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The Benefits of Owning a SERVPRO Franchise

2/18/2021 (Permalink)

Picture of the building of Servpro Consider a SERVPRO franchise to make your dream come true.

Benefits Of Joining SERVPRO's Family

Have you ever dreamed of owning a business in Niwot, CO, but don't know where to begin? A SERVPRO franchise could be right for you. 

Minimal Risk
Owning one of our franchises ensures you can be successful and avoid some of the pitfalls of starting a business from scratch. Among the reasons our franchisees give for wanting to be a SERVPRO owner are:

  • It costs less than creating a new business
  • Success is quickly achievable
  • Prior business experience is not a requirement

Strong Reputation
Since its founding in 1967, SERVPRO has been setting standards for disaster cleanup and helping individuals and businesses rebuild after fires, floods, and a wide range of natural and human-created disasters leading to biohazardous contamination.
Every SERVPRO certified franchise adheres to the highest standards set by The Centers for Disease Controls, The Environmental Protection Agency and The National Sanitation Foundation. Our state-of-the-art methods, immediate response, and wide support network are responsible for the numerous awards and recognitions we continue to receive.

Exceptional Support
Although SERVPRO franchises are locally owned and operated, they can rely on SERVPRO's corporate team to train, advise and stand by them to ensure that their businesses grow and remain profitable. SERVPRO also encourages communication and support among franchise owners to ensure its service quality and promote its company culture.

Stringent Vendor Qualifications
Careful vetting by the SERVPRO Research Center ensures that every franchise has access to vendors who offer value pricing for services that correspond to SERVPRO's exacting standards. Selecting industry leaders whose services and supplies cover many geographic territories ensures consistency, accountability, and the highest level of customer satisfaction for which our franchises are known.
If you are looking for an opportunity to own a business in Niwot, CO, but want the resources of a corporation with national reach, consider a SERVPRO franchise to make your dream come true.

3 Ways To Lower Mold Spore Counts

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

Air filter for HVAC system - filtration concept HEPA air filters capture and remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns

Three Ways To Lower The Concentration Of Mold Spores

Mold spore counts will rise as long as fungal growth continues unabated in a commercial building. Building owners are responsible for the removal and remediation of mold, which may involve running a high-efficiency particulate air filter and scheduling air duct and carpet cleaning. Here are three of the best ways to lower the concentration of mold spores in a building located in Lafayette, CO.

1. Run a HEPA Filter
The vast majority of fungus spores range from two microns up to 20 microns, with some measuring as large as 100 microns. HEPA air filters capture and remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns.
Connecting a HEPA filter to a building HVAC system or running one or more free-standing air filtration systems rated for the size of interior spaces can make quick work of filtering out spores once the source of an infestation has been eliminated.

2. Schedule a Carpet Cleaning
Mold spores may settle down on a carpet over time or due to use of ionizing or electrostatic air filtration systems. Cleaning carpet is an important part of mold remediation and prevention.
Cleaning a carpet is most effective after mold cleaning. Carpeting is porous and may contain cellulose, a plant fiber that fuels mold growth. Spores in carpet can recontaminate a structure. For this reason, remediation professionals often recommend tearing out porous flooring, airing out the subfloor, completing mold cleanup and drying the area before replacing carpet.

3. Have HVAC Ductwork Cleaned
Scheduling air duct cleaning can keep mold problems from returning. HVAC equipment and ductwork can be inspected for any signs of fungal growth and cleaned to stop spore circulation.
After active growth has been removed, spore counts should be lowered to forestall the recurrence of mold growth. Air filtration, carpet cleaning and duct cleaning can significantly lower spore concentrations at a commercial property in Lafayette, CO.

4 Reasons Why Mold Keeps Coming Back

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold growth on a wall Black mold in Gooding, CO

Why Does Mold Keep Coming Back?

Black mold is an extremely tenacious organism; it always seems to rear its ugly head again right when you start to believe that you've gotten rid of it for good. You've exhausted all of your treatment options, yet the mold just won't give up. Before you head back in to defend your Gooding, CO, home, make sure you're not guilty of the following common mistakes.

1. You Didn't Replace Your Water Damaged Possessions.
Feeling sentimental about your possessions is understandable and it can be difficult to get rid of your favorite items after they've fallen victim to mold damage. You might think that your favorite rug is clean after mold remediation, but there's probably still spores hiding in the material. As tough as it is, you're better off just replacing your items.

2. You Didn't Ventilate Your Home Properly During Remediation.
Any type of moisture can attract black mold, including moisture in the air. Next time you head in to tackle the problem, make sure you open your windows and doors to let the moisture escape. It's also a good idea to invest in some floor fans to aid with air circulation or a dehumidifier.

3. You Didn't Remediate the Initial Water Damage.
If your mold problem is a result of water damage, then you have to make sure you resolve the initial damage before you engage in mold cleanup. Make sure to completely clear out and dry any standing water, as well as identify and fix the source of the damage.

4. You Didn't Use the Correct Cleaning Products.
It's natural to immediately reach for the bleach when you discover a mold issue. Unfortunately, bleach doesn't actually kill mold; it only changes the color so you can no longer see it. Instead, try mixing your own non-toxic cleaning solution using equal parts white vinegar and water.
Don't allow black mold to take up continued residence in your home. Contact mold remediation experts for assistance dealing with any persistent mold issues.

