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4 Reasons Why Mold Keeps Coming Back

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold growth on a wall Black mold in Gooding, CO

Why Does Mold Keep Coming Back?

Black mold is an extremely tenacious organism; it always seems to rear its ugly head again right when you start to believe that you've gotten rid of it for good. You've exhausted all of your treatment options, yet the mold just won't give up. Before you head back in to defend your Gooding, CO, home, make sure you're not guilty of the following common mistakes.

1. You Didn't Replace Your Water Damaged Possessions.
Feeling sentimental about your possessions is understandable and it can be difficult to get rid of your favorite items after they've fallen victim to mold damage. You might think that your favorite rug is clean after mold remediation, but there's probably still spores hiding in the material. As tough as it is, you're better off just replacing your items.

2. You Didn't Ventilate Your Home Properly During Remediation.
Any type of moisture can attract black mold, including moisture in the air. Next time you head in to tackle the problem, make sure you open your windows and doors to let the moisture escape. It's also a good idea to invest in some floor fans to aid with air circulation or a dehumidifier.

3. You Didn't Remediate the Initial Water Damage.
If your mold problem is a result of water damage, then you have to make sure you resolve the initial damage before you engage in mold cleanup. Make sure to completely clear out and dry any standing water, as well as identify and fix the source of the damage.

4. You Didn't Use the Correct Cleaning Products.
It's natural to immediately reach for the bleach when you discover a mold issue. Unfortunately, bleach doesn't actually kill mold; it only changes the color so you can no longer see it. Instead, try mixing your own non-toxic cleaning solution using equal parts white vinegar and water.
Don't allow black mold to take up continued residence in your home. Contact mold remediation experts for assistance dealing with any persistent mold issues.

Insurance Covers Damage from Neighboring Buildings

11/16/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke on the glass modern building in NYC Smoke damage from a building in Gooding, CO

Insurance Covers Damage from Neighboring Buildings

Being prepared for anything is important to the success of your Gooding, CO, business. Even if you have developed a fire and storm evacuation plan, conduct regular maintenance and inspections, adhere to city codes, and maintain proper insurance, the unexpected can still happen. If a neighboring building catches on fire and your structure is affected by smoke damage, that preparation will go a long way.

Insurance Coverage
Whether the soot damage and smoke odor are minimal or severe, commercial property insurance will cover the damage. After the incident happens, immediately contact your insurer. Vital information to provide and questions to ask include:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Details regarding the extent of damage
  • Replacement and restoration options
  • Timeline for repairs
  • Options if temporary closure is needed

It is also important to document all the damage by taking videos and photos, as well as obtaining receipts for valuable items. If the damage is severe enough to require shutting down for a period of time, keep track of all expenses associated with the closure.

Professional Cleaning
Even if your building is minimally affected, soot and smoke damage is often difficult to clean. Soot can be dry or oil, the latter of which smears and can increase frustration. If not done properly, foul odors will linger long after repairs are made. To ensure your building is back to normal, a fire damage and restoration professional can handle all the needed repairs and restoration, as well as smoke cleaning services. With expertise and technology on their side, they can eradicate visible and hidden damage. While the soot may be visible, smoke residue isn’t always noticeable. A certified professional uses various hard-surface cleaning techniques and air filtration devices to clean objects and the air.
Smoke damage can be a tricky problem to deal with. Regardless if the fire was in your building or an adjacent one, get help that is Faster to Any Size Disaster to eliminate any long-term effects.

4 Things To Consider When Deciding on a Flood Policy

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

Flood insurance form on a table with a book. Your business might need flood insurance

Should You Get Flood Policy?

Just last year, floods in the U.S. caused about $3.75 billion in damages, much of that to commercial properties. Nearly all commercial insurance policies do not cover flood damages, so a special policy is needed. Many business owners might not be familiar with flood insurance and what it covers so a little information on this front can come in handy. The answers to these four questions can help you decide whether or not you should get a flood policy.

1. Is Flood Insurance Necessary? Floods in the U.S. happen all of the time and for many reasons. Recently, a large flood occurred in Michigan as the result of failed dams. This caused millions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses. While most managers would never argue against having commercial insurance, sometimes decision-makers argue flood insurance is too expensive.

2. Where Is it Purchased? The most popular program is administered by FEMA under the National Flood Insurance Program. It provides affordable rates for companies seeking to purchase protection against floods.

3. What Is Covered? The NFIP offers commercial policyholders coverage of up to $500,000 for building property and up to $500,000 for personal property. More coverage can be purchased through private insurance agents in some situations.

4. What Else Is Important? In some instances, flood insurance is mandatory, particularly if you own a business in a flood zone and have a mortgage with a federally-insured lending company. To learn more, you should review the policy with a trusted insurance agent.
For many businesses, commercial insurance is not enough. If your company does experience a flood, look for the services of a local storm remediation franchise in Ninemile Corner, CO. A team of highly-trained technicians will respond quickly to the impacts of a flood. It is your company's best bet to get the mess cleaned up safely and efficiently.

What Causes Category 1 Water Damage?

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

Wet carpet in office building Water damage in a Valmont, CO office

Discover The Causes Of Category 1 Water Damage

Restoration professionals categorize damage caused by a broken supply line as Category One water damage. Clean water is initially free of contaminants, but its condition can deteriorate within a matter of hours. Discover the causes of Category One water damage and how to prevent these incidents from affecting a commercial facility in Valmont, CO.

A Broken Supply Line
When a pipe breaks, a commercial building may rapidly begin filling with water. All of the following measures can limit damage:

  • Turn off the building water supply
  • Collect as much water as possible
  • Try to prevent damage from intensifying

Water released by a broken line is clean and treated, its condition begins to degrade as soon as it is released into a structure. Water working its way between floors downgrades damage from Category One to Category Two. Water left standing for longer than 24 to 48 hours becomes Category Three damage.

A Pipe With a Leak
A leaky pipe can be a more insidious problem than a broken line, particularly in terms of the potential for major secondary damage. Clean water that drips from a pipe can sustain hidden mold growth and require a combination of water damage restoration and mold remediation.

A Leaky Appliance
Any appliance that has faulty or worn plumbing hardware or connection components may leak water. Repairing connections is essential for appliances to continue functioning properly and to reduce the risk of water damage.
Clean water from a broken pipe is the most common source of Category One water damage. Depending on the condition of the line, water may be either spraying or dripping. The flow rate or a timely shut off will determine the degree of damage to a structure. Turning off the water supply and taking measures to contain a leak can also limit how far water damage spreads through a commercial building in Valmont, CO.

3 Stages of Commercial Fire Cleanup

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

Building on fire Mitigation tends to take place within hours or days of fire damage.

Commercial fire and smoke damage cleanup is a set procedure. The degree of fire damage and unique features of a structure determine the duration of each phase of this process. In the days after a fire at a building in Boulder, CO property owners and managers should try to expedite cleanup and restoration through each of the following stages.

1. Mitigation

The first stage of fire damage response starts as soon as the flames are extinguished. During mitigation, a property owner should do everything he or she can to limit the severity of damage. Boarding over any breaches a fire has made in a structure, tarping over roof damage and extracting standing water from suppression efforts are all effective measures.

2. Cleanup

The second phase of this process involves removing soot and smoke from a structure. It will be necessary to remove these contaminants from every surface. Burnt or charred building materials must be torn out and the same goes for contents with direct fire damage. A combination of dry and wet cleaning and disinfection may be necessary to address soot damage and smoke damage.

3. Restoration

The final stage of the process of cleaning up commercial fire damage involves rebuilding any portions of a structure destroyed by fire or torn out during cleanup. Once a structure has been cleaned and rebuilt, contents that have gotten cleaned off-site can be returned. Smoke cleaning may be helpful for addressing any persistent odor.

Mitigation tends to take place within hours or days of damage. Cleanup should start within days and restoration can take weeks. The owner or manager of a commercial building should rely on experts to provide these services quickly to minimize secondary damage. With the use industry-leading cleaning equipment and supplies to eradicate every trace of burnt or singed material, soot and smoke damage from a commercial building.

3 Differences Between Storm and Water Damage

10/14/2020 (Permalink)

french door broken causing storm water inside a home Storm damage in Erie, CO

Three Significant Differences Between These Categories

Damage caused by storms and water can overlap, but storm damage is distinct from water damage in several ways. Here are three significant differences between these categories of residential property damage for describing flooding in Erie, CO.

1. Storm Damage Originates Outside
Storm damage is caused by weather and its effects on surface water. Water damage, on the other hand, tends to originate from plumbing problems. While storm damage can cause water damage in a home, the water involved in causing damage tends to be more contaminated.

2. Storm Damage Usually Involves Contaminated Water
One of the most important distinctions between storm and water damage in terms of restoration is the contamination level. Category One water is clean, treated and tends to come from a broken supply line. A quick response to Category One flooding may just involve drying. Contaminated Category Two gray water from a leaking roof, shower pan or appliance is also less severe than Category Three damage. Most flood water is Category Three black water.

3. Storm and Water Services Are Different
Plumbers and mitigation and restoration companies provide different services for flood damage and interior water damage. Storms can cause sewers to back up when a municipal main or septic system overflows. A plumber may recommend installing a sump pump or backwater valve. Water damage tends to be fixed by replacing or repairing broken or faulty pipes, fittings or other hardware.
Flooding is both storm and water damage. Category Three water originates outside and requires extraction and drying equipment and disinfection supplies. Blackwater or Category Two gray water may enter a residence due to a storm in Erie, CO. Even in the event of Category One water damage involving clean water from a broken supply line, it is necessary to call a plumber to fix the pipe and a restoration company to extract standing water.

6 Tips To Keep Pipes From Bursting During Your Vacation

10/5/2020 (Permalink)

Insulation covers with the words COVER UP THE PIPES Another way to prepare your pipes is to insulate them

Six Tips To Prevent Broken Pipes

No one wants to come home from vacation to soggy carpets and water damage. A little preparation can keep that from happening. Here are 6 tips to prevent broken pipes during a vacation so you can avoid calling your water pipe repair expert in Niwot, CO.

1. Check for damage before you leave. Look over all of the pipes in your house for leaks, cracks, and corrosion. Do not forget about pipes that are tucked away in basement rafters and crawl spaces.

2. Insulate pipes. Another way to prepare your pipes is to insulate them. You can find pipe insulation at any hardware store. You can also hire a professional to make sure that you get every last pipe.

3. Leave cabinet doors open. Surprisingly, your cabinets are not heated like the rest of your home. Cupboard doors block heat, so keeping them open while you are gone will help pipes stay warm.

4. Keep your furnace on and set well above freezing temperatures. It might be tempting to save on heating costs while on vacation, but turning your HVAC system off can lead to frozen pipes. A frozen pipe can become a broken pipe, which could lead to a lot of water damage.

5. Turn the water off. Shutting down the main water line to your house, closing all other supply lines and letting the excess water drain out of faucets and toilets is a good way to avoid unnecessary water pipe repair.

6. Ask someone to check-in. Have a family member come to your house and do a couple of quick walkthroughs. Doing this can prevent small leaks from becoming big problems. Keep the number of a professional water damage company ready just in case they discover a flooded basement.
Vacations are meant for relaxing. By being proactive, you won’t have to worry about what kind of water pipe repair bill is waiting for you at home.

Removing and Preventing Plant Mildew

10/1/2020 (Permalink)

Plant with mildew The presence of plant mildew is typically an indication of an environmental issue in your garden

Both household and garden plants alike are susceptible to mildew. While all plants are capable of falling victim, certain species, such as squash, roses, lilacs, and cucumbers, are significantly more susceptible. Read on if you suspect that your garden in Superior, CO, is suffering from a plant mildew issue.

Getting Rid of Mildew

Garden mildew is very common and spreads quickly. Luckily, there are several effective techniques that can get rid of it. Here's one of the most effective methods:

Use plant clippers to remove the affected stems and leaves. You can identify the parts that need to be removed by looking for gray or white powdery patches. Discard these infected parts in a bin separate from your compost.
Thoroughly clean and disinfect both your clippers and yourself using alcohol wipes. Neglecting to do so only invites subsequent mildew growth, effectively worsening the issue.
Apply an approved fungicide. Carefully check the label to ensure that the fungicide you purchased is safe for the specific type of plant that you're treating. Follow the instructions on the label to apply the fungicide.

Preventing Further Mildew Growth
The presence of plant mildew is typically an indication of an environmental issue in your garden. If this is the case, you need to take preventative measures in order to discourage future fungal growth. Even if you haven't experienced a mildew problem, it's still a good idea to implement these preventative measures anyway. Regularly trim back and prune your plants to help regulate proper air circulation. Apply fungicide regularly, always taking care to follow package instructions. Lastly, make sure that you don't water your plants from above. This can help reduce the buildup of excessive moisture.
Plant mildew is a common occurrence that is most effectively resolved by destroying and disposing of all the affected plants. However, this isn't always viable, so the above technique can help you avoid such a drastic solution. If your situation isn't improving, then you need to contact mold remediation experts for further assistance.

Coping with Commercial Fire Damage

9/24/2020 (Permalink)

fire department building Your Colorado FD to the Rescue

Commercial Fire Relies on SERVPRO for Restoration

Once a commercial property has incurred fire damage, it can be challenging for a full recovery. A natural disaster typically forces the business owner to shut temporarily down or work from an alternate office. This will impact production or retail, depending on the business.

Immediately contact your insurance agent to determine how much coverage can be allowed for the restoration and repair processes. However, business owners who learn more about fires and fire damage restoration services and hire SERVPRO can limit the emotional upheavals and structural property issues that these natural disasters or accidents tend to cause. SERVPRO coordinates with hundreds of insurance companies and adjusters to assess technical plans for fire damage restoration in Lafayette. Please refer to the brief yet informative overview provided below to obtain the knowledge necessary to grapple effectively with the commercial fire aftermath.

Fire Damage: A Brief Overview

Fire damage can result from numerous sources. One prevalent example is a natural disaster such as a wildfire. Additionally, electrical fires, lightning strikes, and careless working conditions triggered at a nearby business property could all result in substantive commercial fire damage at your site. If this happens, the consequences can be devastating. In some cases, the structural damage created by fire and water damage (from firefighting) result in losses from which the business may not fully recover. In most cases, fires can be extinguished before massive destruction occurs.

The Importance of Business Recovery Insurance

Business interruption insurance can aid in overcoming the difficulties that the commercial fire presented. Although companies that have insurance will experience significant challenges throughout the restoration process, it is easier for them to recover. In general, business interruption insurance costs around 10% to 20% more than the owner's current premium. Because no company is completely immune to fire damage, it is prudent for every commercial property owner to consider the value of purchasing this insurance.

Preventing Commercial Fire Damage

Business owners can implement numerous prevention strategies that decrease the property's susceptibility to commercial fire damage. By being diligent, commercial fire damage can also be greatly mitigated, thereby limiting downtime. Some of these strategies include:

  • Avoiding the storage of flammable materials
  • Checking smoke alarms and fire extinguishers to ensure that they work properly
  • Devising and implementing a fire evacuation plan
  • Ensuring that your appliances are off when no one is present
  • Verifying that your machinery is in working order
  • Ensuring that all backup drives are stored in a fireproof safe

Trust The Trained Technicians Of SERVPRO

No property is immune from the impact and consequences of a commercial fire. Since this is so, knowing which commercial fire damage restoration company to call in the event of a fire is important. The team to call is SERVPRO. Our skilled technicians are IICRC certified in drying and cleaning office furniture and equipment and document drying. We offer comprehensive services, with thorough follow-up strategies, to ensure we get you back to work.

5 Fire Safety Cooking Tips

9/17/2020 (Permalink)

Young Man Using Red Fire Extinguisher To Stop Fire Coming From Oven In Kitchen Oven kitchen fire in a Boulder, CO home

Follow These Tips To Prevent a Home Fire

Kitchen and other cooking-related infernos are the number one cause of residential fires in the United States. Ensuring that you always follow proper fire safety protocol while cooking is especially important because these incidents are so common. Make sure that you always abide by the following tips to help prevent your kitchen in Boulder, CO, from falling victim to a fire.

1. Never Throw Hot Grease Into The Trash Can
Your garbage can is full of highly flammable objects and throwing hot oil in there with them is an excellent way to cause a grease fire. Proper grease disposal tips involve waiting for the grease to cool off before discarding it in a separate metal can.

2. Never Leave Your Cooktop Unattended.
Both electric and gas stovetops can easily cause fires if you don't watch them carefully. If you do need to leave the kitchen for any reason, make sure you switch the burners off before you do so.

3. Never Store Anything In Your Oven.
You can't always clearly see your oven's interior, so it can be easy to forget that you're keeping things in there. Neglecting to remove these flammable objects from your oven before preheating it can cause massive amounts of fire damage.

4. Never Wear Loose Clothing While Cooking.
You must avoid wearing any type of clothing that dangles over your grill or stovetop. All it takes is one mistake for your clothes to catch fire.

5. Never Store Combustible Items Near Your Cooktop.
It's important that you keep surfaces near your cooktop free of clutter. Flammable items, such as food wrappers and oven mitts, can easily catch fire if they're accidentally pushed into the burners.
The above fire safety tips can certainly help prevent a cooking-related fire from breaking out, but that doesn't mean that you're always completely protected. Accidents do happen, so it's important that you contact fire remediation experts if your home has suffered from a kitchen fire.

Commercial First Aid Kit Requirements

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

Flash light, sleeping bag, bottled water, first aid, portable radio, matches, medicine, band aids, whistle, blanket. Providing a properly stocked first aid kit in your building is vital

As a commercial building owner, it's your responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone who enters your building, employees, and customers alike. Providing an adequately stocked emergency first aid kit is the foundation of keeping a safe workplace environment. Read on to find out whether the emergency kit that your building in Louisville, CO, has on hand is up to code.

Minimum Required Items

The United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has listed clear guidelines regarding the minimum required items for each commercial building's emergency first aid kit. The mandatory supply list is as follows:

  • Two sets of differently sized gauze pads (4x4" and 8x10" respectively)
  • At least one package of 2" wide gauze roller bandage
  • A box of band-aids, including triangular-shaped bandages
  • Properly sealed moist towelettes, or another approved wound cleaning agent
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • At least one blanket
  • At least one pair of latex gloves
  • One roll of adhesive tape, minimum
  • Equipment to resuscitate an unconscious person(s), such as a resuscitation pocket mask, airway or bag
  • At least one splint
  • Two elastic wraps, minimum
  • Instructions that can properly guide one to request additional emergency assistance

Bear in mind that the emergency kit described above is adequate only for small work sites. This kit is stocked for approximately two to three employees. Worksites hosting larger numbers of employees must provide multiple emergency kits to account for the increase in personnel. Alternatively, you could increase the number of supplies provided in each kit so that it can adequately serve more people.
Providing a properly stocked first aid kit in your building is vital when it comes to ensuring employee and customer safety. You can always repair property damage or replace physical possessions, but human lives are irreplaceable. You want to make sure that your employees and customers are safe during natural disasters, such as severe storms or floods. Contact your local storm remediation experts for more information.

What To Do When You Find Mold in Your Rental Unit

8/17/2020 (Permalink)

Girl with hand on her head looking at mold in the top of the corner of a wall Mold damage in Edit, CO

What To Do When You Find Mold in Your Rental Unit

As a tenant, it is sometimes challenging to understand your rights and responsibilities, especially as it pertains to mold growth. While a tenant can be responsible for mold damage, most often, the issue stems from a plumbing problem, which is usually the responsibility of the landlord, meaning they should pay for the mold cleanup. However, you are not without responsibility when it comes to damage and notification. If you find mold, make sure you adhere to the following four steps.

  1. Look for water damage
  2. Mitigate further loss
  3. Notify your landlord
  4. Seek legal action

Look for Water Damage
Mold spores are everywhere, and you can not eliminate them. Fortunately, most spores never develop into colonies unless they have access to a water source. If you find mold in your rental unit, there is likely water damage somewhere close. Be sure to shut off any nearby water valve until a removal service has time to inspect the property.

Mitigate Further Loss
While you are not responsible for the mold cleanup, you will need to mitigate the further loss of your property. If you knowingly leave your property in a moldy area, then the landlord cannot be held liable for damages. Make sure you remove your items from the affected area, and that you do what you can to mitigate further loss.

Notify Your Landlord
Likely, a landlord did not know of the mold contamination, which means they need notification. When telling the landlord, make a record of your interactions through letters, texts, or email. The landlord should hire a mold remediation company in Edit, CO, to inspect and clean the property.

Seek Legal Action
If your landlord refuses to acknowledge a problem, you may need to take legal action. Make sure to discuss your options with an attorney, providing any proof of communications.
Most tenants are not responsible for mold cleanup, but they are responsible for notifying the landlord of the issue. If your landlord doesn't take appropriate action by hiring a mold removal company, then you have a right to sue.

What To Do When an Overflow Impacts Multiple Floors

8/17/2020 (Permalink)

Overflowing broken toilet The flooded toilet should be disinfected along with any other nonporous structures

Contain Flooding And Begin Remediation Efforts

Sewer damage is problematic under any circumstances. When it's on an elevated floor, it could get even more complicated. In that case, the moisture can easily spread below; what seems isolated could actually be more widespread. Business owners should work at once to contain flooding and begin remediation efforts.

1. Contact Insurance
Overflows and backups may be covered under your commercial property insurance policy, giving you some financial assistance. Speak to your agent immediately, detailing the specifics of the situation. Ask about your deductible and coverage limits. Then, discuss anything they need to be completed on their end.

2. Have an Inspection
Call a water and sewage company in Lafayette, CO, that specializes in restoration efforts. When more than one story is impacted, it's important to assess conditions thoroughly. Chances are that moisture permeated through the ceiling, running down the drywall. It could also have dripped into the downstairs flooring. These spots should also have prompt attention.

3. Focus on Minimizing Secondary Complications
Sewer damage, when permitted to linger, could lead to additional trouble such as mold and bacterial growth. The dampness acts as a catalyst for the microbes, encouraging breeding within one to two days. To avoid this from happening, concentrate on two areas: extraction and drying. Tear out any saturated, porous materials. Then, run dehumidifiers around the clock, pulling out any excess humidity. Once aired out, scrub everything down and apply disinfectant.

4. Seek Content Cleaning Help
The flooded toilet should be disinfected along with any other nonporous structures. Speak with the crews about how their high-tech equipment could be used to salvage upholstery, electronics, pictures, documents, and furniture.

5. Restore the Premises
Rooms should be rebuilt, replacing anything ruined. This may mean that walls are patched and painted; floors may be redone.
Proactive reactions are important when handling sewer damage. As quickly as possible, eliminate anything hazardous. Then, focus attention on drying and cleanup.

4 Crucial Storm Preparation Tips

8/6/2020 (Permalink)

Flash light, sleeping bag, bottled water, first aid, portable radio, matches, medicine, band aids, whistle, blanket. Build an emergency supply kit

Steps To Lessen The Severity of Damage To Your Home

Storms and floods are unpredictable and rarely occur with much warning. Flood water is capable of causing extensive damage to any home, but here are steps you can take to lessen the severity of damage to your home and your life.

1. Research Your Flood Risk
Wherever you live, it is a smart idea to research the flood risk in your area. It’s easier to prepare for something if you are aware of its potential to happen. If you are in a high-risk area for flash flooding, be aware of potential signs, like heavy rainfall. If you live near a large body of water, learn about the added risks there.

2. Prepare Your Home
Make a habit of regularly decluttering drains and gutters so that heavy rainfall flows away from your home unimpeded. If flood water is a frequent problem in your basement or your foundation is below the water table level, consider installing a sump pump with a battery.

3. Keep Your Important Items Safe
Keep important documents in a waterproof container to avoid losing them to water damage. Move valuable items to higher floors of your home or higher shelves.

4. Plan Ahead
Sign up for emergency alert systems in your community and maintain access to a device that can receive warnings from the Emergency Alert System. Create evacuation routes and shelter plans, and practice what to do in a flash flood. In case of a sudden evacuation, build an emergency supply kit including canned food, water, basic first aid supplies, a battery-powered radio, flashlight, batteries, and cell phone chargers.
Flood water can have a lasting impact. Beyond the obvious damage to the structure of your home, mold may also be an issue. If you did your best to prepare your home in Gunbarrel, CO, for disaster yet are still dealing with a flooded building from an unexpected storm, a storm damage restoration specialist can assess the problem.

How To Remove Black Mold From a Shower

7/21/2020 (Permalink)

White powder on a black background Borax is both an insecticide and a fungicide and will even kill black mold

Try the Following Methods To Get Rid of Mold

If you have unsightly shower mold in Gooding, CO, there are several effective methods you can try to get rid of it. Showers are a common place for mold to grow because they tend to stay moist even after the shower is no longer in use. This moisture gives mold the perfect opportunity to begin multiplying. Mold can easily take hold of grout, walls, or other porous surfaces in the bathroom. If you have mold in your shower, try the following methods to get rid of your mold for good.

1. Non-Toxic Mold Killer
White vinegar has antifungal properties and is non-toxic. You can pour some vinegar into a spray bottle and then easily spray your shower mold, even if it is growing on a vertical surface. If the vinegar smell is too strong, dilute it 2-to-1 with water. This ratio of vinegar to water will not lower the effectiveness of the cleaner. After spraying, scrub the area with an abrasive pad or toothbrush and rinse.

2. Mold Killer and Preventer
Borax is both an insecticide and a fungicide and will even kill black mold. It is toxic if you consume it, but it is perfectly safe to use on surfaces since it does not produce toxic fumes. If you leave the Borax on instead of rinsing it off, it can prevent new mold from forming.

3. Traditional Mold Killer
Clorox bleach is well known to sanitize just about anything, including moldy showers. If other methods do not work, or you don't mind the bleach fumes, you can mix one part Clorox to ten parts water to get rid of mold.
If you clean your own shower mold, be sure to wear gloves to protect yourself from the mold and from the cleaning agents. If your mold problem is more than you can tackle on your own, working with a professional mold remediation company will get your home back to its pre-mold condition as quickly as possible.

The 3 First Things to Do After Your Roof Is Damaged in a Fire

7/2/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damaged apartment building Fire damaged roof in a Ninemile Corner, CO building

The 3 First Things to Do After Your Roof Is Damaged in a Fire

After a fire, businesses in Ninemile Corner, CO, can feel shell-shocked. In a few minutes’ time, your entire life has changed – and now you’re faced with decisions that can’t be put off. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the fire cleanup you’re facing. If the fire gets into the roof, it often indicates an especially severe event.
Nevertheless, it’s useful to take a bit of time to clear your head. If everyone is safe, you’ve dodged the worst consequences. Your next step is to try to prevent further losses and reduce the time your business is closed. Here are 3 things you need to do to save money and make the process much less stressful after a fire damages your roof.

1. Stay Out
Even when the flames are completely out, there are plenty of ways to get badly hurt if you enter a building with a fire-damaged roof. Many items give off toxic fumes that are concentrated within the building. Plus, if the roof’s structural integrity has been impacted, it could collapse at any moment.
Use this time to access your insurance policy and contact a certified, local fire cleanup company. Also, make sure that someone is keeping an eye on the place 24/7 until there’s no chance of the fire restarting.

2. Cover the Exposed Areas ASAP
The restoration company you call needs to provide tarp services for all the exposed areas of your building as soon as it’s safe. This is essential to keep unwanted weather, critters, and humans from causing even more damage. They’ll also remove the excess water from the fire suppression efforts.

3. Review Your Insurance Policy
Once your building has been secured, the restoration company can help you with your insurance policy to determine what is covered, what isn’t, and if you have any riders that add protection, such as business interruption insurance.
Virtually all fire insurance will cover full roof repairs and the fire cleanup process. The fixed portions must visually match existing areas and meet all active building codes. SERVPRO restores commercial buildings “Like it Never Even Happened” after a large fire.

SERVPRO: Doing More Than Cleaning Up

6/20/2020 (Permalink)

air movers in a hallway Restoration services in a building

A disaster in the workplace can quickly bring your business to halt. Along with interrupting your daily operations, an incident such as a fire, flood, or mold growth can damage property and belongings. There can also be a lot of stress in the cleanup process and as you work with an insurance adjuster. If you hire the right professional disaster recovery company, you can enjoy a more positive experience.

What the Right Company Brings To the Table

If an emergency has affected your company, you can't afford to wait long for help. You need a competent team of professionals to get you back on track. At SERVPRO, you can have confidence because of these qualities:

  • Fast response and efficient work
  • Experience and skill
  • Good communicators with clients and insurance companies

Meeting Your Needs
The cleanup company's priority is to clean up your building, repair damaged items, and restore your property. The team will start by evaluating the extent of the damage and formulating a plan to rebuild. While you start to file an insurance claim, the company will remove water, clean damaged materials, and start to rebuild the structure as needed.

Working With the Insurance Company
After you make a claim, the insurance company will send an insurance adjuster to your workplace to assess the damage. The adjuster will note your losses and work closely with the cleanup company to determine how much it will cost to clean and rebuild your office. The restoration team will also discuss their timeline with you and the insurance company. The restoration company will also be a good point of contact for the insurance agent during the claims process.
After a disaster in your office, you'll have enough to worry about as you try to keep your business going. Let SERVPRO do the difficult work and stay in frequent contact with the insurance adjuster.

What To Know About Fire Alarm Maintenance

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Close Up Of Replacing Battery In Domestic Smoke Alarm Most professionals recommend changing the batteries at least once a year

Importance of Smoke Alarm Maintenance

After a fire, a local fire damage restoration service can help make repairs, but a working alarm can help you safely evacuate and contact the fire department. The sooner the fire is out the less damage your home may incur. This is why it’s important to maintain a smoke alarm in your Valmont, CO, home.

1. When to Check Batteries

Most professionals recommend changing the batteries at least once a year. In many cases, it’s advised to choose a set date, such as daylight savings, on which to do this to ensure the task is not forgotten. After the batteries are changed it’s a good idea to test the alarm to make sure it works. Most units have a test button which you can press to hear the alarm sound.

2. How To Clean Them

It’s also a good idea to regularly clean the smoke alarm. A good time to do this is while you are changing the batteries. You can gently wipe off the outside with a soft, dry cloth, and use compressed air to spray out any dust from the interior.

3. When To Replace Them

In most cases, the life space of a smoke detector is somewhere between eight and ten years. The manufacturer for your unit should be able to tell you more specifically. If you have an older alarm in your home you may want to consider replacing it with a new detector to help ensure the presence of a functional fire alarm in case of emergency.

Having a working smoke alarm in your home can help ensure you can get out of the house and contact the fire department in time to prevent massive damage. A restoration crew can then help with cleanup and repairs. Keeping your alarm functioning will require regularly changing the batteries, and keeping the unit clean. You should also replace any old units that may be in the home.

How the Pros Clean Sewer Lines

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Sewer cleaning. A plumber uses a sewer snake to clean blockage in a sewer line. Sewer cleanup can be extensive and complicated

Dealing with a plumbing issue at home is often a simple problem. Though annoying and inconvenient, you can handle many of these problems by yourself. In more severe cases, however, you may encounter sewage concerns. If there is a clog in your sewer line, or if the line is broken, you may need to hire a professional to get things working correctly again. A professional sewer cleanup company has the tools and skills to tackle this challenge.

How Sewage Backups Occur

A sewer backup isn't always a disastrous event. Sometimes, flushing the wrong items or too much toilet paper down the toilet can cause a blockage. Objects can accidentally fall into the toilet and make it partially down the sewage line.

How You Know You Have a Sewage Backup
There are a few clues you can follow to know it's time to call a professional for a sewer line inspection and sewer cleanup. You may notice that the toilet is overflowing when your shower, or the shower itself may back up. Other signs include:

  • Gurgling sounds coming from the drains
  • Water draining slowly in your sinks
  • Foul smells coming from your drains or toilet

Why Call the Pros?
You may not think a flooded toilet requires a professional. However, when you encounter raw sewage, it poses health risks to you and your family members. Professionals have the equipment and knowledge to find the source of the backups. The team also has the experience and skills to properly remove any obstacles or repair the damage.

What the Pros Do
Start by turning off the water source to your Erie, CO, home. A technician will then send a camera into the sewer line to get pictures of what is causing the backup. The team will then either clear out the blockage or repair any breaks in the line.
Sewer cleanup can be extensive and complicated. If you get help from the professionals, you can have the peace of mind you need.

What to do When Fire Sprinklers Malfunction

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Active fire sprinkler Sometimes excessive heat or frozen pipes can cause fire sprinklers to activate during the wrong time

What to do When Fire Sprinklers Malfunction

It's great to have fire sprinklers installed in your business should they ever become necessary. Unfortunately, sometimes excessive heat or frozen pipes can cause fire sprinklers to activate during the wrong time. This can cause flooding as well as thousands of dollars in water damage.
It is rare for these systems to accidentally go off, but if your fire sprinkler system does go off, there are steps you need to take to ensure you're protected with the least amount of damage.

1. Evacuate the Building
Make sure all employees and customers leave the building in a calm and orderly fashion to avoid injury. Electronic devices and outlets make your building an extremely dangerous environment when flooding water is present.

2. Turn Off the Water Source
The first thing you'll need to do is turn off the water supply coming into your building. The shut off valve will usually be located in the basement or along an outside wall. Knowing where the shut off valve is located ahead of time will allow you to act fast while saving your property and expensive equipment.

3. Leave the Sprinkler System Intact
Your insurance company is going to want to investigate the cause of the accidental activation. It's important not to damage the sprinkler system or mess with any of its components so the cause can be located and corrected.

4. Call a Restoration Company
Once the insurance company has been notified, call a restoration company so they can assess and mitigate the damage and take the best steps to get your business back to operational in as short of time as possible.
Any flooding disaster can be a stressful time for you as a business owner. Taking the right steps to protect people should be your biggest concern, as any property can be replaced. Your insurance company and the restoration company will be your partners in getting you back on track.

Which Cleaning Products Eliminate Mold?

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Cleaning products Which Cleaning Products Eliminate Mold?

Which Cleaning Products Eliminate Mold?

Bleach is an effective disinfectant, but chlorinated formulas are not effective for fungus cleanup. Products classified as biocides or fungicides as well as some common non-toxic household products can kill mold or discourage growth. Mold-resistant building materials or protective coatings can also be helpful for discouraging mold growth in a commercial building in Niwot, CO.

Fungicides and Sterilizers
The Environmental Protection Agency regulates products for use in eliminating mold. These formulas may pose a toxicity risk for humans or animals. The following types of products are rated to kill fungi:

  • Disinfectant
  • Fungicide
  • Sterilizer

While chlorine bleach is used to disinfect and sterilize surfaces, this solution does not penetrate into surfaces far enough to eliminate root-like mycelium or hyphae. If the roots of mold remain, an infestation may recur if conditions remain conducive to growth. Fungicides containing acetic acid or dimethyl ammonium chloride can eliminate mold from building materials.

Non-Toxic Cleaners
It may be possible to complete a fungus cleanup with non-toxic substances that are considered common household products. A 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide or 5% strength distilled vinegar may be used in mold cleanup without being diluted. Baking soda can also be mixed with water or vinegar. It may be necessary to leave these substances on a surface for several minutes or scrub to eliminate mold.

Mold-Resistant Materials
If mold is a recurring problem, it may be advisable to tear out and replace materials that support growth with antimicrobial or mold-inhibiting alternatives. Mold-resistant coatings can also be applied to many building materials.
To determine the best approach to solving a mold problem, the owner or manager of a commercial building should consult fungus cleanup specialists in Niwot, CO. Experts can perform testing to determine the extent of an infestation and recommend the most effective methods to cleanup mold based on the species, contaminated materials, and conditions inside a building.

What Do You Need To Make a Flood Damage Claim?

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Abandoned buildings were flooded. Flooded property in Boulder, CO

What Do You Need To Make a Flood Damage Claim?

An inundation of floodwater can severely damage a residence in Boulder, CO. Flood insurance coverage such as the policies available through the National Flood Insurance Program and private insurers are necessary to offset the costs of damage cleanup and restoration. All of the following components are essential for making a flood claim.

