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Lafayette Meet SERVPRO--Your Solution Provider for Property Damage Cleanup and Restoration

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Mitigates the Water Damage that Caused this Mold Growth in a Lafayette Home.

How SERVPRO Tackles Different Restoration Services Needs in Lafayette Homes

It is never a good day when a home disaster strikes in your Lafayette home. When it does happen, you should expect to be treated with compassion and professionalism by the restoration services company you choose to deal with for help with water damage, fire loss, storm cleanup, or mold remediation. We try to lessen stress for homeowners whenever possible during the restoration process. During the initial phone call, the SERVPRO technician takes information regarding the situation in the home, so we bring all the equipment necessary to mitigate the damage from start to finish.  

Water damage in Lafayette homes happens in many ways from supply line breaks to appliance leaks, but the result is the same: the need for fast and complete water cleanup. Once outside of a pressurized environment, water freely follows the path of least resistance and quickly winds up within wall cavities, under subflooring and other hard-to-reach areas.

Our SERVPRO team members are certified as Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT)  with training for methods of extraction and handling specialized situations such as saturated carpets or wet fiberglass insulation in attics. Our goal is always to restore rather than replace, and we use weighted extraction wands to suction the water out of carpet and padding for faster drying. We have vacuums to pull up wet fiberglass insulation for cleaning and disinfection before reinstallation. In both cases, these methods save homeowners the cost of buying new carpeting and insulation.

When homeowners in Lafayette need assistance with fire damage cleanup and restoration services, we answer the call with quick efficiency. When smoke damage affects a portion of a residence, one of the first things we do is containment. Soot spreads quickly, and compounding the issue, odor-causing particles exist smaller than the human eye can see. We usually use either negative air chambers or thick plastic barriers over doorways and vents to keep the residues and odors in the area in which they occurred.

After containing the work site, we work on removing fire debris, including the items too ruined for restoration and charred building materials that are not salvageable through our proprietary methods. If water was used to extinguish the fire, we extract it to prepare the room for drying.

During the drying phase, we often deploy machines known as air scrubbers. They effectively filter the air circulating in the room and capture airborne soot particles with its honeycomb of filters with added HEPA filtration.

Smoke damage should not be a DIY project even for small-scale fires. Different types of residues require different cleaning techniques, or the problem can be made worse. For example, high heat fires tend to leave fine powdery residues that are not difficult to remove but tend to create more structural damage due to the intense temperatures. Lower temperature fires, especially if plastic or rubber items burned, leave greasy, smeary residues that may be difficult to remove without professional-quality solutions and the use of dry cleaning and wet sponges.

The final stage of fire loss mitigation involves odor control. Smoke residue and soot cause odors. Thorough cleaning goes a long way towards diminishing foul odors left behind by fire damage; however, when porous objects absorb smoke and soot particles penetrate them, lingering odors remain.

One effective way to remove smoke odors is to use the same method as the smoke during the fire. Thermal foggers are a go-to piece of equipment that heats a solution to the point it is a fog, and SERVPRO technicians deliver it throughout the property to smoke-affected areas. It penetrates the porous object exactly like smoke and overtakes embedded odors. Another frequently-used machine for odor control is the hydroxyl generator. It is safe for use around people, pets, and plants as it emits UV rays much like the sun. The UV rays contain molecules known as hydroxyls which attach to odor-causing particles neutralizing them at the molecular level.

The thing about needing mold remediation in Lafayette homes is that homeowners usually notice an odor that will not dissipate before they find the mold colonies. Once found, mold damage needs to be remediated as quickly as possible to stop any further spread of spores.

We frequently encounter homeowners who state they treated the colonies with bleach and they reappeared in a short time. This is because bleach does appear to remove mold, but actual mold remediation is a multi-layered process.

SERVPRO technicians identify the reason conditions in the home are favorable for sustaining colonies and consult with the homeowner the proper measures that need to be taken to stop the excessive moisture or high indoor humidity from feeding the situation.

Containment, much like in fire damage mitigation, is critical when dealing with mold colonies to stop the spread of spores, and we take similar measures. Thorough drying with both dehumidifiers and air scrubbers assist with drying visible colonies and capturing airborne spores. We then remove dried colonies by hand or using soda blasting and following up using hand vacuums with HEPA filtration. We disinfect and apply antimicrobial sealers as needed to inhibit the return of colonies to the affected areas.

Lafayette residents know storm damage happens quickly and often with little warning in this area of Colorado. When SERVPRO receives a call for flood water cleanup, we know water removal should happen as fast as possible.

We use different types of equipment depending on the level of water loss in the home, such as:
?    Portable pumps that allow the technicians to move quickly around the property
?    Rovers are another useful resource; these ride-on units use the weight of the technicians to push out water from carpeting and rugs
?    Submersible pumps allow technicians to remove water even in deep water situations
?    Truck-mounted units are useful in extreme cases as they move out thousands of gallons of water quickly

Upon arrival, we ascertain if any temporary measures need to be taken such as tarping over a damaged roof or window due to situations such as hail damage or a tree limb, so no further water enters the home during restoration. After as much flood water removal as possible and any needed controlled demolition efforts such as flood cuts to remove damaged sheetrock, we thoroughly dry and disinfect the premises to return it to sanitary conditions for the residents.

Why SERVPRO? We commit to serving our local Lafayette community with the highest quality restoration services. We have access to the most advanced equipment for nearly any damage situation to save homeowners the cost of replacing items. We also try to disrupt the home as little as possible during mitigation efforts and assist homeowners with dealing with insurance claims with our unique Contents Claim Inventory System (CCIS) which gives homeowners a detailed report including before and after photographs of both the structure and home contents.

The emergency response team of SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville is ready to assist local property owners with any restoration services they need 24/7. Just call (303) 604-6607 and our technicians can make your home disaster, "Like it never even happened."


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