Removing and Preventing Plant Mildew

10/1/2020 (Permalink)

Plant with mildew The presence of plant mildew is typically an indication of an environmental issue in your garden

Both household and garden plants alike are susceptible to mildew. While all plants are capable of falling victim, certain species, such as squash, roses, lilacs, and cucumbers, are significantly more susceptible. Read on if you suspect that your garden in Superior, CO, is suffering from a plant mildew issue.

Getting Rid of Mildew

Garden mildew is very common and spreads quickly. Luckily, there are several effective techniques that can get rid of it. Here's one of the most effective methods:

Use plant clippers to remove the affected stems and leaves. You can identify the parts that need to be removed by looking for gray or white powdery patches. Discard these infected parts in a bin separate from your compost.
Thoroughly clean and disinfect both your clippers and yourself using alcohol wipes. Neglecting to do so only invites subsequent mildew growth, effectively worsening the issue.
Apply an approved fungicide. Carefully check the label to ensure that the fungicide you purchased is safe for the specific type of plant that you're treating. Follow the instructions on the label to apply the fungicide.

Preventing Further Mildew Growth
The presence of plant mildew is typically an indication of an environmental issue in your garden. If this is the case, you need to take preventative measures in order to discourage future fungal growth. Even if you haven't experienced a mildew problem, it's still a good idea to implement these preventative measures anyway. Regularly trim back and prune your plants to help regulate proper air circulation. Apply fungicide regularly, always taking care to follow package instructions. Lastly, make sure that you don't water your plants from above. This can help reduce the buildup of excessive moisture.
Plant mildew is a common occurrence that is most effectively resolved by destroying and disposing of all the affected plants. However, this isn't always viable, so the above technique can help you avoid such a drastic solution. If your situation isn't improving, then you need to contact mold remediation experts for further assistance.

What To Do When You Find Mold in Your Rental Unit

8/17/2020 (Permalink)

Girl with hand on her head looking at mold in the top of the corner of a wall Mold damage in Edit, CO

What To Do When You Find Mold in Your Rental Unit

As a tenant, it is sometimes challenging to understand your rights and responsibilities, especially as it pertains to mold growth. While a tenant can be responsible for mold damage, most often, the issue stems from a plumbing problem, which is usually the responsibility of the landlord, meaning they should pay for the mold cleanup. However, you are not without responsibility when it comes to damage and notification. If you find mold, make sure you adhere to the following four steps.

  1. Look for water damage
  2. Mitigate further loss
  3. Notify your landlord
  4. Seek legal action

Look for Water Damage
Mold spores are everywhere, and you can not eliminate them. Fortunately, most spores never develop into colonies unless they have access to a water source. If you find mold in your rental unit, there is likely water damage somewhere close. Be sure to shut off any nearby water valve until a removal service has time to inspect the property.

Mitigate Further Loss
While you are not responsible for the mold cleanup, you will need to mitigate the further loss of your property. If you knowingly leave your property in a moldy area, then the landlord cannot be held liable for damages. Make sure you remove your items from the affected area, and that you do what you can to mitigate further loss.

Notify Your Landlord
Likely, a landlord did not know of the mold contamination, which means they need notification. When telling the landlord, make a record of your interactions through letters, texts, or email. The landlord should hire a mold remediation company in Edit, CO, to inspect and clean the property.

Seek Legal Action
If your landlord refuses to acknowledge a problem, you may need to take legal action. Make sure to discuss your options with an attorney, providing any proof of communications.
Most tenants are not responsible for mold cleanup, but they are responsible for notifying the landlord of the issue. If your landlord doesn't take appropriate action by hiring a mold removal company, then you have a right to sue.

How To Remove Black Mold From a Shower

7/21/2020 (Permalink)

White powder on a black background Borax is both an insecticide and a fungicide and will even kill black mold

Try the Following Methods To Get Rid of Mold

If you have unsightly shower mold in Gooding, CO, there are several effective methods you can try to get rid of it. Showers are a common place for mold to grow because they tend to stay moist even after the shower is no longer in use. This moisture gives mold the perfect opportunity to begin multiplying. Mold can easily take hold of grout, walls, or other porous surfaces in the bathroom. If you have mold in your shower, try the following methods to get rid of your mold for good.

1. Non-Toxic Mold Killer
White vinegar has antifungal properties and is non-toxic. You can pour some vinegar into a spray bottle and then easily spray your shower mold, even if it is growing on a vertical surface. If the vinegar smell is too strong, dilute it 2-to-1 with water. This ratio of vinegar to water will not lower the effectiveness of the cleaner. After spraying, scrub the area with an abrasive pad or toothbrush and rinse.

2. Mold Killer and Preventer
Borax is both an insecticide and a fungicide and will even kill black mold. It is toxic if you consume it, but it is perfectly safe to use on surfaces since it does not produce toxic fumes. If you leave the Borax on instead of rinsing it off, it can prevent new mold from forming.

3. Traditional Mold Killer
Clorox bleach is well known to sanitize just about anything, including moldy showers. If other methods do not work, or you don't mind the bleach fumes, you can mix one part Clorox to ten parts water to get rid of mold.
If you clean your own shower mold, be sure to wear gloves to protect yourself from the mold and from the cleaning agents. If your mold problem is more than you can tackle on your own, working with a professional mold remediation company will get your home back to its pre-mold condition as quickly as possible.

SERVPRO: Doing More Than Cleaning Up

6/20/2020 (Permalink)

air movers in a hallway Restoration services in a building

A disaster in the workplace can quickly bring your business to halt. Along with interrupting your daily operations, an incident such as a fire, flood, or mold growth can damage property and belongings. There can also be a lot of stress in the cleanup process and as you work with an insurance adjuster. If you hire the right professional disaster recovery company, you can enjoy a more positive experience.