Flood Insurance Coverage
A flood insurance policy through the NFIP or a private insurer is necessary to file a claim for damage caused by outdoor flooding. Homeowners insurance policies tend to exclude all of the following causes of damage:

  • Backup from outside drains or sewers
  • Heavy rain
  • Overflowing bodies of surface water
  • Over-saturated ground
  • Storm surges

It may be possible to add an endorsement or obtain a rider to cover damage due to water backup. All of these other types of damage are only covered by a separate flood policy.

Documentation of Damage
Homeowners must document the full extent of damage to make a flood claim. Photographs or videos of the aftermath of flooding are sufficient proof. It is then important to take timely measures to mitigate flooding to limit the severity of secondary damage and reduce the risk of mold growth. There is no need to wait until an adjuster can arrive on-site, as this may take a long time when flooding has affected a widespread area.

Assessment by an Adjuster
An adjuster should visit the residence to assess the damage. Once the owner signs a proof of loss statement, an insurance claim can be processed and settled. The limit of the policy will determine the amount of coverage available for cleanup and restoration.
Insurance coverage for flood damage and proof of damage is necessary to make a flood claim. A successful claim can cover most of the cost of cleanup, restoration, and replacement of irreparably damaged building materials and contents at a residence in Boulder, CO.

Avoid Lingering Odors from Flooding

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Floor wet, products of store on the floor. Concept storm damage on a store Storm damage in Louisville, CO

When a business in Louisville, CO, experiences water issues, the problem isn’t just the wetness. Even after the issue seems to have been resolved, lingering odors mean there is likely mold growth happening. If the cause was flood water, there are likely other contaminants that could be left behind if not properly cleaned. Whether it’s a little or a lot of water, a water and mold remediation expert can ensure your property is thoroughly dried, cleaned and sanitized.

Residual Effects of Water Damage

A severe storm, pipe burst, sewage loss or roof leak are just a few potential causes of water damage. No matter what the source is, getting it repaired as quickly as possible is essential to preventing further problems. If the damage continues to spread, it can easily turn into more than just a moisture problem. Along with having to throw away damaged belongings, structural and long-term problems can begin to form.

  • Mold growth can begin to happen with 48 hours. If the situation isn’t revolved, mold spores will begin to spread to unaffected areas.
  • Drywall and ceilings can begin to sag and lose integrity.
  • Electrical components can begin to corrode, creating potential safety hazards.
  • Saturated insulation can increase mold growth, as well as loses its ability to resist heat.
  • Wood floors can easily become warped, as well as be breeding grounds for mold.

Advanced Tools Eradicate Lingering Effects

In most of the above, mold is a key issue. Instead of hoping for the best or replacing items, which can get expensive, a restoration company can restore many things that are considered unsalvageable, repair affected areas, eradicate mold and deodorize to ensure those lingering effects aren’t able to linger. Depending on the type of damage, there are various cleaning methods to eliminate mold growth and odors, all of which use the latest technology to get your business back to new.
While dealing with water damage may seem like a hassle, leaving it unchecked will make it a much bigger problem. Getting the right help can help make it “Like it never even happened.”

Why You Shouldn't Clean Puffback Soot Yourself

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Background of puffback, with the phrase Avoid Puff back Puffback damage occurs when an oil furnace misfires

Puffback damage can leave a mess that extends far beyond your heating unit. In extreme cases, it can be found throughout many rooms and even inside small crevices like drawers. Although it may look like a fine, powdery substance that can easily be wiped away, it is actually quite difficult to remove. As a business owner in Boulder, CO, you will need to hire the help of professionals to get the debris cleaned and your HVAC system running smoothly again.

Why You Shouldn't Clean It Yourself

Puffback damage occurs when an oil furnace misfires. The resulting black material that is left behind contains oil, making it extremely difficult to remove from surfaces. During small explosions, it may be contained to the furnace itself, but larger events may result in the black, gooey substance covering a variety of surfaces:

  • Walls
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Furniture
  • Carpet
  • Artwork

Trying to clean these materials after a furnace puffback can result in further damage. By using the wrong cleaning agent or technique, you could actually make the damage worse by causing it to go deeper into the material.

Steps To Take

The best way to get the process going is to assess the damage to your building. Since soot can travel throughout the ventilation system, you will need to check each room that is connected to the system. Look for black soot around vent openings. If found, search throughout the room for additional damage. Remember to check inside closets and drawers, while being careful not to rub the soot further into the surfaces.
Once you have an idea of the severity of the puffback damage, call your insurance agent, a trained HVAC technician, and a professional restoration company to clean, deodorize, and restore your property to its original condition. Experts have the skills and knowledge to effectively clean each type of surface material while avoiding further damage to your belongings.

Your Louisville Home Can Be Restored To Pre-Damage Condition After A Flood

4/6/2020 (Permalink)

24/7 service icon on black background Our (303) 604-6607 is answered 24/7 to assist you in your emergency and leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

Your Home In Louisville Is Vulnerable To Flood Damage

Flood damage is not unheard of in Colorado, even if it is not the most top of mind natural disaster in the region. In 2013 the damage was significant, and homeowners should prepare to handle this threat should the need arise. Protecting your home from a flood involves more than securing shelter and supplies; it also entails preparing for the restoration process. Identifying a professional team to help you overcome the devastation caused to your home is the first step towards returning your home to normal.

Expert knowledge of water damage and restoration is essential when there is flood damage to your home in Louisville. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC-certified to handle the toughest situations, even when large geographic areas are affected. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to make effective decisions to mitigate your losses, which is vital when timeliness is of the essence.

When you look at the damage caused to your home, you may wonder how our SERVPRO team will be able to restore it. Our truck mounted pumps are especially helpful in extracting a large volume of water, as are submersible pumps. At the same time, we are removing water; we are also disposing of contaminated materials such as upholstery and carpets which have been contaminated by bacteria and organisms carried by flood water. Rest assured that our team is well-versed on the regulatory concerns surrounding the disposal of these materials, so you don't need to worry about it.

Disinfection is as essential as drying your property. Not all disinfecting solutions are the same, and a one-size-fits-all approach is not an industry best practice. Our SERVPRO crew is formally trained on the different cleaning solutions available in the industry, and their application and this knowledge help us optimize the cleaning process.

Flooding is not trivial, but SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is ready to help. Our (303) 604-6607 is answered 24/7 to assist you in your emergency and leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

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What To Know About Removing Mold from Household Items

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Black mold growth on wall Mold damage should only be dealt with by a professional

What To Know About Removing Mold from Household Items

If you discover mold in your Lafayette, CO, home, then it’s time to contact a professional for a mold cleaning. A remediation service can not only help remove mold from the property, but they will have a variety of ways to clean your personal items as well. Here’s what you may want to know.

1. A Professional Should Be Contacted

In the event you believe you may have mold in your home, it’s best to contact a mold remediation service as soon as possible. These professionals can look over your home and perform mold testing to find out where any spores may be. They can also identify any affected items and use the appropriate cleaning methods to remove any mold from them as well.

2. Items May Require Different Cleaning Methods

It’s important to note that depending on material type your items may require different mold cleaning solutions. Fortunately, the professionals working on your space should have the materials to do so. Solid, non-mechanical items can be soaked in a liquid solution, while fabric items may need to be washed. Upholstery cleaners may be used on furniture, and other items may require more involved treatment methods.

3. Cleaned Items Should Be Stored Separately

After the mold damage affecting your household items has been removed, it’s best to keep these items in a safe mold free area until the remediation can be finished. Doing so can help prevent spores from recontaminating the items. Some remediation services offer content storage so you may want to talk to the professionals working on your home about what they recommended.

When it comes to mold cleaning, it’s recommended to contact a professional for help. They can remove mold from your home as well as your personal items. It’s important to remember that different items may require different cleaning methods depending on item type, and any cleaned items should be stored safely away from the infested area until the remediation process is complete.

Coronavirus Preventative Cleaning

3/23/2020 (Permalink)

Employee in PPE Don't wait to have your space disinfected.

Preventative Cleaning Services

During this unprecedented time caused by the global pandemic of COVID-19, this is a reminder that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards. SERVPRO ensures that every technician on the job is highly trained and ICRC certified. 

Disinfect Your Business

We are prepared to clean & disinfect your business. By following protocols set forth by the CDC. Our team has many years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis. 

The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include: 

  • Food Areas 
  • Bathrooms 
  • Schools
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Spaces 
  • Water Fountains 
  • Shelving
  • Sales Counters 
  • Carpets & Rugs 
  • Stair Handrails 
  • Elevator Cars 
  • Playground Equipment 
  • Fitness Equipment 
  • Banks
  • ATM's

Hospital Grade Disinfectant

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities. 

Call Today for a Proactive Cleaning 

If your commercial space needs deep cleaning services, call the experts today – (303) 604-6607

When A Flood Brings In Dangerous Contaminants Into Your Boulder Home Our Team Is Your Best Option!

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Flooding in luxurious interior. 3d creative concept If you experience a flood inside your property, it is never wise to wait to get help.

Flood Damage Can Bring Dangerous Contaminants Into Your Boulder Home

When seasonal storms hit, they can bring high-speed winds and intense rains, which can cause flood damage to your property. These severe winds can tear shingles off the roof of your home, knock over trees, and even carry debris if they're strong enough. The rain can cause rushing flood waters to run throughout the streets and, as they cover increasing amounts of ground, they can pick up materials that are not sanitary. Petroleum gas, sewage, littered garbage, and animal remains are just a few examples.

If this contaminated black water gets inside, it can cause flood damage in your Boulder home as well as risk the health of you and any other residents. Blackwater is not safe to interact with, and it is essential for you to call for professional help as soon as possible. Fortunately, there is help close to your home that is always willing and able to help.

When SERVPRO receives your call, we make an effort to travel to your property as soon as possible. We understand how much black water can impact your home, and the sooner we arrive, the more likely we are to save belongings. As it is, all carpets that have been contaminated must be thrown away, as there is no way to guarantee their cleanliness.

Our SERVPRO technicians can begin the remediation while wearing special protective suits so that we can handle the black water without worry. We can use tools such as extractors, portable submersible pumps, and wet/dry vacuums to remove excess water from the first floor of your home. Once the majority of the water is gone, our techs can begin cleaning up any debris and sanitizing the area, cleaning your floors, walls, and any wooden furniture.

From there, SERVPRO can use moisture meters to check if the levels are higher than they should be. If they are, we can use more equipment to dry the area, such as axial fans and dehumidifiers. Once we're sure your home has been returned to its pre-flooded state, SERVPRO can leave your home.

If you experience a flood inside your property, it is never wise to wait to get help. Get in touch with SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville by using the number (303) 604-6607. We are available 24/7 to send our technicians to your home.

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Why You Should Hire Professional Restoration Services

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Building burning down SERVPRO Offers A Stress Free Fire Damage Restoration Process in Boulder.

SERVPRO Will Restore Your Fire Damaged Home

Many homeowners believe fire damage could never transpire on their residential property, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, every home is susceptible to fire. Colorado is a region that generates a large number of wildfires in any given year. The best way to limit fire damage restoration costs and remain calm in the face of a fire is knowing what actions to take to optimize and expedite the restoration process. You should call a team of professional fire damage restoration specialists like SERVPRO to start and complete the remediation work. There are several reasons that doing so is an important and effective course of action. Here are three of them:

Water Removal and Water Damage Repair. When firefighters extinguish the flames, the result is typically excessive water in your house. This accumulated water can do extensive secondary damage to your home, which is why securing water removal and water damage repair services is so important. Our water & fire damage technicians can remove the standing water from your structure with speed. Truck mounted powerful water pumps, portable and ride-on water vacuums begin the extraction to minimize wicking and absorption of water into walls, ceilings, furniture, and carpeting. Typically, they will make use of specialized equipment like dehumidifiers and industrial air movers to accelerate evaporation and the removal of moisture from the air.  

Soot And Smoke Removal?. The soot and smoke residue resulting from the incomplete combustion of the fuel source (your house) requires professional care. Do not attempt to clean or wipe off soot from surfaces, staining will occur that increases overall restoration efforts and costs. Our IICRC certified trained technicians have special equipment, cleaning agents, and chemicals for this task. Smoke can travel throughout the structure (that is why HVAC must be off) causing smoke and odor problems in unaffected areas of your house. Several types of specialized foggers capture the odors and then also eliminate the sources of these odors. Masking poor air quality is not a viable remediation.

Property Restoration. Unfortunately, the smoke, soot, heat, water, and flames can cause severe fire damage to your belongings and house structure. SERVPRO will work with you and your insurance agent to develop an appropriate action plan to restore your possessions and property as quickly as possible. We offer full-service fire damage restoration and will even work with any contractors of your choosing.

Once your property has been impacted by water and fire damage, it's important to secure the professional fire damage restoration services of SERVPRO. Doing so will limit further damages and save you money on repairs. Our aim is to make this difficult time stress free, keep you informed of procedures and results, and have a final walk-through with you to ensure your total satisfaction. We will, whenever possible, restore your Boulder property to pre-fire loss condition--"Like it never even happened."

Locally Owned, with National Resources

SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville is locally owned and operated. When you have a fire or water emergency, we’re already nearby and ready to help. Call us 24/7 for assistance. (303) 604-6607

Watch Out for Signs of Mold Damage in Boulder

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Black mold in the corner of a white wall Mold Growth Is Sometimes Not Visible in Boulder Properties, Need Help? Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Tips and Remediation When Mold Invades Your Property

There are many ways you might be able to tell if your home has suffered at the hands of mold damage in Boulder. While mold grows silently and in dark places, it also gives away its presence to many homeowners through several key indicators of growth. A wise and wary resident may be able to recognize these symptoms as signs of mold growth and react accordingly by contacting a company like SERVPRO to safely and effectively eliminate the mold growth at its source. Here are a few signs that could indicate the presence of mold in your home.
A Strong, Musty Odor

Perhaps the single most crucial factor in identifying mold damage in Boulder is your sense of smell. Many of the most common types of mold emit strong, musty odors that can leak through materials and indicate a substantial mold colony in an area. If you at any point identify a strange and musty smell emanating from walls, ceilings, or floors, this could be a critical sign of mold damage to your home. Wall cavities offer dark, non-circulating environments for dormant mold spores to proliferate when moisture buildup occurs.
Blocked HVAC Systems

While many factors can block up your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, one of the most common inhibitors can be mold growth. Mold takes easily to ventilation systems because they present a dark, temperature-regulated environment free from disturbances aside from patterned, predictable winds. If you go to replace an air filter and find it covered in mold, this could indicate a much more extensive colony somewhere in your HVAC system. SERVPRO can clean out the ductwork and spray antifungal agents within the conduits.
Deteriorated Materials

If you find patches or areas of deterioration in the home that are inconsistent with natural age and weathering factors, these could indicate the presence of mold in the home. While live mold colonies should still be visible on the surface, dead colonies may leave behind only ruined materials as any evidence of their presence. SERVPRO technicians are always careful to scan the property for signs of additional damage in these cases, to ensure that the mold did not just relocate to another part of the home. Discovery of moisture sources is crucial to the prevention of future fungal attacks.
SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is a local provider of home damage mitigation and restoration solutions that can help you to overcome any damage mold may cause to your property. Call us at (303) 604-6607.

Visit the local museum here.

Complete These Steps After a Storm

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As the rain came down, the waters rose in Edit, CO, pushing the overflow into your establishment. Now, you have drenched baseboards, leaking ceilings, and so many questions. Where do you begin the tear out? How much loss have you really incurred? It's a crazy time, for sure. Over the next few weeks or months, focus on fixing the chaos, getting your place back up and running. As you work with specialists and insurance, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Look for Common Issues

Water damage can impact multiple areas of the building, developing expensive and time-consuming complications. Act swiftly and safely, working with field experts. You'll need to have a water and mold restoration company inspect the premises for any of the following problems:

  • Inventory loss
  • Bacterial hazards
  • Mold growth
  • Roof leaks
  • Electrical danger
  • Structural trouble
  • Plumbing issues

First Steps

If working with insurance, file a claim and have the restoration company work with the agency to determine the time frame and payment. In addition, your remediation team should test the premises, evaluating the need for clean up and repair. They may take air samples as well as pieces of the walls and ceiling, looking for microbial infestations. Furthermore, during this time, staff members decide which wet, porous items bear high contamination, requiring tear out procedures. This often impacts carpeting, upholstery, and building materials. Then, they'll begin drying, sanitizing and salvaging whatever else they can.

Final Process

Once the rooms are aired out, preventing unnecessary mold development, the storm restoration employees finish wiping everything down and replace anything that was lost. New flooring is often installed as well as patching and replacing drywall. A fresh coat of paint is probably needed, and the area is put back together.
In the midst of a disaster, you can see a future. You may lose something now from the tear out, but you'll get something new in return. Eliminate contamination, scrub the sections and get back to work.

Home Care: How to Diagnose Plumbing Sounds

2/18/2020 (Permalink)

Leaky pipe A pipe break incident is never too far away

Unexpected plumbing sounds are not only annoying, but they are also an early warning sign of a developing plumbing issue. You can safely ignore one-time events; however, when the weird noises keep going all day, a pipe break incident is never too far away.

Here Are Some Typical Plumbing Sounds:

  • Whistling
  • Water hammering
  • Squeaking

Whistling Sound
Whistling is the most common plumbing sound reported by homeowners in Gunbarrel, CO. It happens when you turn on a valve or faucet or when the toilet tank is refilling. Generally, the sound comes whenever water flows through an obstruction or narrow opening at high pressure.
To fix this problem, open the faucet and replace the washer and brass screw. If it is a toilet tank, consider replacing the entire ballcock mechanism to get rid of the problem completely.

Water Hammering
Water hammering is another common plumbing noise that screams “incoming pipe break.” It happens when pressurized water meets a dead stop, such as a closed valve. Water slams on the blocking fixture and reacts by banging the sides of the pipes, causing the hammering sound.
The easiest solution to this problem is finding the source and placing rubber between the pipe and wood. You can also use pieces of wood or air chambers to cushion the pipes from impact, reducing the risk of a pipe burst.

A quick solution for squeaking in copper pipes would be to lower the temperature at the water heater. They tend to expand when heated, and that could result in rubbing with studs and joint brackets. You might also want to install a pressure regulator to fix broken pipe issues permanently.
That said, it is worth noting that plumbing noises usually end in a pipe break. Please take it as a warning and have a licensed plumber fix the issues as soon as possible to avoid expensive water damage in the future.

Tips for Making a Home Fire Escape Plan

2/18/2020 (Permalink)

Evacuation plan of a home Make and practice a fire preparation plan for your home in Edit,CO

Tips for Making a Home Fire Escape Plan

No family wants to think about a fire destroying its home. Yet a blaze can take over a house without warning. That is why you need to come up with a fire escape plan. Below are some tips for doing so.

1. Make a Floor Plan and Mark Exit Routes
Start by gathering the family together and mapping out a floor plan of your home. Make sure that everyone knows two ways out of each room. You should also mark the various escape routes and the locations of the smoke alarms.

2. Choose a Meeting Place
Your family needs to know where to go once outside. Pick out a meeting spot that is a safe location away from the house. This area should be marked on your fire escape plan, as well.

3. Make Your Address Visible
If a fire occurs in your Edit, CO, home, emergency responders need to locate your house immediately. This can be hard if your address number is not easily visible. If your house number is hard to see from the road, consider painting it on the curb in front of your home.

4. Emphasize That Everyone Needs To Stay Outside
It can be tempting to run back inside a burning home to save valuables. Make sure your loved ones know that their safety is the most important, and that they should stay outside once they escape. After all, you can always hire fire restoration specialists to repair any damaged items in the home.

5. Put the Plan Into Action
Ideally, you should practice the fire escape plan twice a year. Try doing a drill at night to see if anyone in the household sleeps through the smoke alarm. You can then assign another family member to wake that person up during a true emergency.
A home fire can be scary and devastating. However, if you make and practice a fire preparation plan, your family will know what to do if disaster strikes.

The Three Most Common Secondary Damages

1/31/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth in a window frame Secondary damage in Gooding, CO

Three Common Types of Damage to Avoid

Bursting pipes and other causes of water damage don't just leave your floors and walls saturated with water. As moisture seeps below flooring and into the drywall, there's also the potential for secondary damages that often go unseen until they've spread throughout your building. It's important to act quickly to avoid these secondary problems. There are three common types of damage to avoid:

  • Rust and Corrosion
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Rot

Your best chances of preventing these problems involve contacting water damage restoration professionals in Gooding, CO.

Rust and Corrosion

When water affects metal and items that contain metal, there's the potential for various forms of corrosion. When moisture comes into contact with iron, oxides form that lead to the familiar appearance of rust. Mechanical materials that come into water and oxygen suffer short-circuits in wiring and the degradation of materials.

Mold and Mildew

After the water from bursting pipes has all been soaked up and removed, tiny pockets of hidden moisture can still lead to the growth of mold or mildew. This form of secondary water damage Gooding, CO occurs when there isn't enough ventilation and just a little bit of humidity.

Rot and Decomposition

There are various sources of rot within the bacteria and fungi systems. Standing water or slow-moving water can cause wood and wooden furnishings to break down. Prevention, such as sealing the wood, is the best way to avoid this type of damage. Treating it after water damage occurs usually requires the efforts of professionals with repair and restoration experience.
As soon as you notice even a small leak, take action to prevent damage. Your quick response can prevent corrosion, mold, and rot, as well as structural damage, ruined furnishings, and electrical issues. Protect the well-being of your commercial properties by learning as much as you can about preventing trouble (such as a simple fix broken pipe step) to avoid water damage.

5 Tips for Preventing Mold in Your Business

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Black mold on corner of a wall Black mold growth in Ninemile Corner, CO

5 Tips for Preventing Mold in Your Business

Having to remove mold from company property could mean shutting down while the area is quarantined to prevent spore spreading as the problem is taken care of. But when it comes to your Ninemile Corner, CO, business mold prevention before the problem occurs can be an important step to keeping everything up and running. Here are five steps to consider.

1. Know Your Weather

Knowing what weather you can expect in your area can allow you to stay up to date on maintenance. For example if a storm is coming in and you know an area of the property is undergoing repair work, you can take steps to cover over the space and protect it from potential water damage.

2. Know At Risk Locations

Most mold growth prefers dim and damp conditions. This means you can seek these areas out on the company property in order to check them for possible mold first. In most cases these may be spaces where these is plumbing, or areas which experience frequent weather. Also check areas where water damage has occurred.

3. Use Regular Maintenance

Another mold prevention step includes regularly maintaining the property. This will allow you to know what conditions are normal so you can spot any potential problems and take care of them before larger issues arise.

4. Make Repairs Quickly

When it comes to water damage, it's important to make repairs as quickly as possible. Letting water sit can create the habitat mold prefers to grow in. Be sure to dry the area thoroughly if water problems occur.

5. Contact a Professional

When it comes to mold it’s always best to contact a local mold remediation professional if you believe you have a problem. Not only can they test for mold, but if any is found they can have it removed. Remember, the sooner you contact them the quicker the process may take as when left alone mold may spread.
These five mold prevention tips could help you save valuable time by mitigating the problem before it starts. Know your local weather, understand where mold grows, regularly maintain the property, make quick repairs, and don’t hesitate to talk to a professional.

How Disaster Response Helps With the Insurance Claims Process

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a young man in suit in his office showing an insurance policy and pointing with a pen where the policyholder must to sign What your insurance covers and won't cover

You lead a business, so you have enough on your plate as it is. Imagine what would happen if a disaster him your building in Gooding, CO. You'll worry about your safety and that of everyone at work. You'll also be concerned about cleanup costs and the amount of time it will take to get your office back to a proper working condition. Hiring a storm restoration company and filing an insurance claim are two essential elements following an emergency. The two companies can work together to ensure a quick and effective process.

What Your Insurance Covers and Won't Cover

Your commercial property insurance should cover flood damage if it occurred because of a burst pipe or defective appliance. Fires and damage from theft or vandalism are also part of your plan. Unless you have supplemental flood insurance, you won't get coverage from the following:

  • Damage due to neglect or lack of maintenance
  • Sewage backups
  • Overflowing waterways

Act Quickly

Responding to flood damage isn't something you want to put off for a moment. The sooner you can get in touch with your insurance company and a disaster recovery team, the sooner you'll have your business up and running again. A fast response will also move the insurance claims procedure along nicely and smoothly.

The Advantages of Working With Competent Professionals

The best cleanup companies have individual local franchises, along with corporate support. The local crews can get to your office quickly for storm response and start assessing the damage and cleaning up. Meanwhile, the team at the corporate headquarters can provide any other resources the technicians may need. Corporate officials can also communicate with your insurance company to make sure the agents have everything they need to correctly process your claim.
For storm response or other disaster cleanup needs, professional help can have you back in one piece soon. Even after significant damage, you can rest assured that the right people will exceed your expectations.

3 Ways to Keep Your Property Safe After a Fire

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Commercial building board up on windows and door Invest in a security fence, board up holes and connect with a fire clean up firm

As bad as a business fire can be, suffering further damage by weather, animals or vandals can make things much worse. From getting a security fence to securing data, learn what steps you need to take to keep your Valmont, CO, business safe while you recover from a fire.

What Are the Risks?

Property owners can’t be blamed if they don’t worry about security a burnt property. After all, what threats are there? It turns out plenty. What follows is a list of some of the most common threats.

  • Vandals
  • Weather
  • Identity thieves

Now you know some of the risks. Keep reading to learn how to minimize them.

Secure Data

Depending on the type of business, personal data may be one of its most invaluable assets. Things like credit card information or even medical records are gold to would-be identity thefts. Before you leave your fire-damaged property, be sure to remove these sensitive materials and take them to a secure place off-site.

Bad Weather

The only thing worse than a fire-damaged building is one that’s soaked in storm water, snow or some other precipitation. After the fire, place a heavy-duty tarp over roof holes and board up windows to prevent weather from getting in and causing new damage.

Secure Against Thieves

Vandals look for any minimally occupied property to cause mischief. That can range from trying to steal furniture and hardware to simply creating a spray-painted mess. This is one time when a good security fence can come in handy to keep new damage or losses to a minimum.
Nobody wants to deal with a property fire or its aftermath. Make things a little easier on yourself by preventing new problems from vandals or even Mother Nature. Invest in a security fence, board up holes and connect with a fire clean up firm to learn more tips to keep your business safe.

Should You Throw Away Everything After a Flood?

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Inside of a flooded building Flooded building in Erie, CO

Should You Throw Away Everything After a Flood?

When water invades your business in Erie, CO, it could cause several problems: Valuables become ruined, mold could grow and structures might deteriorate. Faced with such financial devastation can be emotionally difficult, leading owners to wonder what can be salvaged and what should be tossed. Fortunately, water restoration companies have content cleaning specialists. These professionals provide guidance, helping to save items you may think are goners. Consider the following points as you deal with your store's flooding.

1) Why Is Water Problematic?

When a flood invades your building, it often brings with it contamination. For example, water from sewer pipes, rivers or toilets can host bacteria and viruses. All of these are hazards to your establishment. If left alone, they simply create more work and hassle. Using basic supplies or simply drying them out does not eliminate the pollutants.

2) What Is Recoverable?

Before you put everything in the dumpster, discuss content cleaning with the remediation team. They may be able to save you money by restoring some materials. One of the first considerations is whether the article absorbs liquid. For example, porous things such as carpeting, pads and drywall need immediate removal. Don't take a chance on allowing microbes to fester. Non-porous equipment, however, may receive specialized treatment. Restoration crews now have techniques to rescue documents, paintings, and electronics.

3) What Are the Procedures?

The companies do more than wipe objects down. With high tech capabilities, they eradicate the germs from black water. Gamma irradiation, for instance, can be used to sterilize the documents. Then, their employees can digitize them, preventing the issue from happening down the road. Computers and servers need specific attention. Have it sanitized outside, and get their electricians to evaluate and fix the internal components. Vacuum freezing is also available, working to keep the paper's integrity.
All is not necessarily lost when flooding occurs. It's possible, with specialized assistance, that you can save valuables. Simply ask content cleaning technicians what resources are available.

Beginner’s Guide to Water Damage

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Flood cuts performed in a living room of a home and there is drying equipment Drying equipment in a Niwot, CO home

How Can a Little Clean Water Can Cause So Much Trouble?

One of the worst problems any Niwot, CO, homeowner can face is flooding from a pipe burst. Inexperienced homeowners may not understand this until their water damage results in a mold problem.

Quick Response Is the Key to a Speedy Recovery

After the flood, your top priorities are to fix the water line, contact the insurance company and bring in water damage remediation professionals. When they arrive, your job is to get out of the way. Until then, recruit as much help as possible and put everyone to work on the following tasks:

Remove as much free-standing water as possible. Wet vacs and rug shampooers are excellent tools for this. When the puddles are gone, switch to mops. Every drop of water that you remove with vacs and mops is a drop that does not further damage the woodwork.
Deploy as many fans, dehumidifiers and air conditioners as you can borrow or rent. The fans will help put moisture into the air. The dehumidifiers and air conditioners will take it out of the air and remove it from your home. Equipment placement will probably be temporary because the cleaning professionals will bring their own.
Remove wet carpets, fabrics, leather and papers. These items can continue to cause damage after the pipe burst repair is complete. Dispose of everything that can go. Send some out for restoration. Leave the rest for the professionals to handle.
Remove undamaged furniture and other movable items from the wet area. This will include pictures, paintings and other wall hangings. Also move video, audio and other electronic equipment. A temporary alternative to removing furniture is to put it up blocks to ensure that they don’t become damaged as the water spreads.

You Survived Another Crisis

A pipe burst is just one of many challenges that homeowners can face. It’s great to know that there are experienced recovery specialists to help you meet these challenges. They are local and only a phone call away.

When a Pipe Bursts in Your Louisville Home

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Leaking of water from stainless steel sink pipe on white background Broken pipes create headaches for homeowners. Call SERVPRO to restore your home to its preloss condition.

Water Cleanup in Louisville is Easier with Professional Assistance

Cleaning up a property damaged by water might not seem like a significant task especially when the water involved originates from a clean source. In practice, most Louisville homeowners establish many aspects that make the process harder to accomplish. Should a pipe burst in the ceiling or wall cavities, the water released collects dust and other debris which it transfers to other sections of the property. The water also soaks into fabrics such as draperies, area rugs, and upholstery among other things. Dyes in these fabrics can dissolve leading to stains.  

Help from a certified WRT, water restoration technician, like SERVPRO makes water cleanup in Louisville easier. We send a team of highly trained technicians who tackle different aspects of the cleanup process simultaneously. As we extract the water pooling around the property, we also handle stains in carpets because it is easier to remove them when wet. The water extractors that we use have both vacuuming and heating capabilities which helps further because heat quickens dissipation of some soils.  

The items in the affected areas complicate most clean up jobs. Apart from limiting movement, items such as furniture can also cause more problems if they have metallic stands that can rust or finishes that can dissolve in water. Our SERVPRO crew overcomes this obstacle easily by moving items away from the affected areas before starting the cleanup process. We can even move-out items to external storage facilities if the entire property is affected.  

Foul odors are common after water spills into a property, and several issues can cause them. The most common is microbial growth which only takes 24-48 hours to develop. Another cause is water pushing debris such as pet waste into hidden corners. Our SERVPRO crew takes measures to dry the property thoroughly after finishing the cleanup process. We also use phenolics and other antimicrobial cleaning agents during the cleaning process inhibiting mold growth from the start.  

Every water spill has unique challenges, but with an experienced team from SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville helping you, it is easy to deal with the challenges.

You can reach us at (303) 604-6607 any time. In the early 1900’s boys would start working in the mines around age 10.  Click here  to read more about Louisville’s history.

When Are Emergency Board Up Services Necessary?

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Abondonaded house, front windows and doors are protected with plywood. The process of emergency board up is simple but necessary if a window breaks before a storm or during some sort of disaster.

If your home in Niwot, CO, has recently experienced damage from a disaster such as a fire, severe storm, wind, or hail, you might be left with shattered windows and a compromised roof. If not addressed quickly, your house will be left vulnerable to the elements and even more damage can occur. When in this type of emergency situation, you will need tarp and board up services right away.

What Is Emergency Board Up?

The process of emergency board up is simple but necessary if a window breaks before a storm or during some sort of disaster. Shattered windows leave the inside of your house exposed and can lead to secondary damage. Since it is not always possible to immediately repair a window, plywood can be placed on windows to temporarily prevent further harm.

How Can Board Up Services Help?

There are several ways board up services can benefit you including:

  • Preventing storm damage by boarding up windows beforehand
  • Keeping your home intact while a remediation specialist does repairs
  • Detering vandals and thieves from entering
  • Ensuring you receive insurance coverage

Do You Need Roof Tarping Services?

In the case of fire damage or extreme wind, often your roof will experience damage in addition to your windows. Broken shingles or a weakened structure can allow water to make its way into your home or can cave in creating an unsafe environment. For this reason, many people will also need roof tarping services after an emergency. This includes placing a tarp over large gaps or broken areas of your roof.
When unable to immediately fix your home’s windows or roof after an emergency occurs, board up and roof tarping services can provide temporary protection for the interior of your home until the necessary repairs can be made. While you might hope you can get by without this service, the risk of further damage occurring is high. For this reason, it is essential you seek help right away.

Home Mold Testing Kits Have a Big Problem With Accuracy

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Home Mold Testing Kits Have a Big Problem With Accuracy

Indoor mold growth has been a big topic of discussion lately on popular home improvement shows. If you suspect a mold problem, you can find professional mold testers in Erie, CO, or can choose a do-it-yourself mold testing kit. Despite the almost-irresistible desire to use the DIY route, almost all consumer home testing kits are effectively useless.

Buying Snake Oil

It seems like everything comes with a DIY version today. Some are amazing – even life changing – while others are little more than a scam. Consumer mold testing is usually the latter, for reasons such as

Poor quality.
The sample matters much less than the inspection process.
Virtually all tests will show positive.

Mold is everywhere – there are millions of spores dancing right around you this moment. A DIY mold kit that has poor quality control or isn’t used correctly will almost always show a positive. Consumer reports recommends against using any of the available kits. Even mold remediation professionals, who stand to make money off false positives, recommend against using them.

Professional Inspectors Are Trained and Certified

An environmental hygienist has been trained, tested and certified to use carefully manufactured mold testing kits properly. This means choosing precise areas calculated for the correct airflow. Also, the majority of molds are harmless (or even beneficial) and testing for the right ones is critical for a legitimate determination.
According to the EPA, molds are split into two basic groups: (mostly) harmless outdoor molds and nasty water-intrusion molds. A certified hygienist can determine which type you have, and if it’s the type that must be cleaned up.
Once a qualified expert has determined you have a mold problem in Erie, CO, you need a respected mold remediation organization to inspect your home. They’ll locate the mold damage and trace the source of the contamination, which must be fixed as soon as possible. If left unchecked, mold will eat through the materials your home is built of and cause massive damage. Old homes that collapse inside themselves can thank mold for that! SERVPRO is Here to Help you with restoring mold damage back to its original condition.

The Risk of Flooding Is Substantially Greater After a Wildfire

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Wildfire Wildfire in Superior, CO

The Risk of Flooding Is Substantially Greater After a Wildfire

The risk of wildfire damage has increased considerably over the last few decades due to a few reasons, including overdevelopment, poor forestry management and climate change. As bad as the fires are, they don’t stop being problematic when the fire is over, in large part because flooding becomes considerably more likely afterwards.
To protect your home from this in Superior, CO, most experts strongly recommend that you purchase FEMA NFIP flood insurance soon. Also called the National Flood Insurance Program, it’s essential for a few reasons:

  • Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover floods.
  • At least 20 percent of claims come from property outside of the floodplain.
  • You are covered even if there’s no disaster declaration.

Wildfires Change the Natural Dynamics of the Lands They Scorch

Wildfires can be an important part of nature. Some seeds won’t germinate until they’ve been exposed to flame, and certain forests need them to clear out the underbrush. However, they have become far too frequent in recent years, substantially exceeding their normal role in the environment.
During heavy rains, vegetation that would normally absorb a huge amount of the water is destroyed by the fire, and, along with the ground not being able to take in the runoff due to the charred dirt, this sets up a potential disaster. Flooding damage is typically increased for up to 5 years after a wildfire, and with the increased frequency, regions affected just never get time to recover. That’s a key reason why FEMA NFIP insurance is so important to homeowners today.

