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Home Mold Testing Kits Have a Big Problem With Accuracy

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

Home Mold Testing Kits Have a Big Problem With Accuracy

Indoor mold growth has been a big topic of discussion lately on popular home improvement shows. If you suspect a mold problem, you can find professional mold testers in Erie, CO, or can choose a do-it-yourself mold testing kit. Despite the almost-irresistible desire to use the DIY route, almost all consumer home testing kits are effectively useless.

Buying Snake Oil

It seems like everything comes with a DIY version today. Some are amazing – even life changing – while others are little more than a scam. Consumer mold testing is usually the latter, for reasons such as

Poor quality.
The sample matters much less than the inspection process.
Virtually all tests will show positive.

Mold is everywhere – there are millions of spores dancing right around you this moment. A DIY mold kit that has poor quality control or isn’t used correctly will almost always show a positive. Consumer reports recommends against using any of the available kits. Even mold remediation professionals, who stand to make money off false positives, recommend against using them.

Professional Inspectors Are Trained and Certified

An environmental hygienist has been trained, tested and certified to use carefully manufactured mold testing kits properly. This means choosing precise areas calculated for the correct airflow. Also, the majority of molds are harmless (or even beneficial) and testing for the right ones is critical for a legitimate determination.
According to the EPA, molds are split into two basic groups: (mostly) harmless outdoor molds and nasty water-intrusion molds. A certified hygienist can determine which type you have, and if it’s the type that must be cleaned up.
Once a qualified expert has determined you have a mold problem in Erie, CO, you need a respected mold remediation organization to inspect your home. They’ll locate the mold damage and trace the source of the contamination, which must be fixed as soon as possible. If left unchecked, mold will eat through the materials your home is built of and cause massive damage. Old homes that collapse inside themselves can thank mold for that! SERVPRO is Here to Help you with restoring mold damage back to its original condition.

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