What the Right Company Brings To the Table

If an emergency has affected your company, you can't afford to wait long for help. You need a competent team of professionals to get you back on track. At SERVPRO, you can have confidence because of these qualities:

  • Fast response and efficient work
  • Experience and skill
  • Good communicators with clients and insurance companies

Meeting Your Needs
The cleanup company's priority is to clean up your building, repair damaged items, and restore your property. The team will start by evaluating the extent of the damage and formulating a plan to rebuild. While you start to file an insurance claim, the company will remove water, clean damaged materials, and start to rebuild the structure as needed.

Working With the Insurance Company
After you make a claim, the insurance company will send an insurance adjuster to your workplace to assess the damage. The adjuster will note your losses and work closely with the cleanup company to determine how much it will cost to clean and rebuild your office. The restoration team will also discuss their timeline with you and the insurance company. The restoration company will also be a good point of contact for the insurance agent during the claims process.
After a disaster in your office, you'll have enough to worry about as you try to keep your business going. Let SERVPRO do the difficult work and stay in frequent contact with the insurance adjuster.

Which Cleaning Products Eliminate Mold?

5/7/2020 (Permalink)

Cleaning products Which Cleaning Products Eliminate Mold?

Which Cleaning Products Eliminate Mold?

Bleach is an effective disinfectant, but chlorinated formulas are not effective for fungus cleanup. Products classified as biocides or fungicides as well as some common non-toxic household products can kill mold or discourage growth. Mold-resistant building materials or protective coatings can also be helpful for discouraging mold growth in a commercial building in Niwot, CO.

Fungicides and Sterilizers
The Environmental Protection Agency regulates products for use in eliminating mold. These formulas may pose a toxicity risk for humans or animals. The following types of products are rated to kill fungi:

  • Disinfectant
  • Fungicide
  • Sterilizer

While chlorine bleach is used to disinfect and sterilize surfaces, this solution does not penetrate into surfaces far enough to eliminate root-like mycelium or hyphae. If the roots of mold remain, an infestation may recur if conditions remain conducive to growth. Fungicides containing acetic acid or dimethyl ammonium chloride can eliminate mold from building materials.

Non-Toxic Cleaners
It may be possible to complete a fungus cleanup with non-toxic substances that are considered common household products. A 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide or 5% strength distilled vinegar may be used in mold cleanup without being diluted. Baking soda can also be mixed with water or vinegar. It may be necessary to leave these substances on a surface for several minutes or scrub to eliminate mold.

Mold-Resistant Materials
If mold is a recurring problem, it may be advisable to tear out and replace materials that support growth with antimicrobial or mold-inhibiting alternatives. Mold-resistant coatings can also be applied to many building materials.
To determine the best approach to solving a mold problem, the owner or manager of a commercial building should consult fungus cleanup specialists in Niwot, CO. Experts can perform testing to determine the extent of an infestation and recommend the most effective methods to cleanup mold based on the species, contaminated materials, and conditions inside a building.

What To Know About Removing Mold from Household Items

3/24/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold growth on wall Mold damage should only be dealt with by a professional

What To Know About Removing Mold from Household Items

If you discover mold in your Lafayette, CO, home, then it’s time to contact a professional for a mold cleaning. A remediation service can not only help remove mold from the property, but they will have a variety of ways to clean your personal items as well. Here’s what you may want to know.

1. A Professional Should Be Contacted

In the event you believe you may have mold in your home, it’s best to contact a mold remediation service as soon as possible. These professionals can look over your home and perform mold testing to find out where any spores may be. They can also identify any affected items and use the appropriate cleaning methods to remove any mold from them as well.

2. Items May Require Different Cleaning Methods

It’s important to note that depending on material type your items may require different mold cleaning solutions. Fortunately, the professionals working on your space should have the materials to do so. Solid, non-mechanical items can be soaked in a liquid solution, while fabric items may need to be washed. Upholstery cleaners may be used on furniture, and other items may require more involved treatment methods.

3. Cleaned Items Should Be Stored Separately

After the mold damage affecting your household items has been removed, it’s best to keep these items in a safe mold free area until the remediation can be finished. Doing so can help prevent spores from recontaminating the items. Some remediation services offer content storage so you may want to talk to the professionals working on your home about what they recommended.

When it comes to mold cleaning, it’s recommended to contact a professional for help. They can remove mold from your home as well as your personal items. It’s important to remember that different items may require different cleaning methods depending on item type, and any cleaned items should be stored safely away from the infested area until the remediation process is complete.

Why You Should Hire Professional Restoration Services

3/9/2020 (Permalink)

Building burning down SERVPRO Offers A Stress Free Fire Damage Restoration Process in Boulder.

SERVPRO Will Restore Your Fire Damaged Home

Many homeowners believe fire damage could never transpire on their residential property, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, every home is susceptible to fire. Colorado is a region that generates a large number of wildfires in any given year. The best way to limit fire damage restoration costs and remain calm in the face of a fire is knowing what actions to take to optimize and expedite the restoration process. You should call a team of professional fire damage restoration specialists like SERVPRO to start and complete the remediation work. There are several reasons that doing so is an important and effective course of action. Here are three of them:

Water Removal and Water Damage Repair. When firefighters extinguish the flames, the result is typically excessive water in your house. This accumulated water can do extensive secondary damage to your home, which is why securing water removal and water damage repair services is so important. Our water & fire damage technicians can remove the standing water from your structure with speed. Truck mounted powerful water pumps, portable and ride-on water vacuums begin the extraction to minimize wicking and absorption of water into walls, ceilings, furniture, and carpeting. Typically, they will make use of specialized equipment like dehumidifiers and industrial air movers to accelerate evaporation and the removal of moisture from the air.  