Buy Flood Insurance Sooner Rather Than Later

FEMA NFIP coverage is essential not only to protect your assets, but for peace of mind. However, the law requires a 30-day waiting period between purchase and the effective date of coverage in almost all cases. If you wait until a disaster looms, you’re out of luck!

If your home has experienced any sort of storm or fire damage, you need a company with long experience cleaning up after the disaster in Superior, CO. SERVPRO is here to help homeowners get their lives back on track.

Some Warning Signs of Commercial Water Damage at Your Louisville Facility

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Conveyor belt carrying cardboard boxes Water damage at your factory can negatively impact production. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

The city of Louisville is home to many industrial parks and factories manufacturing products that reach a global market. The production of each of these facilities meets certain quota regulations and expectations, which makes it challenging to perform as expected when disasters impact the facility. For even smaller scale cleanup needs, your maintenance department might not have the skills and expertise to handle the situation as efficiently as your production deadlines require.

For water cleanup requirements in your Louisville factory, you need fast and professional restorers to extract the excess and dry the affected area as promptly as possible. Cleanup situations like this pose injury risks to the high volume of foot traffic throughout the facility from the employees and management. With slips, falls, and other hazards that could result from inadequately cleaned damages, insurance rates, and worker’s compensation claims could strike your profit margin directly.

Our SERVPRO technicians can respond quickly to the cleaning and restoration needs of local businesses to ensure that they can continue to serve their customers without delays. With isolated incidents in low trafficked areas of your facility, our team can even offer cleaning services and restoration practices after hours for a lessened impact on the work that you do throughout the day.

The technicians that arrive at your facility appreciate that you need the job done efficiently and correctly. We rely on industry-leading equipment to extract excess water quickly from the affected area and can get to work right away on drying out the damaged elements with the use of specialized equipment like air movers. We have premier cleaning options to make the situation “Like it never even happened.”

Your factory has expectations and quotas to reach. A water loss incident, regardless of its size, can affect your staff and these anticipated numbers directly. You can count on the rapid response and professional efficiency of our SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville water restoration technicians. You can reach our team anytime by calling (303) 604-6607.
Click here for more about Louisville.

What Is the Odor Removal Process After a Flood?

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Inside of a building flooded, documents are on the floor and some containers in the water Flooded building in Boulder,CO

What Is the Odor Removal Process After a Flood?

A flood can impact a business in Boulder, CO, in a variety of ways, and though many business owners think about the process of restoration after a flood, few people consider that mold growth can leave a musty odor behind after a flood. For a business owner, it can be useful to learn about odor removal after a flood.

1. Removal of Flood Water

After a flood has occurred, it's frequently important to remove water from your business, as allowing water to remain in your building can promote the spread of mold, which can then cause the odor to linger. There are various methods that can be used to remove water, though large amounts of water often require special equipment to remove. Once the water has been removed, airing out your building by opening windows can help to keep your property dry.

2. Transfer of Items Affected by Mold

When flooding occurs as a result of a storm, various items in your business may be affected by mold growth. In order to fully remove the musty odor mold frequently leaves behind, furniture, photos, documents and other items with mold must first be transferred elsewhere, as keeping moldy items in the building could increase the likelihood of the mold spreading. During this process, it can be useful to contact storm damage restoration experts who can help to remove and restore moldy items.

3. Cleaning and Sanitization

After the water from the flood and items affected by mold have been removed, your building will finally be sanitized and cleaned. Whereas cleaning primarily refers to making your property look presentable and neat, sanitization refers to disinfecting the affected areas. If water is contaminated due to sewage loss or other debris, sanitization is especially important. Professionals frequently use specialized methods and tools in order to restore your building to its previous state.

In order to fully restore a business, odor removal is often important. Common steps to remove the odor left behind by mold growth include removing from the building, transferring items affected by mold out of the building and sanitizing the building.

3 Things You Should Know About Fire Extinguishers for Your Home

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Man using fire extinguisher to put out a fire. Learning about extinguishers is often an important part of fire preparedness

Fires can cause major destruction to homes in Lafayette/Louisville, CO and a fire extinguisher is an important tool that can help you to prevent fire damage to your home. However, finding the right extinguisher can be confusing. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when getting an extinguisher for your home.

1. What Are the Different Types of Extinguishers?
Not every extinguisher is made the same, and it's often important to know the difference between each type of extinguisher. Class A extinguishers smother fires caused by wood or paper, whereas Class B extinguishers stop grease fires. Class C extinguishers put out electrical fires, and Class D extinguishers eliminate fires that involve combustible metals. Some extinguishers also put out more than one type of fire, such as an A-B extinguisher.

2. How Do You Know What Extinguisher To Purchase?
When choosing what fire extinguisher you want to purchase, it can be useful to consider the locations in your home. An A-B-C extinguisher is often useful for many locations in the home, as this type of extinguisher can put out several different types of fires. When searching for the right extinguisher, it can also be helpful to go to a store to see the size of the extinguisher you're planning to purchase in order to make certain that it isn't too heavy to lift.

3. Where Should You Keep Extinguishers?
If an extinguisher is not easily accessible, a fire can quickly spread. Homeowners with fire damaged homes often find it useful to contact emergency restoration services. However, you are more likely to stop a fire quickly if you have an extinguisher in the right location. In general, it's wise to keep an extinguisher in every area of your home where a fire is likely to happen, such as in kitchens, garages and laundry rooms.

You can feel more prepared for a home fire by knowing about the different types of extinguishers, making an informed decision about the type of fire extinguisher to purchase and appropriately placing each extinguisher in your home.

Preventing Fire Damage In Your Boulder Home From Your Wood Stove

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Roaring fire inside a wood burning stove in a rustic room If the stove is not installed correctly or up to the right standards, the result could be severe smoke and fire damage to your home.

With the colder weather approaching quickly in Boulder, you may soon be enjoying a relaxing night at home. However, it can instantly turn into a nightmare if your wood burning stove has not been adequately maintained. If it is not installed correctly or up to the right standards, the result could be severe smoke and fire damage to your home. Costs of an event like this can add up quickly due to access exterior and interior damage.

When your wood stove has caused a fire in your Boulder home resulting in fire damage to your structure, contact our technicians at SERVPRO as soon as the fire is out. By quickly bringing in hydroxyl radical generators and air scrubbing machines, we help to clean the air in your home, reducing how many particulates attach themselves to the furniture and walls of your residence.

When you are considering purchasing a wood stove, or if you have one installed already, it is imperative that you ensure it meets the recommended EPA requirements. You need to you have the contractor pull a permit to make sure they install the stove correctly.

Wood burning stoves require the proper maintenance and fuel. Hardwoods such as hickory, maple, ash, oak, or beech are the best fuel for a wood stove. It should be cut, split, and dried for a year at least before you burn it.

Clean your wood stove using a wire brush for the stovepipe and chimney once per year at least. High-temperature, controlled fires can occasionally be used to help keep it clean as well. You also need to avoid the buildup of creosote, a very combustible fuel which burns intensely.

In the case of a fire, our staff at SERVPRO take all the necessary measures to restore your home as much as possible. We analyze how much and what kind of smoke damage has been done since some smoke and fire types are stronger than other ones. After we do this, we figure out which of your possessions are treatable and which ones must be replaced before we remove items left behind from smoke and fire.

SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville has the experience and tools to restore your home after a wood stove fire properly. Residents in the areas of Louisville, Boulder, and Lafayette should give us a call at (303) 604-6607 so we can assist you in getting your life back on track.

Visit https://bouldercolorado.gov/ for more about Boulder.

Teaching Children How to Escape a House Fire

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Young mixed race woman in white dress crawls on ground by trees destroyed by wildfire while covered in ashes It is best to crawl to avoid inhaling smoke

House fires are responsible for the loss of many lives each year. Many of these people are children, and it oftentimes happens because children don't know how to escape. In order to ensure kids safety, teaching them a fire escape plan is important.

Preventing Fires

First of all, children's curiosity can sometimes lead to a home fire. For kids safety, make sure children understand the dangers of fire. Make sure they understand:

  • To never play with matches
  • To stay away from fire places and candles when lit
  • To alert an adult anytime a flammable item is found where it shouldn't be

Doing this can help children understand that fire is very dangerous, and that they should never view it as a toy.

How to Escape

If a child notices smoke or is alerted to a fire by a smoke detector, make sure they understand the safe way to get out. It is best to crawl to avoid inhaling smoke. Before opening a closed door, they should feel the door. If it is hot, then do not open the door. If their clothing catches fire, they should immediately stop, drop, and roll. This should help smother the flames.
Once they are safely outside, it is crucial that they understand that they cannot try to come back inside under any circumstances. Explain to them that other family members and pets can be rescued by firefighters, and that a fire cleanup expert can help salvage items. Any destroyed toys and other items can be replaced.

What to Do Outside

For kids safety, you should have a meeting spot for everyone once they have escaped the fire. Instruct them to stay there until given other instructions by a trusted adult, such as a parent or firefighter.
These tips can help your child be prepared for a home fire. Ask them questions regularly so you know they remember, and consider having drills routinely so they can practice the escape plan.

How To Create a Water Damage Claim

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Claim form for fill out Filing an insurance claim is a lot of paper work

How To Create a Water Damage Claim

Water damage in the home is a nerving situation. You don't want to let it sit, creating a potential mold issue; however, you also want to work with your insurance company to help with the coverage. Immediate action, therefore, is usually needed to fix the residence and so is prompt communication to file an insurance claim. Don't let the situation intimidate you. Get organized, and feel confident by keeping the following tips in mind.

1. Know Your Policy

Before calling your insurance company, locate your policy and review its information, paying close attention to your coverage. Know your deductible amount, if flood or water damage is covered and how much you'll receive for compensation. Some policies, for example, cover full cost of replacement; others, however, do not and could pay depreciation amounts.

2. Make Contact

If a pipe burst or the washer overflowed, promptly contact your insurance agent. Then, keep the person's name and claim number somewhere convenient, and create a file for all communications. Make sure you continue discussions through email, maintaining constant contact and receiving updates as needed.

3. Document Your Damage

For your insurance claim, you'll need to begin taking photos of your home and anything ruined during the incident, including personal items. As you remove things create an inventory list. Write out the name, model number and value for each possession. If you have receipts, scan it into the computer and attach it to an email as well. No receipt? That's okay, too. Go online, and look up a comparable product.

4. Get Estimates

Don't feel like you need to hold off for insurance to approve all the work. Discuss with the agent about the need for a water restoration company in Louisville, CO, to evaluate the property. The company could give you an estimate on the long-term damage, and they may be able to work on part of the issue right away. Just make sure you keep your receipts.
Filing an insurance claim is a lot of paper work. Just go one step at a time, and remember to maintain files and receipts. In time, your home can look as good as new.

3 Ways To Reduce Water Damage During Construction

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Bursting pipe Consider hiring a water removal company to repair your broken pipes.

When managing a construction site in Lafayette, CO, paying for water damage can be an expensive cost associated with building. Whether the outside elements get in through the unfinished structure, or you need to pay for water pipe repair, following these three basic tips may help you reduce water damage during the construction process.

1. Start With Proper Drainage

As you set up a new construction site, start with a good foundation to prevent water damage. Slope the landscape downwards and away from your project to prevent a flooded site. In the early days of building, good drainage will be helpful if unmarked plumbing is bumped and water pipe repair is needed.

2. Schedule Construction in Sequence

As you go through the building process, work from the outside in. Never begin interior jobs until the following can be verified:

  • Windows are installed and sealed
  • Doors are installed and sealed
  • Walls are fully insulated and enclosed
  • Roofing is complete

While scheduling issues may arise, don't compromise the integrity of the structure for timing concerns. Following the proper building sequence will not only reduce water damage during the construction process but will also help you maintain a high standard of quality in your work.

3. Store Building Materials Properly

If delays in the building schedule occur, and they often do, make sure you have a safe and dry location for storing building materials. If the materials are going to be stored on-site, train employees on proper storage techniques, including the following:

Raising materials off of the ground using pallets
Completely covering using tarps
Wrapping in plastic sheeting
Safely storing in an enclosed area away from potential water concerns

With careful planning and preparation, you can significantly reduce the amount of loss your construction project undergoes from water exposure. If you do experience the need for water pipe repair from a broken pipe, consider hiring a water removal company to help reduce the amount of damage that occurs.

3 Ways Flood Cuts Help With Storm Damage Restoration

9/17/2019 (Permalink)

Flood cut Flooding can cause a variety of damages to your Lafayette, CO, home

3 Ways Flood Cuts Help With Storm Damage Restoration

When violent storms impact your Lafayette, CO, home, knowing where to begin when it comes to cleanup and repair efforts can be difficult. Flooding ruins drywall, wood and other building materials; your home’s walls and floors may also absorb floodwater, which can cause damage for months afterward. Calling in a professional storm damage restoration service to perform flood cuts, which are made in walls 12 inches above the flood line, can minimize the effects of long-term water damage and help you understand what kinds of repairs your home will need in the aftermath of a large flood.

1. They Can Expose Hidden Damage

Strong storms can cause local creeks and rivers to overflow, and the resulting floodwaters may contain contamination from sewers and other unsanitary sources. When this dirty water invades your home, it can be absorbed by insulation and other building materials located inside interior walls. A flood cut can expose this type of damage and allow repair experts to gauge whether entire walls or merely a section of one will need replacing.

2. Flood Cuts Can Minimize Future Odor Problems

Outdoor flooding can cause a number of issues when it invades your home, and one of the most difficult to eradicate is the foul odor it carries. Sewer runoff and animal feces in the water can increase unpleasant odors, and runoff that clings to insulation and other materials inside your home’s walls may cause this smell to linger for months afterward. A flood cut and tear out can eliminate this potential problem before it grows into a costly and frustrating issue.

3. Mold Prevention

Moisture that collects inside your home’s walls after a flood can encourage mold growth. Once fungus takes hold and grows undetected, it causes a musty, damp odor and may damage insulation and wiring. A flood cut can expose mold growth to storm damage and flood repair specialists, allowing them to eliminate any mold a flood might have encouraged.
Flooding can cause a variety of damages to your Lafayette, CO, home. Flood cuts may help you and your repair service minimize it and prevent future problems.

What Are the Key Steps in the Process of Residential Mold Remediation?

9/17/2019 (Permalink)

A wall covered with mold Mold infestation in a Louisville, CO home

Mold Remediation Steps

Do you know what would happen if your home in Louisville, CO, was affected by black mold? Many homeowners associate mold growth with widespread damage, but few people know what happens during remediation. Here are common steps that occur during remediation.

1. Assessment and Mitigation

When you notice that mold is present in your home, it's often useful to contact mold remediation specialists. These specialists will first assess the damage present in your home. Remediation experts will also mitigate the water and mold damage in your home. Mitigation is especially important early in the remediation process, as failure to mitigate damage can result in a long and costly restoration.

2. Containment

Preventing the spread of black mold in the home is often a priority for homeowners and remediation experts. After assessing and mitigating the damage, specialists usually attempt to contain the problem to one area of your home. During the process of containment, experts often use negative air chambers and physical barriers to keep mold from spreading throughout your home.

3. Air Filtration

Air filtration is often an important step during mold removal. Though some people believe every mold spore must be removed for a home to be safe, this isn't the case. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are frequently used to reduce the level of mold spores in a home. The use of air scrubbers can also help to decrease the overall number of spores in a home.

4. Cleanup, Restoration or Replacement

After mold levels are safe, cleanup begins. Professionals often use specialized tools and equipment during mold cleanup. After cleanup, restoration can start. Certain building materials that have only been affected by water damage may just need to dry out in order to be used again. However, any belongings that have mold growth or items that are fragile may be taken to restoration experts. If some items can't be restored, replacement is the next best option.

There are various important steps involved in the mold remediation process. As a homeowner, understanding the purpose of every step in remediation can help you to feel more at ease and informed as black mold is removed from your home.

What to Do When Your Ice Maker Keeps Leaking Water Onto Your Louisville Kitchen Floor

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

We are always prepared to tackle your Louisville water damage.

SERVPRO can walk through your Louisville kitchen water damage.

During the summer, many homes crave having ready-made ice available at any time, but those machines can leave your home in need of water cleanup services if they malfunction. Because it is a small spill, cleaning it up yourself doesn't seem like a difficult job. After all, not every emergency seems like it would need professional help.

However, when it comes to your kitchen, the repeat accidents have left your home in need of local Louisville water cleanup services. The more your ice maker leaks, and the longer the excess water remains unnoticed, the higher chance it has to do long-lasting water damage to your home. Furthermore, excess moisture can allow omnipresent mold spores to feed and grow, turning them into a mold colony.

Indeed, you could continue to clean up spills when they happen instead of calling for a professional cleanup and damage restoration company, like SERVPRO. However, due to the ice maker being built into the fridge, it is possible for you to miss spots of water beneath the large shape. While you may be able to handle the job yourself and clean up all of the water, it is always wise to reach out for professional help. It is better to be safe than to be sorry, as water damage always has the chance of birthing mold damage.

When you call SERVPRO, we always arrive swiftly and bring a team of highly qualified water restoration technicians. Our team always comes equipped with advanced technological equipment designed to remove standing water promptly and to address any water damage left behind just as quickly. Our Institution of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration-certified (IICRC) technicians can use equipment such as portable pumps, wet/dry vacuums, and extractors. Should there be any remaining water damage underneath the fridge, our SERVPRO techs can use flood drying mats on your hardwood floor, which uses suction to remove excess moisture. Our goal is always to return your home to its preloss state.

If you find your home needing water removed quickly, never wait to get help. Get in contact with SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville by dialing (303) 604-6607. Whatever the time, we'll come to help you.

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Lafayette Meet SERVPRO--Your Solution Provider for Property Damage Cleanup and Restoration

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Mitigates the Water Damage that Caused this Mold Growth in a Lafayette Home.

How SERVPRO Tackles Different Restoration Services Needs in Lafayette Homes

It is never a good day when a home disaster strikes in your Lafayette home. When it does happen, you should expect to be treated with compassion and professionalism by the restoration services company you choose to deal with for help with water damage, fire loss, storm cleanup, or mold remediation. We try to lessen stress for homeowners whenever possible during the restoration process. During the initial phone call, the SERVPRO technician takes information regarding the situation in the home, so we bring all the equipment necessary to mitigate the damage from start to finish.  

Water damage in Lafayette homes happens in many ways from supply line breaks to appliance leaks, but the result is the same: the need for fast and complete water cleanup. Once outside of a pressurized environment, water freely follows the path of least resistance and quickly winds up within wall cavities, under subflooring and other hard-to-reach areas.

Our SERVPRO team members are certified as Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT)  with training for methods of extraction and handling specialized situations such as saturated carpets or wet fiberglass insulation in attics. Our goal is always to restore rather than replace, and we use weighted extraction wands to suction the water out of carpet and padding for faster drying. We have vacuums to pull up wet fiberglass insulation for cleaning and disinfection before reinstallation. In both cases, these methods save homeowners the cost of buying new carpeting and insulation.

When homeowners in Lafayette need assistance with fire damage cleanup and restoration services, we answer the call with quick efficiency. When smoke damage affects a portion of a residence, one of the first things we do is containment. Soot spreads quickly, and compounding the issue, odor-causing particles exist smaller than the human eye can see. We usually use either negative air chambers or thick plastic barriers over doorways and vents to keep the residues and odors in the area in which they occurred.

After containing the work site, we work on removing fire debris, including the items too ruined for restoration and charred building materials that are not salvageable through our proprietary methods. If water was used to extinguish the fire, we extract it to prepare the room for drying.

During the drying phase, we often deploy machines known as air scrubbers. They effectively filter the air circulating in the room and capture airborne soot particles with its honeycomb of filters with added HEPA filtration.

Smoke damage should not be a DIY project even for small-scale fires. Different types of residues require different cleaning techniques, or the problem can be made worse. For example, high heat fires tend to leave fine powdery residues that are not difficult to remove but tend to create more structural damage due to the intense temperatures. Lower temperature fires, especially if plastic or rubber items burned, leave greasy, smeary residues that may be difficult to remove without professional-quality solutions and the use of dry cleaning and wet sponges.

The final stage of fire loss mitigation involves odor control. Smoke residue and soot cause odors. Thorough cleaning goes a long way towards diminishing foul odors left behind by fire damage; however, when porous objects absorb smoke and soot particles penetrate them, lingering odors remain.

One effective way to remove smoke odors is to use the same method as the smoke during the fire. Thermal foggers are a go-to piece of equipment that heats a solution to the point it is a fog, and SERVPRO technicians deliver it throughout the property to smoke-affected areas. It penetrates the porous object exactly like smoke and overtakes embedded odors. Another frequently-used machine for odor control is the hydroxyl generator. It is safe for use around people, pets, and plants as it emits UV rays much like the sun. The UV rays contain molecules known as hydroxyls which attach to odor-causing particles neutralizing them at the molecular level.

The thing about needing mold remediation in Lafayette homes is that homeowners usually notice an odor that will not dissipate before they find the mold colonies. Once found, mold damage needs to be remediated as quickly as possible to stop any further spread of spores.

We frequently encounter homeowners who state they treated the colonies with bleach and they reappeared in a short time. This is because bleach does appear to remove mold, but actual mold remediation is a multi-layered process.

SERVPRO technicians identify the reason conditions in the home are favorable for sustaining colonies and consult with the homeowner the proper measures that need to be taken to stop the excessive moisture or high indoor humidity from feeding the situation.

Containment, much like in fire damage mitigation, is critical when dealing with mold colonies to stop the spread of spores, and we take similar measures. Thorough drying with both dehumidifiers and air scrubbers assist with drying visible colonies and capturing airborne spores. We then remove dried colonies by hand or using soda blasting and following up using hand vacuums with HEPA filtration. We disinfect and apply antimicrobial sealers as needed to inhibit the return of colonies to the affected areas.

Lafayette residents know storm damage happens quickly and often with little warning in this area of Colorado. When SERVPRO receives a call for flood water cleanup, we know water removal should happen as fast as possible.

We use different types of equipment depending on the level of water loss in the home, such as:
?    Portable pumps that allow the technicians to move quickly around the property
?    Rovers are another useful resource; these ride-on units use the weight of the technicians to push out water from carpeting and rugs
?    Submersible pumps allow technicians to remove water even in deep water situations
?    Truck-mounted units are useful in extreme cases as they move out thousands of gallons of water quickly

Upon arrival, we ascertain if any temporary measures need to be taken such as tarping over a damaged roof or window due to situations such as hail damage or a tree limb, so no further water enters the home during restoration. After as much flood water removal as possible and any needed controlled demolition efforts such as flood cuts to remove damaged sheetrock, we thoroughly dry and disinfect the premises to return it to sanitary conditions for the residents.

Why SERVPRO? We commit to serving our local Lafayette community with the highest quality restoration services. We have access to the most advanced equipment for nearly any damage situation to save homeowners the cost of replacing items. We also try to disrupt the home as little as possible during mitigation efforts and assist homeowners with dealing with insurance claims with our unique Contents Claim Inventory System (CCIS) which gives homeowners a detailed report including before and after photographs of both the structure and home contents.

The emergency response team of SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is ready to assist local property owners with any restoration services they need 24/7. Just call (303) 604-6607 and our technicians can make your home disaster, "Like it never even happened."


Lafayette Commercial Enterprises Rely on SERVPRO for a Safe Restoration after a Biohazardous Incident

7/8/2019 (Permalink)

Biohazards Contaminating Your Lafayette Commercial Property? Call SERVPRO for Abatement

Addressing Sewage Backup in Your Lafayette Office Building

Bio-threats can present unique dangers to employees and management of your Lafayette office building. Situations like sewage backup can happen without warning when the system becomes compromised, and in extreme cases can siphon volumes of raw sewage from the main lines into the building. With many facilities like yours open 24 hours a day to offer a stable response and dedicated customer service to your patrons and clients, a biohazardous threat can quickly compromise your availability.

As much as your custodial and management staff can do, biohazard cleanup in Lafayette office buildings should proceed with trained and qualified professionals like our SERVPRO team. We have extensive experience in all facets of bio-threats and can address the situation safely and efficiently. We know how important it is to get the facility running at full capacity again, and so our technicians can work around the clock and isolate the affected area so that your business can continue to function when possible.

Sewage immediately puts those exposed at risk for substantial health conditions, and bacteria exist everywhere in an exposed environment. Our professionals have full body personal protective equipment (PPE) that can keep them safe throughout the mitigation portions of this process. We can begin with extraction and drying before we assess all of the exposed materials and contents that must get removed and replaced.

We have environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection agents that can work to make remaining elements and fixtures safe to use again. Odors are another primary concern of our biohazard team, including the bacterial content that could still exist in this environment. We utilize advanced filtering machines like our air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators to contend with both the odors and particulates circulating in the air.

We know that your business can lose money and even customers being unavailable for too long, so our SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville team works to establish physical barriers between the affected areas and work zones to allow your business to continue operating despite the restoration happening. Give our professionals a call at (303) 604-6607 to make any biohazard “Like it never even happened.”

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Call Us If Your Boulder Attic Experiences A Flood Damage Incident

7/2/2019 (Permalink)

Give our experts a call anytime at (303) 604-6607.

Drying Flood-Damaged Attic Spaces In Boulder Homes

After the often harsh winters that Boulder residents can expect, including substantial snowfall that weighs heavily on the limitations of roofs, it is often not until springtime where the worst of these conditions become apparent. When the structural integrity of a roof becomes compromised, vulnerabilities can exist where water penetration can occur. While this might start as small leaks that persist over months, this constant moisture and dampness can eventually allow for full structural failure without the appropriate corrective measures taken.

The real concern of attic flood damage in Boulder homes begins with how uninformed many homeowners are about the status of this space. Considering that many properties do not have these regions finished with drywall and other conventional materials to make it a livable area, the attic can go unnoticed and uninspected for months on end. This disregard can allow problems to worsen continually.

When vulnerabilities become full-on structural breaches, severe weather systems can allow for both runoff and direct rainfall to penetrate easily into the property until the right temporary repairs get installed. With much of these situations exceeding the expertise of the average homeowner, it is vital to secure the services of reputable and certified professional restorers like our SERVPRO team right away.

There are ways that homeowners can help before our SERVPRO professionals arrive with our mitigation and recovery equipment, however. While it can be challenging to access the damaged attic space to remove any stored items you might have up there, you can work to remove the contents of other areas in the path of this floodwater. By getting furniture and your personal belongings to a safe space in the house, you can help to reduce overall restoration and recovery costs when our team arrives a short time later.

Modestly skilled DIY enthusiasts easily overcome many circumstances after a disaster, but overcoming widespread flood effects often requires the expertise and equipment of our SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville certified water restoration specialists. Give our experts a call anytime at (303) 604-6607.

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We Put The Flames Of Worry Out In Louisville After A Fire Damage Disaster

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

The fire started in the kitchen and quickly damaged structural materials. When allowed to enter the home, we initiated a demolition.

How Your Kitchen Can Be The Source Of Fire Damage In Your Louisville Home

Louisville kitchens are often the location of many household fires. They are stuffed with electronics, heating equipment, and flammable substances, creating a recipe for disaster. All it takes to start a fire is for you to forget to fully turn off a stove when heading out for the night, and you may return to find your kitchen engulfed in flames. However, the difficulty of dealing with fire does not end after the fires have been extinguished.

Fire normally scorches and destroys both furniture and structural components in your home, and it can leave behind residues that can be difficult to scrub out. Attempting to mitigate fire damage to your Louisville property on your own can be both frustrating and counterproductive, so it is recommended that you get in touch with professional from SERVPRO to do the job for you. Our fire and smoke damage technicians (FST) can arrive at your home within hours of you reporting your emergency, and we can get to work removing fire debris from your kitchen.

Kitchen stove gas fires often burn short and hot, and the resulting residues on your cooking surfaces tend to be powdery as a result. Fortunately, the more powder-like that fire residue is, the easier it is to remove. Typically, SERVPRO tech crews can clean up these types of residue with just some scrubbing and the application of a cleaning agent.

However, if you have experienced a slow burning fire, then the resulting fire damage can become stickier. To remove these sticky residues, our techs must use more aggressive scrubbing and stronger cleaning agents. To avoid unintentional damages as a result of the more intense cleaning, we can evaluate each surface before the cleaning process begins.

There are still plenty of things to worry about after the flames in your kitchen are extinguished. Fortunately, SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville has the tools and the qualified professionals to deal with the aftermath of a fire, so give us a call at (303) 604-6607.

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Louisville Homes, Water Loss, Clean Up and Drying, What to Do? SERVPRO Has the Answers--Just Call Us for Help

6/3/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Removes Water, Dries Out Your Louisville Home, "Like it never even happened."

What Takes Up Our Time for Louisville Water Cleanup Projects

Most large-scale water cleanup projects take days or possibly even weeks to completely dry out and restore the effects of damage. When water poses enough of a problem to bring in a professional damage mitigation company like SERVPRO, it has likely already led to several consequences that may extend the amount of time we need to restore your home to the way it was before the disaster, "Like it never even happened."

Thorough Drying
When we provide professional water cleanup services for homes in Louisville, we take extra care to make sure that the environment gets dried out thoroughly, including in hard-to-reach places and deeper layers of home materials. To achieve complete dryness of the area, we need to use several high-tech industrial solutions such as powerful air movers and dehumidifiers that pick up water droplets around the home and collect them into portable storage containers. These machines can dry an area of your home out down to the deepest layers of its walls and floors, but may, depending on the severity of the damage, take several days or longer to complete their work.

Professional sanitization may not be required for all water cleanup projects we conduct, but some circumstances may call for widespread use of sanitizing machines and chemicals before fungal or bacterial colonies can pose a health hazard. We use high-powered sanitizing chemical agents as well as waterless UV ray projectors to leave the affected parts of your home safe and free from potentially harmful microbes.

Again, not all water damages produce significant odors in a home, but some situations may require the use of SERVPRO's specialized deodorizing fogging devices. These tools create thick fogs of odor-eliminating chemicals that leave your home with a completely neutral smell. These treatments can also eliminate other types of household odors, such as smoke smells and the scent of mold.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville stays ready on a 24/7 basis to respond to your call for help with water damages and flooding in your home. Contact us at (303) 604-6607.

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Water Damage Remediation Can Go Smoothly in Your Louisville Residence

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

Don't try and tackle water damage remediation alone. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Environment Mitigation after Water Damage in Louisville Homes

Assessing the full damage to your Louisville, CO home after a water loss incident occurs is critical to fully understand the depth of the situation. Our team has sophisticated moisture readers and detection tools capable of helping to determine all damaged areas of your property, how damaged these areas are, and what has caused these effects if the source of the loss incident is not immediately clear. Environmental mitigation practices can help to keep effects within affected areas of your house from getting too overly damaged and help the restoration work to come to be less costly and time-consuming.

Addressing all of the potential effects of water damage in your Louisville, CO property begins with a full and accurate assessment of these damages. Without these inspections of the house, saturation can go unnoticed, resulting in secondary effects like mold growth occurring or structural degradation. More specifically, moisture and dampness throughout this affected environment must get dried up to prevent worsening conditions for your home.

Among the first things that our SERVPRO professionals must do when we arrive at your property is to assess the spread of moisture and dampness fully. Often homeowners are not fully aware of the cause of the water damage, which makes this inspection and assessment with our sophisticated moisture readers and thermal cameras ideal for identifying the cause of damage. We can utilize controlled demolition techniques to avoid excessive drywall removal once the source of the water loss incident gets discovered.

To mitigate effects to the environment, drying techniques are necessary, including our high-velocity air movers, dehumidifiers, and other specialized equipment. We can also work to reduce the presence of mold spores in the area by running purification units like air scrubbers or hydroxyl generators with HEPA filters.

We understand the value of a fast response when water loss incidents occur, especially when homeowners are not entirely sure of the cause. With environmental mitigation practices, we can help to reduce the spread of damaging effects and potential mold growth. You can count on our SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville team to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (303) 604-6607.

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Our Experts Can Remove Foul Odors From Your Louisville Home After A Fire

5/14/2019 (Permalink)

We can make the damage appear “Like it never even happened.”

Get Effective Odor Removal After Fire Damage To Your Louisville Home

One of the most complex aspects of cleaning up smoke damage after a fire in a home is removing the odors. Few products can eliminate odors completely. Most products just mask the scent for brief periods, and it can remain in the walls, upholstery, and fabric.

The odors can reoccur, especially during damp periods. To get effective odor removal after your Louisville home has sustained fire damage, it is advisable to call the professionals at SERVPRO. Our fire damage restoration experts have the experience and equipment to remove smoke odors effectively. We can assess your home and create a restoration plan based on the type of fire. Cooking-related fires can cause odors which are problematic to deal with, but we have access to specialized cleaning supplies that can eliminate the scents.

When deodorizing a structure, we consider if the odors are light, moderate or heavy. If the odor is light, our technicians begin by removing sources of the scent followed by ventilating the area. We can then use deodorant or detergent solutions to clean the surfaces that have smoke residues. Our technicians then re-ventilate the area and determine if the scents are still present. If so, we distribute the deodorizers in several phases of odor control. We thermal fog the affected areas and check for pockets of odor in wall cavities, crawl spaces and places above ceilings.

If the odors are moderate, our SERVPRO technicians can remove most of the charred debris. If it is impossible to remove the odor-causing materials, we wrap them with polythene to prevent scents from escaping into the air. We can then use a ULV fogger to saturate the remaining charred materials with odor control, water-based cinnamon to contain the odor particles. We can also clean and seal the HVAC system to remove odors. We also use these procedures to deal with severe smoke odors, but longer periods of deodorizing activity and extra steps are often necessary. We use industry-leading technology to guarantee a hundred percent odor removal.

After a fire has damaged your home, dealing with smoke odor can be challenging. Contact SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 to help you eliminate the odors. We can make the damage appear “Like it never even happened.”

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How Appliance Failures Cause Water Damage in Louisville

5/7/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville has the equipment to dry your floors. We are available 24/7 for all of your water loss incident needs.

After Appliance Failures, Dampened Homes Need Water Removal in Louisville

The washing machine, dishwasher, or water line to your refrigerator's ice maker can all drench your home in Louisville CO. Calling an appliance repair technician only solves the issues related to the appliance's situation, either through repair or disposal and possible replacement. The water lost into your dwelling area stays left behind, as technicians only work on the cause and not the effects such appliances create.  

When SERVPRO receives a call from a customer about a lost water incident in their Louisville home, we can arrive quickly and begin within only a few hours after the initial call. Because we are Always Faster To Any Size Disaster, this makes us more efficient while significantly decreasing the amount of damage your family's house sustains and keeping unpleasant experiences to a minimum.  

We look at many different variables that help us choose the best route to restoring your home. Depending on your flooring where the accident took place, we might need to pull up carpeting to dry it thoroughly. The underlay can also become saturated and lead to microbial problems later, as well as begin deteriorating or producing foul, unwanted odors. Other types of flooring can trap moisture under them, preventing us from getting things as dry as required.  

For minor spills or small-sized areas that received substantial amounts of water, we can use a weighted extraction unit. This piece of equipment uses pressure (from the weight of the unit) to help squeeze water out of wet carpeting and padding. It works quickly and can provide excellent results. On tile or other types of less-porous flooring, the same amount of water may still exist, requiring the use of small, hand-operated extraction wands that we attach to our pump truck's smaller extraction connections. SERVPRO technicians know how to use the many different types of equipment, and which ones to use for your specific needs.  

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville also covers services to residences in Valmont, Boulder, and Gooding when they need water removal technicians and other specialists who know how to protect their property. Whenever you have an emergency affecting your home, call us at (303) 604-6607. We are always here and ready to help by answering questions, providing information, and eliminating the problem for you.

