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3 Tips To Stop an Overflowing Toilet

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

Overflowing broken toilet An overflowing toilet can cause serious residential sewer damage

Three Tips To Help Homeowners Stop A Toilet From Leaking

An overflowing toilet can cause serious residential sewer damage. Here are three tips to help homeowners stop a toilet from leaking contaminated Category Two gray water or Category Three black water onto the floor of a bathroom and building materials that may cause damage between the floors of a home in Lafayette, CO

Turn off the Toilet Water Supply
The water supply on a toilet tends to be found near the bottom of the bowl. Turning the valve on the supply line can stop the flow of water to the toilet. This can slow the flow of water flooding a bathroom, giving a homeowner the opportunity to clean up as much sewer damage as possible and make appointments with a plumber and sewage company.

Lift the Float
If you cannot find the valve on a flooded toilet, lifting the float cup or float ball is another way to stop the water from running. Once you have done this to a toilet, it may be helpful to shut off the main household water supply until repairs are complete. If you use this method to stop a toilet from flooding, it will be necessary to reset the float mechanism after the blockage has been cleared.

Clear the Clog
A plunger, toilet auger or snake may be useful for clearing blockages in a sewer line. The way these lines run, a blockage may form in pipes before reaching the main, in the main or lateral or municipal sewers main may back up into homes during periods of heavy rainfall.
When a sewer line becomes clogged, common household plumbing equipment such as a plunger and auger or snake may not be sufficient to clear a clog. If a clog is located so far down that plunging and snaking cannot clear the blockage, contact a plumber and a sewer damage restoration service in Lafayette, CO.

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