Soot And Smoke Removal?. The soot and smoke residue resulting from the incomplete combustion of the fuel source (your house) requires professional care. Do not attempt to clean or wipe off soot from surfaces, staining will occur that increases overall restoration efforts and costs. Our IICRC certified trained technicians have special equipment, cleaning agents, and chemicals for this task. Smoke can travel throughout the structure (that is why HVAC must be off) causing smoke and odor problems in unaffected areas of your house. Several types of specialized foggers capture the odors and then also eliminate the sources of these odors. Masking poor air quality is not a viable remediation.

Property Restoration. Unfortunately, the smoke, soot, heat, water, and flames can cause severe fire damage to your belongings and house structure. SERVPRO will work with you and your insurance agent to develop an appropriate action plan to restore your possessions and property as quickly as possible. We offer full-service fire damage restoration and will even work with any contractors of your choosing.

Once your property has been impacted by water and fire damage, it's important to secure the professional fire damage restoration services of SERVPRO. Doing so will limit further damages and save you money on repairs. Our aim is to make this difficult time stress free, keep you informed of procedures and results, and have a final walk-through with you to ensure your total satisfaction. We will, whenever possible, restore your Boulder property to pre-fire loss condition--"Like it never even happened."

Locally Owned, with National Resources

SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville is locally owned and operated. When you have a fire or water emergency, we’re already nearby and ready to help. Call us 24/7 for assistance. (303) 604-6607

Watch Out for Signs of Mold Damage in Boulder

3/6/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold in the corner of a white wall Mold Growth Is Sometimes Not Visible in Boulder Properties, Need Help? Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Tips and Remediation When Mold Invades Your Property

There are many ways you might be able to tell if your home has suffered at the hands of mold damage in Boulder. While mold grows silently and in dark places, it also gives away its presence to many homeowners through several key indicators of growth. A wise and wary resident may be able to recognize these symptoms as signs of mold growth and react accordingly by contacting a company like SERVPRO to safely and effectively eliminate the mold growth at its source. Here are a few signs that could indicate the presence of mold in your home.
A Strong, Musty Odor

Perhaps the single most crucial factor in identifying mold damage in Boulder is your sense of smell. Many of the most common types of mold emit strong, musty odors that can leak through materials and indicate a substantial mold colony in an area. If you at any point identify a strange and musty smell emanating from walls, ceilings, or floors, this could be a critical sign of mold damage to your home. Wall cavities offer dark, non-circulating environments for dormant mold spores to proliferate when moisture buildup occurs.
Blocked HVAC Systems

While many factors can block up your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, one of the most common inhibitors can be mold growth. Mold takes easily to ventilation systems because they present a dark, temperature-regulated environment free from disturbances aside from patterned, predictable winds. If you go to replace an air filter and find it covered in mold, this could indicate a much more extensive colony somewhere in your HVAC system. SERVPRO can clean out the ductwork and spray antifungal agents within the conduits.
Deteriorated Materials

If you find patches or areas of deterioration in the home that are inconsistent with natural age and weathering factors, these could indicate the presence of mold in the home. While live mold colonies should still be visible on the surface, dead colonies may leave behind only ruined materials as any evidence of their presence. SERVPRO technicians are always careful to scan the property for signs of additional damage in these cases, to ensure that the mold did not just relocate to another part of the home. Discovery of moisture sources is crucial to the prevention of future fungal attacks.
SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is a local provider of home damage mitigation and restoration solutions that can help you to overcome any damage mold may cause to your property. Call us at (303) 604-6607.

Visit the local museum here.

How Disaster Response Helps With the Insurance Claims Process

1/22/2020 (Permalink)

a young man in suit in his office showing an insurance policy and pointing with a pen where the policyholder must to sign What your insurance covers and won't cover

You lead a business, so you have enough on your plate as it is. Imagine what would happen if a disaster him your building in Gooding, CO. You'll worry about your safety and that of everyone at work. You'll also be concerned about cleanup costs and the amount of time it will take to get your office back to a proper working condition. Hiring a storm restoration company and filing an insurance claim are two essential elements following an emergency. The two companies can work together to ensure a quick and effective process.

What Your Insurance Covers and Won't Cover

Your commercial property insurance should cover flood damage if it occurred because of a burst pipe or defective appliance. Fires and damage from theft or vandalism are also part of your plan. Unless you have supplemental flood insurance, you won't get coverage from the following:

  • Damage due to neglect or lack of maintenance
  • Sewage backups
  • Overflowing waterways

Act Quickly

Responding to flood damage isn't something you want to put off for a moment. The sooner you can get in touch with your insurance company and a disaster recovery team, the sooner you'll have your business up and running again. A fast response will also move the insurance claims procedure along nicely and smoothly.

The Advantages of Working With Competent Professionals

The best cleanup companies have individual local franchises, along with corporate support. The local crews can get to your office quickly for storm response and start assessing the damage and cleaning up. Meanwhile, the team at the corporate headquarters can provide any other resources the technicians may need. Corporate officials can also communicate with your insurance company to make sure the agents have everything they need to correctly process your claim.
For storm response or other disaster cleanup needs, professional help can have you back in one piece soon. Even after significant damage, you can rest assured that the right people will exceed your expectations.