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Your Louisville Business Can Be Restored After A Water Damage Disaster

4/25/2019 (Permalink)

Call our experts at (303) 604-6607 anytime you need us so we can get to you quickly to help.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration For Your Louisville Business

When your computer repair shop in Louisville experiences any water mishap, you may need to close to restore the damage if it is bad enough, which in the end leads to lost revenue for you. Plus, if the repairs are not taken care of right away, it can lead to even more damage and more money lost.

You want to act quickly when your business in Louisville suffers from water damage so that it can be mitigated. Hiring a professional remediation company is the way to go since they have the knowledge, training, and tools needed to fix the issues in a timely fashion. At SERVPRO, we completely understand that any disruption to your business is terrible for you, so we work to have everything dry, so it looks as though nothing ever happened as quickly as possible.

To protect your business, you should take all the precautions you can to help avoid water damage emergencies. You should first inspect your gutters and drainage systems. Debris and fallen leaves in your downspouts and gutters can lead to clogging and water leaking into the interior walls of your building. Any debris you find should be removed. Gutters should be cleaned professionally regularly to make sure the water is properly draining away from your structure.

SERVPRO techs may need to remove your equipment to another location that is safe and dry while we work to restore your building. If there is a high humidity from the water damage, this is an especially important step, as computers and other electronic equipment can get damaged from the extra moisture in the air.

Once your equipment is safe, we can then remove any standing water and proceed with the drying process. To speed things up, we use industrial fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers to return the building and the air as well to their normal state. These machines are monitored by our staff each day to ensure we get the fastest drying time.

You can protect your structure from water damage by having your roof regularly inspected for any damage or missing shingles where water could enter the building. Also, know where your shut-off valves are in case of a pipe break or a leak so you can stop the water until the issue can be fixed. Any holes, cracks, or gaps around the building's foundation also should be sealed to keep out moisture, keep the structure more energy efficient, and prevent freezing pipes in the colder months.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville wants to assist you with your water damage emergency in your commercial building in Niwot, Erie, or Superior. Call our experts at (303) 604-6607 anytime you need us so we can get to you quickly to help.

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How SERVPRO Performs Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Louisville

4/17/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville is equipped and ready to tackle your commercial water damage needs.

Commercial Flood Damage in Your Louisville, CO Business

Groundwater is an excellent asset in Louisville, CO. It originates from snowfall and rain that works its way into rock and soil, supporting ecosystems and meets the needs of water for millions. However, it can pose a potential flood risk as well. Groundwater flooding happens when the water table rises past ground level and starts to affect cellars, basements, and subsurface infrastructure. So, what happens when these waters invade your art studio?

Many times, compromised sewage plants and the like contaminate groundwater floods in Louisville, CO. You need help cleaning up the mess in your studio, even when the waters are not very deep. Not only can clean water do damage to your building, artwork, and supplies, but contaminated floodwaters can be dangerous. Having professional remediation specialists, such as SERVPRO, handle the cleanup for you is essential.  

Since the floodwaters can have biohazards in them, SERVPRO techs ensure to take all the safety precautions while performing restoration that we need to. To begin with, we wear personal protective equipment at all times and make sure that you remain outside the building until we have it clean and safe again.  

To protect your artwork, we can move it to a safe location while we work on your structure. Moving your paintings not only protects them from the water and mud but also helps the restoration process go faster. The quicker we can make your building look as if nothing happened, the quicker you can reopen for business and get back to painting.  

Once everything is safe, we can then remove the standing water, using powerful, truck-mounted pumps if the water has a depth of more than a few inches. While we are drying your studio, we also check for hidden moisture with specialized moisture sensors, which is an essential step to the restoration process to avoid additional damage such as mold. Dehumidifiers and industrial fans dry your structure out faster, and these devices are monitored by us daily to ensure the quickest drying time possible.  

SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville understands that flooding in your business in Superior, Niwot, or Valmont is a stressful event. When you give us a call at (303) 604-6607, we want to help you get back to normal as soon as possible and ease your worries.

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Can You Believe SERVPRO Can Get Rid Fire Damage Odor?

3/29/2019 (Permalink)

Our SERVPRO team is equipped with state-of-the-art tools to eliminate fire odor.

Odor Removal for Your Fire-Damaged Boulder Home

Many effects can come with a fire disaster in your Boulder home. Not surprisingly, many owners tend to fixate on damages like structural compromise or soot residues. While these both can prove challenging for even skilled technicians like ours to overcome at times, they are not the most widespread effects that can occur in your house. Smoke damage odors are a common effect from fires, and within a brief period, can spread far beyond the immediately affected areas to damage new areas of your home.

While you cannot see fire damage like odors throughout your Boulder home, you can easily tell where these effects have reached. It can be easy to fixate on the structural repairs, and the pressing visual damage to your property after a fire has occurred, but addressing the widespread harsh odor should also be a priority. Our SERVPRO professionals arrive with a variety of helpful equipment to begin addressing both indoor air quality concerns and odor effects throughout your damaged home.

From the time that our professionals first arrive at your home, we can get to work immediately on addressing pressing concerns like structural damages, debris removal, and indoor air quality concerns. Along with addressing IAQ threats, many of our units can also simultaneously work to begin removing present harsh odors from the environment while filtering out debris, contaminants, and particulates. This combined effort can help to make later deodorization efforts more effective and efficient.

The common selection by our SERVPRO team for addressing both the potential contaminants and debris in the environment as well as the lingering harsh odors is our hydroxyl generator. A single unit can treat over a thousand cubic feet, filtering out soot and smoke residue, dust and debris, and even mold spores from the environment. Additionally, the machine can work to begin reducing the presence of smoke odors throughout affected areas noticeably.

While you cannot anticipate the severity or spread of odor effects throughout your property after a fire, our SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville can help you address all of the obstacles your home faces after a disaster. Give us a call anytime at (303) 604-6607.

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After A Water Damage Incident In Your Louisville Home, Call The Professionals At SERVPRO For Help!

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If you ever notice excessive moisture inside your home, call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 24/7.

Water Cleanup In Louisville Varies Depending Upon The Source

Every building in Louisville has very many water and sewage pipes running in and out of it for your various appliance. If your plumbing or one of your appliances fails, then you could have to call in a professional water cleanup company such as SERVPRO. A small leak in parts of your plumbing system like pipes or valves can expose your building materials to excessive moisture. If a valve running to or from one of your appliances fails, then a slow leak that goes unnoticed could develop. Whenever moisture comes into contact with the interior of your home, it is wise to conduct water cleanup promptly before other issues arise.

Whenever moisture leaks into your living area, the methods taken to mitigate the problems vary depending on the source. Every scenario dealing with water cleanup in Louisville is different. Our SERVPRO technicians know that the first thing to do when assessing a situation where moisture caused damage is to figure out where the water leaked from or the source. Once we figure out where the moisture is coming from we can figure out if the source is contaminated or not, and determine how to stop the leak. First, we take steps to prevent more of your building materials from getting wet then we design a mitigation plan based on what category the leak's source is, meaning whether or not there is a chance of contamination.

Every type of water damage scenario is classified as either category one, two, or three. The levels start at the cleanest of the three or fresh water which is considered category one or white water. Category one issues include a pipe breaking running to your kitchen sink or the lines running to an outdoor hose.

Category two damage is called grey water, and it includes moisture coming from sources that could be contaminated with harmful bacteria or parasites. Grey water includes moisture coming from your washing machine export hose or your shower drain.

The worst type of water damage to suffer from is category three or black water damage. Blackwater affects your house when ground water rises, or your sewage drains back up. If you ever notice excessive moisture inside your home, call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 24/7.

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When Your Boulder Home Experiences A Flood Damage Disaster, Our Crew Is Here To Help!

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Call us right away at (303) 604-6607 once the storms subside so we can make it like the floodwaters never entered your home in the first place.

Flood Preparation And Flood Damage In Your Boulder Home

Disasters are a part of life, and residents in Boulder are at risk for flooding just like anyone else. Even if you don't live in an area prone to heavy rains, changing weather patterns can be surprising, so it is best to be prepared ahead of time instead of assuming it won’t ever affect you and your home.

If flooding has happened in your area already and you are facing flood damage in your Boulder home, you need the help of a professional restoration service as quickly as possible. The longer you let the water sit in your home, the more chance for additional damage. Therefore, contact SERVPRO as soon as the storms subside so we can get the water out of your home and return it to the safe, dry residence you are accustomed to having.

In flood-prone areas, you can consider raising the level of your home. However, doing so can be quite costly, so if you do not have that in your budget, you might consider covering the interior walls with a waterproof sealant. They are used most often on basement walls and are surprisingly effective.

Making sure you also have adequate rain gutters and that you keep them maintained is also essential. Adding splash pads and downspouts also increase the efficiency of gutters and channels water flow further from your foundation.

In a flood situation, SERVPRO techs first set out to pull all the excess water from your home with truck-mounted pumps. The more water we can extract, the better. Once this is done, we can proceed to dry your home again with industrial fans and dehumidifiers. Sometimes during the restoration process, we remove some of your possessions from the home to an offsite location so we can restore them there, then return them when we are finished.

Sandbags are also good to have on hand in case of a flood threat. The purpose is to divert the water flow, not be a barricade around your home. If they are set up incorrectly, sandbags could have unintended results, like keeping water close to your home’s foundation. Check the grading of your home before you place the sandbags and put them where they’ll divert the water away from your structure.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville wants to help you if your home in Erie, Niwot, or Valmont has experienced flooding. Call us right away at (303) 604-6607 once the storms subside so we can make it like the floodwaters never entered your home in the first place.

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Mold Damage Remediation Services Available For Boulder Area Residents

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When mold damage strikes, our SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville team strikes back.

Our SERVPRO Team Is Here For you When Mold Damage Strikes

It can be hard to tell whether you have a mold problem on your Boulder property. Some growth hides in hard to reach areas, growing large colonies inside of your walls, attic, or crawlspaces that you never tend to visit. However, when you understand what to look for, you can still identify if your home has a mold problem.

Remember, contacting a company with IICRC-industry certified specialists provide you with the best opportunity to control mold damage in your Boulder area home. Many homeowners that attempt remediation on their property end up calling for help after discovering additional problems or running into something they are not equipped to handle themselves.

Discovering a strong, musty odor anywhere in your home may serve as a signal of hidden mold growth. Even if you remain uncertain, contact SERVPRO for help. We can help you locate mold hidden behind wallpaper, in your carpeting, under your cabinets and many other areas of your home. Never hesitate to call us, the longer you wait, the worse the problem gets.

Some areas of your home with high levels of humidity can produce clearly-visible signs of mold growth. Your bathroom, basement, and attic all produce mold patterns easily distinguishable from other problems. You may notice black, gray, brown, green, or even while textured patterns around your shower stall, windows, vents, or openly growing on your walls and ceiling.

Any amount or species of mold can cause health effects, which makes it even more important to seek professional services to correct the problem as soon as possible. Protect your family by controlling mold found in your home the right way. SERVPRO helps you discover at-risk areas, where high humidity or an abundance of condensation causes problems you should have repaired.

SERVPRO technicians respond 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, providing local community members with fast, efficient solutions to mold problems found in your home. If you have recently had a significant water problem or found mold anywhere on your property, we can help.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources
SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville services the entire Erie, Gooding, Superior area with remediation teams ready to answer your call for help, immediately. (303) 604-6607

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Reversing Fire Damage Caused By Grease Fires In Boulder Homes

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Accidents are unavoidable and can lead to a huge fire incident with tremendous consequences.

Fire Damage Caused By Grease

If you are a homeowner in Boulder, safety is an important thing to keep in mind when working with the grill. Over the years, there has been an advancement to improve the grilling experience. Proper maintenance can go a long way towards keeping your grill in top-notch working condition. However, accidents are unavoidable and can lead to a huge fire incident with tremendous consequences.

When it happens, you need to contact the fire department and a fire damage restoration company in Boulder to remedy the situation. As soon as the firefighters leave, SERVPRO fire damage technicians can come in and begin the cleanup process. We use IICRC guidelines in every restoration job, meaning that our techniques are up to par with industry standards.

Damages escalate, and restoration costs increase when you delay the cleanup process. By hastening the hiring process, SERVPRO technicians can arrive promptly and stop the damage to pave the way for repairs. Immediately after a fire, smoke and soot residue settles onto various surfaces and items. Porous materials become permanently discolored, but it is possible to remove the discoloration from other surfaces. After some time, acidic soot starts staining other surfaces if not attended to quickly.

Most cases of grease fire damage involve a quick and very intense flash of heat. Putting out the fire quickly improves the chances of repairing most of the kitchen. At SERVPRO, we emphasize quick cleanup of the grease and soot to prevent contamination on other parts of the house and to ensure complete deodorization.

Smoke particles travel through air ducts and can make their way onto anything fibrous, including clothes, bedding, and furniture. Our main priority is to replace the air filter in the furnace and then thoroughly clean up every inch of the house as quickly as possible. We wipe down the inside and outside of every cabinet in the kitchen, and then use special deodorization products to get rid of the smoke odor. In some cases, we may have to remove the cabinets to access the back, where the soot residue may have penetrated.

Our technicians can also help you reverse any fire damage sustained on your fridge. The gasket seal on the doors is the primary concern. If these are damaged, we may need to replace the seals or even the entire refrigerator. If not, we can clean the fans, filters, and the back of the fridge, which may likely be covered in soot and risk infecting the food inside.

If a grease fire interrupts your activities, SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is here to help. Our technicians are highly skilled and highly experienced in fire damage restoration, and we can restore your property in no time. Call us anytime at (303) 604-6607.

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Water Damage in Your Boulder Attic From Failing Chimney

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Our technicians at SERVPRO can help you when your attic is water damaged, no matter how bad it is.

Failing Chimneys Can Cause Water Damage To Your Attic

When you have a fireplace, chimney leaks are common. There is no greater enemy to this part of your home than moisture. A chimney and its connection to your home are ideally sealed and watertight. However, there are several situations which unfortunately cause moisture to enter the chimney system and cause damage not only to your chimney and fireplace but other areas of your home, such as your attic.

Many people do not tend to think about water damage to their chimney when thinking about all the possible water damage possibilities in their Boulder home. The exterior of chimneys many times go unmaintained for a long period, which means they have plenty of opportunities to spring a leak and become a major problem.

When you experience water damage in your attic because of a failing chimney, SERVPRO is the company to call. We are a professionally trained and experienced water damage remediation company and have the proper tools to mitigate the damage in a timely fashion before more occurs.

When the chimney itself is damaged, you have other problems to worry about, like the border of the construction of the chimney where it becomes part of the roof. If it is sealed improperly, it allows access to water, rain, ice, and sleet to get inside your home. After the damage has happened, it can be quite expensive to repair. Water can get inside to your home and damage your attic, HVAC system, and electrical systems. Water can run for some distance as well before deciding to leak down into your home, which means other than your attic, the interior of your home can be damaged, too.

Annual maintenance and inspections are recommended for your chimney, so you can hopefully catch potential problems before they have the chance to grow into something much bigger. You can also get waterproofing done.

Our technicians at SERVPRO can help you when your attic is water damaged, no matter how bad it is. We first get all the water out with special pumps, plus industrial dehumidifiers and fans, and then repair any damage the water did. We check for hidden moisture and mold with moisture meters to ensure that we have taken care of everything.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources
SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville is always ready to assist you when your attic suffers water damage because of your chimney. The quicker you contact us at (303) 604-6607, the better, so additional damage can be prevented.

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No Need To Panic After Mold Is Discovered In Your Boulder Property, Our Crew Can Help!

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Call us at (303) 604-6607 for industry-leading mold abatement in your commercial building.

Mold Damage Remediation Protects Boulder Businesses

Do not let worry about mold infestation paralyze the operations of your Boulder business. Our certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians have both the training and the experience to manage colonies spreading in your commercial building. Find the help you need to get your business back on track after mildew or mold spreads in your store, warehouse, hotel, restaurant, or other location.

Customers and employees share concerns when you discover mold damage in your Boulder commercial space. The media is rife with warnings about the dangers of mold growth. Although there is no proven correlation between the presence of mold and general adverse reactions, susceptible individuals can experience symptoms when exposed. ?Mold spores need moisture to germinate and multiply. When the SERVPRO remediation team arrives, we search for the source of water and help arrange for its elimination. If moisture remains, a problem mold recurs. Even high relative humidity can fuel mold growth, so we recommend strategies to keep readings below 55 to 60 percent.

We then contain the moldy area, including any spread to hidden spaces.  SERVPRO uses physical barriers and innovative technology like negative pressure air scrubbers to keep the moldy debris from moving into unaffected spaces in your business. Our crew also wears personal protective equipment (PPE) to limit exposure to the rest of your building. Removal of the mold follows our crew using mechanical means to scrape the colonies off non-porous surfaces. Controlled agitation and the use of abrasive strategies like soda blasting remove mold from porous materials.

Treatment with an EPA-registered antimicrobial inhibits mold regrowth. SERVPRO crew members apply appropriate disinfectant products using a spray bottle or electrostatic broadcast method. Throughout the mold remediation process, we are thorough yet discrete, working with you and your management team to keep unaffected spaces in your commercial space open for business.

Your reputation as an employer and provider of goods and services depends on an appropriate response to a mold infestation. SERVPRO partners with you to keep the confidence of the public and your workforce as we complete your mold remediation project.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville provides highly-qualified mold remediation technicians and cutting edge equipment when we respond to your mold emergency. Call us at (303) 604-6607 for industry-leading mold abatement in your commercial building.

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How Our Crew Can Help Restore Your Flood Damaged Home In Boulder

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Call us right away at (303) 604-6607 once the storms subside so we can make it like the floodwaters never entered your home in the first place.

Flood Preparation And Flood Damage In Your Boulder Home

Disasters are a part of life, and residents in Boulder are at risk for flooding just like anyone else. Even if you don't live in an area prone to heavy rains, changing weather patterns can be surprising, so it is best to be prepared ahead of time instead of assuming it won’t ever affect you and your home.

If flooding has happened in your area already and you are facing flood damage in your Boulder home, you need the help of a professional restoration service as quickly as possible. The longer you let the water sit in your home, the more chance for additional damage. Therefore, contact SERVPRO as soon as the storms subside so we can get the water out of your home and return it to the safe, dry residence you are accustomed to having.

In flood-prone areas, you can consider raising the level of your home. However, doing so can be quite costly, so if you do not have that in your budget, you might consider covering the interior walls with a waterproof sealant. They are used most often on basement walls and are surprisingly effective.

Making sure you also have adequate rain gutters and that you keep them maintained is also essential. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can hire someone to keep your gutters cleaned a couple of times per year. Adding splash pads and downspouts also increase the efficiency of gutters and channels water flow further from your foundation.

In a flood situation, SERVPRO techs first set out to pull all the excess water from your home with truck-mounted pumps. The more water we can extract, the better. Once this is done, we can proceed to dry your home again with industrial fans and dehumidifiers. Sometimes during the restoration process, we remove some of your possessions from the home to an offsite location so we can restore them there, then return them when we are finished.

Sandbags are also good to have on hand in case of a flood threat. The purpose is to divert the water flow, not be a barricade around your home. If they are set up incorrectly, sandbags could have unintended results, like keeping water close to your home’s foundation. Check the grading of your home before you place the sandbags and put them where they’ll divert the water away from your structure.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville wants to help you if your home in Erie, Niwot, or Valmont has experienced flooding. Call us right away at (303) 604-6607 once the storms subside so we can make it like the floodwaters never entered your home in the first place.

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Boulder Property Owners Know the Answer to a Fire Loss Cleanup--SERVPRO

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Let SERVPRO Mitigate Soot and Ash Cleanup after a Fire to Your Boulder Residence

Think Twice Before Cleaning Up Fire Damage in Boulder on Your Own

Washing away smoke and ash after your home in Boulder sustains fire damage might be your first instinct, but you should think twice before letting anyone, but a professional company like SERVPRO handle the task. Smoke and ash can come in a variety of chemical compositions and states of matter, some of which may react negatively with water-based cleaning products and other household cleaning agents. Most of the chemicals we use to restore your home and clean up messes are specially designed for the task and require training and experience to apply correctly.

What Happens When You Do It Yourself
Sometimes when we get called to handle fire damage in Boulder, we find that someone has already tried to clean away ash and smoke residues with improper means. Water-based cleaning agents can be among the most harmful to your home when used in this way, as water can mix with most types of smoke, soot, and ash to create a thick sludge requiring even more time and resources to clean up after. In some cases, the addition of water can also cause chemical reactions that create acids and other harmful substances. SERVPRO technicians know how to clean up in these scenarios, but our work is made faster and easier if the fire and smoke residues remain untouched before we arrive.

How SERVPRO Handles It
We use a variety of cleaning methods to handle different types of fire damage and their unique requirements. For example, smoke residues on fabric surfaces such as curtains and furniture often require dry, hand-applied cleaning jobs with special foam cleaning agents. The specific cleaning agents we use depends on what our inspectors find when they evaluate the composition of residues in your home, but we stock dozens of solutions for different chemical compositions and surfaces. We carry a line of specially formulated cleaning products to reduce smearing and preventing demolition when a good cleaning can suffice.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville stocks the tools and equipment necessary to clean up after fire damages in your home without causing additional problems in the process. "Like it never even happened." Call us at (303) 604-6607 for our 24/7 services or a quote.

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The Importance Of Treating Light Smoke Odors After A Fire In Your Boulder Home

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If you have a fire start inside your townhouse complex, it is wise to call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville as soon as the fire gets put out.

Fire Damage Experts In Boulder Discuss The Treatment Of Light Smoke Odors

If something burns inside your Boulder townhome, there is a chance you will notice a smoke odor long after the blaze gets extinguished. Even small burns can cause fire damage to the building materials and contents inside your townhouse. When items burn, partially combusted particles in the form of smoke travel throughout your home penetrating deep into porous materials. When the smoke hits cooler surfaces, it solidifies and turns into soot residues, and when it penetrates materials like carpet or cloth, it leaves behind unpleasant aromas. Therefore, even if the fire damage problem inside your home is small, it is wise to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO.

When the burnt section is confined to a small area, it is likely that your structure will only receive light smoke odor issues. Even if structural issues are absent and the soot residues only exist in the immediate area, controlling foul smells can become part of your fire damage project in Boulder. During these minor situations, the aromas may be less noticeable the further you travel from the source, but mitigation by a professional restoration crew like SERVPRO can still be necessary. When the problems are not severe, the soot removal and cleaning procedures are normally kept to the source region and the areas immediately adjacent to it. When treating any issues including the minor ones, we always begin with eliminating the source.

A good example is if a small fire started in a trashcan, our SERVPRO technicians would begin the restoration process by removing any of the burnt materials inside the trashcan and possibly even the can itself. We then spray any soot residues with a water-based odor counteractant. Next, we can apply vapor crystals to all floors surfaces and utilize a vapor diffuser. If the unpleasant aromas still exist, then we can implement other methods such as thermal fogging or ozone generation.

If you have a fire start inside your townhouse complex, it is wise to call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 as soon as the fire gets put out.

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How SERVPRO Removes Water From Your Louisville Home

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When your pipes break, call SERVPRO to remove the water quickly.

Why SERVPRO is the Restoration Company to Trust for Water Damage Prevention in Louisville, Colorado

When pipes break in your Louisville, Colorado home, your first thoughts should include shutting the water off at the main valve. Always ensure no electrical outlets or appliances nearby pose a risk, though, as a combination of water and electricity creates a highly dangerous situation. If needed, shut off the electricity before going near any lost water.  

Sometimes pipes break when a homeowner is away from their home, which is why SERVPRO's Faster To Any Size Disaster becomes even more critical in preventing extensive water damage to your Louisville home. Our IICRC-certified and highly experienced teams are ready round-the-clock, all year long to assist property owners in restoration work after a disaster.

We continue our rapid response to your emergency with quick and efficient work in repairing current damaged areas and preventing other sections of your home from succumbing to the same. The longer water remains present inside your house, the more damage it can cause.  

Water does not stay in one spot, nor does it remain as a liquid. Evaporating slowly but steadily, H2O can harm portraits on your walls, activate previously dormant microbes, and create odors within your residence. SERVPRO technicians know how to alleviate each problem and make everything “Like it never even happened.” again for you.  

When we arrive, our specialists take readings of your house's interior, so we know which materials it absorbed. Hollow cavities like inside walls can also retain water, but we can remove it and get the inside of the wall dry again. We choose our equipment based on how well it performs, and speed is one of the most critical factors.  

SERVPRO understands that you want your family's surroundings to be safe, welcoming, and comfortable. We help you provide this to your loved ones by working as a team to rapidly get the areas affected dried out, cleaned up, and restored to normal again as quickly as possible.  

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville wants to help Boulder, Erie, and Niwot residents when water damage seems imminent. We can help prevent things from worsening in your residence and get things tidied up for you so you can relax. Let us do the hard work for you. Call us at (303) 604-6607, any hour of the day or night – we're here and ready to take your call.

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Delayed Mold Remediation Request to SERVPRO by Louisville Homeowners Only Compounds the Service and Cost

1/8/2019 (Permalink)

You Might Have Mold in Your Louisville Residence--DON'T WAIT!! Call SERVPRO

Leaving Water Damage Can Lead to Mold Damage in Your Louisville Residence  

Sometimes finances can be tight, and that situation can make you second guess calling out for professional help during a time of trouble, but it is never a good thing when this negligence leads to mold damage forming in your home. If water damage occurs in your home, it takes less than seventy-two hours for microbial growth to begin. Even leaving the water loss for your next paycheck may cause even more damage than trying to fix it as soon as possible.

 It is always wise to address problems inside of your Louisville home that could cause mold damage, if left unchecked, as soon as they arise. When your kitchen sink began to leak, and you merely put a tower onto the floor as a temporary solution, the cabinet holding the basin of your sink also began to absorb the water dripping onto it. Over a short time, this water damage turned into a mold damage problem, and the musty smell was the first sign. Now that a more severe problem has arisen, because mold causes health effects, it is wise to seek professional help as soon as possible.
When you contact SERVPRO, we are always ready to assemble a team of our IICRC-certified technicians swiftly. From there, we can travel to your home as quickly as possible and arrive within hours of your initial call. Our IICRC certified technicians are always equipped with advanced technology designed for tackling the specific type of damage inside your home.
After investigating the mold damage in your home, our SERVPRO technicians can set up a barrier of plastic sheeting around the mold damage, to contain it once we begin to remove it. Our techs can cover any vents inside the plastic barrier and then set up an air scrubber with a HEPA filter to catch any airborne mold spores. From there, our technicians can begin to spray down the mold damage with a disinfectant and scrub it away from the wooden cupboard it has adhered itself to.
As long as the mold colony has not set down roots that burrow too deeply into the wooden surface of the cupboard, scrubbing away the mold and disinfecting the area with an antifungal agent should do the trick of removing the problem.
If you find mold damage hiding inside of your residence, never delay in finding assistance. Get in touch with SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville by dialing (303) 604-6607. We're always open and ready to help.

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Let Our Specialists Help When Snow And Ice Damage Your Boulder Home

1/5/2019 (Permalink)

Ice dams can cause water damage from the roof all down through the interior.

Snow And Ice Can Lead To Damaged Homes In Boulder, Including Flooded Interiors

Over the winter season in Boulder, many people take the time to have fun with winter sports near frozen lakes or other forms of ice and snow. At home, though, packed snow or ice can cause damage to your residence, but SERVPRO is ready with IICRC-certified specialists who can take the sting out of these kinds of problems.

There are many ways that your property in Boulder might suffer storm damage this winter. Icy conditions and accumulated snow can lead directly to water damage, including flooding, inside your living area. It's possible to prevent both of these, but many times, homeowners do not realize that a problem exists and therefore, does nothing to protect their home.

Ice dams can cause water damage from the roof all down through the interior. This kind of damage might not become visible until much later when walls and ceilings show stained areas.

Property owners can prevent ice dams by ensuring their property contains adequate insulation. The condition of the roof also plays a role in that water backed up by an ice dam must enter through loosened shingles, torn tar paper, and the underlay before it can enter the home. However, the presence of adequate insulation in the uppermost part of the structure can keep ice dams from forming at all on the roof, keeping water from ever accumulating.

A problem related to the condition of the roof but more dependent on the condition of a home's gutters can also cause water damage to the interior of a home. Incorrect alignment from previous storms, improper cleaning techniques, and normal wear and tear of older gutter systems can cause problems forcing water up against the home. Clogged drains and horizontal gutter sections can let water run over in areas. Some of this lost water can end up saturating the ground around the perimeter of the home's foundation and lead to minor flooding inside.

Prevention of problems with gutters can help protect your home. Realigning these correctly to prevent water damage might only require new brackets or the complete installation of a new system. Removing clogged areas might require a hose-down of the roof, showing where problem areas exist.

When water damage occurs because of winter weather, SERVPRO specialists can help make your home “Like it never even happened.” We work year-round, rain or shine, to make our customers' homes safe and damage-free again.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is here to help undo the effects of water, snow and ice damage in Niwot, Valmont, and Gooding through effective mitigation efforts. Contact our 24-hour service line by calling (303) 604-6607, 24/7. We are always here to help you.

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How Professionals Use Negative Pressure to Remove Mold From Your Louisville Residence

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Has Taken Root on This Ceiling. Call SERVPRO to Remediate Mold.

Mold Damage Technicians in Louisville, CO Discuss The Use Of Personal Protective Equipment

Once a fungus develops inside your Lousiville, CO home it starts producing microscopic spores in attempts to spread the contamination to other areas in your house. However, if you call in a professional mold damage restoration company like SERVPRO, we can help you reduce the chances of the contamination growing, spreading, and getting much worse. As soon as fungi develop they form structures called hyphae that grow in size and put off seed-like spores. These spores become airborne and can travel throughout your structure and possibly cause your residence indoor air quality issues. One primary goal of any mold damage mitigation project is to keep spores from getting into your building's central air supply and ventilation system.

When attempting to remove fungal contamination, our SERVPRO technicians first contain the area before any work begins. We know that during any mold damage restoration in Louisville, CO that we can create dust and send particles into the air. We set up a plastic barrier so that any harmful particles stirred up during the work process get trapped within the affected area. We then attach an air scrubber to the chamber which creates negative air pressure inside the containment chamber that sucks in spores and other harmful microscopic particles and traps them inside a HEPA filter.

Since mold can cause health effects, when our SERVPRO technicians are in the contaminated areas, we take extra safety measures. Whenever our IICRC certified team enters a home that is possibly contaminated we use personal protective equipment. The attire includes a respirator that keeps our technicians from breathing in dangerous particles. We also wear gloves and full-body suits so that harmful particles do not get attached to our skin.

When mitigating issues at your residence, we also take extra measures to make sure you and your family stay safe. If we think it is necessary, we can set up an air scrubber inside your home to help rid your airflow system of harmful particles. If you ever suffer from damage caused by a fungus, call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 24/7.

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Lack Of Insulation Can Lead To Water Damage In Your Louisville Home

12/11/2018 (Permalink)

With water damage in your Louisville attic, you run the risk of allowing secondary effects to occur such as mold growth.

Inadequate Insulation Can Cause Water-Damaged Louisville Attics

With the winter season now fully upon the Louisville area, the homeowners work to prepare their homes for icy conditions and snowfall expected throughout the coming months. While a lack of home insulation might cause you to have a higher heating bill than you might like, you might also get surprised to learn about how it can also lead to conditions like water damage for your residence. Your attic is particularly susceptible to failing insulation that leads to water penetration and moisture damages.

With water damage in your Louisville attic, you run the risk of allowing secondary effects to occur such as mold growth beyond the persistent threat of structural degradation. Our professionals can help you to overcome any of the obstacles that you face in recovering your home from attic moisture and water penetration, but it begins with the homeowner recognizing the problem from its symptoms.

Since most homeowners do not regularly enter their attic space to assess risks and potential damages, it often falls to that same homeowner to notice changes in the ceiling material, walls, and other structural elements that could indicate the presence of water in the space above that floor of your home. Often by the time that occupants have noticed a change in construction materials, the problem has become widespread in the space above the ceiling. Our SERVPRO team can assess the situation and provide emergency board up services to prevent further penetration from the vulnerable points in the roof until they can get appropriately reconstructed in the immediate future.

Our technicians can then set up our high-powered air movers and industrial-strength dehumidifiers to begin pulling moisture out of the area as quickly as possible. If mold damage has already begun, we have tactics and equipment designed to remove mold colonies and work to prevent the spread of active mold spores until the restoration process completes.

Inadequate insulation in your attic space could allow moisture to penetrate through your ceiling when hot spots present themselves. Whenever you notice moisture and water damage from your attic space, give our SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville rapid response team a call at (303) 604-6607.

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Crime Scene Circumstances in Louisville Vary Greatly--Call SERVPRO for a Caring and Professional Service

12/3/2018 (Permalink)

Beyond Dirty Dishes in a Louisville Sink Crime Scene-- Why Not Call SERVPRO?

Why You Should Choose SERVPRO For Crime Scene Cleanup in Louisville

More than natural disasters can cause problems for Louisville homeowners. There are times when a domestic issue goes too far, or breaking and entering turns violent for the residents. In these instances, families need the service restoring their home to be as unobtrusive as possible.
That is why law enforcement agencies and Louisville families choose SERVPRO for crime scene cleanup. Once released by the police, our restoration teams understand that the homeowner requires a quick response, done with any necessary empathy,  and thorough cleaning. We start with disposal.
We can quickly remove broken furniture and damaged drywall panels. While a furniture restorer might be able to rebuild a chair or sofa, the building material is usually cheaper for the homeowner to replace than attempt to patch.
While disposal is often the most physically demanding part of the job, SERVPRO technicians spend more time and resources on removing blood spills. Any amount of blood is a biohazard since it can contain infectious diseases like Hepatitis A, B, or C, and HIV not found in other biohazard spills. We maintain cleaning agents in our inventory with an anti-bacterial chemical that specifically target these and other infectious diseases. Our technicians don PPE personal protection equipment in these instances.
Blood and other bodily fluids also react differently with many standard cleaning agents. Even if they remove the visible spill, there is often a ring left around the edge of the stain to indicate where it happened. That does not meet our standards, and the owner certainly does not want a permanent reminder of the incident. Our cleaning agents eliminate the ring in most cases, but when there is a visible trace of the spill, we recommend the owner lets us repaint the affected surface immediately.
As our cleanup teams remove the blood and damaged property, they maintain a respectful manner at all times. They do not ask questions of the owner or his neighbors or even address the issue except to ensure they remove everything the owner wants out of the home. At no time are any of our personnel allowed to speak to the press about one of our customers.
We are trained for cleaning up residues like fingerprinting powders, meth lab residual films, graffiti removing, and most other unwanted impacts on a home or business.

At SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville, our goal is to restore the home, so the owners can get on with restoring their lives. If you need our services, please consider calling our offices today at (303) 604-6607. We are here for you.

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Why SERVPRO Should be in Your Recipe Box for Water Removal From Your Louisville Restaurant

11/12/2018 (Permalink)

Keep your restaurant cooking by calling SERVPRO to remove water.

Fast Water Cleanup for Your Louisville Restaurant

Your Louisville restaurant is in constant competition with other eateries throughout the area. When a water loss incident occurs on the property, getting the situation resolved immediately should be a top priority. The longer that damage persists in your business, the more of an impact it can have on your ability to serve your customers or to provide a quality experience for their dining. Even incidents that do not close your doors still require attention from professional restoration technicians like ours to adequately clean up the mess.

The chief concern for water cleanup situations at your Louisville restaurant is the customer. With so many situations that could affect your reputation for the worse, including the atmosphere and environment of the dining experience for your customers, water damages require an immediate response. Our SERVPRO team can help you to assess the full scope of the damage and work quickly to remove the excess water from the affected area with our effective extraction tools like gas-powered pumps or portable electric pumps.

Removing the water and drying the area thoroughly not only preserves flooring material throughout your dining area and kitchen, but it can also help to prevent secondary effects like mold growth from taking hold. While our SERVPRO professionals have the industry-leading equipment to overcome moisture present throughout materials and the environment, we also strive to provide a complete and effective result for every customer we serve.

