoroughly inspecting the carpeting to assess damages. Depending on your type of enterprise, we expediently remove inventory from contaminated areas or those that may become an issue.
Bad seams or visible mold will cause us to determine that your carpeting is no longer viable and we'll recommend replacement. We treat the floor and back of your carpet with a deodorizer or antimicrobial and position air movers, and other drying equipment to ensure that the area properly dries. We always discuss our services with you throughout the entire process and only provide you with the services you approve.
Give SERVPRO of Lafayette - Louisville a call today. (303) 604-6607

Office in Superior Has Obstacles to Water Extraction

11/29/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Safely Removes Hidden Water Hazards from Your Superior Office Building

SERVPRO Can Restore Your Office After a Water Damaging Episode  

Water removal is a vital task when dealing with flood damage, as fast removal of water helps to avoid mold growth, structural weakening, microbe reproduction, and many other potential disasters in your office. However, the typical office environment can contain many obstacles or risk factors that must be dealt with before we can begin water extraction; some for the sake of safety, some to avoid the loss of our equipment.

Large Objects and Debris
Before we can start with any commercial water removal in Superior, we have to remove any large pieces of debris or objects still caught in the water. Depending on the extractors used, the size tolerances for these pieces of debris can vary greatly and may be determined on a case-by-case basis. Our technicians can manually remove these heavy and bulky pieces of wreckage, but caution must be taken, as some may have hidden or exposed sharp edges which can puncture clothing and skin, leading to dangerous infection.
Electrical Hazards
Most modern offices contain a wide array of electronic devices, including computers, televisions, refrigerators, countertop appliances, and more. Any of these, plus some types of wall outlets, can create an electrocution hazard if it has fallen into the water, requiring non-conducive and sealed clothing to be handled safely. For this reason, never attempt to enter a flooded area in an office on your own and without the express approval of our on-site technicians or local officials. These hazards may delay our SERVPRO technicians as they work to contain them before bringing in water extractors.
Continued Flooding
If our technicians arrive and the flooding is ongoing, they will first need to shut off the source before extraction can begin. If the flood is caused by natural or outside means, our crews will need to wait for the water to abate. Calling us early on can help to contain further flood waters and reduce the amount of water extracted, as we prioritize fast response times for these pressing scenarios. By rapidly extracting the standing water OUR SERVPRO trained crews can mitigate losses to documents, furnishings, and electronic components that are part of every modern office.
SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville responds quickly to commercial flood damage calls, ready to extract water and begin restorations quickly to help save both time and money in the process. Contact us at the first sign of damage at (303) 604-6607.