3 Ways to Keep Your Property Safe After a Fire

12/27/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial building board up on windows and door Invest in a security fence, board up holes and connect with a fire clean up firm

As bad as a business fire can be, suffering further damage by weather, animals or vandals can make things much worse. From getting a security fence to securing data, learn what steps you need to take to keep your Valmont, CO, business safe while you recover from a fire.

What Are the Risks?

Property owners can’t be blamed if they don’t worry about security a burnt property. After all, what threats are there? It turns out plenty. What follows is a list of some of the most common threats.

  • Vandals
  • Weather
  • Identity thieves

Now you know some of the risks. Keep reading to learn how to minimize them.

Secure Data

Depending on the type of business, personal data may be one of its most invaluable assets. Things like credit card information or even medical records are gold to would-be identity thefts. Before you leave your fire-damaged property, be sure to remove these sensitive materials and take them to a secure place off-site.

Bad Weather

The only thing worse than a fire-damaged building is one that’s soaked in storm water, snow or some other precipitation. After the fire, place a heavy-duty tarp over roof holes and board up windows to prevent weather from getting in and causing new damage.

Secure Against Thieves

Vandals look for any minimally occupied property to cause mischief. That can range from trying to steal furniture and hardware to simply creating a spray-painted mess. This is one time when a good security fence can come in handy to keep new damage or losses to a minimum.
Nobody wants to deal with a property fire or its aftermath. Make things a little easier on yourself by preventing new problems from vandals or even Mother Nature. Invest in a security fence, board up holes and connect with a fire clean up firm to learn more tips to keep your business safe.

When a Pipe Bursts in Your Louisville Home

12/2/2019 (Permalink)

Leaking of water from stainless steel sink pipe on white background Broken pipes create headaches for homeowners. Call SERVPRO to restore your home to its preloss condition.

Water Cleanup in Louisville is Easier with Professional Assistance

Cleaning up a property damaged by water might not seem like a significant task especially when the water involved originates from a clean source. In practice, most Louisville homeowners establish many aspects that make the process harder to accomplish. Should a pipe burst in the ceiling or wall cavities, the water released collects dust and other debris which it transfers to other sections of the property. The water also soaks into fabrics such as draperies, area rugs, and upholstery among other things. Dyes in these fabrics can dissolve leading to stains.  

Help from a certified WRT, water restoration technician, like SERVPRO makes water cleanup in Louisville easier. We send a team of highly trained technicians who tackle different aspects of the cleanup process simultaneously. As we extract the water pooling around the property, we also handle stains in carpets because it is easier to remove them when wet. The water extractors that we use have both vacuuming and heating capabilities which helps further because heat quickens dissipation of some soils.  

The items in the affected areas complicate most clean up jobs. Apart from limiting movement, items such as furniture can also cause more problems if they have metallic stands that can rust or finishes that can dissolve in water. Our SERVPRO crew overcomes this obstacle easily by moving items away from the affected areas before starting the cleanup process. We can even move-out items to external storage facilities if the entire property is affected.  

Foul odors are common after water spills into a property, and several issues can cause them. The most common is microbial growth which only takes 24-48 hours to develop. Another cause is water pushing debris such as pet waste into hidden corners. Our SERVPRO crew takes measures to dry the property thoroughly after finishing the cleanup process. We also use phenolics and other antimicrobial cleaning agents during the cleaning process inhibiting mold growth from the start.  

Every water spill has unique challenges, but with an experienced team from SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville helping you, it is easy to deal with the challenges.

You can reach us at (303) 604-6607 any time. In the early 1900’s boys would start working in the mines around age 10.  Click here  to read more about Louisville’s history.

Home Mold Testing Kits Have a Big Problem With Accuracy

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

Home Mold Testing Kits Have a Big Problem With Accuracy

Indoor mold growth has been a big topic of discussion lately on popular home improvement shows. If you suspect a mold problem, you can find professional mold testers in Erie, CO, or can choose a do-it-yourself mold testing kit. Despite the almost-irresistible desire to use the DIY route, almost all consumer home testing kits are effectively useless.

Buying Snake Oil

It seems like everything comes with a DIY version today. Some are amazing – even life changing – while others are little more than a scam. Consumer mold testing is usually the latter, for reasons such as

Poor quality.
The sample matters much less than the inspection process.
Virtually all tests will show positive.

Mold is everywhere – there are millions of spores dancing right around you this moment. A DIY mold kit that has poor quality control or isn’t used correctly will almost always show a positive. Consumer reports recommends against using any of the available kits. Even mold remediation professionals, who stand to make money off false positives, recommend against using them.

Professional Inspectors Are Trained and Certified

An environmental hygienist has been trained, tested and certified to use carefully manufactured mold testing kits properly. This means choosing precise areas calculated for the correct airflow. Also, the majority of molds are harmless (or even beneficial) and testing for the right ones is critical for a legitimate determination.
According to the EPA, molds are split into two basic groups: (mostly) harmless outdoor molds and nasty water-intrusion molds. A certified hygienist can determine which type you have, and if it’s the type that must be cleaned up.
Once a qualified expert has determined you have a mold problem in Erie, CO, you need a respected mold remediation organization to inspect your home. They’ll locate the mold damage and trace the source of the contamination, which must be fixed as soon as possible. If left unchecked, mold will eat through the materials your home is built of and cause massive damage. Old homes that collapse inside themselves can thank mold for that! SERVPRO is Here to Help you with restoring mold damage back to its original condition.