We double check the efforts of our air movers and dehumidifiers with thermal imagery cameras. This technology can show our team moisture pockets that signal more drying attention is necessary for some regions of the affected building. This mobile device can easily navigate throughout the entirety of the damaged portions of the business to verify moisture levels are below acceptable parameters.

Water cleanup for your restaurant from trained professionals like ours ensures that the job gets done quickly and that all of the moisture threats get resolved so secondary effects like mold growth cannot occur. Give our SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville emergency response team a call 24/7 at (303) 604-6607.

The Miners’ Memorial Statue stands at Louisville City Hall in honor of the people who founded Louisville.  Click here for more information.

Some Companies Excel at Mold Damage Remediation in a Boulder Home and Some Don't - Which One Will You Pick?

10/21/2018 (Permalink)

Whether mold is lurking behind your dining room buffet or appears around the windows, contact SERVPRO to determine the cause and mitigate the damage.

Mold Damage Remediation Procedures to Make Your Boulder Home to Feel Like Home Again

Assessing the mold damage problem goes past checking whether there is some growth in a corner or on the walls of your home. Molds have a tendency of growing behind surfaces, which means it can be challenging to discover the problem during its initial stages. So, any time you notice musty odors and colored spots on the walls, you need to act immediately. We can inspect your Boulder home to determine the moisture source and do the necessary repair. Without stopping the moisture source, the mold problem is likely to reappear.
Most mold damage incidents in Boulder that we attend to have many similarities; though it does not mean similar remediation processes can address the problem. For instance, the problem can only affect a small section of the building such as a storage room with a leaking roof. We have to be careful when correcting the problem to avoid spreading the spores to other areas within the building. As an example, if airflow is introduced to uncontained mold spores, there is a danger of dispersing them to other locations – which underscores the importance of containment.
Since the spores are so light, a slight disturbance may force them to move from one area to the other. By using a 6 mil polypropylene, we can cover the door and windows and the spaces that are around them. Putting the contaminated room under negative air pressure relative to the surrounding areas can also limit the movement of spores. Our SERVPRO technicians understand that molds can cause health effect and put on the correct Personal Protective Equipment.
While it is possible to clean hard or nonporous surfaces with the mold contamination, we have to remove and discard porous materials such as drywall, insulation, and fabrics. As we agitate surfaces to remove the mold, some of it can settle on surfaces, and we have to perform HEPA vacuuming to remove the settling dust that has mold spores. Some of the methods we use to clean surfaces include wire brushing, damp wiping, and sanding. We wipe areas using disinfectants to deactivate the mold and prevent future reoccurrences.
At SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville, we have the equipment and skills to remove the mold contamination and offer cleaning services that meet commercial and residential needs. Call us at (303) 604-6607 to allow our highly trained technicians to return your property to its preloss state.

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How SERVPRO Follows an Extensive Checklist to Make Sure That ALL Traces of a Fire are Removed From Your Boulder Home

10/7/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage can affect a big part of your home. Call SERVPRO to discuss remediation and restoration efforts.

Removing Fire Damage From Boulder Homes

Remediating the effects fire has on a Boulder home requires training, experience, and the right equipment. Before any action takes place, restoration experts need to know how far the fire spread and the way it went from the point of origin to the rest of the home.
Most Boulder fire damage is evident to the eye, but homeowners and even some restoration agencies forget to ask about what they cannot see. SERVPRO inspectors use a checklist developed over decades in the business to ensure we do not miss anything, no matter how small or unimportant it may appear to be to the owner.
To begin with, How close were the fire to the heating and air vents and the furnace? The closer the fire was to a vent or the actual furnace, means more smoke and soot went into the vents.
Was the A/C or Heat active during the fire? If it was, then the smoke and soot were circulated through the ducts and into other parts of the home. The fire itself can circulate air depending on how fast it burns, but an active system dramatically increases the problem.
How long did the fire burn? The longer it went on before being extinguished means, the more smoke and soot residues it generated.
The answers to these questions help SERVPRO teams determine what type of cleaning tools and chemicals we need for each room affected by the fire and the residues left behind. Now, technicians can start cleaning, repair, and restoration efforts.
The first step is to remove the filters. If the system was active, particulates from the fire are in them, and we can replace them immediately. It may be necessary even if the filters are reusable. Sticky residues take many labor hours to remove them, and it is often cheaper to replace them.
Next, we clean the ducts. Team members can clean residues close to the vents by hand, but extensive contamination farther in requires more. They use a fogger to generate a cloud of cleaning agent and a fan to force it through the system carefully. The cloud touches every inch of the ductwork, killing any active bacteria and breaking up the residues, stopping further problems.
Team members can also add a chemical agent that neutralizes the odors left behind after a fire if needed. After fully deploying the cleaning and deodorizing agents, technicians increase the fan speed to force any loose residues from the ducts and sending them outside the home.
At SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville, we want to restore your home after a fire completely. If you have any damage or even just a lingering odor, contact us at (303) 604-6607 to schedule an inspection. We are here for you.

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Avoid Water Damage From a Fire in Louisville

9/25/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO cleans up the post-fire water damage in your home.

After a Fire, Fast Water Cleanup Helps Restore Your Louisville Home

The impact of a house fire can cause many homeowners in Louisville to forget about the relatively minor issues involved with staining, warping, and decay caused by the very thing that firefighters used to save their home. However, for us at SERVPRO to help you by making everything “Like it never even happened.” we must address the presence of water left behind before it can cause damage of its own.

Before we can begin working on mitigating the harm caused by the fire in your Louisville property, we need to finish water cleanup procedures. These methods get your home dry again so that we can safely perform all of the restoration work that your house needs. A damp environment also creates a situation where new materials can suffer damage. While strong and unpleasant odors from smoke can bother you, odors caused by stagnant water can also pose a smelly problem.

With water cleanup, SERVPRO technicians extract moisture from areas that have absorbed water, effectively drying things out. We use several different types of equipment to accomplish this and also to accurately measure the rate that the evaporation and extraction take place.

Water from a fire acts much differently than water from a flood or a broken water line behaves. A large portion of the cold water that hits hot materials in a burning home immediately enters the air because it turns into steam. This steam travels all over your home, affecting belongings and materials in every portion of your residence.

Near-immediate removal of any remaining steam and its condensation can prevent a great deal of damage. When the steam condenses on porous materials, they absorb it. We must also remove this hidden moisture and get the affected materials dry again. The longer we wait to start working, the more damage can occur.

Because we know that one way we can effectively assist our customers is by reducing the amount of damage experienced as much as possible, we are always Faster To Any Size Disaster. A faster response means less damage happens to your home.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville wants to restore your home correctly, and we start by using efficient water cleanup methods. Locally owned and operated, we also serve nearby areas, including Valmont, Erie, and Gooding. Call us at (303) 604-6607 for restoration services after a fire or other disaster.

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Reducing and Eliminating Flood Damage Effects in Boulder Homes

9/16/2018 (Permalink)

If you find your home flooded with inches or even feet of water, call SERVPRO for effective drying out services and remediation.

SERVPRO Technicians Quickly Dry Out Your Home After Flooding

As the weather cools, Boulder residents and homeowners have to start considering the effects of rain and flooding. Waneka Reservoir rarely causes a problem, but a sudden storm by itself can drop an incredible amount of water in surrounding neighborhoods and into homes.
The best method to limit flood damage to Boulder homes is to remove the water as quickly as possible. SERVPRO restoration teams understand that the longer any material sits under water, the more likely that any damage becomes permanent. Once that happens, the amount of property which requires disposal greatly increases.
Technicians start by removing standing water left once the flood recedes. They draw it off the floor and out of carpets using a combination of commercial pumps and extraction wands. Depending on how much is in the home, removal efforts can take anywhere from one to three days. Once it is out of the home, our teams can examine and restore damaged property.
Since this is water from outside the home, there are contaminants present. Soil usually makes up the bulk of the problem, but there is also the possibility of animal feces and urine, as well as human waste if the flooding overwhelmed nearby sewers. Technicians spray exposed surfaces with an anti-fungal agent to reduce the health risk to them and the homeowner. In this situation, SERVPRO cannot guarantee that cleaning efforts result in a 100%, safe carpet, so the only reliable option is to remove them for disposal.
That means we concentrate our efforts on floors and walls. If our technicians can remove the water quickly and eliminate the health threat, restoring them requires time, labor, and machines such as fans, dehumidifiers, and air movers. Personnel uses the fans and dehumidifiers to circulate damp air and draw water directly from it. That reduces moisture in surrounding property as well without causing further damage.
They use the air movers to direct warm, dry air over affected surfaces to speed up the process. Technicians can adjust the rate of speed and temperature as it occurs, to ensure they swiftly return the home to its original condition without cracking or splitting wood flooring or causing wall panels to begin flaking and crumbling in place.
Our goal at SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is to return you to your home as quickly as possible. If you need us, call (303) 604-6607 today to start the restoration process. We are here for you.

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Your Commercial Dishwasher Can Malfunction And Leak Water Into Your Louisville Restaurant Kitchen

9/4/2018 (Permalink)

Calling for professional water cleanup services for your Louisville restaurant can help prevent water damage from occurring inside of your kitchen.

Your Commercial Dishwasher Can Malfunction And Leak

Owning a large scale commercial dishwasher is a necessity when running a restaurant, but it can be more trouble than it's worth when the appliance malfunctions and leaves you in urgent need of water cleanup services. A problem with the connection between the plumbing and your appliance caused it to leak water onto the floor of your kitchen throughout the night. In order to operate your business, as usual, it is wise to call for professional help.

Calling for professional water cleanup services for your Louisville restaurant can help prevent water damage from occurring inside of your kitchen. If the standing puddles of water are seen to quickly, it is less likely that they can sink between the cracks in your tile flooring and cause damage to the base underneath. If the water is allowed to do this, it can cause the tiles to crack when the base underneath expands from absorbing the excess moisture.

When you call SERVPRO, we always try to arrive at your business as fast as possible. We understand that your kitchen cannot correctly operate until the water is cleaned up, as it can create a dangerous work environment. We can work around the clock, if it is required, to get your kitchen back to a state where your employees can work uninterrupted.

SERVPRO can use professional and advanced equipment to tackle the excess water around your business. To handle the puddles of stagnant water, our IICRC-certified technicians can use wet/dry vacuums. In extreme cases where the flood is severe, we can also employ the use of submersible pumps to remove the water as swiftly as possible.

SERVPRO can use a combination of moisture meters and thermal imaging technology to check and make sure that no pockets of water have slipped our detection. Once we are sure that your restaurant's moisture levels are acceptable, our job is done.

When unexpected leaks happen on your property, never hesitate. Get in contact with SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville by dialing (303) 604-6607. Day or night, we're here to help you.

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Fire Damage to Personal Belongings in Boulder Requires Skilled Cleanup Technicians

8/30/2018 (Permalink)

When your home has a fire, the situation can seem particularly overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO to remediate the damage.

Fire and Soot can Cause Different Damages Depending on the Materials

Homes in the Boulder area can suffer fire and other disasters for any reason. Sometimes, these reasons remain undetermined, even by experts. Cleaning things up, though, helps move families forward, and back into their regular routines and habits.
If your home ends up with fire damage in Boulder, we can help get things back to normal for you. Knowing what caused the fire can help us determine the best methods to use. Even if we never know for sure, knowing what burned can still help us decide which processes can complete the work needed successfully.
Different materials produce different kinds of soot. Soot particles created by the fire's smoke can feel dry and almost flaky or damp and sticky. We can quickly remove soot of the drier variety with brushes and vacuums, leaving no stains or other damage. When damp, moist soot seems to stick to surfaces, we must be more careful in how we remove the residue from surfaces, particularly porous ones like fabrics, paneling, and heavily grained wood.
Situations involving stuck-on soot require a solution that dissolves the griminess adhered to your belongings, followed by a quick rinsing. We always test first to ensure the colorfastness of the surfaces we are cleaning. We have other options available to us in cases where colors fade or change.

SERVPRO technicians work in teams to rapidly clean collectibles made of non-porous materials like china or porcelain, hard plastics, wood, or glass. We use tubs to submerge these items so the soak thoroughly in an effective solution. Working with small brushes, any soot or other dirt comes off quickly. After a quick rinsing in a follow-up tub, we place these items spaced apart so they can air dry. We perform this on-site when possible, but if restoration work takes up most of the space in your house, we can carry this out at our site.
When we perform any work off-site, we provide you with a detailed and complete inventory list of each box's contents. SERVPRO crews use copies of these inventory lists when unpacking these boxes at our cleaning facility, and when repacking them again before returning them to you.
The IICRC-certified technicians and crew members of SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville want to help those in our communities restore their homes and their belongings after a fire damage incident. We serve the residents of Gooding, Valmont, and Niwot for this and other types of disasters all year-round. Always available to answer your call and guide you through the restoration process, our 24-hour emergency line is also always available. Call us at (303) 604-6607 for expert restoration assistance.

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The Right Way to Control Mold Damage When in Boulder

8/16/2018 (Permalink)

Boulder Mold Remediation Needed? Call SERVPRO

Containment and Remediation of Mold Infestations in Boulder Homes Gets Handles Professionally by SERVPRO

Exposure to mold damage can lead to health effects, and there is a need to seek professional remediation services to restore your property and prevent further damage. Usually, mold grows on materials that stay wet for more than 48 hours. It means that the longer the materials feed mold, the harder it is to control the damage and salvage the items. We are looking at some of the procedures we follow when tending to such incidents in Boulder.
Our SERVPRO technicians wear protective gear when performing mold damage cleanup in Boulder. The goal is to avoid inhaling the contamination and ensure there is no exposure to the skin. We wear goggles, gloves, and use an N-95 or higher rated respirator. In case we need greater comfort and protection, we can use a full-face respirator or half-face respirator that is fitted with filter cartridges. We follow EPA regulations when choosing the PPE to use. In instances of minor infestations, some of this equipment can be eliminated.
The size of the area with the contamination determines the required level of containment. For instance, we can use a 6-mil polyethylene sheeting to secure the moldy area. Turning off air supply vents and introducing negative pressure in the area can also minimize spreading the mold and spores. Once the remediation is complete, we can replace the filters of the air-handling units that serve the contaminated areas. We spray an antifungal product on the exposed, affected areas to help inhibit the growth of mold colonies.
The SERVPRO team removes moldy porous materials such as paper products, processed wood products, ceiling tiles, and gypsum wallboard and puts them in plastic bags and discards them as per the state and local regulations. We understand that any wet insulation can remain wet for a long time, so, we remove all the fibrous insulation even when the wallboard appears dry. Items that may hinder drying such as vinyl wallpaper, foil-faced insulation, plastic sheeting, and other need to be removed during the restoration process.
SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is a trusted industry leader in commercial and residential cleaning and restoration services. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, and you can contact us by calling (303) 604-6607 to benefit from our 24-hour emergency services.

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An Overflowing Sink Means You Need Water Cleanup To Prevent Damages In Lafayette

8/16/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is always ready to help families in Valmont and Gooding with our water cleanup and removal services.

Water Damage Cleanup In Your Home

It happens to everyone sooner or later. We get distracted and forget about the sink filling up so we can wash a few bowls and some drinking glasses after a quick meal. Before long, the water comes pouring over the edge, all over the floor of your Lafayette kitchen, with puddles soaking your countertop and anything else in the way.

Residents in Lafayette who experience this emergency can rely on SERVPRO to perform fast water cleanup services and get everything back to normal. Soapy water typically does not cause severe damage by soaking into the carpet, as long as we remove it soon after. However, if sauces or a substantial amount of food particles were carried by the water onto the floor or into seams and gaps within your countertop, this can create problems if not quickly resolved.

The organic compounds in food can create very strong and highly unpleasant odors as they decay. Their chemical makeup also makes them perfect for microbes to feast on wherever the water traveled. We have the tools to remove both these substances and the water that deposited them in carpeting, along with the detail of your cabinet doors, and around your countertop. Under the sink can also hold some of this water that overflowed. We use extraction wands to remove as much water as possible, and then use powerful air movers to dry the area out.

We use moisture meters to gain a reading of how saturated materials became in the area around your sink. We use this baseline to determine how much heat and air movement your home needs to protect it from the absorbed water. We compare additional readings to the standard moisture content of similar material types to ensure that your kitchen no longer contains unwanted moisture.

Protecting your home from sinks and tubs that overflowed can keep the damaging effects of mold and water from spreading. Water never goes away on its own, but merely evaporates only to condense on surfaces elsewhere. These locations also tend to contain more spores from microbes because both travel on the same air currents.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is always ready to help families in Valmont and Gooding with our water cleanup and removal services. Our technicians are IICRC-certified and know how to use the equipment needed to make your home safe and dry again, “Like it never even happened.” Contact us at our emergency services line, (303) 604-6607. We know emergencies happen at all hours, so we are always available, day or night, 365 days a year.

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Remediating Fire Damage in Boulder

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Even when fire damage is major, SERVPRO technicians can remediate the damage and help your home recover.

Team SERVPRO Remediates Fire Damage Regardless of the Severity Level

Every Boulder home is at risk from a fire. Accidents occur each day, and despite the best efforts of homeowners and insurance companies, the worst still happens.
Boulder home fire damage is not the end of the world though. Few homes ever suffer complete destruction, and SERVPRO restoration teams are ready to clean and remediate the damage to area homes regardless if it is considered Minor, Medium, or Major.
With Minor fire damage, there is little physical damage from heat or flames. The smoke residues left on the property after the fire are only light to moderate. Restoration efforts by our specialists are primarily dry or wet wiping down of walls, floors, ceilings, and personal property inside the home. Perhaps one or two walls and the ceiling might require new paint and only small items like books and magazines need replacing.
If a home suffered Medium fire damage, the smoke residue damage is moderate, requiring more wet wiping and cleaning by SERVPRO specialists. Wood floors near the point of origin of the fire may need refinishing and the number of rooms that require repainting increases along with the increase in smoke residues.
At this level, there is more heat and flame damage to a structural property like cabinets, ceiling tiles, and drywall panels. The personal and structural property requires intensive cleaning now, but specialists can still accomplish it at home. Odors from smoke residues are strong enough to be noticed and may require further deodorizing efforts after specialists complete cleaning the structure.
When the fire damage is considered Major, property near the point of origin burns severely from heat and flames. Finishes on cabinets and floors need replacing, as does a significant portion of the Interior wall framing and the drywall that covers it. Specialists perform extensive cleaning throughout the entire home to remove smoke residues which not only affect every room but penetrated into the cooling and heating ducts as well. Odor removal is much more intensive and expensive as well.
There is often enough physical damage which the homeowner may require SERVPRO emergency services as well. Specialists may need to board up windows, doors, and even sections of the roof with plywood.
Removing the effects of fire damage and restoring every home to its original condition is the goal SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville each time our teams walk into a residence. If you need us, call (303) 604-6607 today to schedule a visit. We are here for you.

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Consider Drying Procedures When Choosing Water Damage Boulder Experts for a Good Outcome

7/23/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage remediation has to be done properly or else the results are sub par. Contact SERVPRO to discuss and have us evaluate your damage.

Team SERVPRO is Certified and Follows Appropriate Protocol When Drying Out Your Home After Water Damage

You are probably familiar with cases of water from a burst sewer line or leaking pipe flooding and damaging your home. However, other ways that do not involve large amounts of water can still cause damages. Normally this happens if a little water or excess moisture seeps into the property over an extended period. You might actually be surprised to know that in a flooded home, water damage might occur from the drying process instead of the actual flooding.
To prevent water damage in Boulder remediation experts first extract water from the flooded areas before beginning the drying process. Proper balancing of air movers and dehumidifiers is necessary during drying because it is at this stage that unintended damage occurs. As the air movers evaporate moisture, it saturates the airspace then dehumidifiers extract it. If air movers saturate the air faster than the dehumidifiers can dry it, water damage will occur from the excessive moisture. This can happen even in areas not affected by the initial flooding.
Our SERVPRO technicians are not only familiar with cases of damage caused by the transfer of moisture during drying, but we have also developed mitigation techniques to prevent such outcomes. We first calculate the number of air movers and dehumidifiers necessary for fast drying without transferring humidity to unaffected areas. We also evaluate proper placement of the air movers based on the materials being dried. For example, when lower sections of several walls are wet, our experts have to place air movers at an angle of 45 degrees to create circular air airflow necessary for proper evaporation.
Another important step our SERVPRO experts will take to ensure proper water damage remediation is establishing a drying goal. We first take moisture readings from dry unaffected areas of the structure and use them as the standard which the affected areas have to reach to be declared dry. We take separate readings for wooden and non-wooden materials because they have different moisture retention rates. The readings help determine how intensive, and how long the drying process will be. In case everything is wet, our experts will set a drying goal based on measurements taken from materials in other everyday situations. Setting a specific drying goal is important because it helps evaluate whether the methods being used will work fast enough preventing secondary water damage.
Now that you understand the importance of proper drying, and why it's schedule should be completed within an appropriate period, you should take steps to ensure it is done correctly. You should call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville on (303) 604-6607 since our experts are already familiar with the remediation processes. We are always available 24 hours a day.
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Mold Damage in Boulder is Not Always Due to a Typical Water Loss

7/8/2018 (Permalink)

When you find mold in the corner or any place in your home, contact the technicians at SERVPRO to remediate the infestation.

Team SERVPRO Investigates the Cause of the Mold Infestation in Your Home Prior to Beginning the Remediation Process

We counsel homeowners in Boulder about arranging for a fast response to flooding and leaks that can saturate building materials and possessions. One of the primary reasons we recommend immediate action is to avoid the mold growth likely if the water incursion resulted in moisture saturation remaining at excessive levels for more than 24 or 28 hours. Other scenarios can also lead to mold infestation. We offer assistance no matter what contributes to the moisture.
If indoor humidity is over 60 percent in your Boulder home mold damage is possible based on that fact alone. Even though we generally maintain a semi-arid climate in the area, circumstances in your home can raise the ambient humidity to higher levels. When we arrive to assess the mold damage we use advanced technology to detect moisture levels in the air and surfaces afflicted with microbial activity. As we plan the remediation project, we also determine the source of the moisture and strategies to eliminate the dampness in the future.
A common reason for higher humidity in a home is predictable periodic activities that send large quantities of steam into the air. Examples SERVPRO sees frequently include cooking, showering, bathing, and doing laundry. If the rooms in which these activities do not vent to the outside, the water vapor builds. All of these rooms have the necessary ingredients for mold development. Mold spores are everywhere, the moisture is introduced with daily activities, and plenty of organic materials wait to feed the fungi. Soap scum, food residues, and even the debris left on dirty clothes provide fuel for mold growth.
Our mold remediation team approaches all infestations in similar manners. SERVPRO crew members hold IICRC Applied Microbial Remediation certification and follow the EPA’s abatement protocols. We isolate the moldy space with physical barriers and consider the use of negative pressure air scrubbers to further contain the debris during removal and cleanup. In cases where the mold damage is pervasive, we may build a decontamination chamber where our employees can don and remove personal protective equipment while avoiding tracking the fungus into clean areas of your home.
SERVPRO recommends the installation and consistent use of exhaust fans in humid areas of your home. If the humidity remains high, you can add dehumidifiers to reduce the water vapor in the air. Maintaining humidity at a level between 30 and 50 percent should prevent mold proliferation. When the humidity remains higher, your home can experience a recurrence of the mold damage.
SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville supports our crews and customers by enrolling employees in IICRC courses that train in restoration industry best practices. If you suspect mold damage call (303) 604-6607 24/7 and we pledge to provide fast and efficient remediation.  

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Boulder Homeowners Need Reliable Water Removal Service

6/30/2018 (Permalink)

Getting the water out of your water damaged property is our top priority upon arrival. Contact SERVPRO right away for best results.

Team SERVPRO Has the Technicians and Equipment to Effectively Remove Water From Your Property

When money is tight, it can very be tempting to try to delay Boulder home maintenance projects or manage all issues yourself. Some home emergencies are relatively minor, and a homeowner may be able to identify the problems and solve them. Others present more risk and require professional assistance to resolve. Our mission is to help you at these times.
Homes can flood for a variety of reasons, and expert water removal in Boulder is the only way to be sure your house is secure now and in the future. If the water building up in your lower levels possibly contains contaminants, it is especially important to retain the services of our certified technicians. Our IICRC trained employees are qualified to evaluate the characteristics of the water invading your home.
SERVPRO employees follow applicable laws and rules when assessing, containing, and disposing of contaminated water. If the water is due to a sewer backup, it is likely that human and animal waste is in your home. The pathogens that may be in this water can harm the inhabitants of your dwelling. If the water came from overland flooding, fertilizers and road chemicals might pose other types of concerns. We take on the responsibility to remove the water quickly whatever the source and handle it as required.
Even clean water poses dangers if too much time passes between the event and the removal of the water. SERVPRO has the advantage of a fleet of service vehicles, each loaded with submersible pumps and powerful extractors. A homeowner has household wet vacs, buckets, and mops, hardly a match. We also assign as many technicians as necessary to evacuate the water, reducing the amount of time it takes to remove all the moisture. Working on your own, it could take many days to get all the water out of your home.
Finally, water removal includes assessing for moisture content of structural elements and a comprehensive drying plan. SERVPRO has the air moving and dehumidifying equipment needed to dry out your home, including additional heaters if needed to balance the process. If you choose not to seek professional restoration services you risk progressive deterioration of building materials and secondary damage like mold growth.
SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville prepares our employees and maintains our equipment to be ready for a water removal emergency like yours. Call us at (303) 604-6607 for a consultation.

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Prompt Mitigation of Commercial Water Damage in Your Boulder Auto Shop Keeps You and Customers Happy

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

Your customers depend on your auto shop for their car needs. Make sure that your doors stay open after a water damage event by calling SERVPRO.

Team SERVPRO Understands That Quick Arrival on the Scene Means Your Business May Not Have to Close Its Doors

Bringing people's vehicles back from those disturbing noises, ticking sounds, and other odd problems in your Boulder auto shop means having a dry place to store spare parts. Keeping essential parts in stock keeps repair work running smoothly and mostly interruption-free.
When your shop ends up with commercial water damage in Boulder, things can start to rust and corrode, even when these items are still in their boxes. Motor parts need to remain in perfect factory condition to please your customers. Removing the moisture that caused the water damage can help immensely. SERVPRO technicians remove water through different types of equipment, depending on the situation. Moisture-laden walls become dry quickly when we use our Injectidry equipment, and overall humidity dramatically plummets with our desiccant machines running.
Because water damage often goes hand-in-hand with mold colonization of an area, we also use air scrubbers with our air blowers. We know that spores become airborne whenever disturbances, such as increased air flow, occur, so using these together helps collect spores so they cannot start new populations in new locations.
Only when we see no other viable options do we engage in removing damaged materials that show crumbling or other signs of deterioration such as bubbling, warping, or cracking, instead of repairing them. Drywall and wood can sustain exposure to water for short periods without damaging effects occurring, but after a while, the damage becomes permanent. Restoration typically costs considerably less than replacing the same materials costs, and we like to save our customers money while we work on saving their business' building.
So we can ensure protection against future events, we always locate the source of the water. We do this through the use of water detection equipment. We can find moisture through the changes in temperature with our infrared imaging devices, even when water or moisture exists in the interior cavities of walls.
SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville can help you keep your auto shop in the Erie, Ninemile Corner, of Gunbarrel areas up and running. Just contact us with your concerns about water damage that might affect your business operations or inventory by calling our 24-hour service line number at (303) 604-6607.
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The Role That Inspection And Assessment Play During Mold Damage Remediation In Boulder

6/6/2018 (Permalink)

Mold can cause major damage to your belongings.

Mold Damage Remediation

Assessing the environment and taking appropriate safety precautions is necessary during mold damage remediation. Remember, mold can lead to health effects, and that is why restoration services providers use the right Personal Proactive Equipment (PPE) while at the site. The degree of mold contamination usually determines the equipment that we use to attend to such situations in Boulder.

After a mold damage inspection and assessment in Boulder, we share a report with our customers. The report usually outlines the scope of the inspection and points out the areas where we did the inspection. It shows the water source and the procedures to follow to stop the moisture intrusion problems. Based on the source of the water, we can also provide information on the possible contaminants on the site.

The goals our SERVPRO technicians during mold remediation are to prevent further exposure and further damage to your property. So, before we build containment and prevent spreading contamination to clean areas, we wear the right PPE. We need protective clothing, a respirator, gloves, and goggles or any suitable eye protection. When we are working, we may need to decontaminate materials and equipment. That is why we establish decontamination rooms and clean rooms. Containment involves sealing HVAC vents, setting up a negative pressure, and installation of containment barriers.

When our SERVPRO technicians are performing mold removal, the material or the surface we are dealing with usually determines the method we use. While it is possible to clean nonporous contents with mold growth, we discard porous materials with the mold contamination. If the nonporous surface is dry and has loose mold fragments, we can use a detergent solution to damp-wipe the area or perform HEPA vacuuming. When the fragments are firmly attached to the surfaces, we might use abrasive techniques such as sanding and wire brushing to remove the mold.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville uses advanced cleaning and restoration equipment to address mold, storm, fire and water damage incidents. Call us at (303) 604-6607 if you want us to respond immediately with our 24-hour emergency service.

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How Water Extraction Makes the Difference during Flood Damage Restoration in Boulder

5/24/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville will be there to help when seconds count.

SERVPRO Water Restoration Technicians Are Here To Restore Your Boulder Home

Restoring your property to its preloss state after a flood damage incident involves removing the water, decontaminating and drying various areas of your building. For high levels of success, you need to act fast since the presence of moisture creates suitable conditions for mold growth. Also, when materials like carpets and drywall absorb water, they can develop mold and bacteria and replacement may be necessary. If you do not have the right tools and skills, you may make costly mistakes as a resident of Boulder.

Let us start by looking at the standard moisture extraction equipment that our SERVPRO technicians use when attending to flood damage incidents in Boulder. It is important to note that extraction is the first step when it comes to removing water from a structure and there are several tools that we use to carry out this process. If there is water on the floors, we may use extractors - portable or truck-mounted - to do the removal. An extractor has three significant parts that allow it to work efficiently: the vacuum system, pump, and heater.

When our SERVPRO technicians choose the extraction tools for a particular restoration job, there are specific factors we consider. For instance, if we think carpet delamination is likely to take place, we avoid using an aggressive extraction technique. When removing water from the glue-down carpets, we usually use a wand; otherwise, we use bigger devices when squeezing water from carpets with thick pads.

Our SERVPRO technicians also use pumps to remove standing water from structures. When we choose this option, we make sure there are no sediments in the water we are pumping out of the building. If we install space heaters and the moisture escapes into the air and raises the relative humidity, we use Refrigerant Dehumidifiers and Desiccant Dehumidifiers to remove the excess moisture in a process known as dehumidification.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

At SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville, we pride ourselves on having advanced cleaning and restoration equipment. Call us at (303) 604-6607 and benefit from our 24-hour emergency services.

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Louisville's Commercial Water Damage Technicians Discuss Drying Equipment

5/23/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage in any area of your store could potentially turn into mold if not remediated right away. Contact SERVPRO quickly for service.

Team SERVPRO Arrives Quickly to Tackle the Water Damage in Your Store

Any time a pipe breaks, water can leak into your Louisville gardening store. Excessive moisture can ruin some of your products or equipment. If structural materials in your shop stay wet for too long, they can lose their structural integrity.
If moisture stays inside organic building materials for too long mold growth can occur. During any commercial water damage restoration in Louisville removing moisture within 48 hours is the primary goal. If a fungus develops, it can spread to other areas of the building and cause secondary damage.
During the mitigation process, our SERVPRO technicians first extract as much water as they can, then dry out the remainder of the moisture. If there are more than two inches of standing water, it gets pumped into a sewer drain with a submersible pump. Any remaining moisture inside upholstery or carpet inside your store gets extracted using specialized extraction equipment.
After extracting, we begin the drying process by setting up air moving and dehumidification systems. The air movers create circulation, and the dehumidifiers remove water vapor from the air reducing the relative humidity. The air movers need to get set up in the correct formation for them to work as best as possible.
The purpose of the air movers is for them to push the wet air evaporating from the surfaces and replace it with warm, dry air. The air movers get set up so that they create a counterclockwise airflow within the affected room. The air movers are aligned so that the air coming from them hits wet surfaces at a 45-degree angle so that it pushes the damp air evaporating off of the material away from it. If air movers hit walls directly at a 90-degree angle, then they can drive moisture into the wall cavity possibly creating more issues.
During the drying process, the equipment gets set up in ways that do not negatively affect any of your products. Items that can get damaged by increased humidity or airflow get removed from the area. If needed we can complete the drying process when your store is closed or a small section at a time so that your business stays functioning.
Specific techniques can help speed up the natural evaporation and drying process so that microbial growth is not an issue. For professional help with problems at your business, call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 any time of the day.

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Boulder's Flood Damage Experts Explain Proper Equipment Placement

5/17/2018 (Permalink)

Any time a major storm hits your neighborhood in Boulder, property damage can occur.

Flood Damage Experts Explain Proper Equipment Placement

Any time a major storm hits your neighborhood in Boulder, property damage can occur. Severe thunderstorms bring about high-speed winds and excessive rains that often negatively affect your house. Many different scenarios like flooding or broken windows during the storm possibly cause a water damage issue inside your home.

When dealing with any moisture problem, extraction and drying are a necessity. SERVPRO's flood damage technicians in Boulder use all of the industry's best equipment and techniques to resolve the issue. After the extraction process takes place most water is removed, and structural drying occurs.

During the dry-out process, we use various types of equipment depending on the severity of the situation. Sometimes specialty drying equipment gets used to dry out drywall or hardwood floors. When specialty equipment gets used, it is added to the set up of air moving and dehumidification systems that usually get set up during a dry-out.

During most drying procedures air movers and dehumidifiers get set up inside the affected area to speed up evaporation and remove water vapor from the air. The air movers push the air in a circular motion so that the wet air close to damp surfaces gets replaced with warm, dry air. The dehumidifiers add to the equation by pulling water out of the air and dispensing it in liquid form.

The dehumidifiers also exhaust warm, dry air that gets used by the air movers to complete the process over again. For the process to work best, there must be the perfect air mover to dehumidifier ratio. If there are too many dehumidifiers compared to air movers, then the drying process takes longer than it should. If the ratio of air movers to dehumidifiers is too high, then the air movers possibly push wet air to other areas inside the building and cause secondary damage.

The perfect ratio of air movers and dehumidifiers varies depending on how many materials inside the structure get affected. If just the floor is wet, we set up a smaller amount of air movers. When other areas such as walls and ceilings are also wet, more air movers get set up inside the affected region. For help from the professionals after a storm damages your house, call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 24 hours a day.

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Fire Damage can Continue Creating Odors in Your Boulder Home after Restoration Work

5/14/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is a trusted leader in the fire & smoke damage restoration industry.

Our SERVPRO Techs Can Get Rid of Smoke Odor From Your Boulder Home

No matter what causes a fire, nor how big it becomes, smokey plumes spewing out of burning materials spread malodors everywhere in your Boulder home. This smoke can cover anything it comes into contact with in a greasy-feeling layer.

When your Boulder residence contains fire damage, the smoke odor can remain even after restorative work makes everything look "Like it never even happened." Our IICRC certified Odor Control Technician (OCT) can bring your home fully back to its pre-fire condition and make your house smell like home again.

Part of restoring a residence after a fire includes removing the charred materials., Other aspects include cleaning materials and belongings of the soot. Walls, ceilings, windows, carpets, draperies, and so much more can harbor soot particles. As these particles deteriorate, they find their way back into the air your family breathes. When the air becomes more humid, or the temperature rises this happens much more rapidly and creates even stronger odors.

Our SERVPRO technicians use several techniques to control odors in a home after fire damages its interior. Even a small amount of soot can produce noticeable odors. Gel packs can help with lighter but steady odor production coming from the interiors of walls and above ceilings. Placed in these locations, these pose no danger to curious children or pets. If we determine that your carpets still produce odors after cleaning, direct injections of liquid deodorizers can help mitigate any unwanted odors coming from the floor.

Some homes, however, have smaller nooks and crannies that hold onto odors longer. When we encounter this situation, the implementation of thermal fogging equipment can resolve the odors experienced by your family. Quickly carried out, this can help significantly because the fog covers the same pathways that the smoke did during the fire. Once we disperse the mist into your home's rooms and hallways, the chemical agents can bond with any soot particles encountered and render them inert. Unable to cause odors now, we leave your home with a fresh scent.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville can be contacted by calling us at (303) 604-6607. Our 24-hour service line stays open year-round, so families in Niwot, Valmont, and Gooding receive the emergency services needed when they face fire damage in their home. Call us so we can help restore your home.

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Water Damage Restoration For Your Boulder Hardwood Floors

4/13/2018 (Permalink)

Our SERVPRO technicians have a vast amount of experience in restoring hardwood floors back to preloss condition!

SERVPRO Explains Hardwood Floor Water Restoration Process in Boulder Homes

Whether they are an original treasure in a historic Boulder home or a recent installation after remodeling or new construction, hardwood floors are much desired and appreciated. Water incursions from spills, blown in rain, appliance malfunctions, and a host of other disasters can damage wooden floors and subflooring. Our experienced and highly-trained technicians can help.

Hardwood floors can stand a minor exchange with moisture, especially if sealed and maintained. Water damage in Boulder hardwood floors only becomes an issue when the fibers of the wood saturate with water over a period of time. Cellulose fibers comprise the bulk of any hardwood flooring planks. This natural material absorbs excess water and swells. The swelling causes each plank to change shape and pull up and away or crowd others nearby. If caught early much of this damage can be avoided. Proper drying techniques as employed by our structural drying crews can minimize the harm.

SERVPRO crew leads to assess the harm done when a hardwood floor suffers longer periods of exposure to water. As the water on top seeps through the joints in the floor, it puddles below the planks. Sometimes the substrate moisture causes the swelling wood to push against neighboring planks, “cupping” a lower center to each board as the edges squeeze against each other. Other times the planks can “crown,” again squeezing tightly against each other but raising the center. When wood “buckles,” it is so deformed that it pulls away completely from the subfloor.

Many of these issues respond well to restoration practices, but the crucial first step is to lower the moisture content of the hardwood. SERVPRO crews have a range of equipment and methods to extract standing water and water trapped beneath the hardwood planks. Water extractors are professional wet vacuums that pull the water out. A hands-off option involves the use of drying mats that position on top of the hardwood and use air movers to force water to evaporate from the planks.

Another strategy is to drill holes through sealed hardwood to facilitate the release of water. Sometimes SERVPRO crews lift planks and direct the flow from air movers underneath. Throughout all of these methodologies, the crews measure moisture levels and maintain a recommended balance of heat, air movement, and reduced humidity with dehumidifiers to lower the moisture content of the hardwood so that it can be sanded and refinished.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is ready to help if your wood floors took a beating from water damage. Call us at (303) 604-6607 to schedule an assessment.

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Commercial Mold Damage Restoration Work In Boulder

4/8/2018 (Permalink)

Mold damage can spread quickly if the environment is not contained. Contact SERVPRO for mitigation services.

SERVPRO Technicians Efficiently Remediate a Mold Infestation at Your Office Location

If an appliance or water pipe develops a slow leak inside your Boulder office complex, damage to building materials and contents likely occurs. If water stays inside and goes unnoticed for too long of a time, fungi possibly develop. The presence of a fungus sometimes causes health effects with certain people.
If fungal growth has already taken place due to a water problem, then it must get mitigated in a way that prevents future problems. SERVPRO's commercial mold damage technicians in Boulder know that time is essential when it comes to mitigation projects. The longer a fungus remains inside a building, the more likely its' spores travel to and affect other areas of your office complex.
When dealing with water-related problems, we take all of the possible measures to ensure that mold growth does not take place in the future. However, if a problem goes unattended, then a fungus possibly forms. Once there is already a presence of mold we follow IICRC regulations regarding the removal of fungi.
The mold must get removed inside a structure so that restoration work does not cause the fungus to spread and create issues elsewhere. The first step to any mold mitigation process is to contain the affected area. Our SERVPRO restoration technicians use heavy-duty plastic to seal off the affected area so that mold spores inside the dust created by restoration work does not leave the contaminated region.
We then attach an air scrubber to a hole on the outside of the containment chamber. The air scrubber creates negative air pressure that sucks up any dust stirred up during the restoration process. The air gets pulled into a HEPA filter, removing any mold spores out of the air before exhausting it back into the environment.
All of the work completed gets done in a way that causes as little harm to your company's operations as possible. Before containing the area, we move any contents out and put them in a place inside the office where they do not inhibit business operations. Signs get posted outside the containment area so that all occupants know to avoid the area.
If mold exists inside your office building, its removal is vital to ensure the good health of all of your occupants. For help dealing with a fungus inside your office, call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 any time of the day.

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Post-Storm Water Removal in Lafayette

3/23/2018 (Permalink)

Water that enters your home can contain contaminants and should be removed quickly by a professional restoration team to avoid more damage.

Rely on SERVPRO’s Trained Professionals for Water Removal Services after a Flood

Weather patterns vary season to season, but the Lafayette Colorado area has experienced flooding in recent years. Although rainfall totals are lower than the national average, snowmelt and the accumulation of rains falling higher in the mountains can put your home at risk. If your home suffers from standing water after a storm, we can help with removal.

When heavy rains saturate the ground and waterways in the Lafayette area, your need for water removal is a real possibility. Water that seeps in through foundation or backs up from overwhelmed storm sewers can contain contaminants, making it even more important for a homeowner to engage the services of a professional restoration company. We master the protocols that protect the inhabitants of a home filled with possibly tainted water, operating safely for our crew, our customer, and the community.

It is crucial to call SERVPRO immediately after you realize you have a water removal scenario on your hands. Even an inch or two of water in your lower level translates into hundreds or even thousands of gallons, depending on your square footage. As the inches mount, so do the gallons. The household extraction tools most homeowners possess are not up to the task, and if water is collecting any sump pump system you might have is not keeping up with the totals. There is also the concern of how to power extraction equipment when quantities of water may expose all to a risk of electrocution.

SERVPRO service vehicles are stocked with trucked mounted and powered pumps and extractors, or gas-powered models. Our water removal crews are IICRC trained and certified, well-qualified to assess the quality of the water and to operate the high-efficiency equipment. If the water appears gray or black, we contain it and dispose of it according to local hazardous waste rules. We scan and measure moisture levels to find hidden recesses of water and set baselines for drying goals.

The SERVPRO team then positions air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to complete the drying process. We aim for the drying goal determined by our production manager or crew chief based on advanced IICRC coursework in Psychrometry, also known as the science of drying. A balance of temperature, air movement, and humidity is struck to achieve the goal safely. To inhibit microbial activity, we also apply professional grade antimicrobials.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville offers the trained crews and equipment to resolve your post-storm water removal problem. Call (303) 604-6607 to set up an assessment.

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Fire Damage Cleanup From a Candle Fire in Your Boulder Home

3/14/2018 (Permalink)

Candles need to be attended while burning to prevent a fire from starting. Should you have a fire damage event, contact SERVPRO for remediation.

SERVPRO Understands Soot Residues and How to Clean Them After a Fire

Candles are a cheap and practical way to provide light, especially during power outages, and they can also set the mood for a romantic night in Boulder. For some reason, however, people usually forget that candles are open flames and they should not be left unattended. The best thing to do is to make a habit of blowing any candles out right away after you are done using them.
When an accident happens, and a fire is caused by an unattended candle in your home, the fire damage in Boulder left behind needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible. The longer it sits, the more damage can be done by acidic smoke and soot left behind. Plus, if the fire was extinguished with water, the water can continue to do additional damage as well.
After a fire, the cleaning process for ceilings and walls has to consider whether the cleaned surface requires painting afterward or not. When smoke residues are light, we use dry sponge cleaning or wet cleaning, which should be sufficient enough to get rid of all the residues.
Cleaning by itself might not be successful for all ceilings and walls which were impacted by moderate-to-heavy smoke residues when cleaning cannot get rid of all residues, SERVPRO techs seal and repaint the affected surfaces. Smoke residues have to be still cleaned to prep the surface before we apply sealants, paints, or primers. We call this clean for paint, or prep for paint.
Cleaning for paint does not mean cleaning surfaces to be clean visually. Any loose residues are removed, and the acids in smoke deposits are neutralized. We deodorize smoke odors as much as possible. While the surface does not seem clean, the soils have been set, and the surface is now ready for painting or sealing and painting. A pigmented alcohol shellac is an effective sealer for preparing a surface for repainting that is stained by smoke.
At SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville, we understand the importance of cleaning up all smoke and soot residues after a fire in your home in Erie, Niwot, or Valmont. You can be sure that when you contact us at (303) 604-6607, you get professionals who take the time to restore your home after a fire thoroughly.

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What To Do When A Small Kitchen Fire Leaves Damage and Odors Behind in Louisville

3/7/2018 (Permalink)

Smoke Odors Get Eliminated in Louisville with Expert SERVPRO Service

Trust the Pros from SERVPRO to Mitigate Smoke & Fire Damage to Your Home

Your home has had a small kitchen fire, but the damage that is left behind is anything but small. Your Louisville home has an area that used to be a kitchen and instead now all that remains is a space filled with soot, bad odors, and ashes. The situation can seem hopeless but cast your worries aside; help is available locally and 24/7.

SERVPRO is a leader in cleaning and restoration services; our certified technicians can swiftly remedy the damage left behind by a fire in your Louisville residence. Upon arriving at the scene of where the blaze took place, we can use poly sheeting to section off the kitchen from the rest of your home. By doing this, we can address the mess that was left behind without it spreading, like preventing soot circulating. The action described can be the first step in the restoration and cleaning process of your residence, but each fire is unique and our skilled IICRC certified technicians follow specific protocols.
To combat the odor left behind by the fire we use hydroxyl generators to neutralize odors in the kitchen space. We can seal off HVAC vents during the cleanup and can eventually clean the air ducts. Inspecting and cleaning the ducts can ensure that any greasy soot left behind by traveling smoke cannot release unpleasant smells. Here at SERVPRO, it is essential to us that when we finish our cleaning and fire damage restoration, you feel like nothing has changed from the way your home was in its preloss state. We want to make sure that no scent is left behind by the damage that can remind you of the fire that took place in your home. With our final inspection of your structure, if stubborn odors persist, we apply a thermal fogging to complete the job.
When a fire causes intense damage in your home, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of the Lafayette/Louisville at (303) 604-6607. Whenever you contact us, we can get on the scene as soon as possible and begin immediately working so you can feel "Like it never even happened."

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Flood Damage Professionals in Louisville

2/17/2018 (Permalink)

Heavy rainfall that enters your home can leave behind foul odors that require professional restoration.

SERVPRO Combats Bad Odors from Flood Damage

Whenever a storm hits town, it is possible that rainwater damages your Louisville home. If it rains so hard that flooding occurs, then water may enter your home from faulty door seals. Sometimes wind causes damage that creates water leaks.

Whatever the case, anytime water enters your structure it is very likely that damage occurs. In water damage situations hiring SERVPRO's flood damage experts in Louisville gets you the best results. Our team is IICRC certified and experienced in mitigating various types of weather-related water damage scenarios.

In some cases, water coming in from the outside is not clean water. Water with high contamination levels can cause unwanted odors to develop within your dwelling. Whenever SERVPRO's restoration team mitigates a problem, combatting odors is one of their top priorities.

The first step to eliminating bad smells inside any house is to remove the source. All offensive odors have a source, and the smell does not go away until the source is found and eliminated. In water damage cases, bad odors usually come from materials that did not dry out entirely.

In many cases, the smells come from multiple sources. When this is the case, it is easier to use multiple deodorization methods to remove the smell. When deodorizing an area, many different methods get used to eliminating foul odors.

Some deodorants are masking agents that cover up the bad smell with a pleasant one. Other chemicals used are absorption agents that absorb moisture and oils that cause unpleasant odors. One type of deodorant works as a pairing agent. This type of chemical combines with odor particles and drops them to a surface to get cleaned.

In some cases, disinfectants and sanitizers get used to help deodorize areas. Sanitizers prevent bacteria and fungal growth and get sprayed onto an area to prevent future offensive odors. In other scenarios, electrically generated deodorizers get used. An example is an ozone generator that creates ozone gas to combat bad smells.

No matter what water damage situation you run into, fighting bad odors is an essential part of the job. Anytime you are afraid of an offensive odor developing inside your house, call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 for help 24/7.

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What is Involved in Professional Water Removal from Your Boulder Property?

2/9/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville can restore your water damage "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Takes You Step By Step in The Boulder Water Removal Process

A water-logged home after a flood, a leak or a busted pipe can spell disaster for a homeowner. If the water is not removed promptly and efficiently, it can lead to permanent damage and can even cause secondary damage as well.

Thankfully, there is professional help for water removal from your Boulder property after a water damage incidence. The IICRC certified SERVPRO professionals could use multiple methods to remove the standing water as well as the residual moisture in no time. Here are some of the equipment that professionals use in the water removal process.

An extractor is used to remove the water from floors and upholstery after a water damage incident. Extractors come in various sizes and capacities. If only a small amount of water needs to be removed, portable extractors are used. On the other hand, if there is much water needs to be removed, bigger extractors that are truck-mounted are often used.

While extractors can handle the standing water, the dehumidifiers can get rid of the hidden moisture. A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air, which in turn, increases the rate of evaporation. The rate of drying is increased with dehumidifiers.

There are two types of dehumidifiers that SERVPRO professionals can use. The first type is called a refrigerant dehumidifier that works very similar to an air conditioner unit. It extracts the moisture from the air and makes it drier to speed up the evaporation process. The other type is called a desiccant dehumidifier that uses special chemicals called desiccants that absorb moisture from the air making it dry.

Air moving equipment
Air movers move the damp and moisture-laden air and replace it with drier air that is ready to pick up more moisture. These are high-efficiency fans that move the air close to the surface that needs to be dried. As the air flow across the surface increases, the rate of drying also increases. Air movers are strategically placed along with the dehumidifiers to speed up the drying process.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Call SERVPRO of Lafayette/ Louisville at (303) 604-6607 today to talk to one of our experts regarding your water restoration needs. Remember, We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

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Drying Flood Damaged Furniture in Boulder

1/25/2018 (Permalink)

When floodwaters enter your Boulder home, rely on SERVPRO to restore your home and its contents.

SERVPRO Can Reduce the Costs of Flood Damage by Restoring Damaged Furniture

When Boulder homes become flooded, the structure itself usually remains in good shape after removing the standing water. Carpets and floors are at a higher risk due to water that might be trapped inside, but it is the contents of the home, particularly furniture, that make up most of the cost when it comes to property loss.

Boulder flood damage can mean thousands of dollars and more in furniture replacement costs unless you hire a professional service that has the skills to restore it. Our SERVPRO response team is trained to dry, preserve and repair items to include cabinets, dining room sets, dressers, and more.

Furniture like these items is constructed primarily of natural wood or a composite like plywood. Each category has its uses, but also special requirements to restore them after being exposed to water.

Items like chairs and tables use natural wood. When exposed to floodwater, it cracks and swells. That weakens the furniture at the joints, causing the pieces to separate or split even worse. SERVPRO specialists can reduce cracking and swelling in wood by carefully removing moisture trapped inside it. We start by setting up dehumidifiers next to the furniture to draw out moisture, heaters to slowly raise the temperature of the immediate area, and air movers to push warm, dry air over and under the surfaces.

A secondary problem with real wood is spotting, which happens when water damages the varnish and other finishes used on wood furniture but does not penetrate the wood itself. In most cases, we can eliminate the damage with a special, chemical agent. If we cannot, it is necessary to bring in a professional refinisher.

Bathroom and kitchen cabinets use composites. For these items, only one side is usually laminated or has a finish. The application works like a vapor barrier which traps moisture inside. Our technicians can reduce trapped moisture faster than in natural wood with dehumidifiers, but if there is visible warping, we usually recommend replacement since composites are cheaper to replace than restore.

Restoring furniture after a storm floods your home is not an easy process, but SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville has the training and over twenty years of experience to return as much of your property as possible to its original condition. For more information, call today at (303) 604-6607. We are here for you.

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SERVPRO Remediating Commercial Water Damage in Boulder

1/21/2018 (Permalink)

Your unique boutique would be missed by your customers in the event of water damage. Contact SERVPRO right away for remediation services.

SERVPRO's Quick Response is the KEY to Your Business' Success After Water Damage

For a business in Boulder, the losses due to a broken pipe or other failed plumbing are often double than a private home or even more. Each day the doors are closed is a loss of income. For a small business, a closure of several days may impact the ability of the owner to meet his payroll that next week.
That is why Boulder commercial water damage has to be quickly removed and remediated. As a locally owned franchise, SERVPRO knows what it means to make payroll each week and take care of our employees as they do their best to take care of our customers. That is why we work to help our fellow business owners keep the costs reasonable and reopen their doors as soon as possible.
A clothing boutique is particularly vulnerable to damage like spotting and colors running on certain types of fabrics. Although we usually try to remove any standing water first, a situation like this makes it extremely important to dry the inventory first or at least as quickly as we clear the floor and dry any part of the structure.
Part of our equipment inventory is large storage racks. We use these more often for curtains, but they are also excellent to hang clothing. SERVPRO restoration specialists hang everything and then proceed to dry the items. We set up dehumidifiers next to and between the racks to draw moisture from the clothing. This method is especially useful for delicate fabrics.
For other clothing, we also set up a combination of air movers and fans. The air movers generate warm air that our technicians carefully direct to blow across the items. We can adjust both the speed and temperature to ensure the process is accomplished quickly without accidentally causing further damage.
If there is a risk that the water is contaminated, SERVPRO keeps an extensive shelf of cleaners for every type of fabric. Technicians bring the clothing to our office where we maintain commercial grade washers and dryers to clean and disinfect every sock, blouse, or a pair of slacks that need attention.
Keeping the doors open for any business is vital. Cash flow and customer loyalty can both disappear in as short a time as a week. SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville understands this and does everything we can to assist our community merchants and other business owners. If you need our services, call us today at (303) 604-6607. We are here for you.

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Severe Mold Damage In Boulder May Lead To A Move-Out. Why?

1/4/2018 (Permalink)

More severe cases of mold damage in Boulder can sometimes require a move-out for the affected family.

Severe Mold Damage

More severe cases of mold damage in Boulder can sometimes require a move-out for the affected family. In a move-out, SERVPRO helps you to coordinate transportation of you, your family, and belongings that do not require restorative treatments. While this represents a heavy burden for many families, it also allows us to do our jobs with maximum efficacy and speed.

Why A Move-Out?
There are multiple reasons why we may recommend a move-out for your case of mold damage in Boulder. One of the most common may be simple accessibility: with no belongings or residents in the area, we can use the most effective treatment techniques possible and eradicate mold quickly. Without a move-out, we may have to work much slower and take more time and expenses to deal with the fungus. Also, we may recommend a move-out for health reasons. Some types of mold, including infamous varieties of black mold, can cause health effects with prolonged exposure. To avoid these effects, we may recommend a move-out.

What Does SERVPRO Do?
We help to carefully and safely move belongings out of the affected area or building while ensuring that none of them exhibit signs of mold growth. Then, once we are nearing completion of the remediation project, we can similarly help with a move-in and get your family settled back into the home. We accomplish these tasks through our friendly and capable technicians who have helped to coordinate dozens of such move-outs in the past.

How Does A Move-Out Save Money?
While a move-out may seem to complicate things on the surface, it actually makes the work of SERVPRO technicians much simpler. They can work quickly on a large scale after a move-out to rid your home of mold in the fastest possible way, reducing labor and materials costs associated with our work.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville provides careful, professional mold remediation services for the local area. Give us a call at (303) 604-6607.

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EasyDECON -- A Powerful Decontamination Option In Our SERVPRO Toolbox

12/24/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Technicians applying the EasyDECON decontaminant with the Macaw Backpack rapid dispensing system

Commercial and Biohazardous Cleanup Teams up SERVPRO with EasyDECON

Customers in the Lafayette and Louisville area facing the devastation of chemical or biological property contamination have struggled to access a solution that augments environmental cleanup with an effective decontamination system. We researched extensively to find a state of the art methodology that quickly and thoroughly treats spaces and objects compromised with a wide array of chemical, bacterial, viral, and other agents. Our search led to EasyDECON by Intelagard, a full-spectrum answer for these catastrophic circumstances.
SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is proud to be an authorized applicator of this leading-edge decontamination system. We are confident this exciting enhancement to our biohazard remediation service is the key to returning afflicted properties to their healthy preloss condition entirely and quickly. Regardless of the scale of the contamination, EasyDECON offers a straightforward and highly efficient process that speedily and efficiently restores the most tainted areas.
Crews from SERVPRO used the product with great success in healthcare centers such as nursing homes and hospitals when we assisted in response to the devastation done in Texas by Hurricane Harvey. The positive outcomes our technicians observed despite overwhelming odds convinced us that this system is essential to a comprehensive response to biohazard cleanup and disinfection.
The clear benefits of the EasyDECON system recently supported the work of our SERVPRO biohazard crew in Boulder when responding to a hoarding scenario complicated with the presence of considerable quantities of animal feces and other debris. We assisted the local family after this situation turned tragic with the unattended death of the homeowner. These events are always distressing, and our ability to offer a new and superior approach to the decontamination process was a transformative service for the client and also for our technicians.
Because of our employees’ training in biohazard abatement, augmented by the acquisition of the EasyDECON technology and products, we remediated the damage much faster than other firms’ timelines. The property was ready for a market listing at least a month sooner than it would have been using conventional cleaning and disinfection approaches, swiftly restoring the customer’s peace of mind and saving both time and money.
If a contamination cataclysm strikes your property call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville, knowing we respond with the most up to date technology available today. Our phones are answered at (303) 604-6607 24/7, every day of the year.

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When Demolition Is The Best Solution Following Fire Damage To Your Boulder Residence

12/7/2017 (Permalink)

Fire damage comes in all sizes and magnitudes.

Fire Damage To Your Residence

Fire damage comes in all sizes and magnitudes. If your Boulder home was recently a victim of this destructive force, understanding how to move forward could often be complicated. Within a short time of the fire suppression, you can return to determine the extent of the damage for yourself. This assessment can lead to the realization that there are some structural components of your home that cannot return from the irreparable harm caused by the recent blaze.

There are undoubtedly just as many cases of significant structural fire damages to Boulder homes as there are small fires that only mildly impact a room by comparison. With substantial damages to walls, ceilings, roofs, and flooring, sometimes demolition is the only course of action that is left to take. While this could seem like heading in the wrong direction regarding restoring your home to preloss conditions, SERVPRO professionals are well versed in extensive and controlled demolition efforts.

Breaking down broken parts of your home and removing them is a way to prepare for new construction. While SERVPRO professionals like ours might not be general residential contractors, we have worked closely with such companies to prepare the area for replacement structures. Doing this demolition in conjunction with other restoration efforts in salvageable portions of the fire-damaged areas allows the contracting firm following our work to quickly begin the process of replacing the former structural components immediately.

Typically, the demolition process is a controlled and precise procedure. Controlled in this regard means that concentrated efforts are made to ensure that the portions of your house to be removed are all that actually get removed from your home. Uncontrolled demolition can lead to damages extending further into salvageable structures, which in turn can cost you more money and requires the rebuilding efforts to take longer than they would have.

While it can be nearly impossible to prepare for the destruction and damage that an intense fire can cause, our SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville specialists can work quickly to prevent further losses. Call us 24/7 at (303) 604-6607.

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Water Damage Restoration and Cleaning Services For Residents Of Boulder

11/30/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Provides Home and Carpet Restoration after Water Damage in Boulder

Count on SERVPRO to Restore Your Home After Water Incidents

After a water damage disaster, cleaning up the resulting mess is not the only thing that residents of Boulder should do on their own. They need to contact a trained restoration service provider to limit additional damage. That is why it is so vital to understanding how restorers work to guarantee the safety of your home or business after a storm, failure of plumbing fixtures, and related issues.

The water that accumulates in your property as a result of a water intrusion may destroy your carpet, ceiling, walls, flooring and other personal property. As a resident of Boulder, you need immediate restoration help, and that is where certified organizations like SERVPRO come in handy. Our IICRC certified trained technicians use specialized tools and techniques to offer the necessary assistance.

Let us begin by looking at some of the areas that moisture may affect. Exposure of your insulation to moisture might lessen its insulating power. Trained restorers inspect the insulation, and if they find it to be too matted, they remove it. Even fiberglass insulation may not be salvageable due to excess wetting or contaminated water. Generally, it is more economical to replace the soaked insulation.

Delamination takes place when the secondary and primary backing that holds the carpet deteriorates. Given that latex holds the two backings together, it is easy to understand why latex deterioration takes place. When technicians from SERVPRO are working for you, they inspect any backing separation and recommend a carpet replacement when they notice it. Remember, it is not possible to fix a carpet that has experienced delamination.

After carrying out water removal, trained SERVPRO professionals apply deodorizing and disinfecting agents to prevent mold and rot growth. The restoration process is dependent on the affected area together with the damaged property.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is your trusted industry leader in fire, water, storm and mold damage restoration. Call us at (303) 604-6607 to learn more about your options when faced with disasters, an inconvenience, or help with general cleaning.

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SERVPRO - Restoring Flood Damaged Furniture in Louisville

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

We are available 24/7/365 to restore your furniture from flood damage "Like it never even happened."

Your Home's Furniture Can Be Restored From Flood Damage

Once flood waters get through doors or windows of a Louisville home, a large percentage of the damage is to the contents inside, rather than the structure itself. Repairs and restoration for furniture alone can become expensive, but it is often more cost-effective than replacement.

Louisville flood damage can cause thousands in repair costs, but SERVPRO has decades of experience in helping homeowners recover as much of their furniture and other personal property as possible. Our technicians are trained to deal with the effects flood water has on furniture and recover all but the worst of the damage. Most furniture is wood or a composite such as a particle board. Each type has its advantages, but also their problems when exposed to water.

Wood swells and cracks after exposure, which weakens the joints where pieces fit together. The second, less damaging problem is spotting. It damages the finish on a piece of furniture but does not affect the wood directly. We eliminate most spotting with one of the chemical agents in our inventory. If they are not effective, we recommend sending the item to a professional refinisher.

SERVPRO reduces and eliminates swelling and cracking by removing the excess moisture trapped inside the wood. Removal takes caution since removing the moisture too quickly or too slowly causes further permanent water damage. We start by placing dehumidifiers next to the affected items to draw out moisture. To increase the process, we use air movers to force warm, dry air across the surface.

Wood composites warp in a manner that wood does not. Cabinets use particle board, so only one side has a finish or laminate applied. This single side application works as a vapor barrier and does not allow moisture to pass through. Technicians can quickly reduce the moisture content as long as there is no visible warping. Since composites are cheap, we recommend replacing them rather than attempting to restore them.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Furniture restoration is not a quick process, but it is useful in preserving items that have much more than just monetary value. As a locally owned operation, SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville understands the importance of these items and is proud to help our neighbors recover not just their property but their lives before the flood as well. Call today at (303) 604-6607 to schedule a visit.

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Drying Documents After Commercial Water Damage in a Boulder Store

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

There are some options to consider when dealing with wet paperwork or books. Contact SERVPRO to come out and assess the situation after damage.

Our Technicians Offer Choices for Drying Damaged Items in Your Store

Drying documents after commercial water damage in Boulder is a tricky process. Proper document storage is essential to the success of a business, but such events as flooding can compromise the authenticity of these papers. These types of losses can cause you to lose important clients and even risk closing down your store. The best way to deal with this situation is to contact a reputable water damage restoration expert.
At SERVPRO, we have a team of highly trained, highly experienced commercial water damage restoration experts providing 24/7 emergency services for Boulder business owners. We follow IICRC guidelines in every project to ensure a smooth and seamless cleanup process, and our tools and products are up to par with industry standards.
Finding the best method for saving water damaged documents and electronics takes some consideration. It is essential to communicate with the owner in order to make quick decisions and minimize the severity of the damage. SERVPRO technicians can prevent additional damage, which may go a long way towards saving important business documents.
Commercial water damage restoration for books and electronics is designed to return the items to preloss conditions as best as possible. From this end, SERVPRO technicians use five methods: vacuum thermal drying, vacuum freeze drying, freezer drying, dehumidification, and air drying. In the event that the water damage on the books is the result of clean water, we proceed to freeze or dry them within 48 hours after damage.
Our water damage restoration experts often rely on the process of sublimation (changing a solid into vapor directly) when drying documents. This process involves several considerations, including the type of water involved (gray, black, or clean), the value of the documents, time of exposure to moisture, the extent of the damage, and funds available for restoration. Given how expensive this step can be, we make a point to discuss the cost of every drying method with you before making any further advances.
If you have a commercial water damage situation, you can count on SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville to restore your documents and other items. We are available 24/7, every day of the week. Call us today at (303) 604-6607.

For more information about the City of Boulder, Colorado visit: https://bouldercolorado.gov/

Kitchen and Basement Flood Damage Restoration in Louisville

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Our technicians see all kinds of water damage issues on a daily basis. When it happens in your home, don't panic and call the technicians at SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Arrives Quickly to Safely Remove Water From Your Property

When you arrive home, the last thing you want to see is three inches of water flooding your kitchen from a broken dishwasher. The resultant damage could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Unsurprisingly, dishwashers are a common cause of floods in Louisville homes. If this happens, the first thing you need to do is switch off the circuit breaker to your dishwasher to prevent any possible shock. Check if there are any broken dishes and then call a locally-based restoration company to deal with the flood damage.
With many years of experience, SERVPRO is one of the most reputable flood damage restoration companies. We have a wide range of equipment that can reverse any type of water damage in Louisville swiftly and efficiently, leaving your home as clean as before. Following IICRC guidelines, we can restore your items one by one to pre-damage conditions, "Like it never even happened."
If the dishwasher leakage occurred while you were asleep or away, the water may penetrate through the floor and find its way to the basement. Here, it can wet the ceiling and ruin any carpet, fabric, or furniture in the basement. Needless to say, getting the water out is a challenging task.
To get the work done, SERVPRO flood damage technicians use professional water extraction machines to remove all the excess water from the kitchen and basement. Once we get rid of the standing water, we sort out all items that made contact with the water and begin the drying process. Air movers and dehumidifiers are extremely useful in drying the floors and ceiling.
Replacing flood-damaged drywall is essential to prevent mold growth (and mold damage) from the inside. To make sure that there is no mold in the building, we carry out a full inspection of the house and handle all possible sources of mold growth properly. Mold is a notorious fungus that can cause serious property losses and certain health effects.
If your dishwasher or other house appliance breaks down and causes unexpected flood damage in the house, you can count on SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville to restore your property. Upon receiving your call, we can dispatch an emergency technician to your home immediately to begin the restoration process. We are available 24/7, every day of the year at your service. Call us today at (303) 604-6607.

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Conquering Mold Damage in Boulder Then and Now: How the Process Modernized

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

We have the equipment and experience to remediate mold found in your home.

Targeted Solutions for the Specific Mold in Your Home

Property owners worldwide have fought against mold damage for all of recorded history. From humanity's earliest days, farming and living relatively isolated lives, mold has preyed upon our homes and belongings. With modern technology, we can now prevent and fight against many effects of mold, but others continue to plague homeowners in the present day. Victims of mold damage in Boulder and surrounding areas likely see a very different set of problems than their ancestors would have.

One key difference is how densely packed people are now, as relatively dense communities like Boulder can get some mold damage varieties with much greater ease than rural and isolated families. Some types of mold thrive in suburban and urban environments, going from house to house and settling into familiar conditions. Others, however, prefer isolated spots in the wilderness and on rural properties. Different species of mold are more common in different places, making modern mold problems different on a fundamental, biological level.

Perhaps the single most significant difference between modern mold damage and more archaic issues is the approach taken. Nowadays, companies like SERVPRO can offer customized, targeted solutions to eradicate the mold without causing excess damage to the home. Without our technology, however, many property owners were once forced to cause damage to their homes to root out mold, bathing infestations in toxic chemicals or physically removing the mold-covered surface. Not only can such hasty approaches hurt your home, but they could also lead to adverse health effects for you.

However, for untreated mold damage, the problems often end up being surprisingly similar. Unbridled mold colonies can spread across the home, covering surfaces far and wide with a foul-smelling, offensive material. In time, the mold may eat away at anything underneath it, causing expensive structural damage. These results urged property owners to take drastic measures in times past, but now, with SERVPRO's assistance, the process is much more comfortable.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville puts the latest and greatest technology to good use for every mold damage call we receive. Contact us 24/7 at (303) 604-6607.  

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Knowing What To Look For In Your Water Heater To Prevent Flood Damage In Louisville

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

Your home can be damaged by water in many ways.

Prevent Flood Damage

Your home can be damaged by water in many ways. Most of the time the threat is external, however, sometimes a leak can be from inside your home and cause just as much, or even more, damage. Even smaller water heaters found in residences in Louisville can unleash two thousand gallons of water if they fail.

You may not discover water rushing out all at once when a leak develops in your water heater. Many times, it is a slow leak which can go unnoticed in your Louisville home for several days, creating a situation with severe flood damage. If your water heater is situated on an upstairs level, extensive damage is seen since water always goes downward. Both walls and flooring can be affected as the water seeks the lowest part of your home.

When this happens, you want help from the professionals at SERVPRO. We are a specially trained and experienced flood damage remediation company who do not waste any time getting to your home, assessing the damage, and fixing the problem. We understand that time is of the essence when water is involved, so there is no hesitation from us once we get your call.

To help prevent such an accident, it is a good idea to flush your water heater tank twice each year to stop the buildup of sediment. Placing an inexpensive drip pan under the water heater which drains to the outside can in many cases help prevents water damage which would cost you thousands of dollars.

Age is a big issue as well. Many manufacturers of water heaters estimate the lifespan of these appliances to be eight to twelve years, so replacing your unit when it is near this age can be a good idea to avoid unwanted catastrophes.

There are markers to look for that indicate your water heater is not working properly and could cause a larger problem. If your water does not heat up like usual or there is rust in the water coming out of your faucets or your clothes, get your water heater checked out. Other indicators include rust forming on the outside bottom of the appliance, a puddle under it, a metallic taste in your hot water, the water heater makes sounds like cracking or popping while it is heating, or the burner units have gotten rusty or clogged.

Our SERVPRO technicians are equipped with the right skills and equipment to help you when your water heater does fail and create a flood in your home. SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville are the ones to contact when you have a problem with a failing water heater. If you reside in Boulder, Lafayette, or Louisville, you can reach us by dialing (303) 604-6607.

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Mold Damage in a Boulder Home Requires Professional Remediation to Prevent Spreading

9/8/2017 (Permalink)

Mold damage can spread everywhere, but SERVPRO can remediate it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Technicians Can Remediate Your Boulder Home Mold "Like It Never Even Happened."

Microbial life exists in almost every corner of the planet, including properties in the Boulder area. Mold and mildew are two of the most common forms encountered. Colonies can grow to immense sizes inside walls before making an appearance in visible areas.

Once a home in Boulder shows signs of mold damage, professional remediation needs to begin as quickly as possible. Mold multiplies rapidly, spreads easily, and in addition to damaging materials inside your home, mold can cause health effects in sensitive individuals.

SERVPRO employees receive both classroom training and hands-on experience. Other training includes earning the Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT) certificate, as well as several other certificates from the IICRC. Knowing how to remove moldy materials safely and without risk of contaminating clean areas of your home but also what allowed fungal growth to proliferate helps us completely protect your home.

With the use of hygrometers and other moisture sensors, we detect leaks that permit mold to grow. Other sources of water cannot hide and are also easily found and located. Stopping water from seeping in through cracks or up from crawl spaces is next to impossible when the source remains unknown. As we work, we regularly monitor the number of mold spores in the air, and also the level of humidity. Both must return to normal levels. Slowly dropping levels can indicate other sources that remain.