Lafayette Meet SERVPRO--Your Solution Provider for Property Damage Cleanup and Restoration

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Mitigates the Water Damage that Caused this Mold Growth in a Lafayette Home.

How SERVPRO Tackles Different Restoration Services Needs in Lafayette Homes

It is never a good day when a home disaster strikes in your Lafayette home. When it does happen, you should expect to be treated with compassion and professionalism by the restoration services company you choose to deal with for help with water damage, fire loss, storm cleanup, or mold remediation. We try to lessen stress for homeowners whenever possible during the restoration process. During the initial phone call, the SERVPRO technician takes information regarding the situation in the home, so we bring all the equipment necessary to mitigate the damage from start to finish.  

Water damage in Lafayette homes happens in many ways from supply line breaks to appliance leaks, but the result is the same: the need for fast and complete water cleanup. Once outside of a pressurized environment, water freely follows the path of least resistance and quickly winds up within wall cavities, under subflooring and other hard-to-reach areas.

Our SERVPRO team members are certified as Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT)  with training for methods of extraction and handling specialized situations such as saturated carpets or wet fiberglass insulation in attics. Our goal is always to restore rather than replace, and we use weighted extraction wands to suction the water out of carpet and padding for faster drying. We have vacuums to pull up wet fiberglass insulation for cleaning and disinfection before reinstallation. In both cases, these methods save homeowners the cost of buying new carpeting and insulation.

When homeowners in Lafayette need assistance with fire damage cleanup and restoration services, we answer the call with quick efficiency. When smoke damage affects a portion of a residence, one of the first things we do is containment. Soot spreads quickly, and compounding the issue, odor-causing particles exist smaller than the human eye can see. We usually use either negative air chambers or thick plastic barriers over doorways and vents to keep the residues and odors in the area in which they occurred.

After containing the work site, we work on removing fire debris, including the items too ruined for restoration and charred building materials that are not salvageable through our proprietary methods. If water was used to extinguish the fire, we extract it to prepare the room for drying.

During the drying phase, we often deploy machines known as air scrubbers. They effectively filter the air circulating in the room and capture airborne soot particles with its honeycomb of filters with added HEPA filtration.

Smoke damage should not be a DIY project even for small-scale fires. Different types of residues require different cleaning techniques, or the problem can be made worse. For example, high heat fires tend to leave fine powdery residues that are not difficult to remove but tend to create more structural damage due to the intense temperatures. Lower temperature fires, especially if plastic or rubber items burned, leave greasy, smeary residues that may be difficult to remove without professional-quality solutions and the use of dry cleaning and wet sponges.

The final stage of fire loss mitigation involves odor control. Smoke residue and soot cause odors. Thorough cleaning goes a long way towards diminishing foul odors left behind by fire damage; however, when porous objects absorb smoke and soot particles penetrate them, lingering odors remain.

One effective way to remove smoke odors is to use the same method as the smoke during the fire. Thermal foggers are a go-to piece of equipment that heats a solution to the point it is a fog, and SERVPRO technicians deliver it throughout the property to smoke-affected areas. It penetrates the porous object exactly like smoke and overtakes embedded odors. Another frequently-used machine for odor control is the hydroxyl generator. It is safe for use around people, pets, and plants as it emits UV rays much like the sun. The UV rays contain molecules known as hydroxyls which attach to odor-causing particles neutralizing them at the molecular level.

The thing about needing mold remediation in Lafayette homes is that homeowners usually notice an odor that will not dissipate before they find the mold colonies. Once found, mold damage needs to be remediated as quickly as possible to stop any further spread of spores.

We frequently encounter homeowners who state they treated the colonies with bleach and they reappeared in a short time. This is because bleach does appear to remove mold, but actual mold remediation is a multi-layered process.

SERVPRO technicians identify the reason conditions in the home are favorable for sustaining colonies and consult with the homeowner the proper measures that need to be taken to stop the excessive moisture or high indoor humidity from feeding the situation.

Containment, much like in fire damage mitigation, is critical when dealing with mold colonies to stop the spread of spores, and we take similar measures. Thorough drying with both dehumidifiers and air scrubbers assist with drying visible colonies and capturing airborne spores. We then remove dried colonies by hand or using soda blasting and following up using hand vacuums with HEPA filtration. We disinfect and apply antimicrobial sealers as needed to inhibit the return of colonies to the affected areas.

Lafayette residents know storm damage happens quickly and often with little warning in this area of Colorado. When SERVPRO receives a call for flood water cleanup, we know water removal should happen as fast as possible.

We use different types of equipment depending on the level of water loss in the home, such as:
?    Portable pumps that allow the technicians to move quickly around the property
?    Rovers are another useful resource; these ride-on units use the weight of the technicians to push out water from carpeting and rugs
?    Submersible pumps allow technicians to remove water even in deep water situations
?    Truck-mounted units are useful in extreme cases as they move out thousands of gallons of water quickly

Upon arrival, we ascertain if any temporary measures need to be taken such as tarping over a damaged roof or window due to situations such as hail damage or a tree limb, so no further water enters the home during restoration. After as much flood water removal as possible and any needed controlled demolition efforts such as flood cuts to remove damaged sheetrock, we thoroughly dry and disinfect the premises to return it to sanitary conditions for the residents.

Why SERVPRO? We commit to serving our local Lafayette community with the highest quality restoration services. We have access to the most advanced equipment for nearly any damage situation to save homeowners the cost of replacing items. We also try to disrupt the home as little as possible during mitigation efforts and assist homeowners with dealing with insurance claims with our unique Contents Claim Inventory System (CCIS) which gives homeowners a detailed report including before and after photographs of both the structure and home contents.

The emergency response team of SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is ready to assist local property owners with any restoration services they need 24/7. Just call (303) 604-6607 and our technicians can make your home disaster, "Like it never even happened."

Mold Damage Remediation Services Available For Boulder Area Residents

3/7/2019 (Permalink)

When mold damage strikes, our SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville team strikes back.

Our SERVPRO Team Is Here For you When Mold Damage Strikes

It can be hard to tell whether you have a mold problem on your Boulder property. Some growth hides in hard to reach areas, growing large colonies inside of your walls, attic, or crawlspaces that you never tend to visit. However, when you understand what to look for, you can still identify if your home has a mold problem.

Remember, contacting a company with IICRC-industry certified specialists provide you with the best opportunity to control mold damage in your Boulder area home. Many homeowners that attempt remediation on their property end up calling for help after discovering additional problems or running into something they are not equipped to handle themselves.

Discovering a strong, musty odor anywhere in your home may serve as a signal of hidden mold growth. Even if you remain uncertain, contact SERVPRO for help. We can help you locate mold hidden behind wallpaper, in your carpeting, under your cabinets and many other areas of your home. Never hesitate to call us, the longer you wait, the worse the problem gets.

Some areas of your home with high levels of humidity can produce clearly-visible signs of mold growth. Your bathroom, basement, and attic all produce mold patterns easily distinguishable from other problems. You may notice black, gray, brown, green, or even while textured patterns around your shower stall, windows, vents, or openly growing on your walls and ceiling.

Any amount or species of mold can cause health effects, which makes it even more important to seek professional services to correct the problem as soon as possible. Protect your family by controlling mold found in your home the right way. SERVPRO helps you discover at-risk areas, where high humidity or an abundance of condensation causes problems you should have repaired.

SERVPRO technicians respond 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, providing local community members with fast, efficient solutions to mold problems found in your home. If you have recently had a significant water problem or found mold anywhere on your property, we can help.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources
SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville services the entire Erie, Gooding, Superior area with remediation teams ready to answer your call for help, immediately. (303) 604-6607

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Reversing Fire Damage Caused By Grease Fires In Boulder Homes

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Accidents are unavoidable and can lead to a huge fire incident with tremendous consequences.

Fire Damage Caused By Grease

If you are a homeowner in Boulder, safety is an important thing to keep in mind when working with the grill. Over the years, there has been an advancement to improve the grilling experience. Proper maintenance can go a long way towards keeping your grill in top-notch working condition. However, accidents are unavoidable and can lead to a huge fire incident with tremendous consequences.

When it happens, you need to contact the fire department and a fire damage restoration company in Boulder to remedy the situation. As soon as the firefighters leave, SERVPRO fire damage technicians can come in and begin the cleanup process. We use IICRC guidelines in every restoration job, meaning that our techniques are up to par with industry standards.

Damages escalate, and restoration costs increase when you delay the cleanup process. By hastening the hiring process, SERVPRO technicians can arrive promptly and stop the damage to pave the way for repairs. Immediately after a fire, smoke and soot residue settles onto various surfaces and items. Porous materials become permanently discolored, but it is possible to remove the discoloration from other surfaces. After some time, acidic soot starts staining other surfaces if not attended to quickly.

Most cases of grease fire damage involve a quick and very intense flash of heat. Putting out the fire quickly improves the chances of repairing most of the kitchen. At SERVPRO, we emphasize quick cleanup of the grease and soot to prevent contamination on other parts of the house and to ensure complete deodorization.

Smoke particles travel through air ducts and can make their way onto anything fibrous, including clothes, bedding, and furniture. Our main priority is to replace the air filter in the furnace and then thoroughly clean up every inch of the house as quickly as possible. We wipe down the inside and outside of every cabinet in the kitchen, and then use special deodorization products to get rid of the smoke odor. In some cases, we may have to remove the cabinets to access the back, where the soot residue may have penetrated.

Our technicians can also help you reverse any fire damage sustained on your fridge. The gasket seal on the doors is the primary concern. If these are damaged, we may need to replace the seals or even the entire refrigerator. If not, we can clean the fans, filters, and the back of the fridge, which may likely be covered in soot and risk infecting the food inside.

If a grease fire interrupts your activities, SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is here to help. Our technicians are highly skilled and highly experienced in fire damage restoration, and we can restore your property in no time. Call us anytime at (303) 604-6607.

For more about the city of Boulder, Colorado visit

Water Damage in Your Boulder Attic From Failing Chimney

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Our technicians at SERVPRO can help you when your attic is water damaged, no matter how bad it is.

Failing Chimneys Can Cause Water Damage To Your Attic

When you have a fireplace, chimney leaks are common. There is no greater enemy to this part of your home than moisture. A chimney and its connection to your home are ideally sealed and watertight. However, there are several situations which unfortunately cause moisture to enter the chimney system and cause damage not only to your chimney and fireplace but other areas of your home, such as your attic.

Many people do not tend to think about water damage to their chimney when thinking about all the possible water damage possibilities in their Boulder home. The exterior of chimneys many times go unmaintained for a long period, which means they have plenty of opportunities to spring a leak and become a major problem.