Our other equipment aids the mold remediation process. Air scrubbers come equipped with HEPA filters capable of stripping mold and spores from the air. Dehumidifiers reduce the humidity and may require installation for areas that refuse to respond to efforts to desiccate them.

Such areas can be treated with microbial inhibitors so that regrowth remains unlikely. However, raised humidity levels can become problematic for other parts of your home simply because mold exists everywhere and only requires a scant amount of moisture to begin growing rampantly.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

No matter where mold is found growing inside your home, you can call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville by dialing (303) 604-6607, every day of the year, and at any hour, day or night. We are always here to resolve problems that can threaten the safety and integrity of your home.

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When Appliances Cause Flood Damage in Your Louisville Area Home Contact a Professional

8/21/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has the tools and expertise to save your personal items after flood damage.

Trust SERVPRO to restore your home after a failed appliance causes flood damage

Modern-day homes come equipped with a variety of appliances and fixtures that connect to constant water sources. More and more homeowners use these amenities making them almost essential for living in today’s world.

With all of the water connections in your home, it is not unlikely to experience flood damage in your Louisville area home. Appliances make our coffee or ice, wash our dishes or clothes, and some even dispense soap and varying degrees of water into our home on a daily basis. Each of these devices has connectors, washers, o-rings, feed lines, or drain hoses that require constant maintenance.

While most water heaters were made to last quite a while, homeowners just like you often experience flooding. Normal wear and tear can cause leaks, breaks, and overflows, often doing small amounts of damage over time that lead to bigger problems. Something as simple as a slow water leak can cause damage to your floor, subfloor, carpeting, walls, ceiling, structural integrity, and even your health. SERVPRO inspects every area, providing you with solutions to any problems that exist.

For many homeowner issues, the right amount of moisture generates significant problems. Mold can develop, rot and corrosion can set in, pests migrate into your home, and building materials begin to degrade. Luckily there are many advances in emergency services that make recovering from flood damage easier. A professional company, like SERVPRO, can help you understand more about what is happening and make quality recommendations to correct the problem.

Coming home to a flooded kitchen, basement, or bathroom after an appliance failure can be overwhelming. You want to save as many of your belongings as possible and attempt to do so yourself before making a call for help. However, you should always consider that an expertly trained restoration technician from SERVPRO understands how to handle your items correctly, saving more exposed items. You should always give a professional an opportunity to inspect each item of your home before considering something as a loss.

Put SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville to the test. Make the call to begin your restoration, today. (303) 604-6607 

For more information about Louisville, visit http://www.louisvilleco.gov/.

Apartment Building Owners in Boulder Survive Fire Damage With the Right Kind of Help

8/1/2017 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO when your property has fire damage. We will investigate and put together a plan of action to remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Handle the Entire Fire Damage Restoration Process Including Dealing With Your Property's Insurance Carrier

Far too many people dismiss what an apartment owner goes through on a daily basis. They have to keep a manager in place or run the establishment themselves, keep occupancy at maximum, handle everyday needs of each tenant, specialty problems, and deal with maintenance, collections, or unexpected move outs.
With everything involved in your normal routine for your apartment building in Boulder, dealing with commercial fire damage is the furthest thing from your mind. You may have onsite maintenance crews that deal with installing new sinks, toilets, flooring, doors, or other general issues. However, when a fire occurs, restoration and repairs go beyond available resources.
SERVPRO can give you access to all of the equipment, personnel, and resources necessary to return any size problem to normal. We have water extractors with connectors of all shapes and sizes to help remove every drop of water left behind by firefighters while also having air movers, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and hygrometers to provide you with a fast drying process.
A tenant fire can easily reach surrounding units within minutes. Even with a fast response, you might face multiple units being damaged all at once. Your days, already filled with a variety of issues, make it necessary to locate a qualified restoration company, like SERVPRO to get things headed in the right direction.  
SERPVRO technicians move each tenant's property to a safe, dry location, ensuring documentation and proper handling. Then, concentrating on the larger job at hand, we tackle direct property damage, removing any unrestorable objects or material. Our cleaning technicians use advanced cleaning methods to provide you with fantastic results.  
You never need to contact several companies to perform work on specific projects again. We manage the entire restoration process, performing any installs, repairs, or finishing touches necessary to return apartments to a quality pre-fire damage condition.
Contact SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville to begin your road to recovery, today. Our IICRC certified technicians stand ready 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.  

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Mold Damage Ruins Clothing, Carpets, and More when Mold Grows in Boulder Properties

7/31/2017 (Permalink)

Mold grows very quickly when there is moisture added to the equation. Contact SERVPRO to start the remediation process at the first sign of mold.

SERVPRO Technicians First Contain the Possible Spread of Mold and then Remediate any Damage

There is a diversity of life all across the planet, and some of these organisms are not always beneficial where we find them. Mold, for instance, is fine in small numbers but can create havoc when a mold colony grows too large, in a location occupied by people, or both.
Boulder is situated in a relatively dry location, but this is not always true inside a home, and when conditions are right, mold damage can become a serious problem. Mold often consumes what it is on, except for when that surface is non-porous and not made of plant matter. Drywall, wallpaper, clothing, books, and so on are targeted by mold because these materials provide needed nourishment to the growing mold. Because they are porous, the materials can easily retain the moisture mold also needs to grow.
However, when mold grows, it actually invades the material, eating away at it at the same time it is causing the materials to disintegrate. Moldy clothing shows holes and infested walls crumble at your touch. At SERVPRO, we have trained our technicians to handle mold growth and damage effectively.
Containing mold so that it cannot spread is crucial for a complete remediation job to be successful. Ensuring that all mold growths are removed is also a vital component of our work. Preventing future mold activity can be accomplished by the application of mold inhibitors, the use of air scrubbers, and also the installation of a low-maintenance dehumidifier.
One of the worst instances of mold growth is when a carpet is damaged by mold. Because mold is so small, it is quite capable of infiltrating into the tiniest places, including into carpet padding and foam. This can cause floors to become weak and at risk of collapse. Floors like this must be rebuilt prior to having new carpeting installed.
One important thing to note is that no matter where mold is found growing inside your home, without the presence of moisture, mold would not flourish. We know that without locating this extra moisture's source, mold can easily return. Our technicians use hygrometers that measure how humid any selected area is to determine from where the additional, and unwanted, moisture is coming. After finding this location, we then stop it from continuing.
Call our office at (303) 604-6607 any time of the day and any day of the year. We are SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville, and we want to make your home clean and safe again.

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Smoke Sets Off Sprinklers Causing Significant Damage to Boulder Restaurant

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Sprinkler systems are effective if fire is involved. But if they are accidentally set off, the water damage can overwhelm your business. Call SERVPRO.

Water Damage can Quickly Affect Your Business After an Event

Smoke alarms and sprinkler systems without a doubt save commercial businesses from fire damage. Smoke without fire trips the sprinklers in some cases, resulting in water damage unrelated to an actual fire. This unintended water damage causes a range of problems SERVPRO is ready to help the business owner solve.
An overly sensitive sensor triggers your restaurant's sprinkler system due to smoke or steam, but not because of flames. Commercial sprinklers discharge at least 300 gallons per minute, quickly inundating kitchen and dining areas with a considerable amount of water. Commercial water damage spreads throughout your Boulder bistro, and simply turning off the spray resolves few issues. We offer the professional response needed to remove the water and ensure no secondary damage occurs.
Our team arrives ready to extract the water fast. If the power is off or gas line involvement is a concern SERVPRO uses truck mounted pumps and extractors, so we get to work immediately. We search for water infiltration in unexpected spaces under and behind ovens, grills, and stovetops, as well as drywall, insulation, and subflooring. Your staff does not have the training our technicians receive, so deciding to do the cleanup with an in-house team risks failure to contain and remove all pockets of water. Missing any hidden water is a huge error, and allowing that concealed moisture to damage structures, rust or rot fixtures, and contribute to mold growth causes greater expenses and possible temporary or permanent closure of your restaurant down the line.
After extraction of the majority of the water, visible and concealed, SERVPRO staff assesses the moisture content of building materials and sets drying goals. Our crew positions air movers to hasten the reduction of moisture in the structure and structural components. Meanwhile, a general cleanup of the premises is completed, allowing a speedy reopening. We understand that a restaurant loses both money and its reputation as a reliable eating destination if it must close for a period, so our mission is to restore your premises as soon as it is safe and possible.
When sprinkler systems malfunction and fill your restaurant with water, call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville for a rapid and efficient response. A call to our dispatchers at (303) 604-6607 schedules the crew and equipment needed to minimize this disaster.

For more information regarding Boulder, click here

Elements That Play A Severe Role In Cleanability After Fire Damage Occurs In Your Louisville Home

6/12/2017 (Permalink)

The type of material, the amount of heat, oxygen and moisture present, along with indoor airflow patterns all play a severe role in cleanability.

After Fire Damage

Elements collide throughout the progress of a fire creating many different reactions that impact the way professional restoration technicians address damages found in your home. The type of material, the amount of heat, oxygen and moisture present, along with indoor airflow patterns all play a severe role in cleanability.

Fire damage that occurs on your Louisville property presents restoration technicians with a variety of difficult challenges. Without the proper training, equipment, and experience, the results provided by the restoration company you choose to use can vary quite a bit. Making it necessary for you to choose your restoration provider wisely.

A fire that breaks out in your kitchen causes heat and smoke to damage some surfaces and does nothing to others, making the surface present critical for your restoration company to consider. SERVPRO technicians understand that more porous surfaces allow smoke and odors to penetrate further, making natural fabrics harder to clean than synthetic fibers. The amount of heat involved in a fire can cause surfaces to expand and become more porous, allowing residues and odors to penetrate otherwise resistant materials. When this happens, your expertly trained SERVPRO representative recommends refinishing contents more than cleaning alone, providing you with higher quality results.

A majority of fires also include damages caused by moisture, where suppression systems, firefighters, or weather conditions saturate residues staining surfaces permanently. Combining water and heat with smoke residues leaves surfaces yellowed that require special handling from your SERVPRO cleaning technician to restore properly. Burned synthetic materials, such as rubber or plastics, create wet, smeary residues that are much harder to remove than those left by wood or other natural materials that leave behind dried residues. Hot air expands during the event, causing increases in temperature and the volume of air involved, driving soot and ash into cracks and crevices that make cleaning tough.

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville has expertly trained fire damage restoration technicians with years of experience providing customers just like you with quality solutions to fire and smoke related issues after an emergency occurs on your property. Call us today to gain access to the services you deserve after disaster strikes (303) 604-6607.

To learn more about the city of Louisville, Colorado visit http://www.louisvilleco.gov/.

Division Of Duties After The Flood

5/23/2017 (Permalink)

Flooding in your home is devastating

Steps To Take After A Flood

Flooding in your home is devastating, and it is no surprise you are anxious to wade in and begin the recovery process even before help arrives. It is difficult to sort out the tasks appropriate for homeowners to complete, but there are some things SERVPRO suggests you do that are both safe and helpful for the overall recovery as you wait for the restoration team to arrive.

Your family returned from a weekend trip to find flood damage in your garden level Louisville family room after heavy rains forced water in through below-ground-level window wells. Fully carpeted and connected to your home office, this leisure room packed full of personal items, books, electronics, and exercise equipment appears beyond repair. Our team is on its way to assess the situation. What can you do to jump-start the recovery?

First, make sure power is off as water is a conductor of electricity. Keep pets and your children out of the area and be extremely careful to avoid slip and fall situations. Collect scattered items from furniture and the floor, such as cushions, books, games, and toys. Remove them to a dry staging area such as the garage or back yard. Move knick-knacks and artwork out so our technicians need not worry about damaging them as they get to work. Throw rugs, afghans, and other colored items may stain upholstery and carpeting and should be hung up outdoors or in another room to begin drying.

Use a mop or towels on water that is not too deep. Our technicians take over the extraction tasks when they arrive, but placing dry towels on walkways throughout the room help limit soiling on wet carpeting. Wipe down solid parts of furnishings. Turn on the central air conditioning or dehumidifier as soon as it is safe to run electrical appliances.

The SERVPRO project manager works with you when on site to indicate which tasks are appropriate for the homeowner to complete. Expect our crew to operate the pumps and extractors and monitor humidity levels as air movers, and portable dehumidifiers increase the speed of drying. We craft a plan to dry out floor coverings, walls, and furnishings based on our training and professional experience while you manage belongings that you move to drying areas. Together we return your home to preloss condition.

Your flood recovery ally is SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville. A call to (303) 604-6607 sends the qualified team you need to augment your efforts within hours.

For further information concerning the City of Louisville visit: http://www.louisvilleco.gov/

SERVPRO Takes A Multi-Faceted Approach To Remediating Water Damage In Your Boulder Home Office

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

We dry office furniture by careful placement of air movers and dehumidifiers.

Water Damage In Your Boulder Home Office? SERVPRO Professionals Can Help!

If you work from home, your home office is critical. It is your business premises and is most likely where you keep all your electronic equipment and also files, books, and documents. Unfortunately, a home office is just as susceptible to water damage as any other room. All it takes is a burst pipe, a broken appliance, or some extreme weather, and your office can quickly become waterlogged.

Water damage to your Boulder home office slows down business and can even lessen profits. That is why we recommend putting in a call to SERVPRO at the first sign of a problem – We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

We understand that drying out your workspace needs a multi-faceted approach. That process begins with water extraction. Our teams come equipped with free standing and truck mounted pumps to get the water out of your room. Did you know that carpet is 50% weaker when wet? Thankfully we have access to a range of attachments and choose the right one for your flooring to help prevent further damage and stop the spread of water.

After we have extracted water from your working space, we turn our attention to drying. This requires a multifaceted approach:

We maintain heat and humidity at the ideal levels to prevent further damage to your electronics such as your laptop or printer. We carefully wipe down electronic items and liaise with skilled electronics vendors restoration on your behalf.

Waterlogged books and documents can be removed and freeze dried at our specialist facilities. Freezing documents halts the spread of water damage and gives us an opportunity to determine the best way forward.

Carpets and rugs are carefully treated using a range of air movers. We use three kinds of air movers to dry out wet floor coverings. Centrifugal movers blast air over the surface and encourage evaporation, downdraft equipment draws down warmer air and spreads it across the carpet to dry large areas, and low profile movers direct air at specific wet spots.

We dry office furniture by careful placement of air movers and dehumidifiers. Our IICRC-certified technicians take steps to protect rust stains or water stains and dry furniture evenly, so it looks as good as new.

We set up dehumidifiers throughout your office to bring down the humidity levels and decrease drying times. Our experts are trained to place just the right combination of air movers and dehumidifiers for optimum results.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Do not let water slow down your home business. Call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 today for help.

For more information about the city of Boulder, click here: https://bouldercolorado.gov

Get Your Paint Store Open For Business Again After Flood Damage in Boulder

4/24/2017 (Permalink)

Boulder Flooded Paint Store Calls on SERVPRO to Extract the Water

For Boulder Businesses, SERVPRO Expedites Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup

Many residents of Boulder remember the 2013 floods. This area is not immune to flooding, and store owners know the importance of being careful where floods are concerned. A burst river or torrential rain can cause a flood, and there is also a risk from a burst pipe, a broken appliance, or seepage from outside.
Paint store owners have a lot to worry about in the event of flood damage in Boulder. Paint cans and tools that get wet quickly become susceptible to rust, and that means facing the cost of replacing your inventory. The store itself may become unfit for business purposes, raising concerns about business survival and effects on profits.
The key to saving as much inventory as possible and getting your store back up and running is getting professional help swiftly. We recommend putting in a call to our SERVPRO experts at once - We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.
Upon arrival, our IICRC-certified experts start by extracting as much water as possible from your paint store. Extraction works in conjunction with dehumidification when it comes to drying out a flood damaged premises. We use powerful truck mounted pumps and also have access to free-standing pumps and wet-vacs for hard to reach areas.
In some cases, extraction and drying can be done with your inventory more or less in situ. In other situations, a full pack out is the better option. We carefully remove your tools, paints, office furniture and other items to a secure location. Our teams can work on drying and restoring your store belongings while other team members continue to extract and dry out at your premises.
After thorough water extraction, the next stage is to dry out your paint store. Our technicians accomplish this through careful use of dehumidifiers and air movers to lower the humidity and dry out everything from the walls to the carpets. We carefully monitor drying at every stage. Our monitoring equipment includes thermo-hygrometers that accurately measure the humidity in your store. We also use moisture meters to test out the moisture content of every kind of material and structure, from drywall to carpet. Our expertly calibrated meters let us know when drying is completed to standard levels.
Our aim is to get your store back to its pre-flood condition so you can resume business and life can get back to normal as quickly as possible.
If your commercial enterprise suffers flood damage, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 at once.

Getting Rid of Soot Stains and Odors after Fire Damage in Your Superior Kitchen

4/4/2017 (Permalink)

Soot from Your Superior Kitchen Fire Leaves a Smelly, Messy Cleanup

SERVPRO's Expertise and Equipment Restore Fire Damaged Properties

Search online for images of ‘kitchen fires, ’ and there are thousands of similar results. Mild to moderate incidents (with no damage to the roof) tend to be dominated by one thing. Soot. It is what causes rooms to turn black and take on that dusty, chalky, or oily appearance.

Cooking oil fires are particularly tricky because they burn hot and fast. They produce a distinct type of soot. It is oily, greasy, and hard to remove from surfaces. This is why, when dealing with fire damage in Superior homes, SERVPRO uses a variety of cleaning techniques to ensure that all soot stains get cleaned and restored.

Keep reading to find out more about these sooty deposits and what to do when they appear after a kitchen fire.

Understanding the Basics
Soot and smoke develop when a fuel (like wood) becomes partially combusted. It is a by-product of this process and, specifically, the interaction between the fuel and the oxygen in the air. It has a fine texture. Even when it is oily, it can look like a powder.

It is one of the reasons why many homeowners try dry wiping and end up smearing the deposits further. In some cases, it does work, but not after cooking oil fires. The soot is too greasy, and it clings to surfaces. It usually smells very unpleasant too.

Cleaning Soot Deposits
Fortunately, the experts at SERVPRO are trained to deal with this kind of damage. Our exact approach depends on the circumstances of the fire, but we have access to cutting edge cleaning tools and equipment. For oily soot, we use high alkali detergents to cut through the grease and break down the particles before making contact. SERVPRO carries a large inventory of cleaning products to combat all types of staining.

In the case of serious fires – with large amounts of damage and stains – we may decide to use pressure washing tools to clean the walls. Crucially, however, this is only an appropriate strategy if the water is not going to cause damage to otherwise untouched items. Soft surfaces (curtains, drapes, and rugs), require cleaning off site in specialized washers typically from the Esporta Line of products.

Getting Rid of Odors
Soot leaves an acrid odor, and it is often one of the hardest things to remove after a kitchen fire. When grease and cooking oils burn, they generate harsh chemicals and the space requires ventilation. Technicians can isolate and contain the smoke and soot damaged areas and then, when feasible, open up doors and windows to let in clean air. Any HVAC systems must be inactive to prevent circulation of particulates throughout the structure.

Ventilation is not effective enough on its own, however, so they also set up deodorizing machines. These remarkable devices produce a range of odor busting substances. Some kill the odor particles outright. Others create a sweet smelling substance which binds to the odor particle and neutralizes it until it becomes caught (and contained) in an air filter.

At SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville, fire damage is a serious business. We deal with many kitchen fires every year, so our technicians know just what to do. If you live in the Superior region and need fast, effective repairs, call us 24/7 at (303) 604-6607.

Flood Damage Management For Your Boulder Colorado Area Home

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

Flooding is a horrible experience for any homeowner.

Flood Damage Management

Flooding is a horrible experience for any homeowner. If the water intrusion becomes severe enough, you may experience damage to your flooring, carpeting, subfloor, foundation, walls, ceilings, crawlspaces, and much more. A flood often makes your house unlivable and requires professional assistance to recover from correctly.

Every home is susceptible to flood damage; Boulder is no different. Everything from flooding in your basement, crawlspaces, or roofing to a variety of cases involving broken appliances, fixtures and pipes. Each instance can create many problems that require your quick attention to remedy before they get out of control.

Making contact with a quality restoration company can help. SERVPRO, for example, gives you access to IICRC certified technicians with years of experience managing complete restorations. This company takes control of the situation and works with your insurance company to ensure that the repairs you need meet or exceed your expectations, they are truly on your side.

SERVPRO supplies you with an online readiness app to help communicate and document incidents that occur on your property, which also gives you direct access to the help you need during an emergency. They respond quickly and explain the entire restoration process, updating you as they make progress and address any concerns you may have. SERVPRO technicians take the time to address each damaged area and every affected item found within your home individually, giving them the opportunity to provide higher quality results for you, the customer. Often saving many items, you thought lost forever.

Infrared moisture detectors make finding hidden pockets of moisture possible, while hand-held to truck mounted water extractors and humidity removal techniques protect your home from potential mold growth. Ensuring a healthy safe environment for your entire family, once completed. Drying equipment such as dehumidifiers and air movers make it possible to quickly and efficiently dry large areas with ease, while cleaning and deodorization methods eliminate all odors created by the event. Providing you with a one-stop solution to problems that develop in your home due to flooding, keeping safety in mind and protecting one of the biggest investments of your life, your home.

Our technicians enjoy having the opportunity to provide you with solutions to your unique situation. SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville presents you with crisis management you can count on, give us a call today (303) 604-6607.

Fire Damage Restoration Available In Boulder

3/24/2017 (Permalink)

Let the Experts at SERVPRO Help with any Fire Damage that may occur in you Boulder Home or Business.

Having a fire event on your property can produce some pretty destructive and violent results. Regardless of how large or small the damage is, you never hear a property owner say that they are glad it happened to them.
What you need is a team that can respond quickly to your request and starts taking care of the fire damage to your Boulder property immediately. Our technicians arrive on site within four hours and give you the benefit of having a company with IICRC certified technicians working for you.
Due to the extensive damage received throughout the duration of a fire, professional restoration services are your best bet to returning your home to a quality pre-damage condition in the quickest most efficient way possible.
Heat alone does a significant amount of damage to your structure; it can warp your flooring and cause extensive damage. The contents of your home may be affected in various ways, requiring specialized item restoration services only available at SERVPRO.
Smoke can reach into cracks and crevices throughout your home, leaving soot residues behind, staining surfaces and cause odors to penetrate various materials, SERVPRO can help. With a variety of deodorization and cleaning methods designed to return things to normal quickly.
SERVPRO gives you access to technicians with the experience and training required to present you with the quality services you need to make your fire damage disappear, "Like it never even happened."
We help you manage your insurance paperwork and communicate with your insurance company. Taking care of you and your family along the way to ensure a smooth restoration process.
SERVPRO technicians also answer any questions you have about our services and only present you with those that you need. We have certified technicians to handle every aspect of your restoration, from water removal to finishing touches.
Remember, we are a locally owned and operated company. We live, work, and play in the same places you do. Giving us a unique perspective towards your restoration needs.
Give us the opportunity to provide you with a unique solution to your problem by calling SERVPRO of Lafayette - Louisville today. (303) 604-6607

Fabric Objects with Mold Damage

3/13/2017 (Permalink)

Between our in-house cleaning techniques and equipment and our list of certified contractors, we can provide adequate mold treatment for anything.

Mold Damage on Objects with Fabric

In many of the worst mold damage cases SERVPRO comes across in the field, mold contamination spreads from its spot in the home to personal belongings and objects elsewhere in the building. These objects can range in size and function from clothing to furniture to cloth items such as tablecloths and curtains, but almost always contain some amount of wood or fabric on which the mold feeds. Between our in-house cleaning techniques and equipment and our vetted list of certified contractors, we can provide adequate mold treatment for anything in your home that may have been contaminated by mold.


For most clothing items, we apply bulk treatments to be able to focus our attention on more time-intensive aspects of mold damage in Boulder. Clothing is typically first dried out and sanitized to kill any mold growing on it, then put through one of our high-powered industrial washing machines to thoroughly clean and further sanitize the material. More delicate clothing such as expensive dresses and suits may instead by hand-washed and treated by our technicians or sent off to a contractor for processing.

Curtains, Drapes, and Table Cloths

These large fabric items are often quick to develop mold and may sometimes be the origin of a mold problem in the home. Depending on their size, material, and value, these may receive similar treatment to clothing, being sent through a bulk wash and sanitization routine. However, these are more often gone through by hand as they may require more intensive treatments or greater care than other fabrics.


Furniture and upholstery can grow mold both inside and out, and especially in between cushions. SERVPRO inspectors pay careful attention to the spaces in between cushions and undersides of furniture as these are highly liable to develop mold growth. Furniture is harder to clean than other objects, usually requiring hand-applied washing or dry cleaning and sanitization unless it can be fully separated and collapsed into a washable form.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is ready around the clock to respond to your mold damage call. Get in contact with us at the first sign of mold growth at (303) 604-6607.

Repairing Water Damage in Superior: Masonry and Cavity Walls

3/13/2017 (Permalink)

In the case of extensive water damage, we may need to remove sections of the wall.

Masonry and Cavity Wall Water Damage Restoration

One of the toughest parts of restoring a water damaged building is making sure that the walls and foundations are thoroughly dry. They can be almost impossible to access in places, so the experts have to use sophisticated tools to get the job done.

Nevertheless, repairing water damage in Superior properties requires a full and comprehensive approach. The type of drying techniques used depends on the materials targeted. Masonry and cavity walls warrant, for example, warrant slightly different strategies.

Keep reading to find out how SERVPRO restores water damage and brings structural components back from the brink.

Masonry Walls

The tricky thing about masonry walls is that they are dried most easily from the outside, via accelerated evaporation. So, external weather conditions can play a big part in how long this takes. The width of the walls is a major factor too, with double wide masonry taking up to four times longer to dry.
However, this may be a little different, if the masonry contains ventilated cavities. These air channels direct oxygen into the wall and speed up the process. When drawing out water from indoors, portable heaters are used to increase the rate of evaporation. We may recommend removing any low permeability finishes.

Cavity Walls

Time is of the essence when it comes to cavity walls, as brick, stone, and concrete become more vulnerable over time. They cannot remain wet for long periods. Concrete and brick, especially are prone to shrinking and cracking in response to accelerated drying. It means that the SERVPRO team has to be measured and gradual in its approach.

In the case of extensive water damage, we may need to remove sections of the wall. It is easier to restore composite materials if they can be targeted directly with the use of fans and dehumidifiers. It also allows the team to remove and debris from the wall cavity. Anything which can hold moisture is a risk factor for rising damp.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville is a local water damage repair service. We have access to state of the art drying equipment and can restore your home to its original condition. Call us 24/7 at (303) 604-6607 today for a rapid solution.

Taking the Right Actions to Repair Storm Damage in Superior Homes

3/1/2017 (Permalink)

Superior Area Storm Damage Properities Call on SERVPRO for Help

Flooding Restoration in Superior Properties Depends on Many Factors

If you are currently dealing with the aftermath of a destructive storm, there may be many parts of your home which need urgent attention. Fortunately, the experts at SERVPRO are on hand to help residents in the Superior area.

Whether falling debris has created a leak in the roof or the ground floor has flooded, as long as the water contains no toxins, the restoration can begin right away. Most storm damage in Superior is categorized as ‘gray,’ typically not highly contaminated water, so we combine thorough drying with fast cleaning.

The First 48 Hours
The first two days following water intrusion is crucial for restoration experts. It is why, if your home does sustain storm damage, you need to be quick with your response. After the 48 hour window, the chance of repairing certain materials is much smaller. Also, moisture in carpets and other soft furnishings may start to develop odors and mold growth.

Documents, Books, and Photos
Paper-based materials are some of the hardest to rescue because they degrade on contact with water. At SERVPRO, we recommend in salvaging elements before deferring to replacing anything which does not have sentimental value. For vital records, books, and photographs, a freeze-drying process may be used to solidify the water, increase the evaporation rate in a near vacuum environment, and mitigate on-going water damage.

Carpet and Subflooring
If the carpet has been wet for longer than 48 hours, it may be safer to replace it with a new one. However, within this timeframe, drying, and cleaning of the original carpet can occur if the contamination is minimal with no fecal or chemical presence. The SERVPRO technicians use a water extraction vacuum to remove as much liquid as possible. Then, they lower ambient humidity levels with dehumidification equipment.

Wallboard (Drywall/Gypsum)
If there is no visible swelling or warping, the drywall can remain in place for drying. Otherwise, sections require careful removal. Warping wallboard means that the area behind the drywall or gypsum is very wet. It needs to be dried and ventilated. We can use high powered fans to achieve this at an accelerated rate. We can also drill holes to increase the circulation and use plastic tubing to usher out the moisture.

Roofing Materials
Typically, damaged ceiling tiles require removal and replacement, because they crumble. It is quicker and easier to replace the compromised sections. If the material is especially valuable or rare, there may be a possibility of removing damaged tiles and placing them in drying ‘zones’ throughout the building.

Curtains, Rugs, Soft Toys, etc.
Smaller, loose items are very easy to clean. For instance, drapes and curtains are taken down and sent to our specialist facility for laundering. We can dry clean delicate fabrics and ensure that soft toys and clothes get thoroughly washed and are free of dirt and germs when brought back to the house.

At SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville, we handle every storm damage restoration with care and precision. Each job requires a tailored approach, and our technicians do not leave until you are satisfied. Call us 24/7 at (303) 604-6607.

What to Do When Flood Damage in Boulder Damages Your Carpets

2/13/2017 (Permalink)

When you're dealing with a flood damage emergency in your Boulder home, you can always count on SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville!

Who Do You Call When Your Carpets Are Damaged By Floodwater 

When a home becomes flooded, due to a domestic leak or break, time is of the essence. The faster a restoration team can respond to the emergency, the better the chance of rescuing furnishings and possessions. It is particularly true for carpets, which are vulnerable to moisture and degrade quickly.

At SERVPRO, we have much experience restoring flood damage in Boulder homes. While many affected items are easier to remove and replace, carpeting can be expensive. Often, it is not financially viable for a homeowner to replace all of the water damaged carpets in the property, so it is our job to dry and clean them.

Keep reading to find out how our technicians approach the restoration of water-damaged carpets and subflooring.

Identifying the Type of Water Damage

The first question to ask is ‘What kind of water has intruded into the carpets?’ There are three possible categories. The first, Category One, includes clean water from a non-contaminated source. For example, a burst mains pipe is a clean source, because it is where you’d usually get your drinking water. Category Two describes water which is likely to contain chemicals, toxins, or bacteria.

This type of liquid is harder to remove from carpets because it has the potential to leave these nasty substances behind. Whereas it is possible to extract Category One water and consider the carpet restored, contaminated fabrics require further cleaning. Category Three water (sewage or water from an industrial source) is considered too contaminated for safe restoration. Removal and disposal are the only viable options.

Cleaning Damp Carpets

The SERVPRO technicians use hot water extractors to clean contaminated fabrics and subflooring. The heat creates steam, which raises the temperature of the carpet fibers and kills many of the germs. Biocides and detergents are also helpful in cases where contamination is moderate to heavy. However, in the most severe cases, the technicians are tasked with making a judgment as to whether it is safe to keep the carpet.

It is possible to clean washable throw rugs and other items in a high powered machine. We recommend you allow your soft items (pillows, stuffed animals, drapes, clothing, etc.) to move to our treatment facility. Once there, the sophisticated Esporta Washer appliance offers the most thorough and efficient cleaning method. It can rid your items of stains, debris, and any residual bacteria or toxins from the flood damage. 


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

If you are looking for help and support after a domestic flood, you can turn to the experts at SERVPRO of South Lafayette/Louisville. We provide a locally based service so that the needs of customers in the Boulder area get handled quickly. Call us 24/7 on (303) 604-6607.

Why Should You Hire an EPA Lead Safe Certified Restoration Company in Boulder

1/25/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm

Trust SERVPRO for a Safe Lead-Based Restoration Service

When water, fire or mold restoration must be performed in a home, apartment, school, or daycare facility built after 1978, you should not have to worry about exposure to lead paint because it was banned in '78.  However, prior to 1978, chances are lead can be present, and the EPA has a rule in place for any restoration company you hire. The company has to be EPA Lead-Safe Certified and follow some specific steps to keep you and your family safe.

So when SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville removes lead painted materials from older homes, such as drywall or plaster that is damaged beyond repair, they take precautions to protect not only the occupants but also their crew.

The problem is that the lead dust that can be produced during jobs that require saw-cutting, sanding, and scraping can trigger serious health issues; this is especially true for children, who can develop high blood lead levels and suffer permanent harm. The lead particles are so small that you cannot see them, and they can get trapped in your HVAC system and circulated throughout the entire structure.  

Exposure to lead dust can be prevented with some very simple steps. That is why the EPA established the Renovation, Repair and Painting rule for Lead-based Paint. All restoration contractors that disturb paint inside a home, apartment, school, or daycare facility built before 1978, are required to have supervisors certified by the EPA, by taking an EPA-approved training course on the proper ways to contain lead dust in the work area.  The RRRP - Lead-Based Paint Activities and Renovation program stresses mitigation of lead dust generated during the restoration, and a thorough post-treatment clean-up. 

There are substantial fines for non-certified restoration companies working on homes with exposure to lead paint. If your older home suffers fire, water or mold damage, make sure you hire a restoration company that is EPA Lead Certified, like SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville. SERVPRO can and will provide you with our EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm number (see below the EPA logo at right).

What are the proper procedures for restoring homes built before 1978?  First, determine if the lead is present. For that, your restoration company needs to be EPA Lead Certified. Only certified companies are allowed to perform the test for lead. Alternatively, you could just assume that lead is present and follow Lead Safe Work Practices. Even if we do not discover lead present with pre-1978 structures, we follow the lead-safe work practices. We inspect for lead on painted surfaces: the walls, the ceiling, painted brick, and particularly painted wood surfaces. Interior wood trim and exterior walls (when affected) are also checked. If we find lead, we have to sit down with the building owner and have a discussion. We go through a series of documents that explain what the potential risks are to them and any other occupants of the building, especially children. We explain the procedures we are going to follow to manage the lead during the restoration process. Once we go over the information and the process, answer any questions, and the owner signs the lead disclosure documents, we are ready to begin work.

Our SERVPRO supervisor and technicians construct a work area containment system, which includes sealing off the HVAC system and maintaining negative air pressure with HEPA filtration. All materials that are demolished must be bagged and sealed before exiting the containment area. When the demolition has been completed all surfaces in the containment area are thoroughly HEPA- vacuumed and wet-wiped from the top down to remove any potential residue from the treatment. We document our RRRP service with the EPA cleaning verification procedure using an EPA verification card.  

Play it safe, contact the EPA for information and then call SERVPRO of Layafette/Louisville to restore your home to a safe environment professionally. (303) 604-6607

Mold Damage Can Ruin Children's Belongings in the Superior Area

1/23/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Dolls Get Cleaned Up by SERVPRO in Superior

Toys, Clothing, and Furnishings Often Harbor Mold Patches

Raising children is a very significant, and expensive, part of many people's lives. Parenting brings many decisions that need to be made, and some decisions involve choosing the furnishings and toys a child possesses. Each small investment adds up, and while some of these purchases will not be used for more than a year or two, at any point between birth and adulthood, the cost to replace what is currently being used by a child can be quite expensive.
Parents in Superior know that toys break, clothing is outgrown, but mold can damage both. Because of recent issues with lead-based paint being found on many toys, labels and stickers, and sometimes decals, are now used where painted areas once were. These labels can retain moisture not only inside of them but also underneath them. Children who are allowed to have snacks while they are playing with their toys also often leave food residue on their toys. Moisture, coupled with the cellulose in paper labels, as well as even the tiniest food particles, can promote the growth of mold.
When children change their clothing because it is wet from playing or a potty accident, or soiled with juice or other drinks, these items should be laundered as soon as possible. Loaded squirt guns, hidden for later use, can be forgotten and then leak. Moisture can always set dormant mold spores into a growth pattern.
Plastic toys, especially those with the newer labels, can stain easily when mold begins growing on them. When toys are found with signs of mold, they can be cleaned and safely played with again. They should not be played with until the mold has been cleaned off and removed. SERVPRO suggests a professional service to safely and effectively restore a safe environment.
When toys are found in this condition, the room they are in should be examined closely for other signs of mold. Check for carpeting that is coming loose from its padding or backing, smells that should not be present, stains on clothing or bedding, and for visible mold growth on walls and ceilings. In closet spaces, and under the bed, inside of toy boxes and playhouses are also prime locations for mold patches. Your children may not be familiar with mold, or the way it can smell, and might not tell you about the 'new dirt' they have found on their toys.
SERVPRO can help remove the mold, preserving your investment in your child's toys, and protecting the rest of your home. Our mold remediation specialists can bring the levels of mold found in your home back to acceptable levels quickly. We can also ensure that mold has been removed from toys, clothing, and other furnishings while ensuring that mold colonies are removed from walls, furniture, and carpets and rugs.
Call SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607 to ensure that mold damage is unable to affect your home further. We are ready 24/7 to take your call.