When you experience water damage in your attic because of a failing chimney, SERVPRO is the company to call. We are a professionally trained and experienced water damage remediation company and have the proper tools to mitigate the damage in a timely fashion before more occurs.

When the chimney itself is damaged, you have other problems to worry about, like the border of the construction of the chimney where it becomes part of the roof. If it is sealed improperly, it allows access to water, rain, ice, and sleet to get inside your home. After the damage has happened, it can be quite expensive to repair. Water can get inside to your home and damage your attic, HVAC system, and electrical systems. Water can run for some distance as well before deciding to leak down into your home, which means other than your attic, the interior of your home can be damaged, too.

Annual maintenance and inspections are recommended for your chimney, so you can hopefully catch potential problems before they have the chance to grow into something much bigger. You can also get waterproofing done.

Our technicians at SERVPRO can help you when your attic is water damaged, no matter how bad it is. We first get all the water out with special pumps, plus industrial dehumidifiers and fans, and then repair any damage the water did. We check for hidden moisture and mold with moisture meters to ensure that we have taken care of everything.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources
SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville is always ready to assist you when your attic suffers water damage because of your chimney. The quicker you contact us at (303) 604-6607, the better, so additional damage can be prevented.

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How SERVPRO Removes Water From Your Louisville Home

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When your pipes break, call SERVPRO to remove the water quickly.

Why SERVPRO is the Restoration Company to Trust for Water Damage Prevention in Louisville, Colorado

When pipes break in your Louisville, Colorado home, your first thoughts should include shutting the water off at the main valve. Always ensure no electrical outlets or appliances nearby pose a risk, though, as a combination of water and electricity creates a highly dangerous situation. If needed, shut off the electricity before going near any lost water.  

Sometimes pipes break when a homeowner is away from their home, which is why SERVPRO's Faster To Any Size Disaster becomes even more critical in preventing extensive water damage to your Louisville home. Our IICRC-certified and highly experienced teams are ready round-the-clock, all year long to assist property owners in restoration work after a disaster.

We continue our rapid response to your emergency with quick and efficient work in repairing current damaged areas and preventing other sections of your home from succumbing to the same. The longer water remains present inside your house, the more damage it can cause.  

Water does not stay in one spot, nor does it remain as a liquid. Evaporating slowly but steadily, H2O can harm portraits on your walls, activate previously dormant microbes, and create odors within your residence. SERVPRO technicians know how to alleviate each problem and make everything “Like it never even happened.” again for you.  

When we arrive, our specialists take readings of your house's interior, so we know which materials it absorbed. Hollow cavities like inside walls can also retain water, but we can remove it and get the inside of the wall dry again. We choose our equipment based on how well it performs, and speed is one of the most critical factors.  

SERVPRO understands that you want your family's surroundings to be safe, welcoming, and comfortable. We help you provide this to your loved ones by working as a team to rapidly get the areas affected dried out, cleaned up, and restored to normal again as quickly as possible.  

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville wants to help Boulder, Erie, and Niwot residents when water damage seems imminent. We can help prevent things from worsening in your residence and get things tidied up for you so you can relax. Let us do the hard work for you. Call us at (303) 604-6607, any hour of the day or night – we're here and ready to take your call.

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Crime Scene Circumstances in Louisville Vary Greatly--Call SERVPRO for a Caring and Professional Service

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Beyond Dirty Dishes in a Louisville Sink Crime Scene-- Why Not Call SERVPRO?

Why You Should Choose SERVPRO For Crime Scene Cleanup in Louisville

More than natural disasters can cause problems for Louisville homeowners. There are times when a domestic issue goes too far, or breaking and entering turns violent for the residents. In these instances, families need the service restoring their home to be as unobtrusive as possible.
That is why law enforcement agencies and Louisville families choose SERVPRO for crime scene cleanup. Once released by the police, our restoration teams understand that the homeowner requires a quick response, done with any necessary empathy,  and thorough cleaning. We start with disposal.
We can quickly remove broken furniture and damaged drywall panels. While a furniture restorer might be able to rebuild a chair or sofa, the building material is usually cheaper for the homeowner to replace than attempt to patch.
While disposal is often the most physically demanding part of the job, SERVPRO technicians spend more time and resources on removing blood spills. Any amount of blood is a biohazard since it can contain infectious diseases like Hepatitis A, B, or C, and HIV not found in other biohazard spills. We maintain cleaning agents in our inventory with an anti-bacterial chemical that specifically target these and other infectious diseases. Our technicians don PPE personal protection equipment in these instances.
Blood and other bodily fluids also react differently with many standard cleaning agents. Even if they remove the visible spill, there is often a ring left around the edge of the stain to indicate where it happened. That does not meet our standards, and the owner certainly does not want a permanent reminder of the incident. Our cleaning agents eliminate the ring in most cases, but when there is a visible trace of the spill, we recommend the owner lets us repaint the affected surface immediately.
As our cleanup teams remove the blood and damaged property, they maintain a respectful manner at all times. They do not ask questions of the owner or his neighbors or even address the issue except to ensure they remove everything the owner wants out of the home. At no time are any of our personnel allowed to speak to the press about one of our customers.
We are trained for cleaning up residues like fingerprinting powders, meth lab residual films, graffiti removing, and most other unwanted impacts on a home or business.

At SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville, our goal is to restore the home, so the owners can get on with restoring their lives. If you need our services, please consider calling our offices today at (303) 604-6607. We are here for you.

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