Businesses Affected By Water Damage In Erie

1/5/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's ERP Mobile App Can Reduce the Damage to Your Business in Erie

Let SERVPRO Work for Your Business to Keep the Doors Open

The stock rooms, office areas, and the entire checkout area were all doused with several gallons of water as the fire suppressant system malfunctioned over the holiday break. Our local grocery store experienced a faulty suppressant system failure that caused disastrous damage to inventory, really starting the owners year off poorly. Closing the doors until clean up procedures could commence, the proprietor first thought was that he might lose his store. Replacing the inventory isn't that hard, but the costs related to cleaning up and restocking the shelves were going to set him back, luckily he was insured.

Prepare your business to respond to water damage in Erie. Anything can happen, and we'd be proud to be your choice when things do. We can provide you with 24-hour emergency service, fast, professional technicians and assistance in handling the paperwork involved in a claim for your insurance company. Call us today to gain access to the services you deserve. We are the preferred vendor of over 315 insurance agencies, management companies, and Federal and Municipal entities.
SERVPRO provides you with access to technicians that are expertly trained with the latest IICRC and Corporate techniques and protocols. They are fully qualified to perform any repairs necessary to restore your business to a quality pre-damage condition. Our restoration process begins when you contact our offices. Using the information you provide, we'll send enough personnel and equipment to handle your job properly and provide you with the services that match your unique situation. If you are a client with our ERP Mobile App, water damages have already been mitigated.
As soon as our SERVPRO technicians arrive, we begin addressing the situation. We preinspect each of the damaged areas for any possible hazards that may exist. Once it's safe to enter, we start off with eliminating the source of water, if it is still a problem. We'll then pump out any standing water using the appropriate pumps and check every area for moisture, including floors, walls and crawl spaces that may be hard to see.
SERVPRO's service continues with using moisture meters to determine the extent of water penetration into the surrounding areas. We'll also move all of your belongings to a safe, dry location so that they can dry properly and reduce the possibility of secondary damage. We detach (float) your carpet and remove any water from the pad or flooring underneath; thoroughly inspecting the carpeting to assess damages. Depending on your type of enterprise, we expediently remove inventory from contaminated areas or those that may become an issue.
Bad seams or visible mold will cause us to determine that your carpeting is no longer viable and we'll recommend replacement. We treat the floor and back of your carpet with a deodorizer or antimicrobial and position air movers, and other drying equipment to ensure that the area properly dries. We always discuss our services with you throughout the entire process and only provide you with the services you approve.
Give SERVPRO of Lafayette - Louisville a call today. (303) 604-6607

SERVPRO's Fire Damage Preparedness App Provided in Boulder

12/26/2016 (Permalink)

Being prepared for fire damage is crucial. Call SERVPRO to discuss getting prepared.

Getting Prepared for Any Potential Damage Can be Really Helpful

As hard as it may be to believe, your property is just as susceptible to fire damage as anyone else's is. Thinking otherwise will leave you open to unfortunate circumstances that you simply aren't prepared to handle. We have a unique online application that was designed to assist you with preparing for these types of situations. This app gives you the opportunity to put together an optimized plan of attack so that you are ready for anything that happens in your home.

Working together with our expertly trained staff can assist you in preventing and responding to fire damage in your Boulder home. We are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays and work hard to make sure that you and your family is taken care of during emotional and financial disaster that would otherwise leave you devastated.

SERVPRO maintains a quality preparedness application online that helps you receive the proper assistance when you need it. All you have to do is visit our Emergency Readiness website. Begin the process of protecting your home better by filling out an Emergency Ready Profile. It provides us with property location information, property details, building access, utility, and emergency contact information. All of which helps us in responding to and providing you with the services that may be useful during such an event.

Having this sort of information on file with us before a situation arises on your property gives us an opportunity to prepare the equipment and personnel you need to perform the quality services that you deserve. It will also provide us with up to date quality instructions during a disaster that you want us to follow when responding to your call to SERVPRO.

Our Readiness App gives you a way to report damage claims online, with direct access to our national call center which contacts your local SERVPRO franchise professional who responds to your request immediately. We also have a Damage Log section to help you with documenting any information pertinent to your claims process with your insurance company, helping you keep track of the damages to your home.

Work together with our expertly trained staff at SERVPRO of Lafayette - Louisville today. (303) 604-6607

Office in Superior Has Obstacles to Water Extraction

11/29/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Safely Removes Hidden Water Hazards from Your Superior Office Building

SERVPRO Can Restore Your Office After a Water Damaging Episode  

Water removal is a vital task when dealing with flood damage, as fast removal of water helps to avoid mold growth, structural weakening, microbe reproduction, and many other potential disasters in your office. However, the typical office environment can contain many obstacles or risk factors that must be dealt with before we can begin water extraction; some for the sake of safety, some to avoid the loss of our equipment.

Large Objects and Debris
Before we can start with any commercial water removal in Superior, we have to remove any large pieces of debris or objects still caught in the water. Depending on the extractors used, the size tolerances for these pieces of debris can vary greatly and may be determined on a case-by-case basis. Our technicians can manually remove these heavy and bulky pieces of wreckage, but caution must be taken, as some may have hidden or exposed sharp edges which can puncture clothing and skin, leading to dangerous infection.
Electrical Hazards
Most modern offices contain a wide array of electronic devices, including computers, televisions, refrigerators, countertop appliances, and more. Any of these, plus some types of wall outlets, can create an electrocution hazard if it has fallen into the water, requiring non-conducive and sealed clothing to be handled safely. For this reason, never attempt to enter a flooded area in an office on your own and without the express approval of our on-site technicians or local officials. These hazards may delay our SERVPRO technicians as they work to contain them before bringing in water extractors.
Continued Flooding
If our technicians arrive and the flooding is ongoing, they will first need to shut off the source before extraction can begin. If the flood is caused by natural or outside means, our crews will need to wait for the water to abate. Calling us early on can help to contain further flood waters and reduce the amount of water extracted, as we prioritize fast response times for these pressing scenarios. By rapidly extracting the standing water OUR SERVPRO trained crews can mitigate losses to documents, furnishings, and electronic components that are part of every modern office.
SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville responds quickly to commercial flood damage calls, ready to extract water and begin restorations quickly to help save both time and money in the process. Contact us at the first sign of damage at (303) 604-6607.

Flood Damage in Your Gunbarrel Home can Make it Uninhabitable

11/13/2016 (Permalink)

Let the experts at SERVPRO help with any storm or flood damage you might receive in your Gunbarrel home or business.

When you're at home, you expect to be safe, and don't give the security of your belongings much thought. When it comes to theft, you most likely don't think that burglars will break in when you are away and steal your carpeting or furniture. But a flood can create so much damage in your home, it can make you feel robbed.

Gunbarrel homeowners dealing with flood damage in their home should be extremely careful. There are many risks in addition to the financial loss that comes with flood waters. Until these are eliminated, you should keep any time spent inside your home to a minimum. The majority of these risks don't simply disappear when the water is gone, though. Contaminants such as oils, chemicals, and other non-organic contaminants remain behind until they are manually cleaned out. Biological ones will often remain behind, thriving in small communities around your home. Some, such as mold, will spread from their original location.

Cleaning these from your home can be difficult for those who don't have experience doing so, and who also do not have the equipment required. SERVPRO has both covered, with our certified technicians and our high-tech meters and sensors. We can also start the job of extracting the water, speeding up the process. Basements aren't a problem, either, and we'd be happy to get that part of your home dry, also.

Because flood damage can leave behind silt, debris from outside your home, and even sewage, we know it's important to your health to not only clean your home, but also to sanitize it and everything that has been affected by the flood water. Because water carries odors along w ith many other things, we are also experts in deodorizing techniques. We want to leave you happy with a home that doesn't only look clean and sanitary but also smells that way.

To get things back to normal after you've had a dose of flood damage, call us, SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville at (303) 604-6607. We're available whenever you need us. We'll start work at your convenience so your family can remain safe and healthy while living at home again.

Expert Water Removal Technicians Available In Gunbarrel

11/6/2016 (Permalink)

Don't let water damage keep you from your home or business, Call SERVPRO to help you get back to business as normal!

We have access to a top of the line arsenal of professional equipment and a full range of quality, expertly trained technicians that have years of experience in completing assignments just like the situation you are dealing with now. We're willing to put our talents to the test and assist you with getting through any situation that you may be facing. Take the opportunity to use our resources and abilities; there is absolutely no reason for you to face your situation alone.

The offices of Gunbarrel stand ready to assist you with all of your water removal needs. Take the time to make the call and put our professional services to work for you. We're a part of this community too; it may very well be a neighbor that answers your call for assistance.

Our SERVPRO staff is ready to provide you with professional water removal services as fast as possible, giving you the support that is needed when you need it. We'll help prevent further damage to your home or commercial property by going right to work, trying to save as many of your belongings as possible.

We can even serve as a front line against any potential contaminants that may be present in the water that has invaded your property. Preventing the possibility of any exposure to materials or substances that may cause a variety of health risks to the occupants of your property.

Our services at SERVPRO include using powerful submersible pumps to extract any standing water above two inches thick. While also deploying powerful industrial wet-dry vacuums that do a fantastic job of removing any excess water stored within of your carpet or padding.

Following up our water removal and extraction services with dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the air and monitoring equipment that is used to detect and extract any moisture lingering within your walls or flooring. The technicians at SERVPRO are extremely thorough in their investigation and removal tactics to ensure that the job is done right.

It is time to make the call, bring the professionals at SERVPRO of Lafayette - Louisville to the table and discuss the options that are available to provide you with a quality solution to your problem. We're always available 24/7, don't hesitate to contact us today. - (303) 604-6607

SERVPRO Mold Damage - Mold and How to Remove It

10/12/2016 (Permalink)

Mold in a Boulder HVAC Element Requires Professional Remediation from SERVPRO

Remediation of Mold Has Several Strategies

After flooding or other water damage, the biggest health issue isn't standing water or a smelly carpet. The largest health risk comes from mold which can grow rapidly from even a small amount of water.

Mold damage in Boulder homes is damaging and critical to belongings and building materials because it is so easily spread. Growth, even a small patch, if disturbed, can spread thousands of spores throughout rooms, hallways and even worse, HVAC systems. SERVPRO understands exactly how it spreads and how to stop it.

Excessive moisture swells existing spores which then begin to grow. These spores feed on building materials such as drywall, wood floors, and natural carpet fibers such as jute, wool, and cotton. Cellulose is the primary food source of these fungi. Once they feed, they begin to grow larger colonies. These colonies may cause health effects due to substances created by the mold called mycotoxins.

To remove it, the first step we will do is determine just how much there is. Our inspectors will determine the source of the mold and find out where it has spread if it has. Next, our technicians will begin the removal and remediation process by replacing your HVAC filters and scrubbing the system if the mold has entered it. If not, our techs will block all vents and seal off your HVAC until cleaning has been finished. This is called containment; we stop the spores from circulating to unaffected areas of the structure.

We start the cleaning by removing any material and property that has become infested with mold. Once everything is out, we place exhaust fans at strategic points in the building. This is a technique called negative pressure. By doing this, any mold spores that are released in the cleanup will be blown outside the building.
If carpets and other property can be cleaned of mold, that occurs in concert with the building cleaning. We use commercial vacuums and water extractors to pull moisture from furniture and proprietary chemical cleaners.

As a locally owned franchise, SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is proud to serve our fellow Coloradans. If you suspect you may have a mold problem or other issue that requires our remediation services, call us today at (303) 604-6607.

Restore Water Damage From Ice And Snow

9/30/2016 (Permalink)

Water damage can be a very unpleasant side effect of the seemingly innocent blanket of snow covering your roof and filling your gutters.

Water Damage From Snow And Ice

Significant snowfalls are not uncommon in this area of Colorado increasing the possibility that homeowners may experience the water damage challenges posed by ice dams. When roofs and gutters are covered with a wintry coating of snow and ice, no matter how beautiful and glittering on the outside, severe devastation may be occurring to the interior of your home as moisture makes its way inside at the roofline. SERVPRO technicians are trained in the thermodynamics behind the ice dam phenomenon that can wreak havoc on your home, offering solutions to eliminate the seepage and to restore and repair the resulting water damage.
Water damage in Longmont can be a very unpleasant side effect of the seemingly innocent blanket of snow covering your roof and filling your gutters. Whether a result of months of accumulation or a crisis after a heavy blizzard that dumps a foot or more of snow, the ice that backs up under flashings, shingles and along gutters is a real problem. The ice trapped then melts as the heat of your attic or top story rises to meet the frozen precipitation, allowing the water to damage ceilings, walls and the structural supports in the interior of your home.
The water damage experienced when ice dams build on your roof can be stealthy, often occurring in hidden areas not often viewed by the homeowner. Rather than a steady drip or gush, you may notice a damp or musty smell in the upper reaches of your home. Eventually, walls may bulge or ceilings bow leaving you puzzled and concerned as to how this destruction happened. Moist wallboard or wall coverings may feed mold in the dead of winter, unexpected yet very much in need of the water damage remediation expertise of SERVPRO. Our certified employees are well versed in the ways of water damage regardless of whether the wetness is due to rain, snow, sleet or slush. Count on our staff to find the source of your water trouble and to develop a comprehensive plan to eliminate the leaks for good and clean up and repair the damage left by an ice dam or dams.
Effective response to the climate challenges in our community is one of many reasons to contact SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville. Call our dispatchers at (303) 604-6607 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to schedule an inspection of your ice dam water damage problem.

Have You Downloaded Your Emergency SERVPRO Ready Plan Profile Yet?

8/10/2016 (Permalink)

Put help in the palm of your hands!
The Advantages of a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile  

What would you do if your business was located where a natural disaster was about to occur? Would your property withstand the damage? Fortunately, having an emergency preparedness plan can serve as an insurance policy and give you peace of mind. By being equipped and prepared, your employees and clients trust you that no matter what, they are taken care of.

Why is it beneficial to have a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile?

By creating a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile for your business or commercial facility, you decrease interruption and secondary damage to your property. Knowing what to do and what actions to take puts you ahead of the game. Some features of an Emergency READY Profile includes:

·         Generate a link with your local SERVPRO professional and inform our team who will be able to approve mitigation efforts, which will help us to assist you quicker.

·         Get a free inspection of your facility and create an emergency profile that contains valuable information you'll need in the event of a catastrophe.

·         Receive an informational guide that suggests tips for getting back in your building faster after a natural disaster.

·         Selects your local SERVPRO Franchise Professional as a provider for your disaster mitigation and restoration.

Creating a Profile

Creating a profile is easy. Visit our website, SERVPRO.com/ready, to sign up and register for an account. Select your local SERVPRO Franchise Professional and you will be set to generate a profile. The last easy step is to download our Ready Plan app, and you can start adding the information.

Once all the necessary information is added, you will be able to control and manage your profile from a tablet, computer, or smart phone. Employees and decision-makers will also be able to have access to the profile if given permission. As a matter of fact, you’ll want to share your profile with our SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville team. This will guarantee that we will respond quick and efficiently in the event of an emergency.

Getting the Assistance You Need

Now that you have an emergency profile, it will be easier than ever to respond quickly to an emergency. You can use the Ready Plan app from your smart phone, computer, or even your tablet! The details in you profile will create a form, which will speed up the reporting process so that you can get help right away!

At SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville, we understand that every minute counts in an emergency situation. Let our team help you be ready for whatever happens! Contact us today to learn more information about our SERVPRO Ready Plan app or visit SERVPRO.com/ready to create your profile today.

Is Mold Covered By My Insurance Company? Ask SERVPRO

8/4/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville can take care of your mold damage issues !

Ask SERVPRO if Mold is Covered by Your Insurance Company

We're not insurance gurus by any means, but we often see a lot of the same concerns and questions when we're dealing with homes. Over time, this advice becomes priceless, because many homeowners have no idea what to do when situations with mold get serious. That being said, mold is a severe problem because it causes serious illness, damages to your home, and is often invisible until it's too late. As a homeowner, you have to act quickly and minimize the problem (besides "throwing a little bleach on it"). Our professional staff recommends never to touch mold or address it; because our staff is affordable in trained in the art of taking care of mold. That being said, something must be done quickly to minimize damages. 

Understanding When Mold Damage Is Covered By Homeowner's Insurance 

Mold damage in Erie is a very common problem. All it takes is excessive moisture (from leaky pipes or leaving the windows open), and mold can grow unabated. That being said, past cases of mold damage caused by extreme peril, like broken windows, fire damages, storms or other disasters are covered by insurance companies. If you have a sudden, unpredicted plumbing leak or another equipment disaster, these situations can be covered as well. 

However, insurance carriers these days have been removing these sort of policies for homeowners, especially if the damages are exacerbated by previous neglect (for example, not insulating pipes to prevent their bursting). In these situations, you can purchase additional coverage to cover more than limited coverage situations that leave you less covered than you might prefer in a mold damage emergency. SERVPRO suggests staying attuned to your plan to check for loopholes and other issues that keep you safe when a mold infestation strikes. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Our SERVPRO Professionals are trained when it comes to dealing with issues that arise from mold and mold damages. If you have mold damage, call our staff today. SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville is locally owned and operated to ensure that any issues that you have with your home are taken care of immediately because we'll be on site within 24 hours. Give us a call today at (303)604-6607 to get an estimate and take care of hazardous mold today. 

Unexpected Fire Damage Happens

6/26/2016 (Permalink)

Smoke Detectors Can Help Limit Fire Damage to a House in Longmont.

Be Prepared and Prevent Residential Fire Damage

In many cases, fires can start in a home unexpectedly, even if a homeowner takes all precautions against one. Fires are by nature unpredictable, and due to their many causes, it can be just impossible to prepare for all eventualities. Fires can start from mechanical failures, electrical malfunctions, chemical reactions, or kinetic disasters like a falling tree. Here are some ways a fire can start unexpectedly in your home, and some potential safeguards for each.
Electrical Failures
Electronic devices, especially of older makes and models, can be prone to failure for some reasons. Perhaps they have taken on water or have started overheating, or simply been knocked around and blown a fuse. Whatever the cause, an electrical fire can be particularly dangerous as water and water-based fire extinguishers can not be used to eliminate them. The best way to safeguard against electrical fire damage in Longmont is to make certain electrical devices and components are away from potential hazards and to keep a foam or chemical fire extinguisher nearby.
Falling Objects and Physical Damage
Many fires are started by accidental physical damage, such as a falling tree or a roof collapse. Often, these disasters occur as a result of heavy storms, earthquakes, and tornadoes, and so may happen when emergency services are already tied up elsewhere.  There is little to be done about this kind of disaster except for notifying emergency response teams as quickly as possible.
Chemical Reactions
Many households keep a number of chemicals and potential toxins for various purposes, and often in the same place. These, if leaking or otherwise removed from their containers and mixed, often have a potential to create combustible or explosive compounds. Although fires resulting from household chemicals are rare, you should always make sure that chemicals are sealed in their containers and that they do not outlive their shelf life.
Cooking and Heating Appliances
Many fires start from the kitchen, the number one room in the house for fires, as appliances such as ovens or burners are left unsupervised or used improperly. Grease fires can be dangerous in their extinguishing because if you react by tossing water on the flames, you will be spreading the fire. The most important step in avoiding these fires is the installation of a nearby smoke detector, and easy access to a fire extinguisher. Additionally, do your best to use all cooking appliances at manufacturer recommendations and do not leave food unattended.
Known nationwide as a reliable and trusted disaster cleanup and restoration company, SERPVRO has built its reputation on quality service and timely operations. SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville is a locally owned and operated franchise and is ready to help with any fire cleanup project in the local area. Give us a call at (303) 604-6607 for 24/7 advice and service.

Water Damage 101

6/3/2016 (Permalink)

Water damage can cause serious havoc to your home in Frederick. SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville can clean and restore your home quickly!

SERVPRO Can Restore Your Water Damaged Home

The process of lowering or preventing how much water damage which occurs after a permeating leak or flood, water mitigation prevents additional damage by taking the right actions, and taking them fast.

After plumbing failures or when a storm causes water to flood your home or business, water mitigation is needed. Damaged walls, soaked rugs, warped flooring, and ruined furniture are just the beginning if mitigation is not started quickly.

There are specific steps which need to be taken to lower the destruction to your property and prevent more water damage, plus restore your property to its full value.

When You Should Call for Water Mitigation

Water damage in Frederick that is seeping is pervasive, progressive and can mean that valuable objects get damaged permanently, especially if you do not have professionals come out within the first forty-eight hours.

Many times, water damage is due to a failure in plumbing. There are steps that can be taken immediately if moisture seeps into anything valuable to lower how much long-term damage will result.

Steps to take as soon as you realize there is flood damage: 

    Keep calm so you can remain thinking clearly.
    Get in touch with our technicians at SERVPRO.
    Stop flooding by shutting off any water source or closing the water main.
    Before unplugging or taking out any electrical devices from submerged areas, or wet carpeting, you need to shut down the electrical breaker. Put aluminum foil under feet or legs of any furniture that is in contact with water or wet carpeting to stop staining which can be permanent.
    Lift any draperies or curtains out of the water or away from the wet carpet.

List and tack any skirts on upholstered furniture 

    Take out papers, books, shoes, fabrics, potted plants or other items which can stain wet carpeting.

Do not do these things: 

    Use your vacuum, as electrical shock can result, plus you could damage the equipment.
    Put newspaper talk walk on in traffic areas. Newspaper ink will easily transfer to wet carpet fibers, resulting in staining which can be permanent.
    Walk on carpeting more than you need to, as this will keep damage spreading to areas that are unaffected.

Don’t Delay Calling Us

Companies with just equipment for drying carpeting or shop vacuums can’t stop water from wicking under molding and baseboards, up walls, or into sill plates. Water will soak through your coverings of your floor into subflooring, which eventually will cause damage to rooms underneath.

If the humidity inside the building is not controlled, objects which are undamaged from the original flood could be ruined from a result of absorbing moisture that is in the air. Structures which aren’t dried out fast enough or correctly will become a growth spot for mold, making it necessary for even more professional mold removal services.
Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Immediately after experiencing any water damage, get ahold of the technicians at SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville by dialing (303) 604-6607 anytime. We can come out, assess your damage, and begin drying out your property to prevent further damages and get you back up and running in no time.

Flood Damage Problems

4/27/2016 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville if you are suffering flood or water damage!

Dealing with Residential Flood Damage

When disaster strikes in your home, and you find yourself dealing with flood damage, you may feel stressed and anxious about the unfortunate condition of your home. Floodwaters can rise quickly with little warning, and you may have been caught off-guard by a recent storm or another event that caused the flooding. Your primary thoughts may turn to how you can get the water out of your home and deal with the damage left behind.

How Water Impacts Your Home

When water is not properly contained in the home and floodwaters rise, significant flood damage in Boulder can occur. Water may be several inches or even feet deep in the home. Everything from cabinetry and drywall to carpeting, doors, trim and more can be affected. Furnishings may be stained, and they can even take on an unpleasant odor as a result of the water. The longer the water is in place, the more damage may be done to the property and the personal contents in the home, so fast service is important.

The Potential for Mold Growth

While fast service for flood damage may be necessary to help you avoid unnecessary water stains, unpleasant odors and other issues that may result from the rising waters in the home, there is also a concern for mold growth. Mold can grow on a wide range of surfaces in the home and is most commonly found in areas that are moist and dark. This means many areas of your home, from upholstered furnishings to drywall and carpeting, are susceptible to mold growth.

What Water Remediation Services Entail

The viable solution for dealing with flood damage is to set up water remediation service. This multi-pronged service begins with water extraction. The standing water will be carefully and efficiently suctioned up and out of the home so that it can more quickly dry out, and this process is completed using powerful extraction machines. After the standing water is removed, attention will turn to the humidity in the air. The humidity levels will be lowered to a normal range using special fans that are designed for this purpose. When the moisture is fully removed from the home, the work of repairing the home can begin. This involves salvaging some items and repairing or tossing away others.
Locally Owned Company with National Resources

When you discover flood damage in your home, rest assured that help will soon be on the way. You simply need to reach out to the professionals at SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville for the fast resolution you need. We are a locally owned company that provides water remediation services to our valued customers as quickly as possible. To learn more about our flood services, call us today at (303) 604-6607.

Water Damage-Seeing Behind the Walls

3/18/2016 (Permalink)

A Snow-Capped Mountain Gives Off Heat, A Thermogram Can Detect Water Damage in Your Home

SERVPRO Utilizing an Infra-Red Camera Detects Possible Water Damage in Your Home

Not all water damage is readily visible to the naked eye. Many times water seeps behind walls and other materials and the only way you would know that moisture has intruded are by the effects it has on your home. Hidden water damage can eventually cause degradation to the structure of your home and has the potential to generate the growth of damaging mold that can cause unwanted health effects. When trying to detect water damage behind walls and in hidden areas of your home, using an infrared camera can help water damage professional gage where concealed water or moisture may be.
How does an infrared camera work with water damage restoration in Longmont?
Infrared cameras don’t show an actual image of water damage nor do they detect moisture or measure a level of moisture. These cameras help detect water damage is by producing a thermal image (thermogram) to show colder and warmer zones in different materials. Typically, materials that are showing up in cooler regions on the IR are the result of an evaporative cooling effect that is happening on the surface of that particular material, many times wood beams or drywall. Also, it could be cooler temperatures inside the walls being directed to the surface, or what is known as thermal bridging, which means heat or cold are transferred from one area to another by way of an object or material. Cooler zones could also indicate there is a reflection of heat or cold from another source.
Are infrared cameras a reliable test for moisture?
An IR camera is an excellent tool to do a quick and overall check for moisture in homes or commercial buildings, where there is a concern for hidden water damage or even opportunist mold growth.  Detecting cooler temperatures on materials might not necessarily mean it is related to moisture or water evaporation. In certain situations, the difference in temperature the IR camera is picking up could be related to something as simple as cooler air from an air conditioning supply making contact with an object. Technicians may also get cool temperature readings when there is a lack of insulation in the wall where they are testing. Another scenario for detecting cooler temperatures in a particular area could be the result of a cold water line that runs within the wall void, and the IR camera has picked that up.
Technicians from SERVPRO, who are properly trained to use IR cameras for detecting, know that non-porous materials can give misinformation or data because they do not allow for evaporation. Reflective materials can also give off misinterpreted data, so technicians need to take this into account.
What do water damage and mold remediation professionals do if moisture is suspected?
Once a technician has thoroughly tested for moisture problems with the IR camera, and there is enough data to suggest there is moisture, a moisture meter will be used to substantiate further a water or moisture problem. These two tools used together are an excellent way to determine if water and moisture are a threat to your home. They can take an IICRC certified SERVPRO technician behind the walls of your home to see what you can’t. Isolated areas can then be dried and materials replaced if necessary to return your home to a safe, healthy, stable environment. "Like it never even happened."
We Use Advanced Drying Equipment and Techniques

Using specialized equipment and products, SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville technicians extract standing water and dry your property quickly and efficiently. Call us for 24/7 service at (303) 604-6607

The Importance of Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

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The longer water is left idle in your Louisville business, the more damage it can do.

Call SERVPRO Commercial Water Damage Cleanup When You Need A Pro.

There are numerous critical factors to consider when you need commercial water damage cleanup services. This type of cleanup needs to be done as soon as you notice that you have an issue. The longer water is left idle in your business, the more damage it can do.

There are many ways that water can be detected. The most obvious are finding standing water, but it’s not always that easy to find water damage. From small leaks that cause minor stains and wall damage to structural and air quality issues, water can cause significant damage if left unnoticed, so it is important to make sure that there’s no hidden water in your business. Moisture sensors can be used to make sure that there is no water hiding in your carpets or inside of your walls. Moisture meters can help determine how much water is in different materials.

If your business in Louisville has flooded due to a storm, a pipe burst, a toilet overflow, or for any other reason, many actions can be taken to clean up the mess as well. The first step is to make sure that all of the water in your building is removed safely and efficiently. Then, checking for hidden water is necessary as well. Contacting a professional will make the process easier and ensure that further problems do not occur.

SERVPRO of Lafayette and Louisville is a locally owned business that handles water damage concerns of all sizes. If a flood occurs or you notice any signs of water damage, we have the appropriate tools and equipment needed to quickly help you get back to your normal routine. Give us a call today at (303) 604-6607.

Hire Professionals For Sewage and Water Damage Restoration

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SERVPRO Says Water and Electricity Can Be a Deadly Combo--Call Us for Help

When water damage resulting from sewage issues or some other problem affects your property, you need to take effective action immediately. Although the water issue may seem minor, it can cause substantive damage to your house if it is not eliminated quickly and correctly. And while you may be inclined to start the water removal process on your own, it is important always to have this work completed by a team of professionals from SERVPRO  Here are several reasons why:

Water Damage Is Progressive
Water damage can worsen with each passing moment. The longer you postpone calling water damage restoration experts to fix the problems, the greater the damages will be. Apart from obvious damage to contents and building materials, you may also be victimized by a mold infestation if the water is not removed promptly. Exposure to fungi may cause health effects as well as increase restoration costs.

Sewage Water is Dangerous
If the excessive water on your property contains sewage, it is very dangerous. In fact, sewage water contains pathogens, pesticides, and waste matter. Black water causes health implications if you come in contact with this type of water. Contact professionals who can remove the sewage water quickly and safely. Don't attempt to do it yourself. Training, specialized equipment, and hazmat clothing are required for a return of safety to your property.

Electrical Hazards
Water, being a conductor of electricity, can send shocks powerful enough to cause electrocution under some circumstances. Whether you're dealing with black, gray or clean water, the extraction process brings with it electrical hazards. Don't subject yourself to the risk of electrocution. Instead, allow the experienced professionals from SERVPRO to complete the process for you. These individuals possess the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to complete the process in a safe manner that precludes you and them from experiencing illness or injury.

Although water damage in Longmont can disrupt your well-being and cause inconveniences within your daily life, it doesn't have to drain all your energy and assets. To restore your property and resume your way of life, contact the water damage restoration experts of SERVPRO. Our IICRC-certified technicians will clean and dry your property with remarkable speed, and we'll also provide you with complete customer service that keeps you calm throughout the remediation process. We will document, invite you for a final walk-through,  and guarantee that your home is dry and safe. "Like it never even happened."
Highly-Trained Water Restoration Specialists

As water damage specialists, SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville has the experience, expertise, and the advanced training that enables us to get your property dried quickly and thoroughly. We use scientific drying principles and provide validation and documentation that your property is dry and the job is complete. Learn about our water damage training and certificates. Call us 24/7 for help. (303) 604-6607

How Water Extraction Limits Water Damage

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Keep the Water in the Sink--SERVPRO Tip

SERVPRO Mitigates Water Damage by Quick Water Extraction from Your Home

One of the worst types of damage a residential property owner can encounter is water damage. In addition to adversely impacting the structural integrity of your property, water damage can result in the growth and proliferation of mold and mildew throughout your home. And in many cases, water damage is substantive enough to make personally valuable possessions unsalvageable. The best way to handle water damage is to call a professional team of extraction specialists. Learn more about how a water extraction company like SERVPRO can assist you by reading the following outline:

Preventing Mold Growth

Unfortunately, the wet, moist environments created by unwanted water intrusion into your home provide the ideal setting for mold growth. Mold spores are naturally occurring in a home setting and are just awaiting the conducive condition of moisture to grow. This mold blooming can start in just 48-72 hours after the initial water damage event. Whether the excess interior water was the result of a flood, leak, or from a fire extinguishing effort, it's immaterial. Mold exposure may cause health effects.

The water extraction specialists from SERVPRO are highly skilled in using specialized equipment like large water pumps, and portable wet-vacs to quickly remove standing water. Air-moving machines and dehumidifiers will then bring the moisture in the walls, furniture, and flooring down to normal levels. This rapid effort minimizes the water damage in Boulder and expediently returns your home interior setting into a healthier condition. This company will provide you with documented progress and validation that your home has been properly dried.

Repairing Structural Damage

Another beneficial service that our SERVPRO water damage company offers is the cleanup and repair of structural damage that has impacted your property. Unfortunately, water can do substantive damage to a property's structure.  A careful assessment and inspection will be followed by an estimate of costs. We believe that repair and restore get you home sooner and at less cost. SERVPRO, if you have insurance coverage, will communicate with your company's adjuster to arrive at proper treatment specs.

SERVPRO: The Smart, Sophisticated Solution

Procuring professional assistance from a water extraction company like SERVPRO guarantees that you will receive the finest service this industry has to offer. Our goal is to place you back in your home as quickly and as safely as possible. We have more than 55 years of industry experience and employ a team of IICRC-certified technicians who are known for completing restoration projects with skill and speed. We can help.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville is close by and ready to respond to your flood or water damage emergency. Call us. (303) 604-6607

How Fire and Water Damage Can Destroy Your Property

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Put Out the Fire and Repair and Restore

Why Fire Damage in a House Needs Quick Restoration

When it comes to house fires, both the water and fire damage that results from it can be dangerous to your home. While fire can destroy the structural integrity of your home, water damage can generate the growth of mold and mildew. To minimize the effects of this two-pronged attact to your home, it is important that you attain professional assistance. Structural problems and health issues are at the top of the remediation priority list. Water and fire damage specialists can handle the cleanup and restoration processes to help minimize health risks, increase safety, and preserve the structural integrity of your home. To learn more about the dangers posed by fire damage and how professionals like SERVPRO can assist you, refer to the following outline: 

How Fire Damage Affects Your Lafayette Property

Although many people think of fire damage in terms of the fire itself, the smoke produced by the fire can be equally deadly. Smoke contains toxic materials, and this toxicity can be an irritant to humans who inhale it. Most fire related deaths are attributed to smoke inhalation and super heated air and not the actual flames. Additionally, the fire itself can engulf your property in its flames within a matter of moments. If this happens, your valuable possessions could be destroyed, and you could be left dealing with smoky odors that are difficult to eliminate. House fires can also send smoke and soot through your plumbing fixtures, walls, electrical conduits, and duct work. Smoke and soot can migrate through each layer of your property in just a few minutes. 

How Water Damage Destroys Your Property

Like fire damage, water damage possesses the ability to destroy the structure of your home. However, the biggest problem with water damage is that it can precipitate the growth of mold and mildew and, create damage to your furnishings, clothing, art, appliances and electronic components. But mold can make you susceptible to a wide range of unwanted health problems such as cancer and immune disorders. Additionally, mold can cause substantive lung damage. Typically mold thrives in humid, damp conditions. For this reason, property damaged by water is an opportunistic breeding ground for the fungi. It only takes 48-72 hours for mold to begin proliferating in damp or wet conditions, and this is why immediately addressing excess moisture in your home is so important. 


Both water and fire damage degrade your home.  A professional fire restoration company like SERVPRO can expediently get your home back to its previous condition. For many years, the company's trained technicians have been providing homeowners with the detail-oriented care necessary to get their homes back to like it never happened. We're ready to start the restoration process today, so call us now and let's schedule your consultation.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville is locally owned and operated.

As fire and water damage sprecialists, our business is built upon fire and water restoration expertise. Please call us. (303) 604-6607


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